It’s All In The Hand With The Palm Power Massager!!

The Palm Power, which is powered by Powerbullet has to be hands down one of the top 5 wands in the world, obviously, Harry Potters being at the top of that list. Shaped a lot smaller, yet producing more power then most other wands on the market, the Palm Power has created a lane of it’s own by setting a new standard of where wands should be. Not only are the Palm Power’s Powerful, they are also extremely versatile because Powerbullet has designed them to allow for the head to be interchangeable, meaning that you can swap the simple flat surface head for a head with a rabbit like head for example. I will add images later in the review to show. Okay so first lets distinguish the difference between the two wands and what makes them so great.

Original Palm Power

Now you can never go wrong with the original, and all the great things that the company have packed into this small wand. Lets start with the fact that it’s smaller and more powerful then you’re normal sized and larger wands. The Palm Power is about 4 inches smaller then the Body Wand Original, and it is also a lot thinner then most massager’s. Other the the size of the Palm Power, lets talk power.. It can seriously stimulate! The great thing about it is that they have incorporated the same controls as the Swan toys, so that you hold it down to you’re desired level and then let go at the level you want, to stop all you have to do is tap the bottom, to move up to the next level you just hold it down! The Original Palm Power comes with an AC cord and i find this can be the only downfall with this particular product because although the cord is extra long, sometimes it is not long enough. Plus cords generally get in the way making it a struggle to get real pleasure from then unless you are not fussy and don’t mind there being a cord.


Palm Power Rechargable
Sex Toy: Palm Power Rechargable


The Palm Power Rechargeable

Now the Palm Power Rechargeable is like the younger brother of the Palm Power, it’s a splitting image except with a few different personality traits. For example, unlike it’s older brother it has a little less power due to it not being connected to an AC, but for it’s benefit this allows the PPR lets call it, to be a lot more agile because it is not connected to a cord. It is fully rechargeable as has up to 2 hours battery!

Now it’s time to the funnest part about both Palm Powers, they come with the possibility to purchase interchangeable heads. Toys are generally simple, one purpose driven, however the Powerbullet has created a wand that is versatile to the extent that it can be used as a general body massager, clitoral stimulator and internal vibrator. Some of the heads below show how that is possible!

Now the traditional bunny ears not only will stimulate both sides of the clitoris, they can also can be used on the nipples, and of course my favourite part.. a male partner. These ears are great for stimulating the shaft during oral stimulation, also the testicles during both oral and intercourse that is if you want to share it.

The triple threat which I call it, allows for sort of a brush feeling given 3 different contacts points for the vibration to hit, the little gap between is fantastic feeling if you have a mentos and whilst the triple threat is on the clitoris, blow the cool air onto it, this will allow for not only a vibration stimulation but the cool air will hit the gaps in-between sending you’re partner into a euphoria.

So onto we have a sort of G-spot finder so we will call it Mr.G. and Mr. G is fantastic for internal stimulation, also it can be used as a rabbit because you still have the possibility to stimulate the clitoris by putting the head of the palm power there whilst the Mr.G is inside.

Secondly we have you’re general rabbit, both great for internal and external stimulation when you don’t have a partner around or you’re partner is feeling lazy!

Now these two are my personal favourite because they are complete opposites. I’ll start with The Pinch (left), this attachment strongly reminds me of the Form 2, however… it is a lot more powerful due to the output of the Palm Power’s motors. The Pinch is fantastic for secluding the clitoris and stimulating it from both sides, its also amazing for running down the back of the spine, plus for those who enjoy their nipples its great for having as a sort of nipple clamp and when a male is about to come, if you place this at the back of the penis head whilst he is coming it provides a whole new level of satisfaction.

Then you have the Shakka, other then it being the international model symbol for peace, the Shakka is fantastic for stimulating the testicles, the neck and shoulder region plus it’s great for an over stimulation of the breasts, especially if you serenade the breasts slowly with it. In my opinion, I can whole heartily say that the Palm Power is in my top 5 vibrators, and number 1 wand just because of it’s power and versatility alone, everything else to me is a bonus.




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