Can Dakimakura (Hug Pillows) Be Comforting?

Man with Dakimakura Hug Pillow Photo

I was struck by a video made by The School of Life called “The Importance of Soft Toys”. The video had outlined that the majority of people grew up forming an attachment to a soft toy. We found that we may hug them when we go to sleep or seek comfort from the soft toy when we may have needed it the most. School Of Life suggested that the soft toy looks after its owner. In a sense that we go to the soft toy when we were stressed or when we needed to feel safe. We may have found ourselves that we spoke to the soft toy about our problems or feelings. In response, we gave the soft toy words to speak back to use in a form that was loving and soft rather than the harsher reality of how we may think about ourselves or what others have said. With the soft toy we form an emotional attachment and see it at as a security object. When we grow up to become an adult some people carry these self-talk and mindful skills to their real lives and let go of the soft toy.

With this in mind, I had thought Dakimakura (Hug Pillows). Dakimakura as the name suggest is a type of pillow that is life size. On the pillow is a 2d print out of the person’s favourite anime character, pornography star, famous actor or person. They are known to have on one side of the pillow there is a fully clothed character then when you turn it over to the other side you may find that it has an image of them slowly undressing or are fully naked in a sexually alluring manner. They are known as a Dakimakura in Japan or a hug pillow in English. Like a normal pillow they are very hug-able and super soft to fall into especially if you buy one that is made with higher quality materials. You are able to change the pillow case, so you can have a different Dakimakura for any day of the week. There are also pillows that are made like sex dolls for sexual intercourse, so you are able to have intimate relationships with the pillow. The great thing about hugging a pillow is that, it will generally hold your warmth so you can fall asleep more soundly with the thought of someone being there with you as you fall asleep.


Dakimakura Hug Pillows Image
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Dakimakura can be slightly different from getting an anime collection of books, DVDs, bed sheets, shower curtains, collectable figurines and anime boob mouse pads. Some people just love having on in their anime collection as a collector’s item! Thought some Dakimakura are looked at as girlfriends, their dream anime wife that they have fantasized about being romantically involved with who may eventually marry the pillow. Some people also take their Dakimakura out on journeys whether it’s on the train, to the supermarket or even to bars. The interesting thing is that, many people who own a Dakimakura also have short term or long-term partners who accept the pillow in their life.

This leads me to the notion that some people use Dakimakura as a relationship aid for when they are not romantically involved with someone. Like most TV shows, movies, sex dolls and even pornography most things made are pretty unrealistic in nature. You can find an anime character that will suit your personal tastes. They come in all body sizes, shapes and builds. They can have different haircuts, eye colours, skin tones, groin sizes and breast sizes! Just as how different people are, anime characters are even more so as they can be exaggerated! Anime characters can also have a full assemble of personality traits from someone who is a crazy, loud mouthed, happy go lucky, intense character to others who are angry yet protective or ones who are plain sweet. When it comes to anime, the sky is the limit. If you couldn’t think of having someone more perfect, you are able to adapt your sexual fantasies in your own mind to change to how you wish the ideal relationship would be. The Dakimakura will be able to self-talk to you just how you may have always needed someone to. Maybe this is why some people love Dakimakura.

Author: Elaine is a blogger from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres & Adult Smart Online




The Mimikaki Ear Cleaning Fetish

Japanese Ear Cleaning Fetish Photo

There is a salon in Japan, Tokyo called “Mimikaki” dedicated for the only purpose of cleaning paying customer’s ears.There are both men and women who go in there to get their ear wax orifices cleaned out by the professional ear cleaners who are sometimes dressed up in traditional kimono’s or surgically clean outfits.

The Mimikaki Ear Cleaning Fetish is actually seen as something common in Asian cultures, in particularly Japan. The fetish can be seen as being a intimate or romantic venture between two people. In Japan, parents use a bamboo ear picker called the “Mimikaki“. The Bamboo ear picker has a tiny spoon on one side and a fluffy head on the other. Normally, the mother sits in a sieza position with their child’s head resting comfortably on their lap whilst she cleans the child’s ear. Hitome Kobayashi from Showa University School of Medicine explains:

“Many Japanese grew up having their ears cleaned by their mothers, and associate it with pleasant feelings of maternal closeness.”

Growing up with a comforting child hood memory of safety as a parent take cares of a vulnerable part of our bodies. They may find themselves continuing this tradition into adult hood with their lovers slowly sometimes even unconsciously developing The Mimikaki Ear Cleaning Fetish. Couple’s can find that they bond over the event as you are taking care of the other person and can use this time to talk with each other. Some people may also find themselves accidentally cleaning their partner’s ears!


The Mimimaki Ear Cleaning Fetish Photo
Photo: The Mimikaki Ear Cleaning Fetish


Some people find that their ears is an extra sensitive area on their bodies. Especially since the ears are an area that we virtually do not touch. When they clean them with q-tips the nerves are stimulated sending various pleasure signals through their body giving them a sense of pleasure and relief. The sensations experienced can be quite addictive with people coming back claiming that it is like receiving an orgasm. So you can see why people would love to re-experience The Mimikaki Ear Cleaning.

People develop two different types of ear wax including:

  • Dry and sugary with colours that are pale, tans and grey
  • Heavy wax that can feel wet or sticky with colours of yellow and orange

Naturally, our bodies are made to push out useless materials from our bodies similar to when a splinter gets lodged in our skin and slowly pushes out to the surface. A similar thing happens to useless and dried up ear wax. Though this type of ear wax normally washes away when you are having a shower. The ear wax that is unsightly can lightly be cleaned.

Your body produces wax in your ear to prevent water, dust or dirt traveling up into your ear canal whilst it moisturises the area. When a person uses a q-tip to clean the ear wax, the q-tip can actually move the ear wax further deeper into your ear causing hearing problems. Over cleaning your ears can attribute to infections, so make sure you do it in moderation! If The Mimikaki Ear Cleaning Fetish is something you may be interested in following, you should definitely seek advice from a doctor to ask what are the best and safest methods to clean out your ears. One you have gained knowledge from the internet and from your doctor on the safest techiques, you can begin The Mimikaki Ear Cleaning Fetish journey.

If you are thinking of getting your lover into The Mimikaki Ear Cleaning Fetish, you can demonstrate the technique on yourself first to show them what it is like. Although cleaning your ears can be done for purely visual reason’s, some people do get a lot of pleasure from cleaning their own ears which can be a little bit of a fun addition to add every so often to your morning routine.


About the Author: Elaine is a blogger from Adult Smart Online and Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres.



Review: Mystery-Vibe Crescendo

Mystery-Vibe Crescendo Bendable Vibrator

There’s a new sex toy in town and it’s called the Crescendo by Mystery Vibe. The fact it arrives in store in what is simply a plain black luxury box with ‘mystery vibe” in tiny writing is enough to make me utterly intrigued. Now I hadn’t previously heard about Mystery-Vibe Crescendo, but a little research lets me know there has been a buzz around this toy for some time.

The company ‘Mystery Vibe” are British and their aim is to make innovative sex toys that go some way towards moving the industry away from the stigma that still exists today unfortunately. This can only be a good thing. They have advertised their products in mainstream forums previously unattended by adult industry companies. They choose colours and designs that are minimalist and modern and they try to avoid the clichés of what many still associate with “sex toys” but at the same time create toys that actually do the job. They are not unique in this but they have done a good job. The teal toy I am reviewing ticks those boxes. I am particularly in love with the included black padded satin storage bag that rolls up with a big ribbon.


Mystery-Vibe Crescendo Bendable Vibrator
Sex Toy: Mystery-Vibe Crescendo


Mystery-Vibe Crescendo was successfully crowd funded and purports to be the most innovative sex toy ever. It makes other claims too, that it will fit absolutely any one’s body. And that it vibrates anyway you want it too. It was only last week that I reviewed the We-Vibe Sync so I am already in love with one sex toy that also has infinite choices in vibrations and can be adjusted to fit. Mystery-Vibe Crescendo does even more.

Firstly, it hasn’t got one motor or two like the Sync. It doesn’t even have 3, like say the G vibe… has an unbelievable 6 motors, yes you read right… 6 motors in one toy! I have never heard of that before.

It uses Bluetooth technology and has an app like the We-vibe that can control the toys motors individually. The app is far more advanced than the We-Vibe. I am not tech savvy, but it seems like you can get it play to music, just like We-Vibe Sync. Here though, is the thing that is most interesting of all about this sex toy and it is not really advertised on the website. You probably won’t believe it when I tell you. The Mystery-Vibe Crescendo can gauge temperature changes inside you and your body’s contractions.


Mystery-Vibe Crescendo Mobile Application
Sex Toy Application: Mystery-Vibe Crescendo


Mystery-Vibe Crescendo is almost 7 inches long, slightly tapered and just over an inch at its widest end. It has two flexible fins at this end. It is made of TPR silicone. The outer material of Crescendo is 100% premium body-safe certified silicone. As you can imagine, quality and safety is of paramount importance Mystery-Vibe Crescendo as they do not use any porous material. To clean, you can use anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner before and after use or use some warm soapy water.

Fortunately though the sex toy uses innovative induction charging. You don’t have to plug it in or even line it up with magnets, you simply lay it on the disk shaped base that comes in the box. This means it is 100% waterproof. The waterproof aspect isn’t only good for hygiene, it obviously means you can use this toy in the bath or spa if you like.

Mystery-Vibe Crescendo is fully bendable, and because it is longer than the Sync It is one of the most truly versatile toys I have come across. You can turn it into a g-vibe, a rabbit, a masturbator, or a prostate massager. It really does hold it’s position and remains relatively hard. I imagined its bend-ability would mean it was a bit squishy, but it isn’t. It retains the rigidity necessary. I should mention the toy can’t be moved sideways. I don’t know how the toy would withstand multiple manipulations and uses over time, but I haven’t been able to find anything on line to indicate that it might be an issue. The fins are a great touch and could be used in a multitude of ways for more dispersed vibrations.

Mystery-Vibe Crescendo can be operated by the buttons placed on either edge, one side has arrow up and down for intensity and the other side the different modes. Mystery-Vibe Crescendo recommend to use the application as an add on:

“For solo play, we recommend the App as a sofa activity where you add or remove Vibes on Crescendo at your leisure. Then you can leave the phone behind and enjoy Crescendo without any distractions. For partner play, you or your partner can use the app as a remote-control while playing with Crescendo.”

I do love the way the vibrations can literally crescendo or undulate up and down the toy. It is impressively versatile and I want to love it.  It is amazing for pattern lovers. I have to say though, the biggest disappointment for me are the quality of the vibrations, and I don’t think they are strong enough. They are a bit buzzy too. I am slightly worried I am being overly critical. I think the fact it has six motors is preventing me from assessing its overall merits fairly. If I didn’t know about the motors in advance I wonder if I would think the same. I have just compared it to the Sync and also the G-Kii, which is probably the nearest product we have to the Crescendo in store currently. The Crescendo wins hands down over them both when it comes to fitting anyone’s shape but I think its vibrations are the least impressive of the 3.

I like what they are trying to do with the Mystery-Vibe Crescendo. The very fact that I am finding it quite difficult to assess is because there is something very different about it. I would be really interested to hear what others think.


About the Author: Emily is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres



How to Have A Sexy Christmas

Christmas Victoria Secret Photo

It’s really easy to get carried away with family and parties and buying presents at this time of year and end up neglecting your lover. I think it’s a real shame because Christmas is a really sexy time of year. It is all about over indulging. It is all about giving and receiving and shouldn’t we all be bringing some of that decadence and pleasure into the bedroom? There is a reason why there are so many romantic movies set at Christmas time.  Think ‘When Harry Met Sally’ and ‘Love Actually”. So here are a few ideas to ‘have yourself a sexy little Christmas’ this year.


12 Days of Christmas Image
Photo: 12 Days of Christmas


  1. Dress up. The colour red is really sexy and it has been proven that we all associate that colour with sex. There’s so much to choose from in our Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres and Adult Smart. We have actual costumes as well as lingerie galore. Even if you got your partner something rubbish for a gift I guarantee if you deliver it dressed up in a red Basque, G-string and high heels with a Santa hat, it will be gratefully received (that goes for men too!)A strip to a Christmas song is funny and sexy. Tie a ribbon and hang a couple of baubles from your hard on. Decorate a butt plug with tinsel. The obvious thing to do would be to tie a giant ribbon round yourself as a gift.
  2. Personalise your present in a sexy way. If you are brave enough get 12 sexy photos of yourself and make a calendar on line, it’s so cheap and easy to put together, even K-Mart do them now. If you haven’t got the confidence why not make your own, cut out scenes from porn magazines and paste both of your faces on them. Get some Sex Cheques, we have them in store, they are a great gift and you can fill them out in advance with sexual promises.
    Fill a Christmas stocking with sexy presents for the 12 days of Christmas. Massage oils, a vibrating cock ring, a Tenga egg, a DVD etc. and use one each day.
    Why not have your own 12 days of Christmas using the song as inspiration. ‘Pipers piping’ ‘maids a milking” ‘ladies dancing’ the song was written for it.
  3. Mistletoe! Everyone forgets this these days. But if you make a pact to properly kiss your partner every time you are under it, not just a peck. It brings you back to each other in an intimate way no matter how distracted you are with other Christmassy things. You could also have secret codes where you can move the mistletoe where ever you like but have to perform a sexy act when you find yourselves underneath it. It could be in the car in the morning, or it could be in the garden when all your guests are inside.
  4. If you have guests staying, let them stay in your place and you book a hotel. Hotel Christmas sex is the best. Save the presents you really got for each other to open in private, (not the ones you buy to open in front of family.) Conversely, if you are staying with people, little nephew Johnny’s Star Wars bedroom and tiny car bed may not exactly be conducive to rampant sex. Get a hotel!
  5. Sexy gifts are the best gifts. If sex toys aren’t something you normally buy then this is the time of year to do it. Trust me, any guy would prefer a Fleshlight over a new T-shirt, and any girl a we – vibe touch over body lotion. These are not presents to be opened in front of everyone obviously, but just knowing there are adult only gifts is a real turn on.
  6. Be naughty, and spike your partner’s Egg Nog, (that isn’t a euphemism, though it should be) Melt down one of the yet-another-box-of-bloody-chocolates you get and use it as edible body paint. Hide some of your partner’s small gifts in your underwear and make them retrieve it. Or the old favourite, wear remote control sex toys to Christmas dinner.
  7. It is a shame it doesn’t get cold in Australia at Christmas time. Having sex in front of a roaring log fire wouldn’t exactly be fun, but you can still curl up in front of the air conditioner with a mug of iced chocolate and get cosy and watch some Christmas porn together. Of course you could make your own sexy Christmas.

Whatever you do this this year, Christmas doesn’t have to be ‘all about the kids’ Make time for some adult time together and all the stresses of organising Christmas won’t seem so stressful after all. Christmas is a magical time of the year and gives most of us that warm fuzzy feeling. That is because it is all about spending time with the people we love the most.


About the Author: By Emily a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

The Human Motivation of Sex

Woman Drinking at Home Photo

Abraham Maslow wrote an article called “A Theory of Human Motivation” where he developed “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs”.  The Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is divided into 7 different headings that are used to describe what motivates people’s actions. These actions are looked at in a positive aspect of fulfillment and include:

  • Physiological
  • Safety
  • Belongingness
  • Love
  • Esteem
  • Self-actualization
  • Self-transcendence

To live we must first have our basic needs meet which include physiological and safety. We have Physiological needs that include food, water, warmth and rest to maintain a sustained body of health. With the addition of living in a secure and safe environment that shields us from environmental factors that could impact our health including potential threats and weather conditions. Our basic needs fuel our motivation to work to earn the money which will support our lifestyle.

Our Psychological needs include our need to belonging, love, be loved and self-esteem needs. We have a need to belong, love and be loved to maintain our mental health. Some people find belongingness from intimate relationships and friends. People normally become a member of hobby groups, belief groups, work colleagues, friendship meetups, sporting events and family. We then have to fulfill our esteem needs that include the prestige and feeling of accomplishments.

Then at the very top of the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is the self-actualisation. Where we can fuel ourselves to being the best possible version of ourselves, by seeking methods of personal growth and exploring our creativity. I would like to use Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to examine where sex fits into our modern lifestyle.

Maslow's Hierarchy Graph Image
Graph: Maslow’s Hierarchy


We could say that sex fits into physiological needs which is our basic instinct to procreate. The creation of babies and family meant that they had larger groups for survival. People used to work in groups to protect the pack. People were designated to hunt for food, protect, build and cook. These are naturally our inbuilt instincts but these days we can use things like birth control and contraception methods to prevent pregnancy and unwanted sexually transmitted diseases.

It also fits into our need for intimate relationships where we can share and express love to one another. Sometimes depending on how our bodies are built arousal may not be as strong as other peoples which can cause an uneven-ness in relationships. For example, if your lover has a high sex drive and you have a low sex drive. If this is the case, we can use sexual arousal gels to help solve this issue. There are arousal gels that can be found for women or men. If your body needs more lubrication we can replace that with water based or silicone lubrication. If your partner needs you to last longer, be textured or be bigger to achieve orgasm you can use delay sprays, cock rings, herbal Viagra, penis enlargers, couple’s sex toys and penis sleeves. The pressures are taken away if you and your lover are tired or to help aid with sexual dysfunction issues.

With in a modern society, we can get our sexual needs met or enhanced through the advancements of sex toys. Using sex toys is a way to self love which is taking the time out of our busy lifestyle’s. To quickly fulfill our sexual tensions we don’t have the stresses of needing to find a casual sex encounter. We can use pornography to gain visual arousal whilst using a sex toy to massage our erogenous zones to give our on bodies high amounts of pleasure.

Some people also use sex as a feeling of prestige as in how many notches can I get on my belt to show people “I am a master of love”. When we have sex we also gain benefits including our bodies becoming more healthy giving us a self-esteem boost. Or that we are able to enhance our natural bodies to pleasure our lover to the best of our ability.

In our modern age, sex dysfunction issues are easily aided by sexual products giving us the ability to focus on more fulfilling relationships and activities that can help us reach our full potential.


About the Author: By Elaine a blogger from Adult Smart Online and Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

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