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“The Sex Talk”

Chalkboard Question Marks
I’m a wife, I’m a Mum of two incredible young girls aged 7 and 11. I’m a submissive/slave in my kink world, I home-school my two children and I work part time. Since I work in an adult store, my children can’t see where I work. I certainly don’t know that their Mummy, who comforts them when they’re sick, scared or sad, is into being flogged with, slapped with Vampire Glovescaned, hurt and choked! So lots of questions arose when I started working with the wonderful family that is Oh Zone. Questions like:
“Why can’t we visit you at work? What do you do at work that we’re not allowed to see?”
So after being bombarded for a few days, I had to come up with some answers.
“You can’t come to my work because you must be over 18 to enter the store. I don’t do anything at work that you’re not allowed to see but you know how there’s a Toys “R” Us for children? Well there’s a Toys “R” Us for adults too and that’s where I work.”

Surprisingly, they smiled and giggled, but they were happy with the response. I found that quite funny. Their curiosity. The way they won’t stop until they got answers.

My husband has always been very concerned about just how much they should know at this young and tender age. He’s much more reserved than I am. Although I grew up in a family where you were seen and not heard, with very strict parents, I believe that being open with my children about everything is a good thing. When I say open with them, I mean answer what they ask and only what they ask.

When you’re a Mum, you know you never have any kind of privacy. So showering is hard when there are times when your kids want to show you their week old scratch that they have or the scrape on the knee which is a different colour today. When my 11 year old was 9, she followed me into the bathroom after I had started my shower. She sat there to talk to me about all sorts of things. Then I noticed she was staring at my body and I began to laugh. She was studying my every scar from various operations I’ve had in my life and said.

“Mum, what are these scars from?”

So I started explaining that

“This one is from my appendix operation, these three are from my gall bladder operation and this one is from a c-section I had when I had your sister”.


Parent and Child

She stopped for a moment and asked me if that’s where she came from too. I looked at her and smiled thinking of how beautiful she is and how cute I found her facial expressions as she was almost holding her breath waiting for an answer. So I asked her,

“Do you want the child version or the real version?”

She looked at me with a sarcastic look and said

“The real version, Mum.”

So I explained to her that some children are delivered by c-section and some are delivered the old fashioned way just like she was….exiting from down there. She held her face with her two hands and said

“Oh, Mum! I think I’m traumatized forever.”

and she laughed. I told her that there’s nothing traumatic about it. That from the beginning of mankind, that’s how everyone comes out into the world and there was nothing wrong with that. She was happy with the answer but happier that I respected her enough to tell her the truth. Yes sure, when she was little, the stories were that she came from the tummy and when she asked how did I get in the tummy, it was

“Well, we went to the doctor and he took an egg out of Mummy and Daddy. The doctor placed the eggs in my belly button.

That was okay for back then, but as they get older and they need more answers. I have found that through lots of talking with my children, they actually feel so much better and more confident when they understand the truth about things that go on around them. My 11 year old talks to me about everything she thinks and feels and I need her to know that she can do that. They see me dressing up and going to a kink event. I get questions.

“What do you do? Where you do you go?”

I explain only that I belong in a certain community where we meet up at events and dress up. That they’re like my second family. They’re happy with that. These days they think nothing of it. The key is to be open and not embarrassed about real life things. Our life doesn’t stop because we become parents. We still have to be who we are.

I would much rather tell my children about everything in an age appropriate version, than have them read or see it on the internet, or friends or TV. As parents, we always try to protect our children and not traumatized them. Nurture them and help them understand the world they live in and not over complicate it for them. They need to feel like they can talk about anything with us without being afraid. While they’re young, problems are little…but as they grow older, so do the problems.

Today it’s about where I came from? Why is my body changing? Tomorrow the questions will be vastly different including What are drugs as my friend asked me to try this drug? Why do you think my boyfriend is insisting on having unprotected sex? or I’m attracted to my girlfriend Mum, is that normal? And my reply will be

“Yes they are all normal as long as you are happy and safe my little ones.Mummy and Daddy will always be there for you no matter what!”

 Article Written by Sofie from Oh Zone Kogarah


Guide: Hydromax Bathmate Penis Pumps

Hydromax Bathmate

Humans make up one of the most important parts of the Earth, in fact they have the knowledge of creation as well as destruction. There are millions of people living on this Earth but are they all truly living a healthy and happy lifestyle? Personal hygiene and satisfaction play a very important role, if they are ignored the person may face a deep depression and face other problems. Today, we are discussing a company who has been manufacturing products for men which help improve their lifestyle problems. I am talking about Hydromax Bathmate which has revolutionized penis enlargement issues among men.

The Company

Hydromax Bathmate works on developing next-generation products for penis enlargement. A couple of years back, the founder of the Bathmate Hydropump suffered from the problem of penis shrinkage due to lifting too many weights. In an effort to improve his situation, he used products that existed in the adult lifestyle industry but none of them helped. They were badly designed, were not capable enough to solve the problem or led to side effects.

To tackle these issues, he believed that a better product could be developed. So after much research, he developed a product which was far better than what existed. It was known as the Bathmate Hydropump which was instantly successful. With a loyal customer following Hydromax started to develop a larger range of products which have proved to be helpful and improved the quality of life for many people all around the globe.

The Problem

The main lifestyle problems that men experience is that they are unhappy with their penis size and/or they have experienced penis shrinkage. The problem is often seen as embarrassing so most men are not open to discussing it which leads to frustration and dissatisfaction in their lives and can be a problem for the partner too! Their girlfriend or wife may not be sexually satisfied with the performance of a smaller penis. If your partner is not satisfied with the sexual relationship then he/she might leave you. This is just one scenario, there can be many other reasons why Hydromax Bathmate should be used.

The Cause

What is the cause of smaller penis and penis shrinkage?

  1. By birth: A small penis size is a problem especially for people who have this problem since birth.
  2. Age: With increasing age, there are many changes that happen within the body. The shrinking of a penis is also a part of it.
  3. Stress: Poor habits and a stressful life can lead to penis shrinkage. This happens because stress may imbalance the testosterone present in the body.
  4. Over masturbating: Masturbation is natural and is practiced by most people on this planet as it gives pleasure and satisfaction. During ejaculation, the body releases a fair amount of testosterone to tackle the orgasm. Now if masturbation is done a couple of times in one day then your body won’t be able to supply the necessary amount of testosterone, this may lead to permanent loss of testosterone.
  5. Diet: Bad diet can cause many problems to the overall health of a person, one of those problems is penis shrinkage. If you intake a lot of fast food every day, penis shrinkage is possible. This happens because the body is not getting the necessary nutrients from the diet and thus it will fetch the nutrients from other parts of the body.
  6. Obesity: A bad level of cholesterol and over-eating will lead to obesity. This leads to a further internal imbalance of nutrients in the body. Your diet must be balanced with healthy habits like participating in daily exercise or you may face penis shrinkage.



Penis Biology

Let us first understand the biology of a penis, this will help you understand the mechanism of how Hydromax Bathmate products work. The biology of the human penis is not easy to understand by people who are not in the medical industry. Thus, we have explained it briefly and simply:

  • Chambers: A penis mainly has three parts internally. Two parts are large and one is small. The larger part is known as Corpora Cavernosa which is the erectile tissue. The smaller chamber which is used for urination and ejaculation is known as Carpus Spongiosum. Now you don’t need to remember those difficult names if you have understood the internal structure. The larger parts are on the top while the smaller part is at the bottom. You can divide these chambers by calling them the erectile tissue chambers, the urinal and the ejaculation chamber.
  • Blood Flow: The reason behind why men have erections is that the upper chambers which are known as Corpora Cavernosa (erectile tissue chambers) fill up with blood. There is a connection between your brain and the functioning of these chambers. When an individual is aroused, the brain releases hormones. These hormones are responsible for sending blood to the Corpora Cavernosa and filling them up. Once these chambers are filled up to the maximum capacity, the penis becomes erect.

The Role of Hydromax Bathmate

Understanding the biology of penis erection helps in the proper understanding of how Hydromax Bathmate products help solve people’s problems with their penis size. Hydromax Bathmate products help in expanding the upper chamber (erectile tissue chamber) by exercising the penis. Enlargement of these erectile tissue chambers will result in thickening as well as enlargement of penis size. Initially, the penis will start thickening in width followed by an increase in the length. The flaccid state will also grow bigger in size. All this will happen in a couple of weeks if you follow the usage guidelines regularly and precisely.

Hydromax Bathmate products have proved that the penis shrinkage problem can be solved. Unique thinking, innovation, and a highly skilled team have led Hydromax to the development of such amazing products. So let us now take a look at the well-known, mostly used and happily reviewed products of Hydromax. Everyone has the right to live a healthy, happy and a satisfied life. It is in your hands to live according to your will.

Hydromax Bathmate Product Range

Hydromax products have been highly acclaimed and used by men worldwide due to its highly quality, design, and effective result. A lot of men around the world have used it to solve their problems of penis shrinkage. This is an overview of the Hydromax Bathmate Product Range:


Hydromax Bathmate

Bathmate Originals

Bathmate Original is the innovative series of products which revolutionized the penis enlargement problem. This series of products led Hydromax to reach their pinnacle of success. It inspired the development of other products helpful in penis enlargement.

Bathmate Originals proudly stand as the world’s original and the first hydro pump range available. This series was launched in 2006 and since then they have never looked back. It has been such a success that it is still being sold worldwide and has the same reputation as “the best product” in the market. More than a million Bathmate Original Pumps have been sold in over 70 countries. It is available in two sizes and colors which are known as Hercules and Goliath.


This was the first and the original penis pump. It has been patented and is the world’s best-selling penis enlargement pump. Hydromax will always be thankful to this pump which has led Hydromax to this level of success.


Hydromax Penis Pump


  1. Can be used in the bath as well as the shower.
  2. A true hydro penis pump that offers convenience, comfort and provides effective results.
  3. Provides a true penis exercise which leads to longer lasting erections and increased sexual satisfaction. It will help to improve sexual confidence.


The success of Hercules was followed by another success milestone known as Goliath. This penis pump serves as the world’s largest Hydropump and was launched in 2008.


Hydromax Penis Pump


  1. Goliath is 30% larger when compared to Hercules.
  2. It is meant for men with a bigger penis size or who wish to reach a bigger capacity.
  3. This penis pump is very famous in the adult industry.

Hydromax X-Series

To make success permanent, you should make it a legacy. Hydromax has followed a similar path. They received feedback from the clients of the Hydromax Original series and made improvements to their penis pump. This next step was the Hydromax X-Series which has 35% more power when compared to the Hydromax Original series.


Hydromax Penis Pump


People love changes because changes are the result of innovation and hard-work. So take a look at the new features of Hydromax X-Series. Hydromax X series pumps are available in 3 different colors and sizes. The sizes are X20, X30 and X40.

  1. New material & flexibility: All new bellows and valves are used in the X series. The new materials are flexible. It offers more flexibility which allows you to create greater suction with less efforts, this is definitely a good thing.
  2. Bigger size: The internal bellow size has been increased, this ensures ample amount of space for increased girth expansion.
  3. Safe, Secure & Strong: The new materials which have been used are high quality, strong and antimicrobial which ensures safety.
  4. Comfortable: Super soft comfort pads have been added to help provide a tighter and comfortable seal against the body. This allows less effort spent pumping as less suction is lost. The touch is great as the outer edge is soft. They are removable which make them easy to clean.
  5. The magic of Latch Valve: The latch valve is the most important change in this series. The flow of water is controlled using the latch valve. A switch/latch can be used to prevent the water from escaping while it is being filled up. The advantage of this function is that the user will be able to fill the pump using one hand. The other hand can be used for getting the accessories ready which saves time. The latch valve also ensures that you don’t over pump as it holds the pressure for a longer period of time.
  6. Measuring guide: A precise measuring guide is provided to help you track your progress. It is designed to include both imperial as well as metric measurements.

Hydromax Xtreme Series

Hydromax Xtreme Series is an updated version of the Hydromax X-Series. The reason for this updated product is that Hydromax is constantly innovating as well as implementing new ideas into their products to ensure safety, comfort and good results. This has always proved to be an advantage for Hydromax. Hydromax competes with its own products to ensure better quality.


Hydromax Penis Pump


The Xtreme series is ultra-modern and has been designed to offer utmost portability. The Xtreme series is a combination of technology, design and has added accessories which takes care of almost everything imaginable. The Xtreme series has all the same features of the X-Series but in addition to that, the Xtreme Series has more to offer. It offers a complete package and a detachable handball pump. This Series seems quite promising as it has already increased the sales of Hydromax, the future of this product is bright.


  1. The advanced handball pump: This pump can be used as a standard Hydropump but can also be used with the handball and an optional flexible tube. This handball is easily attachable and detachable from the pump valve.
  2. The accessories pack: Another important part of the Xtreme series is that it comes with the value accessories pack. This value accessories pack has a carry case with security lock, measuring gauge, cleaning kit, bathmate towel, sponge handball pump, power hose, water based lubricant, shower strap and a comfort insert pad.

How to use Hydromax Bathmate Pumps?

Using any personal hygiene and adult lifestyle product can be sometimes confusing. Hydromax Bathmate products have been designed and manufactured in such a way that it can be easily used. Utmost care has been taken to provide comfort and safe use of the penis enlargement device. For best results, it is always recommended to go through the guidelines before starting to use any product. So let us take a look at the usage guidelines for the Hydromax Bathmate pumps. The usage is divided based on the bathing mode of the user where they are either bathing or having a shower.


Step 1 – Preparing the pump

  1. Take the pump in your hand, at the top of the pump the user will find a latch which will be in the closed mode. Pulling the latch down once will allow the pump to be in the open mode. Pulling it down again takes the pump to the closed mode. So the sequence from top to bottom in the latch is, Closed -> Open -> Closed.
  2. Select the comfort pad and insert it at the bottom of the pump. Align the markings on the comfort pad and the pump. The gator and vessel can be adjusted for using the measuring gauge (optional).
  3. Now simply relax in the bath tub for approximately 5-6 mins. It is important for you to relax.

Step 2 – Pumping

  1. Fill the Hydromax Bathmate with water and insert the penis into the penis pump. It should be done while the chamfer is facing down. The base of the pump will be in contact with your body and will form a tight seal locking the pump against your body.
  2. Now start pumping, it will create suction and expel out water. This will draw the penis up the tube.
  3. Continue pumping to maintain the pressure. You can continue this process for 15 minutes.

Step 3 – Removing the pump

  1. Removing the pump is easy. You simply have to compress the valve and it will release the pressure and release water from the tube. The user may then simply remove the pump.



Step 1 – Preparing the pump

  1. Take the pump in your hand, at the top of the pump the user will find a latch which will be in the closed mode. Pulling the latch down once will allow the pump to be in the open mode. Pulling it down again takes the pump to the close mode. Let it be in the close mode for now. So the sequence from top to bottom in the latch is, Closed -> Open -> Closed.
  2. Now select the short insert. Then take the comfort pad and insert it (chamfer down). Align the markings of comfort pad and the pump. The gator and vessel can be adjusted for using the measuring gauge (optional).
  3. Now loosen up in warm water for 5-6 minutes which is very important.

Step 2 – Pumping

  1. Fill Hydromax Bathmate with running shower water and insert the penis into the pump (chamfer facing upwards). The Hydromax will be sealed against the body. While it is sealed, move the pip to central position.
  2. Now start pumping by pushing the pump towards the pubic bone. Water will eject out from the pump and will draw the penis up the tube.
  3. Re-pumping will maintain good pressure and should be done for 15 minutes.

Step 3 – Removing the pump

  1. Removing the pump is easy. You simply have to compress the valve and it will release the pressure and release water from the tube. The user may then simply remove the pump.
  2. Optional: While having a shower, the user can use a strap which will enable hands free movement. It makes it easy to use during a shower and could save time as the user can do other activities like cleaning other parts of the body.

Advantages of using Hydromax Bathmate

Many people have experienced living a better life with the help of Hydromax Bathmate. A quick look at the advantages of using Hydromax Bathmate are mentioned below.

  • An increase in penis length and girth: Hydromax Bathmate helps to increase the size of the penis which has always been a dream for people who have a smaller penis.
  • Sexual health: Hydromax Bathmate helps to improve sexual health by providing stronger and harder erections.
  • Improving relationships: Having a smaller penis size may not be able to fulfil the sexual needs of their partner. In order to provide the ultimate pleasure in a relationship, a bigger penis size is a must.
  • Safe: Hydromax Bathmate has no side effects. It is safe, secure and hygienic to use.


So if you are now getting one such product, why wait? Hydromax is a well-known brand with numerous happy customers worldwide. It offers services like online shopping. A leading product from a leading brand, just go for it!






Sex & Racism in Pornography

Smash Racism

I started this article with the intent of researching inherent racism within porn in regards to the treatment of women. It was my aim to discuss the idea of Asian and Black women in stereo typical submissive roles, how this perpetuates the sexual expectations and roles of women in the bedroom formed by racism within mainstream society. I have also been forced to expand the scope of the article to comment and respond to an article by Rachel Bell in Broadly. I came across an interview in which James Deen complained about racial inequality within pornographic films that he was casting for. I have been dismayed by Deen since allegations of violence and abuse towards his girlfriend and on-screen partners which have systemically damaged his career. Due to the abuse allegations, I was curious with what he had to add on the topic of racism as I was sincerely hoping that he would have comments to add that would be of a redeeming nature.

Rachel Bell had a brilliant opportunity to comment on the ideals of racism towards both men and women of colour within the industry, but instead the article focuses on Deen’s anger at the idea that women will frequently back out of porn films when they discover that it is with a man of colour, a practice which is perpetrated as “disgusting and annoying”. This article insinuates, through the lack of representative scope, that racism within the industry exists solely at the hands of women backing out of interracial scenes, and neglects to include comments from women, or indeed mention women at all, excepting superficially mentioning that women of colour within the industry are paid significantly less than their white counterparts. From this realisation, I was forced to ensure that my own article didn’t come across as limiting, and thus expanded with the aim of discussing the same themes in relation to men. This series aims to explore a variety of issues surrounding both men and women in heterosexual and gay/lesbian adult films through discourses around race, gender and sexuality.

Womans Face Multicultural

Women in Pornography

The discussion of women in pornography is often a heated discussion. When the discussion of women in pornography is brought up, it is usually in relation to the ideas to how women react to themselves and their own bodies, how porn affects women and the idea of sexuality, and how women are treated through men within an adult scene. It is often looked through with a feminist lens, and devoid of any other social ideologies. It is rare when these concepts are discussed through a racial lens. The reality is that women are affected by the consumption of pornography regardless of whether or not they actively and explicitly consume it.

Gail Dines suggests that the proliferation of porn messages through images, media, pop culture is having a profound impact on all of us. She discusses the hyper sexualised images delivered by pop icons Britney, Beyonce, Rihanna, and even Nick Jonas. These images create a false sense of power. In terms that there are many social groups which believe that conforming to this image will result in giving them power within the world through social acceptance, social standing and this ideal transcends culture.

When teaching in Thailand there was an afternoon in which the whole school community were celebrating with the local army. As it was a military school and all the students were subjected to scouts training. During the afternoon the entire school congregated in the main oval where music was played, there was laughter and games, and the general frivolity of kids with the foreign teachers gathered in one corner and the local Thai teachers in the other. A Western pop song came on and the children began to engage in a dance off – small children, almost exclusively female with the exception of gender queer males, started dancing in ways reminiscent of the way that Britney or other hyper sexualised female performers would grind and dance against a pole or her male dancers.

The group of us foreign teachers were horrified as we were quite confronted this sort of behaviour would never have been tolerated within our schools back home, and one of the teachers in the group was quite distraught. After hurried discussions and seeking reassurances from our main ‘host’ teacher we determined that whilst they were dancing in a hyper sexualised manner they did not understand that it was of what we would consider an overt and explicit sexualised nature. What occurred to them was simply an emulation of a western dance to them was devoid of any connotations of sex and sexuality. Indeed, the more ‘provocative’ that they danced, the more celebrated by their peers and teachers that they were. These children, clearly were not in a position to consume pornography, but they had already been affected by the messages of porn with the ideal that sex and sexuality were celebrated concepts even though they could not understand the undertones.

Shakira She Wolf

We can explore this further through Dines scathing critique of Cosmopolitan magazines and its depiction that women are incapable of experiencing authentic pleasure. The pages of Cosmo, which are primarily aimed at developing teenage girls, are filled with the idea that her sexual pleasure is synonymous with his sexual pleasure, that being what she enjoys and wants are what he wants and enjoys. The magazine, as a whole, is all about him, his needs, wants, desires, and most importantly, about his orgasm rather than about hers. This idea is spread through the idea of pornography where the female body is sought as a supplementary tool for his pleasure, with the focus concerned about the idea of penile penetration culminating in his orgasm. This is exemplified through a pornographic scene generally concluding with his ejaculation. In this way, as Dine points out, the discourses of female pleasure are derived from being a desired object, and not from being a desiring subject. We can thus see women being reduced to stereotypical roles within porn.

Lets now expand this to look through femaleness through a lens of race. We often see Black and Latina women for example, as being reduced to their body parts as having curvaceous assets, or being of a particular attitude that needs to be tamed throughout the scene. Once again, we can see the influences of society within pornography, and pornography influencing society. Black women in pornography ties in closely with American historical culture. Due to the disparity between White and Black in the nation’s past, there is a certain fetishisation between interracial porn. Whilst this generally centres around the taming of a white woman through a ‘sub-class’ black male with a larger, and thus superior, cock, it also works when the ideals are reversed.

The culture that women and men of colour are sub-class has existed throughout American history and draws its roots through Slavery. As Casey Calvert explains, Interracial porn is an American Construct and the stereotypes associated with that continues to inform modern social policies. The idea that a male that was once considered to be a slave overpowering a white woman through an overly large phallus, in comparison to white men, is fraught with inequalities to race and gender and forms part of the foundations of the fascination of interracial pornography. The stereotype when it comes to women of colour is that they are overbearing, and in need of control. The idea is, however false, that there is a profound difference in the size of white cock to black cock, and that woman will be more than satisfied by the white, albeit ‘smaller’ conquering cock. Issues surrounding men and women of colour see them reduced to concepts such as body parts, attitude, and black thuggery. Men and women of colour are often told to play up their ancestry for the camera in order for them to become more realistic.

Time and time again, we see arguments directed at porn which discusses violence within porn, and the objectification of women. These arguments generally examine active traits, which is  something being done to someone else, through physical movement, or through verbal abuse. It is less common to view this through the passive lens, if we determine that domestic violence against women is a male issue, then shouldn’t we also take the same approach to pornographic content? Where women of colour are seen to be as being in need of taming.

The fetishisation of Asian women relates to submission, the devaluation of their physical attributes and of being child-like. Asian women, in porn, are portrayed as enjoying submission and loving the idea of domination as they will wear pig tails, erupt into giggles, overly smiling, and in every sense of the word succumb to being infantilised. The set-up of a scene involving an Asian female will relegate itself to seeing the actress in a subservient role, or relying on poor English speaking skills, where the male actor will become her saviour and she will be eternally grateful.

Racial Stereotypes

Amy Sun in her article in Everyday Feminism links the history of the Asian woman Image to colonialisation and the blurring of lines between services and sex. She discusses that the image of subservience is reliant on colonialisation. For the most part, sub-servient jobs such as nail parlours and massage places, don’t require many language skills to provide services. Faced with displacement, and an invasion of foreigners, Asian people had to assimilate and adapt in order to survive. This had led to racist notions such as Asian women being reduced to the physicality of their vaginas with the assumption that all Asian women are small and tight. Amy Sun paints this discourse as a counterpoint to black males and big black cocks to reinforce the idea of Orientalism being defined as the discursive practice of reinforcing the dichotomy of ‘us’ vs ‘them’, and “east” vs “west”. This issue becomes increasingly prominent when porn is produced for, and consumed by westerners.

It is clear that racism exists as a result of history. From that point in becomes ingrained within mainstream consciousness and gives a seemingly legitimate platform for racism through the confusing and delicate tangling of stereotypical thought. Not everyone views pornography as racist though, whether that be through careful consideration or whether that be through ignorance, porn is often viewed as little more than a sex scene. Marty Klein is one such author who disregards the idea of racism within pornography. He critiques Gail Dines as having an issue with the idea of pornography, and not ‘racist’ pornography. The crux of his argument is that pornography is a ‘vehicle for sexual fantasy’ and he exclaims that you’ll see racial stereotypes in porn with absolutely no effort. He suggests that the ‘racism’ is primarily concerned with the idea that people of colour are deemed as sexual and he argues if we would consider it less racist if we saw a small black penis disappointing a woman, or if we saw a small Asian woman demanding sex and refusing to let her male counterpart go, until she had had enough.

In an idealistic world, Klein is right, however he in turn neglects to acknowledge the relationship between pornography and society and how the values within a social context both influence and shape pornographic content and vice versa. I have discussed the inherent racism within Grindr and Tinder, the assumed sexuality of individuals through race, class and looks, and this is in part influential towards, and influenced by the Adult Industry. Klein is correct on a stripped back simplistic definition of pornography as being a vehicle for sexual fantasy. He fails to acknowledge the pay inequality that women of colour receive for the same scene who have the same experience as their white counterparts, an inequality which is sometimes up to $300 a scene, and which is acknowledged by men of colour within the industry. This is an example of outright racism. He also makes reference to pornography which contains small black penis, and a dominant Asian woman which go against dominant discursive practices of porn. His triumph in acknowledging this should be dampened by the fact that scenes of this nature, are rare in any type of porn other than home produced. With the exception of humiliation scenes, after searching for videos with the tags ‘Small black cock’ I found nothing. Dominant Asian women could be found, though they still conformed to certain expectations which would enforce dominant racist discourses. The reality is, that social constructs dictate pornography content and vice versa.

Whilst this issue surrounds women, and concerns women in negative ways, the same can also be true when we apply the same concepts to men. The fetishisation of black men, the queering of masculinity and gay femme, and the expectation of straight male porn performers. This will be explored in the next article as well as looking at the fascinating concept that whilst it is the male’s sexual pleasure and climax which is paramount to the scene, that he is considered to be a secondary actor in comparison to the starring female. All this and more, next week!

Article by Stephen a Consultant at Oh Zone Kogarah

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