5 Essential Steps To Insert A Penis Plug Safely!

A penis plug is a popular sex tool used for arousal, sexual experimentation and pleasure. They liven up many men’s sexual experiences. The penis plug is usually used for urethral play. It usually makes the penile organ more responsive and sensitive while making erections stronger. It heightens and intensifies the feeling associated with an orgasm. A basic penis plug is a smooth plug constructed out of metal or silicone and is inserted into the urethra. There are various slight design variations available in the market, and they may have a glans ring to keep the plug in place or may be textured. Other penis plugs have a central hole in order to allow sperm and urine to pass through.

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Steps to insert a Penis Plug Safely:

1  In case you are a novice and new to the penile plug experience, make sure you identify the best plug that will suit you. I would advise you to consider the round, tapered variety in order to prepare the usually sensitive urethra for a gentle stretch as the plug slides in. The most common metallic material for penis plugs is stainless steel or aluminum. Silicone penis plugs are also available. Check out the various plug designs for safety. Some plugs have balls or discs and this prevents the plug from being inserted too far into the urethra. Penis plugs usually have a glans ring to keep it in place. This is because the urethral muscles will be constantly trying to expel the penis ring.

2  I highly recommend that before inserting the penile plug into your urethra, it is imperative that you ensure that the plug is completely sterile. This is to avoid the very likely possibility of contracting a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) in case of using a plug that is not properly sterilized. Stainless steel and aluminum penis plugs are safe to boil and should be left to stand in boiling water for about 10 minutes before use. When handling the penis plug prior to use, it is important to have clean hands or use surgical gloves to avoid contaminating the plug. I would advise you to rub of the penis plug with pure alcohol and use a high quality antibacterial to eliminate any chances of even the slightest bacterial count on the plug.

3  I strongly recommend the judicial use of a sterile lubricant to the eye of your penis and the first few inches of the penis plug. I recommend the use of sterile lubricants like Surgilube, which is water based and Very Deep Urethral Lubricant. The water base actually facilitates easier insertion of the penis plug. You may also try out silicone lubricants such as Super Slyde Silicone Lubricant. Never use saliva as a lubricant as this may introduce bacteria and may cause Urinary Tract Infections.

4  Before inserting the penis plug it is important to note that your penis should be flaccid and not erect. After applying enough lubricant on the penis plug and the urethra, gently and slowly insert the penis plug safely through the eye of your penis. In case you encounter any resistance, you should stop the procedure until your urethra relaxes then you can proceed with the insertion. Do not force the penis plug in as this may damage the wall of your otherwise sensitive urethra. I would advise novices and first timers to take their time to learn and discover what works best for them.

5  At this point with the penis plug safely in place, you may begin to experience arousing stimulation. I would advise you to move the plug in and out in order to intensify the sensations. At this juncture, your penis will become erect and the experience is actually akin to masturbation. The experience will be heightened if your mind state is relaxed. In case the penis plug is solid throughout and does not have a hole, I strongly advise you to remove the penis plug safely before ejaculation to avoid embarrassing medical interventions or retrograde ejaculations. After much experimenting and use, you may soon realize wearing the penis plug during sexual intercourse will create a harder erection and restrict ejaculation. This has the gratifying effect of making your cum longer and stronger.


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