Review: We-Vibe Rave

We-Vibe Rave Personal Massager

Having only recently discovered my G-Spot which is a sad state of affairs for a 45 year old. I am now wanting to give the little lady the attention she’s been missing out on all these years. So I am on a personal quest to find her the perfect partner. I actually own a We-Vibe 4 which I like, so I thought I might see what their brand has to offer. My eyes are immediately drawn to the We-Vibe Rave, so let’s see what it is all about. It is described as a:

‘Sensually Sculpted Powerful G-Spot Vibrator

Exactly what I am after…I wonder if it does what it says on the tin? It’s actually not in a tin, it’s in a box. I love that the We-Vibe Rave is packaged in a contemporary subtle box. It has a large picture of what is inside but if it fell out of my shopping bag on the bus I wouldn’t be causing little old ladies any undue distress. In fact, it looks a lot like many cool devices do these days. The We-Vibe Rave is sleek and ergonomic. If it actually did fall out of my bag, could easily pass for a hair styling implement or music speakers! I already know it’s dimensions as I have seen it out of the box, but boxes can be deceiving. Thankfully there are no disappointments here, and what you see on the package is the real life size. It feels weighty, certainly not cheap. It’s a luxurious decadent deep purple colour. The body safe silicone it’s made of is super smooth, silky and it’s not slippery or tacky to the touch. We-Vibe Rave is really nice. It’s just over 7 inches long with a diameter of over an inch. There is a tiny hole to put your charger in and it looks like it should be waterproof but apparently its not! This might be a problem for some people but call me paranoid, I have always been shit scared of mixing machines with water!

We-Vibe Rave with Mobile
Sex Toy: We-Vibe Rave

The odd thing about the We-Vibe Rave, and the thing that makes it stand out of the crowd, is its asymmetry. The device is clearly designed for internal use but would not be for anal use. A woman would have to move and twist it around inside to find the optimal position for connecting with her G-Spot. It is firm and inflexible so there is no other option. Strangely, this actually makes sense, as that is what I would do with my finger. The controls are covered in silicone too, which makes it really easy to clean. A massive massive plus for me is that the controls are simple to operate. God knows it took me long enough to find my G-spot, I don’t have time to be mucking about with controls. The on button takes you through its 10 settings, and there are a ‘-‘ and a ‘+’ button for intensity…and that is all you need. sex toys don’t need to operate like the cockpit of a fighter jet!

Talking of fighter jets, on to the thing I like most about the We-Vibe Rave, …The noise!….just kidding, it’s very very quiet. No,what I am most excited about is the sheer power of it. The vibrations are so strong and rumbly, that when I am squeezing the base, I can feel it in my elbows! that’s not even on its highest setting. This is exactly what my G-Spot needs. When you turn it off, it leaves you with an after effect. I was trying to think of an apt way to describe it but I guess it’s like the feeling you get after you just had good sex! Yes, really, It’s that good. Not only that, but because the vibrations are so good, it definitely doubles as a clitoral stimulator. I would even go so far as to argue that it’s better than other similarly priced toys specifically designed for that purpose.

We-Vibe Rave is USB rechargeable and everything comes in a silk pouch, which is great for me as I lose everything. It’s also compatible with the we vibe app, so it can be controlled remotely via a phone. This is great for couples fun and frolics, although there is something about this We-Vibe Rave that makes me want it for my own sexual health!

So here ends my marathon rave about the We-Vibe Rave. In a nutshell, at $230 it is certainly a ‘luxury’ price, but it looks and feels luxurious and it does what it should for that amount of money. It doesn’t style hair or play music….but if it’s a great orgasm you want, then it will surely do that. ,oh and it comes with a years warranty. So what are you waiting for? Go get one ladies, or indeed, get one for your lady!


About the Author: Emily a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Why is Porn Important?

Games of Thrones Porn

Pornography is an aid to help people masturbate to relieve all their built up tensions but sometimes people can find it very difficult to masturbate. There are many reasons why people find it difficult to masturbate and why pornography is a helpful tool to help people’s sexual lifestyles which are both listed below.

Reasons Why People Find Masturbation Difficult:

  • Masturbation can be very difficult if you have anorgasmia. Some people have anorgasmia due to the medication they take. Some medication’s which cause anorgasmia include anti-depressants and contraceptive pills.
  • Since our minds are naturally aroused by visual stimulation. Some people can masturbate for a long time and never reach orgasm if they don’t have adequate mental stimulation. Sometimes or most of the time a good hand job or a good finger may not be enough to make a person orgasm.
  • Some men can get blue balls. Blue balls is when a man’s testicles become painful from not ejaculating for a prolonged period of time.
  • Some people have the inability to imagine sexual scenarios in their own minds. Let’s face it, people think completely differently to the next person. You can see this from looking at the different types of learning styles people have. With this in mind, some people are really bad at imaging sexual scenarios in their minds. Normally people who find it hard to day dream about sex may find it difficult to read books to achieve orgasm..
  • We should all be in control of how we masturbate. We are solely responsibility for our own masturbation and we should not rely upon other people to achieve orgasm.


Superhero Porn
Batman Vs Superman Pornography


Why Porn is Helpful:

  • Helps people view their secret fetishes whether it’s BDSM, a foot fetish or tentacle porn.
  • Helps people save time. Helps people quickly or slowly release their sexual tension.
  • Helps people save money. Pornography can be watched over and over again. At Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre’s there is an exchange program available which can save you money.
  • Watching pornography can help people understand how sex and seduction works. There are various types of pornography including one’s that are available for education purposes. Educational DVDs can actually help people learn how to be better lovers.
  • Watching pornography helps people explore their sexuality in a safe environment. You can use pornography in the privacy of your own home. If you feel unsafe approaching people with your sexuality. You can watch a lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, transgender or gay DVD and see whether it will fit in with your type of lifestyle. When you find what you like, you will be able to pleasure yourself even better.
  • Help’s prevent people from having unprotected or unsafe sex.
  • Using pornography is just like using a sex toy. It is a sexual health aid which helps people produce orgasms.
  • Couples can view porn together, to spice up their sexual lifestyle or help them when they are mutually masturbating.
  • Porn is a sexual pleasure like chocolate is to food. We can spend time watching porn relaxing and unwinding just like if someone were to have a hot bubble bath.
  • Porn is also sometimes hilarious to watch. Sometimes people sit down and watch porn with a bag of popcorn because pornography is pretty unreal.
  • Porn is not a reflection of your love life or relationship and is not a replacement for your partner.

You can feel amazing sexual relief watching pornography. Without sex, life is incomplete and sex is one of the most pleasurable things we can experience in our own bodies. Just as sex toy’s can help us achieve different types of orgasms, pornography is used in the same type of way but to help our mind visually recognise that we would like to orgasm. Using pornography stimulate’s our minds in the same way as witnessing the real thing in front of us. People are becoming more influenced towards using pornography to meet their sexual needs as these products are safe, easy to use and provide full privacy. There is a huge range of pornography made by many different companies from watching vanilla sex to the more extreme fetishes. A lot of porn also provides people with interesting movie plots that can be quite entertaining and memorable.

There are lots of online sites which provides these kind of adult movies at very cheap rates ,one of the best website which provide almost everything related to sex and it also contain adult movies of different verities such as blowjobs,  hand jobs, sex etc, which are mostly liked by the people of every generation.


Feminism: Patriarchy Changes, Reactions & Responses

Society Standards

We have learnt through my previous article “Clearing the Confusion on Feminism”, that there is an intrinsic relationship between feminism and the patriarchy. That the patriarchy also deals with more than just the oppression of women, but also how it can affect relations with other men. Patriarchy is often another misunderstood concept, and the issue with that, is that it is thought of as a counter argument to feminism, when this is not at all the case. Ammu Joseph neatly unpacks the term patriarchy in ‘Missing Half The Story: Journalism as If Gender Matters’. In this we unpack patriarchy etymologically via its Latin roots; that being that Pater is the Latin word for father, with the addition of Archy which is the Latin word for Rule. Literally, the term patriarchy simply refers to the rule of the father and refers to a society in which a single male would dominate and lead a family, junior men, women and slaves.

In the course of human history, patriarchy actually plays a very small part in society, and it is often argued that in the beginning of human culture and society, that women were very much looked at as equals primarily through their mysterious and misunderstood power of childbirth, but were genuinely revered as equal and productive individuals within society. Before the patriarchal rule many social historians, including Joseph, argue that patriarchal rule shifted through a perceived shift of social power, primarily through the concept of war. For a variety of reasons, which did not focus on physical prowess, men were sent to war to conquer and pillage resources. Since it was the men that would conquer, there was a sense of ownership placed on the new resources, and since great effort was placed in obtaining this new land and new resources it was natural that they wanted to preserve that, own it, and ultimately pass it on to their children. In this way, because men were seen as owners of resources, land and permanent dwellings, the foundations of patriarchy and male rule was formed.

Patriarchy now rarely refers to this system of male ownership in this way, and rather is used to categorise and label a system of male privilege, unequal power relations between biological sexes, and the oppression of others from men. This oppression can occur towards women and other men in public and private spheres such as the household, workplace, society and is exemplified through behaviours, patterns of language, interpersonal behaviours and constructed stereotypes. This also includes against biological males which under-perform, or even over perform the societal expectations of their masculinity, as the idea of maleness is currently, inescapably linked to the concept of masculinity. Feminism is about destabilising the dominance of patriarchy and not only free women from the constraints that they are placed under, but also free men from being trapped by their own masculinity. To this extent, in recent years we have seen the rise of males caring about their appearances, engaging in fashion in new ways, and also breaking down barriers surrounding emotions, feelings and mental health. In this regard, it is an important point to make that it is the performance of gender which feminists are opposed to and not sex. It is ultimately, and decisively a response to a patriarchal system and not men.

With that in mind, we can therefore disregard feminism as an attempt to overthrow and replace a patriarchal system – because to do so would mean to replace it with a matriarchal system, which is not the aim of feminism at all. Joseph defines feminism using the work of K. Bhasin and Nighat Said Khan which describes it as:

‘An awareness of women’s oppression and exploitation in society, at work, and within the family and the conscious action by both women and men to change this situation.’

The maintenance of feminism, and its definition is governed by its relationship to primarily women, but also by men.  It is thus clear that the relationship between the patriarchy and feminism affects both men and women individually through each system. This, Nancy Levit suggests, is:

‘One side of the picture has remained in the shadows – the way that the patriarchy affects men. Maleness is both a privileged and victimized status’

that has occurred throughout the women’s movement. This statement by Levit is not meant to place men in a comparative state to women through each movement, but rather highlight the effects that each system has on both of the sexes as they grow. Indeed, Allan Johnson, the author of The Gender Knot: Unraveling our Patriarchal Legacy, believes that most men and women participate in this system without consciously intending to oppress or be oppressed, without even being aware that the system exists. They participate in the rat race because that’s what they’ve been told and taught to do – happiness is tied with wealth and possessions, and that type of system automatically favours men. Some Social Studies academics and theorists will link the patriarchy and this system to ideas of capitalism and the economic structure and system which holds humans captive to the ideas of an ever increasing idea of production and productivity, where such a system is based on a predestined failure and impossibility of an infinite and continual sense of economic growth. This loosely relates to the origins of the original concept of patriarchy to the needs of possessions, materialism, wealth, land and ownership.

Male Feminism
Photo: Feminism – This is what a feminist looks like with Tom Hiddleston and Elle Feminism

Feminism is moving towards the idea that men can be feminists, and that they should be feminists because the patriarchy system affects their lives as it does women, although not to the same extent. (Claire Warner) The patriarchy does affect men in a beneficial way, although there are many ways in which the patriarchy affects men negatively as well, such as the way in which masculinity is often described as being toxic. Feminism and masculinity are products of the patriarchy – that being that they are two terms that were brought forth in order to combat the power of the patriarchy. Masculinity is the system brought forth by the patriarchy that attempts to categorise men within a hierarchical system against each other. Rita Nakashima Brock states that men are socialised and reinforced in their behaviours and attitudes through masculinity – which directly represents their ability to perform their biological sex. For example, the issue between masculine sex drive, and feminine sex drive and the differing pressures, opinions, shaming and stigmas placed on both young men (Studs) and women (sluts) in terms of sex drive. Overt sexuality for a young male is ultimately perceived to be different for a young female, feminism and its relationship to masculinity is breaking this down – getting people to consider the idea of relationships as opposed to casual sex (Femininity), and dismissing the stigmas attached with casual sex (masculinity).

The problem with the stereotype of male sexual aggressors as ‘boys will be boys’, and ‘sowing his wild oats’ is so entrenched in society that for decades, scientific research worked on the assumption that men naturally had a higher sex drive than women – and a passivity in sexual relations for a male was considered abnormal. It’s only recently that we have discovered different types of sexual arousal and sexual response cycles as opposed to a masculine and feminine one. It is through feminism with which we find the notion of being male, and masculinity, being challenged. Time and time again throughout these articles, I have put forward the notion that the dichotomy of masculinity can only exist as with its presumed opposition, femininity. That being they define each other, and exist through each other’s definitions, women are women, because they are not men and vica versa. If a female no longer acts in a predisposed and conventional way, thereby changing the expectation of femininity, then masculinity automatically changes as a response. This sentiment is echoed by Sussman Herbert in Masculine identities: The history and Meanings of Masculinity who adds that the liberatory movements of women, blacks, and gay men have enriched the lives of men and masculinity and opened new possibilities when it comes to men and ultimately, together, bear the responsibility of changing the concept of masculinity.

Another way in which masculinity, has been changed through feminism is the onus of responsibility being placed back on males. There have been many instances where ‘excuses’ are made in order to shame women. For example, when it comes to sexual assault people try and palm off the responsibility onto the female for the way she held her body, her clothes, he demeanour, he behaviour towards previous men. Sexual assault is a male issue, not a women’s issue. It is an idea which places women in control of their bodies, and men in control of their own, sexual assault is therefore a failing of control from a male, and not a female in how she chooses to respond to society with her body. Shira Tarrent in Men and Feminism: Seal Studies – firmly reminds us of the idea that since it is the men which are the ones who commit the majority of sexual offences then it is ultimately time for men to stand up and face them. In this respect, it is from this point which started The White Ribbon Foundation. An organisation to prevent violence against women that originated in the nineties in Canada which places the responsibility on men to face up to the issue and take a stand against it.

When it comes to ideas of masculinity, power and feminism there exists a lot of surrounding fear. The issue is, as Shira states, lies in the idea that men fear feminism because they perceive it as a loss of social and political power. Further, the idea that power is considered a finite resource and that there is an ebb and flow when it comes to the idea of power; that being when someone loses power, someone else gains power. Power should not be deemed as a limited resource. In this way, feminism should be viewed as being about ‘breaking down gender expectations that limit everyone’. This subtle shift away from a gross misunderstanding of viewing feminism as a replacement to patriarchy, and reaffirms feminism back to its original intention – freedom to equality for all. The fear lies not in the change, but about the idea of replacement. If we change the focus that feminism is not a replacement, to the patriarchy then we can view the idea that feminism actually critiques masculinity, and holds the notion of masculinity in check. It frees both men and women from the constraints of masculinity, and ultimately the patriarchy. Feminism brings forth the idea which suggests that a patriarchal society has always exaggerated the biological differences between masculine and feminine roles and the dominant and subordinate discursive stereotypes attributed to them. (Kate Millet). It did this to reinforce ideologies of power and control, and it is these attributes which desperately need to change, to free not only women but men as well. Victoria Bromley in Feminism Matter: Debates, Theories, activism understands this need for freedom when she states;

Feminism provides men with a lens to see hegemonic masculinity as an unattainable caricature of manhood. It releases men from the never-ending struggle, and ultimately inevitable failure, to measure up as real men.’

It is clear that the dichotomies of male and female, and the discursive practices surrounding that such as feminine, masculine, patriarchy are fluid. They both require and demand change as a reaction and response to, and from, each other, functioning as a dynamic duo and reliant on each other in order to direct and construct change.

Feminism is a misunderstood headline, it’s often thrown around complacently through a severe lack of understanding and as such – it is a concept which has had its name often dragged through the mud. On the same token, patriarchy and masculinity are also often misunderstood via conduits of perceived power and superiority – when they suffer from constraints, if not to the same extent, as which surrounds women, femininity and feminism.


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About the Researcher and Author: By Stephen S a consultant and manager at Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres.

Is BDSM Unlawful?

BDSM Relationship

In the spirit of finishing my first year of law today, through my completion of criminal law, I thought I would approach the BDSM world and the legal rights and responsibilities of all those involved. But first, I would like to introduce you to what BDSM is. BDSM stands for Bondage and Discipline, Sadism and Masochism which are all terms related to people’s sexual preferences within the fetish community. All these terms carry a physical, mental and emotional sexual experience.

If you have previously had sex, you may have actually participated in very light form of a BDSM experience without even knowing it. From the pinning down of someone’s arms to the bed to maintain sexual control, to the use of bdsm products like blindfolds or spanking them when they have done something you like or didn’t like as a form of sexual punishment. BDSM explores the pleasure people find from experiencing pain, causing pain or morally degrading another person. BDSM can be seen as more than just terminology or a foreplay experience but can be a long term sexual lifestyle choice for some. The BDSM community follow strict guidelines in order to be a member or even participate in the sexual acts. It is important people who would like to participate in this type of lifestyle create a BDSM agreement with their sexual partner outlining what is acceptable in their relationship, what is not and what safe words they should use.

If you have signed a BDSM Agreement, is BDSM Lawful?

First off, from a statutory point of view, BDSM related activities, ultimately are considered to be common assault. However, “without consent” is a major part of this charge. In these scenarios, those involved are doing so consensually, which theoretically negates any charge. However, it is for this reason that there are some instances where the ‘victim’ cannot consent.

In a famous case from the 90’s, a group of sado-masochistic homosexual men willingly participated in the commission of acts of violence against each other, including genital torture for their sexual pleasure. They also filmed the sexual acts and distributed the tapes among the group. The passive partner consented to all of the acts committed against him and the acts did not result in any permanent damage. As a result of this case, it was held that, regardless of the nature of the act, you cannot convert an inherently unlawful act into a lawful one. It was also suggested that any conduct which causes actual bodily harm is incapable of being consented to, or alternatively, consent is vitiated in situations where the defendant has caused actual bodily harm to the victim.


BDSM Mutual Agreement
Photo: Is BDSM Unlawful? – BDSM Agreement


Does that mean that every form off BDSM is unlawful?

Short answer, no.

In another case consent was a defence where the appellant, at the request and with the consent of his wife, used a hot knife to brand his initials “AW” on each of her buttock checks. In this case, it was considered that, “consensual activity between husband and wife, in the privacy of the matrimonial home, is not a proper matter for criminal investigation or prosecution”.

So does that mean I can do whatever I want to my partner then? (heck yes!)

…not really

In yet another case, the defendant tied his partner’s head with a plastic bag, where she suffered non-serious injuries, and sought medical treatment. Weeks after the initial incident, the defendant poured lighter fluid onto his partner’s breasts and set them alight. She saw medical treatment for this too. Consent, in this case was not considered a defence to the charge.

So what does all this mean?

Ultimately, the line between what is able to be consented to and what is not is pretty blurred. Personally, I think if you’re doing it safely in your own home without flaunting about it publicly, you’ll be sweet and clear from any prosecution. The only reason that the above cases were brought before the courts was because people found out that it was happening. So keep it to yourself, and if you film it, make sure you don’t distribute it to someone who will take it further.

I guess if you haven’t been caught yet, then you just keep doing you.


About the Author: By Ebony a sales consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre

How To Use Sexual Health Products

Prep Information

In some countries, cultures, religions and schooling there are people in the community who are not informed of the different sex choices they have and how to use them. Providing people with easily accessible information is the one step that will help people be aware of how to prevent sexual transmitted diseases or infections. Using this information will help to you stay safe and at the same time gets your sexual needs. Luckily, for first timers there are steps to follow for using sex toys and sexual health products.

The first and most important sexual health product is condoms. It is important to use condoms in order to reduce the risk of transferring STIs. STIs include HIV, Chlamydia, Genital Herpes, Genital Warts, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis B and Syphilis. You can get this STIs by vaginal, anal or oral sex. There are different types of condoms that can be used for women and men. Male condoms are installed when the penis is fully erect. A male condom is placed one by unrolling the condom over the penis. Female condoms however are inserted into the woman’s vagina before intercourse.

How To Use Women Condoms

  1. Remove the condom from the package.
  2. Put spermicide or lubricant on the outside of the closed end.
  3. Find a comfortable position.
  4. Squeeze the sides of the inner ring together.
  5. Insert the inner ring and condom into your vagina.

How To Use Men Condoms

  1. Hold the tip of the condom between your forefinger and thumb.
  2. Place the condom over the tip of the penis.
  3. While squeezing the head roll it down over the length of the penis.


Not douching properly before sex can increase the risk of transferring STIs. Douching is when male or female rinses their rectum with the intent to clean it for anal sex. Although douching can be a dangerous activity.

Reasons To Avoid Douching

  • Douching before anal sex can increase the risk of transferring HIV.
  • Douching can disrupt the epithelium or tissue in the rectum.
  • If you accidentally tear tissues in the anus HIV is easier to transfer through wounds.
  • Anal sex increases the risk of transferring Hepatitis B.3.
  • Douching can cause other discomfort due to the water.
Condoms to Prevent STI
Sexual Heath Product: Naked Duo 10 Pack


There is a new medication on market called “Prep” that is designed to prevent HIV. Prep is now recommended to be used for people who practice sex without using condoms. You can go to your general practitioner or a sexual health section at the hospital to see if you can get a blood test done to ensure you don’t have HIV before Prep can be recommended to you. The health care worker will explained the information about Prep. It is recommended to take the medication at same time each day. The sides affects you can get from Prep is an upset stomach and headaches.

Who Can Use Prep

  • People who have been tested and are HIV free
  • People who have sex with men and women
  • People who have sex with men without condoms
  • Heterosexual women who have sex with someone who doesn’t know if they have HIV


Also for the first time sex user I recommend to use masturbator for guys and bodywands which can be used for both male and female in different ways. There are a lot of rang different and different prices of masturbator. Masturbator can be used for single guy or ouples can use it together for mutual masturbation. Different maturbators have different textures inside and some also come with lubricant inside of them.

How To Use a Masturbator

  1. Open the the lid.
  2. Make sure there is no stick in the masturbator.
  3. Place lubricant inside of masturbator.
  4. Place lubricant on your penis.
  5. Insert your penis into the masturbator.
  6. Wank off.
  7. Clean the sex toy by using anti-bacterial spray or if it is a one time use you can throw it away.
  8. Use some fleshlight powder to keep it like new.

The bodywond can be used by both gender, body wond are really powerful toys but good thing you have the control of the speed of it, you can just use it as normal body part massager or just can put some lube and use it vaginal. You also can buy heads for it like a rabbit or one for men which similar to masturbter.

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