Penis Ring Shopping Guide – Find the Right Fit for You

A penis ring buyer guide for a newbie or experienced user.   It is a device that helps to increase harder erections and enhance pleasure during sex.  A penis ring is also called a cock ring and is a device that helps to increase harder erections and enhance pleasure during sex.

Why Use a Penis Ring or Cock Ring?

The purpose of this device is to decrease the blood flow from and into the penis therefore increasing and maintaining hard erections.  It also delays premature ejaculation.

A penis ring can be found at a sex shop and it can also be bought from an online adult store.

These rings can be also advised by medical doctors in several cases, where the person that will use it wants to have erections or last longer during the sexual intercourse.

Penis Ring Buyer Guide – So Much to Choose From

They differ in both shape and size.  But you can also choose them among different materials.  The most common are metals and rubber.  There are so many types of penis rings.

penis ring buyer guide

How can you choose the ideal one for you?

As a novice, you should go for a penis ring that is easy to put on and easy to be removed at any time.

If you are a more advanced user, you can go for the vibrating penis ring.  It will offer vibration to your testicles and penis while also tease the clitoris of your partner.  This is a great ring that will satisfy you and your lover.

Penis Ring Buyer Guide – Most common type of cock ring

The most common penis ring of this type is the dual vibrating cock ring.  For using penis rings you will need the penis ring itself, a good lubricant that will keep your penis and balls and penis ring moist and more comfortable.

Put on a ring while you are not hard and masturbate hard while wearing it until you ejaculate.

It is as simple as that.

penis ring buyer guide
Nu Sensuelle Rechargeable Partner Ring

Penis Ring Buyer Guide – Why Should I get One?

Getting a penis ring for you can be also thoughtful for your partner.  If you get the one that will stimulate both of you, you will have a great success during your intercourse.

As more people are looking to improve their sexual performance today, this toy has been in the market for quite long time offering all the positive benefits.

Whether you choose a penis ring for masturbation, a ring with vibration, or a dual ring for you and your partner, rest assure that you will get a really rewarding experience.

Safety with Using Penis Rings

Do not wear a penis ring for more than 30 minutes each time. They block the blood flow.  If you exceed this time frame you may have problem or a numb penis.

Other than that, rings are also advised by professionals, like doctors, and are used every day by many men.

Penis Ring Buyer Guide – Research Online Before Buying

If you haven’t already tried one, I advise you to start seeking for your own personal penis ring.  Research online or go to your local sex shop.  Once you start using a ring you will not think about having sex again without a ring.

Get ready for intense orgasms and your new improved sex life.

Penis Ring Buyer Guide – Cock Ring is an Essential Tool

A most essential tool for attaining longer term erections and making your sexual intercourse more pleasurable.

You can now enjoy better sexual life with a stronger penis. The penis ring is being used every day by more and more men.  It is a simple device, with a simple design, making the penis harder and bigger for longer periods of time.

You are now able to enjoy your intercourse while using the penis ring.

Except from making the penis bigger, this device will also treat premature ejaculation.  Making you keep performance with your partner and achieving orgasm at the same time.

Penis Ring Buyer Guide – How does it work?

The way that a penis ring works is simple.  With the use of a lubricant you slide the ring at the base of your penis.  This device in turn, will increase the blood flow to your penis and will help your organ harder.

Can be used for solo masturbation but also in intercourse with your partner.  The penis ring will boost your performance and your self confidence at the same time.

Penis Ring Buyer Guide – What are They Made of?

There are several designs and materials that you can choose from. The most common penis rings though are made from surgical steel.  This is the best material as it is prone to wear and very strong.

Also it is easy to be cleaned, by being boiled in hot water for few minutes. The disadvantage of the steel ring is that it is not flexible.

If you want something more secure and flexible, you should choose a ring made of silicone or leather.  Rings made from leather are often perceived as more luxurious and sexier.

penis ring buyer guide
BUY NOW: Leather cockrings

Use with Caution

Every man should use a penis ring with caution. It may be a simple device, but it should not be used for long periods of time. The ring can block the flow of blood and it can cause numbness or swelling.

Before and after each use, each man should clean thoroughly. In case it’s made of steel he can heat it up for few minutes in hot water.

If it is leather it may be suitable to hand wash it or put it in the dishwasher.

Before getting a Penis Ring

Get measured up.  This will ensure that he will get the suitable ring.  Too big rings will fall off and too small will cause blocked blood flow and may cause future injury.

A New Way to Stimulate

Using sex toys and devices to stimulate your body or provide pleasure is not a taboo anymore.  Every day, people search for ways and techniques to improve their sexual relationship with themselves or with their partners.

If you haven’t used a penis ring, now it is the time to get one.

This little device is guaranteed to offer harder and longer erections.  And improving your performance in bed and helping you achieve orgasms at the same time with your partner.

The use of penis ring is a new trend and more men are using it day by day.

penis ring buyer guide
Lustre By Playful Flash Rechargeable Cock Ring Sex Toy Image

Playful Cock Ring Gave My Penis Lustre!

I have some mixed feelings about this particular cock ring.  Was very excited about trying this ring and waited with anticipation for several days for it to arrive.

It hosts so many great features but with one major downfall.. for me at least.

Perhaps it’s perfect for you? I might not be lusting after the Lustre By Playful Flash Rechargeable Cock Ring. But it was a fun night getting to know it.

My First Impression

Starting off with my first impressions based solely on sight and touch.  This cock ring is (in my case) a rich royal purple with seamless edges.  A smooth surface which got me excited right from the start.

I have used many cock rings of all different materials and designs, the feeling of this one was unique.   As I started to explore the ring more the smooth texture stood out more and more

It is really a great feeling ring.

Not  long before I was pressing the big gold nob to explore it settings and test its power.  Lustre Flash Cock Ring has 7 settings of variable vibrations.  Is considerably less audible than you’d expect for the power it has.

It’s got plenty of it and claims it runs for 2 hours on a full charge.  I can only attest to an hour (A boys gotta sleep no?).

Atop the purple ring is the golden nob encasing the motor, not only does the gold nob adjust the speed and vibration settings.

It’s a freaking built in disco, it changes colour!!

I will admit that at first, I thought this was going to be a really cheesy feature.  A bunch of flashing changing party lights bouncing along a penis shaft.  I mean, just picture it!

On the contrary, the lights added a gentle ambient mood lighting. In the end, it was kind of fun, way less in your face than my original thought.

penis ring buyer guide
Lustre By Playful Flash Rechargeable Cock Ring Sex Toy Image

An Issue I Have With Lustre By Playful

My first and really the only issue I had after intimately familiarizing myself with this Ring, would be the circumference.

Lustre’s Flash Ring is a strictly a shaft only ring.  My partner even found it difficult to get down his shaft. For any avid cock ring fan, the most pleasure comes when the parts of the penis not exposed (perineum) are being stimulated.

While this ring offers strong vibrations it could have taken it to the next pleasure level had the ring circumference been greater to allow for shaft and balls to be enclosed.

Cock and Ball Would be Good

Allowing for both “cock and ball” encumbrance would have allowed for deeper erogenous stimulation.

The taint or perineum is a wondrous zone that needs, or more so wants attention too.  Just because it’s hidden away doesn’t mean we should forget it.  I think there would have been a great marketing opportunity for the Flash feature and its anal play audience.

Why I Absolutely Love This Cock Ring

This review for the Lustre Flash Ring cannot be complete without discussing the specifically positioned motor inside the Golden Colour Changing Nob.

I can only assume this specific shape and design is meant for direct clitoral stimulation?

It only seems logical.  The material is so soft, it would be welcomed by any clitoris under the right circumstances.

Of course, I can only assume as I don’t have one.

I think however that couples aiming to find clitoral satisfaction from this ring are going to have to bump, grind and arch their pelvises to new positions.

The motor piece is sleek and smooth encased in the Golden Nob atop the ring.  It itself sits very streamline in an upwards position against the pubis.

And would involve an artistically precise thrust to engage the clitoris appropriately.

Where this ring lacks in stretch-ability or circumference it makes up for in pure power.

It is only too easily adapted to heighten pleasure from an already favourite toy.

Lustre by Playful Rechargeable Flash Ring can be slid down any of the current non-vibrating toys in the bottom of your pleasure chest at home…or wherever you keep them.

For example, the Lustre Cock Ring would make a great sidekick to the Doc Johnson POP Independent Dildo.

All you gotta do is simply slide the Flash Cock Ring down the shaft of the Doc Johnson Independent.

Press that golden knob atop the ring and you’re ready to play.

The power from this ring is sure to add an exciting new element of pleasure to an already satisfying toy.  It will be the most colourful fun you’ve had in a long time!

But that’s only one suggestion.

You could use any toy in your arsenal.  Your own imagination is the limit really.  The great thing about this type of product is that it can also help people have longer lasting erections.  Which is especially great for people who have erectile dysfunction issues.

My Final Thoughts

My final thoughts are that the Lustre Flash Ring may not have been the be all end all for cock rings

It’s a cock ring I am not disappointed to have in my collection.  Deep down around my taint area, I am excited for what I hope comes in the future from the Lustre by Playful Flash Rechargeable Cock Ring.

Author: KrizPatrick BA(Hon) Psychology- Human Sexuality


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