The Best Penis Pump For You!

Being a penis pump user myself, I wanted to give everyone who is here, that is interested in pumping the basics of pumping. I personally use an LA Penis Pumps and it is part of my routine. The following things are needed before pumping:

  • 1 x LA penis pump – A high quality pump with a pressure gauge with a correct size tube
  • You will need a lubricant. A lubricant creates the perfect seal.
  • A small hand towel for clean up reasons during pumping.
  • Safety
  • A hard penis during the pump sessions

So where do you start on purchasing a quality pump? You should get a penis pump with a pressure gauge so that you are aware of how much pressure you are putting on your penis. I advise you to get an LA penis pump. What size of tube will I need? Get a penis pump with a tube that is not big enough to suck your balls but allows your penis to grow.  The following information can tell you exactly how thick you can get in each size tube:

  • 1.5in Tube size = 4.75in Girth
  • 1.75in Tube size = 5.5in Girth
  • 2in Tube size = 6.25in Girth
  • 2.25in Tube size = 7in Girth
  • 2.5in Tube size = 7.75in Girth
  • 2.75in Tube size = 8in Girth

LA Pump Deluxe Package

Now that you know what size of tube you need to get, it is time to use the penis pump safely. Yes, it is true that penis pumping can be dangerous. However it is also true that pumping can have significant positive effects on the strength of your erections and the size of your penis. Two things that can cause damage with pumping are too much pressure and long use of the pump without the leaving your penis some time to buildup or recover cells. First of all you should always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. A quality penis pump like the LA penis pump will have a manual with guidelines. Read the user guide it to avoid any problems never use pressure above 5hg if you are a novice and never use the pump for over than 20 minutes without a break. Now, if you are a more experienced user and you have been using a penis pump for quite some time, you can use a pressure level up until 10hg.

If you use the penis pump at too high pressure or overuse it without taking some breaks in between, you can or will experience an injury or a massive amount of blood spots, blisters or even a nasty looking ring. If these aren’t enough, you may even experience a ruptured blood vein that can cause you erection problems. Avoid the ring as much as possible and make sure you take frequent breaks. Low comfortable pressures, and short duration’s with many breaks in between, is the perfect plan for using an LA penis pump.

Now it’s time to pump! Get your LA penis pump ready for use. Put some lubricant at the inside of the tube and on the base of your penis as this will cause an airtight seal. Next get fully erect and insert your penis into the tube while gently pressing the tube against your pubic bone. Make sure that as much of your skin is pulled away from the pump as possible. Then carefully start pumping to your desired pressure. Be careful not to have your testicles sucked up into the pump. Men that are new to pumping should take it slow at first, until their penis gets accustomed to the pressure the pump puts on the penis. For the first few days use the pump every day for 10 minutes at 3hg. This will help you condition your penis for future consistent pumping sessions. The next days you can go ahead and put some pressure. Raise the pressure up to5hg. Always focus on what you feel as you should never feel uncomfortable.

While you have your penis inside the tube you will want to stay hard. Entertaining yourself with a porn movie is the best way to do this. Perform some kegel exercises and at the same time milk the tube up and down slightly. Milking is the most efficient way to stay hard in the pump. Milking the tube is basically grabbing the tube and trying to pull it away from the base of your penis by only 1 inch up the shaft. As you will notice that milking the tube causes the pressure to increase and then go back to where you had a steady even pressure. Be sure not to pull up the tube to high or hard because the pressure will go up really high or you will lose your airtight seal and you will need to start all over again.

Between sessions you should rest by watching TV. Always ensure that fresh blood is supplied to your penis every 10 minutes or so. This is very important if you would like a penis pump to really deliver significant results. You will notice that after a pump session that you will become thicker and fuller throughout the day. After some time you will notice that your flaccid penis will feel heavier, will be looking longer and will be feeling thicker. You will feel the difference with your erections after using the LA penis pumps for a small amount of time. If you follow the information in this article series, you can gain a large penis over time.


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