Helpful Lessons About Vaginismus

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Vaginismus is a condition you may not have heard of, but which will affect up to 20% of women at some point in their life. In short it is best described as the involuntary spasm of the vaginal muscles, which prevents penetration of the vaginal opening and can occur in varying degrees. If you suffer from vaginismus it may feel like you are ‘too tight’ for comfortable penetration, or even like there is basically a brick wall there and nothing is getting in, no matter how small. Some women suffering from this condition are able to use tampons but find penetrative sex too painful or just impossible, others may not even be able to have a pap smear.

Scientists have categorised the condition into two main experiences – primary and secondary vaginismus:

  • Primary vaginismus is when a woman has never been able to experience penetration, and often she discovers this when she first tries to use tampons, or enjoy manual penetration or sexual intercourse.
  • Secondary vaginismus occurs when a woman has previously been able to experience penetration but is now experiencing difficulty or is completely unable to.

For most women, the cause seems to be at least partly psychological in nature, or at least there is a correlation and psychological therapy has been very helpful for many women, but don’t let that lead you to believe that it is therefore her choice, or something ‘wrong’ with her thinking. Much like men’s sexual dysfunction, there are many factors both internal and external which can contribute, and believe me no one suffers by choice.

Unfortunately, as with many women’s medical issues, vaginismus has a long history of misunderstanding, dismissal, misdiagnosis and attempts at treatment that can lean toward the extreme. Even many (especially, though not exclusively, male) gynaecologists today show a lack of understanding and compassion for sufferers of vaginismus, and can I just say – if your doctor doesn’t listen to you, tells you it’s ‘all in your head’, your ‘hips are too narrow for sex’, you ‘just don’t like sex’, or that ‘you will always be like this’, or dismisses the existence of vaginismus altogether — please remember you can always get a second, third or fourth opinion! It is so, so important to have a doctor who doesn’t dismiss women’s or sexual issues as unimportant or overreacting, and to have a good doctor-patient relationship.

There is still much we don’t know about vaginismus, such as which muscle in particular is responsible for the spasms which do not allow penetration, but the most common hypothesis is that it’s the PC muscle. Now all this sounds like pretty bad news, doesn’t it? But don’t despair, because what we do know is that for most women this condition can and does improve over time, and there are treatments available which have shown success.

I am not a doctor and nothing I say here is professional medical advice. I personally have suffered from secondary vaginismus at one point in my life and I just wish to share what I have found out and found to be helpful for me.

The most important thing, in my opinion, is firstly to know that you are not alone and you are not broken, or letting anyone down, that it is not your fault and that if you so desire, you can still enjoy a rich sexual and sensual life. And although treatment is aimed towards the goal of eventually being able to enjoy penetration, can I just also say that penetration is not the be-all and end-all of sex? In fact, for most women, foreplay and clitoral stimulation (not to mention mental stimulation) are by far the most enjoyable aspects of sex. I will get back to penetration in a moment, but I feel that this is an important point which can be overlooked in the search for a ‘cure’, wherein penetration is even overly lauded as everyone’s obvious sexual goal.

Now if you and your partner/s both/all have vaginas – and I apologise for the cis-centric language in this article, I am using it for expedience but can I just acknowledge that trans guys and NB people can and do also suffer from vaginismus – penetration may already be considered of lesser importance in your sex life, however if your partner has a penis, you may be worried that they are left wanting, if you are unable to have penetrative sex. Please remember, there are many, many other ways to get your guy off and for your guy to get off. Blow jobs are the most obvious option, and there is a wealth of ideas and instruction out there if you are a little unsure about your oral abilities or wish to expand your repertoir. Most guys LOVE head, in fact many prefer it to penetration, and you don’t have to be a deep-throat expert or contortionist to be able to share a mind blowing experience. There are also a wealth of guy’s sex toys that can help to keep your sex life interesting and satisfying without ever needing to have vaginal (or anal) penetration. Not to mention the absolute gold mine of women’s external toys out there too which can ensure you both have a satisfying experience!


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Photo: Happy Couple


And one more thing before I go on, although I work in an adult store and love sex, something I also want to put out there is that some people are asexual (or ace, which is a term commonly used) and that is totally ok too. If you have no interest in sex, penetrative or otherwise, you are also not alone and not broken, and you do not have to make enjoying sex one of your life goals. If you suspect this may be you, I recommend you do some googling and find out that there is an amazing ace community out there, that ‘ace’ comes in a variety of degrees (maybe you have only a small interest in sex, but are not lacking interest altogether, perhaps you only experience sexual attraction when strong romantic feelings are involved, or have experienced attraction in the past but currently feel that you have no sexual desire and can’t see that changing anytime soon… however you feel, it may help to know that there are other out there just like you and you don’t need to feel out of place, or pressured to do something you don’t enjoy.)

OK, now I have made those points, I will also say that there are times when you may not only wish to experience penetration, but that it may be advantageous to your health to do so – eg pap smears. Don’t panic. Probably the best place to begin, after finding a doctor who listens and is on your wavelength, is to have a good chat to them about the condition.

Now to talk about some of your treatment options.

Firstly, counseling, as mentioned above, has been very helpful for many women suffering from vaginismus. Sometimes societal and moral views about women and sex can contribute and if you have been raised in an environment that views sex negatively this may contribute to your body having an involuntary negative reaction to penetration. In fact any concerns or negative experiences around sex can contribute. And the very fact of suffering from vaginismus can compound any negative associations and only make things more difficult. Begin by being gentle with yourself.

Talking honestly with your partner can help too. They may have no idea about the existence of vaginismus, may be blaming themselves, or just not understanding where you are coming from. If you are in a relationship, the more comfortable you both are, the better for both of you. Talking may help alleviate any stresses or fears you both have. Having your partner come along for a visit to your doctor may be helpful too so they can ask any questions they may have and have their mind put at ease by a professional.

Kegel exercises can also help to relax those muscles. This may seem counter-intuitive, as most people know kegel, or pelvic floor, exercises as something people do to keep their vaginas tight, not help them to loosen up! But the nature of kegel exercises – squeezing as though you were trying to ‘stop the flow’ in the middle of peeing, then releasing the squeeze – can help you to become more conscious of those muscles altogether, and you can learn to consciously relax them like you do when you release from the squeeze. Identify the feelings of being tense and relaxed in that area and you may be able to employ these skills in your sex life.

Taking control of your sexual pleasure is a great way to ease yourself along. Try something you know you enjoy, or try something new and interesting. Try reading some erotica, find out if there are fantasies that tickle your desire, try pleasuring yourself, either with the aid of toys or without. Masturbation is a wonderful thing. If you have never tried it, begin by ensuring you won’t be disturbed. Create a relaxing atmosphere – dim the lights, put on some nice music, have a relaxing bath. If you enjoy a glass of wine this can also help. Don’t get blotto. The idea is just to be a little more relaxed, and have that warm glow kind of feeling. Even if you already masturbate or enjoy foreplay with a partner, there is still a world of desires to explore, and finding things you didn’t know you liked can be a big turn on. Focus on pleasurable sensations and stay in the moment, rather than focusing on an end goal of enjoying penetration. You don’t need to attempt penetration unless you wish to and it may be a good idea not to try to begin with. Over time you may be able to insert a finger or two, or a small toy. Don’t rush things, take your time.

Take care of your body and mind. If you are tired, run down, sick, experiencing trying times or troubles in your relationships, these things can contribute to the issue.

For those experiencing long term vaginismus and for whom milder interventions have not proved helpful, some doctors treat vaginismus with Botox injections (yes, like the anti-wrinkle treatment.) Botox works by physically relaxing the muscles involved, and a dilator may be used to dilate the opening of your vagina. This is a progressive process and a mild anesthetic is involved. Now as you probably know, there are always some risks involved with Botox, so many people recommend you do not use this idea as a ‘first resort’. However if you are not having any improvement with other treatment methods this may be presented as an option and may be a solution for you.

Your doctor should be able to keep you informed with the most up-to-date information on treatments, so do try to find that doctor that is great for you and keep in contact.

I hope this has been informative and perhaps helpful. Most importantly please remember there is hope and your condition will likely improve. Be kind to yourselves, my loves, and thanks for reading!


About the Author: By Jade a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Sexual Health & Education with Intellectual Disabilities

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We’ve discussed before the inadequacy of Young Adults accessibility to information regarding sex, sexuality, sexual health and education. We’ve discussed before how the education system shifts responsibility to the parents, where the parents shift the responsibility to the education system. Often, what’s left is small under funded by the government organisations which are left to fill in the gaps. But they’re not working. What remains is a system of peer based discussion, access to pornography, and a befuddling conversation with parents, teachers and what’s mandatory teaching in the school Physical Education classes. It’s clear, report after report, that young adults are vulnerable in terms of the lack of information that’s given to them when it comes to sexual health and education. The thing is that sexuality is an important part of humanity, humans are one of the few species on the planet which has sexual relationships for pleasure as opposed to solely reproductive purposes. Concepts such as pleasure, consent, masturbation, and sexual experimentation are often left behind when it comes to sexual health and education. More so when the young adult has an intellectual disability. People forget that individuals with intellectual disabilities have the same capacity to experience the same spectrum of sexual behaviour as those without intellectual disabilities. We’re talking about concepts such as sexual thoughts, sexual attitudes, feelings, desires, fantasies – all of which can be experienced by individuals irrespective of their intellectual capabilities. If the reports are indicating that mainstream young adults are not receiving adequate information regarding sexual health and education – then how it is the support mechanisms for those with Intellectual disabilities?

What is an Intellectual Disability?

There are many misconceptions when it comes to Intellectual Disabilities (I.D) – as many people categorise it to individuals which are incapable of self-support. This is incorrect and people with I.D can still be functioning individuals within society. Intellectual Disability is a term which describes a reduced capability to grasp and understand new and complex information. Essentially, I.D can be defined as ‘difficulty learning or understanding things’ (Survey of Disability, Ageing, and Carers). It is, for the most part, further characterised by an IQ below 70, and is associated with minor to significant difficulty with daily living which includes things like communication, safety, and self-care. Disabilities within the spectrum include; FXS, Down Syndrome, Developmental Delays, PWS, FASD and can be present from before birth, or brought on during birth and as a result of other environmental factors from birth. Australian statistics indicate that in 2012 2.9% of Australians (668,100) had an intellectual disability, which signified an increase from 2009 which saw 2.6% of the population diagnosed or 565,000 people. It is inevitable with the growing population rate that there will be a continued increase to people having intellectual disabilities. Breaking this down further from the 2012 results, 567,000 individuals with I.D needed assistance with at least one activity throughout their daily life and as a result needed either a carer, or family member close by.

What does this have to do with sexual health and education though? What’s frightening is that these statistics aren’t the scary ones. Reports vary wildly but research suggests that one in six women will survive a rape or attempted rape encounter but for women with an ID, that number jumps considerably. One in four women with ID whom has been referred to a GP for birth control has reported a sexually violent incident. Other research and reports claim that the number is actually higher – reporting that almost half of individuals with I.D will or have experienced at least ten incidents of sexual abuse in their lifetime. This number can be considerably skewed by the research demonstrated by a 2015 Study published in the Journal of Sexual Research. This study concluded that women with ID have great difficulty/simply don’t associate pleasure with sex and rather will willingly play a passive role which sees them far more inclined in directing pleasure to the penis of their sexual partner forsaking their own pleasure. Furthermore, after sexual activity they are far more likely to exhibit feelings of depression and guilt. Where the Journal of Adolescent Health reports that 10% of women will experience an STD, the numbers jump in comparison to a cognitively impaired female with the percentage sitting at roughly 26%.


Intellectual Disability Photo
Photo: Intellectual Disability


It’s clear that not only is there a significant increase in instances of sexual abuse, but also greater risk of early pregnancy and STD’s with individuals who had an I.D. The question is why? Now, many people will automatically assume or blame the individual because they feel that they can’t control their feelings, emotions or behaviours. Whilst this is true to a certain extent the World Health Organisation (WHO) identifies different primary contributing factors. WHO, as well as other reports on I.D all identify that adolescents and adults who are classified as having an I.D are far more likely to be excluded from Sex Education Programmes.’ (WHO, report). WHO in its report, doesn’t identify specifically on this trend in much detail, it has been speculated elsewhere as to the reasoning’s behind this thinking. These include:

  • The perceived desexualisation and application of Asexuality towards individuals with ID at the hands of other people, IE educators, carers etc.
  • The reluctance of parents exposing children with ID to talks of a sexual nature out of protection, or out of desexualisation.
  • The mentality that carers view an I.D individuals sexuality as something that is feared and needs to be controlled.
  • Misconception of Medical Professionals who perceive people with I.D not to be sexually active which results in a profound failure to offer sexual and reproductive health information and services.

Indeed, in the United Nations Convention on the Right so Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), the report notes that even though in many countries there are legal prohibitions, there are still many cases of forced and/or involuntary sterilization used to prevent the reproduction of some people with Intellectual Disabilities and that this sterilization is almost exclusively confined to women. Sex education and accessibility to sexual health information is an important process in the development of positive experiences of sex and relationships that occur with individuals with I.D. Further from this, appropriate relationship behaviours also need to be taught to people with I.D so that they are better able to identify inappropriate behaviour and respond accordingly. Often, people with I.D miss out on the opportunity to mix with other people socially and as such will struggle to develop a relationship with someone else. Reasons for this include;

  • A lack of privacy. Having a carer around constantly.
  • Dependancy on others for daily living
  • Lack of confidence
  • Profound lack of social development due to being excluded from mainstream classes young
  • Limited social experience

What this can result in is inappropriate sexual expression and behaviour and therefore it is clear that any individual with an intellectual disability will need additional support during their teens and developmental years in order to develop coping and behavioural mechanisms to support their exploration of their sexuality and develop relationship skills.

It’s therefore clear that people with an intellectual disability can no longer be excluded from sexual health and information courses. Indeed, people with I.D may need further education when it comes to health and sexuality which entails an education which includes:

  • Teaching individuals that people with disabilities can have sex lives and sexual relationships
  • Cover issues that may be associated with their particular disability that is delivered in an age appropriate manner.
  • Teaches and explains social rules which include differences between public and private behaviours.
  • Is delivered and taught in a way that works with an individuals level of understanding.

It is an important process for parents and carers to go through as well. Carers need to understand appropriate ways in which they can allow the individual under their care to flourish in social relationships which may or may not be of a sexual nature. The educational process needs to facilitated by schooling, parents, and peers in order for it to be effective teaching. Many of the issues are derived from misconceptions regarding people with I.D and this is where social awareness regarding I.D will come into play. It’s a delicate balance that needs to be approached from multiple angles in order to correct this oversight in society.

Adult Lifestyle Centres proudly support and cater for persons with physical and mental disabilities.



The Remarkable Bendable Vibrator

Je Joue G-Kii Sex Toy Image

The Je Joue G-Kii is a dual motor vibrator designed for finding the G-Spot and clitoral stimulation simultaneously or separately. The Je Joue G-Kii has the wonderful feature of a bendable spine built into the neck of the device, allowing the user to customise the placement of both ends.

Yes, that’s right, this vibrator can be bent through five different positions with a locking mechanism to ensure it stays in place. It starts off as a curved vibrator and can be bent into a position like the letter “C”, resembling a larger We-Vibe Sync. The mechanism is operated by a locking button along the side of the vibrator. When pushing the button, the vibrator initially feels as though it will not move but a gentle rock releases the lock and allows you to bend the spine. Releasing the button locks the sex toy into that position and whilst there is some movement, it is marginal. A card included in the box instructs the user on how to adjust the toy.

The Je Joue G-Kii vibrator has a flattened bulbous shape at the bottom of the vibe where the control buttons and magnetic charging connection are located, thinning out along the neck to the tip of the vibe that has a smaller rounded shape synonymous with toys designed for intense g-spotting. The wider base allows for easy handling and the long neck and well-shaped head allow for that precise g-spot finding. The shape is similar to the Je Joue Uma. In the hand, the vibrator has a luxurious feel and exudes quality.

Operation is by a plus and minus button to control the intensity of the vibrations with a function button nestled between them. The plus and minus buttons also function as the charging connection with the included magnetic charger – which happens to be colour matched to the toy! The Je Joue G-Kii has two motors, one in each end of the device, which allows for varied uses and positions. The buttons can be a little hard to push, requiring more force than other vibrators I’ve used. However, this definitely has it’s positives as there’s no way you’re bumping past your favourite strength or pattern.

Je Joue G-Kii Sex Toy Image
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There are five power levels and six different functions available to choose from, with the power levels able to be adjusted whilst using the patterns. The Je Joue G-Kii has powerful vibrations at both ends, so much so that if the internal vibration is turned off at one end, the vibrations easily transfer along the toy to the other end. To turn on you hold the “+” button for three seconds. Click plus or minus to adjust the power level and hold “–“ for three seconds to turn off. Two hours of charge will give two hours of pleasure time, though with the vibrations as nice as they are I doubt you would need that long in one session! The vibrations lean more on the rumbly side and have a pulsating quality to them. Although the vibrations are powerful and strong, I doubt a power queen would feel there is enough power for them. Another plus for the Je Joue G-Kii is how quiet the motors are. Even at full speed, this pleasure toy – and it is all about pleasure – is super quiet and very discreet.

The Je Joue G-Kii is a delightful vibrator is right at home pleasuring you in a bath or shower thanks to the quality construction and overall finish. The material is 100% waterproof and bath friendly and is made with 100% body-safe silicone. There are no seams and the silicone is soft and a little squishy, reminiscent of the Tenga Iroha. Je Joue G-Kii is available in black, fuschia, lilac and purple.

The outer box is colour matched to the vibrator. Inside is the signature Je Joue black box containing the G-Kii, a colour-matched magnetic charger and an instruction booklet. Amazingly, the booklet contains information about the G-Spot, where to find it, and how to stimulate it. Useful information for those new to exploring their g-spot.

The Je Joue G-Kii is a great vibrator for g-spotting and even more amazing with the ability to bend the toy into a deep ‘c’ so that you can obtain simultaneous clitoral and G-Spot stimulation, also allowing you to rock the vibrator back and forth to hit your g-spot perfectly. The strength and quality of the vibrations are on point making the Je Joue G-Kii a great g-spot vibe. Highly recommended for those starting out with G-Spot pleasure and for those more experienced and after something more personalised and targeted.  Of course the Je Joue G-Kii makes a wonderful vibrator, whether finding out where your clitoris or G-Spot is located.


About the Author: Alicia is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres



WIN $1000 Worth of Sex Toys

Christmas Raffle Prize Photo

Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres love celebrating the seasonal holidays and Christmas is no exception. Who doesn’t love presents and happiness? If you are pessimistic don’t answer that, it was rhetorical.

For our annual Christmas celebration, the kind folks at Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres are giving out a MASSIVE $1000 gift box. It is filled to the brim of some of our most loved sex toys and sexual health products. Who ever win’s this raffle will be smiling ear to ear for the rest of their live’s with the selection that is in this box. Sexually experiment and self love to your hearts content. Share the passion with your loved one this Christmas or you can keep it all to yourself.

Just from looking into the Christmas Raffle box, I can see what appears to be a We-Vibe Plus 4, an Nu Sensuelle sex toy, SuperSlyde Lurbication, Wildfire Massage Oil, an Ovo Sex Toy, a rabbit vibrator, an original Fleshlight and a Fun Factory massager just to name a few. You can definitely visit the stores to double check what is in there! These sex toy and sexual health brands are amazing!

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*You must screenshot and show staff upon arrival that you have clicked attending, as well as show a screenshot that you have invited your friend to the event for this to apply.


Christmas Raffle Prize Photo
Photo: Christmas Raffle Prize


Our Oh Zone stores are located in Caringbah, Kogarah, Sydney and Penrith. We have a large range of products including cock rings, dildos, mens sex toys, vibrators, bullets, kegel balls, BDSM equipment, surgical steel products, couples sex toy, strapless dildos, disability friendly product’s and much more! Our consultants are super lovely and we do our best to make your customer service experience the best it can possibly be. We tailor our sex toy and sexual health product advice to suit your needs. If you would like to see what type of information we can offer, simply have a look at the reviews and articles on the blog as they are written by our consultants. We do our best to make you feel comfortable whilst leaving with something that you need the most. Come in to Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres and say hi! Have a browse around to see what we have to offer!

When you come into the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre, there are a couple of questions you can ask yourself including:

  • Do you have sexual problems which make your sexual lifestyle difficult?
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Our staff can answer questions like:

  • Warranty
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We can also help you test out the sex toys in store hygienically by wearing gloves.

Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre in Kogarah is disability accessible and is also a warehouse sex toy store. All the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre’s are LGBTQI friendly and safe zones. We also operate the Adult Smart website to get packages delivered to your door without disclosing to others whats inside it! We do our best to provide fast shipping by Australia Post or DHL International Shipping Services.

We hope to see you there for our fabulous Christmas raffle and bring your festive Christmas spirit to!

Can Dakimakura Hug Pillows Be Comforting?

Man with Dakimakura Hug Pillow Photo

I was struck by a video made by The School of Life called “The Importance of Soft Toys”. The video had outlined that the majority of people grew up forming an attachment to a soft toy. We found that we may hug them when we go to sleep or seek comfort from the soft toy when we may have needed it the most. School of life suggested that the soft toy looks after its owner. In a sense that we go to the soft toy when we were stressed or when we needed to feel safe. We may have found ourselves that we spoke to the soft toy about our problems or feelings. In response, we gave the soft toy words to speak back to use in a form that was loving and soft rather than the harsher reality of how we may think about ourselves or what others have said. With the soft toy we form an emotional attachment and see it at as a security object. When we grow up to become an adult some people carry these self-talk and mindful skills to their real lives and let go of the soft toy.

With this in mind, I had thought Dakimakura Hug Pillows. Dakimakura Hug Pillows as the name suggest is a type of pillow that is life size. On the pillow is a 2d print out of the person’s favourite anime character, pornography star, famous actor or person. They are known to have on one side of the pillow there is a fully clothed character then when you turn it over to the other side you may find that it has an image of them slowly undressing or are fully naked in a sexually alluring manner. They are known as a Dakimakura in Japan or a hug pillow in English. Like a normal pillow they are very hug-able and super soft to fall into especially if you buy one that is made with higher quality materials. You are able to change the pillow case, so you can have a different Dakimakura Hug Pillow for any day of the week. There are also pillows that are made like sex dolls so you can have sexual intercourse and intimate relationships with the pillow. The great thing about hugging a pillow is that, it will generally hold your warmth so you can fall asleep more soundly with the thought of someone being there with you as you fall asleep.


Dakimakura Hug Pillows Image
Image: Dakimakura Hug Pillow Anime Print


Dakimakura Hug Pillows can be slightly different from getting an anime collection of books, DVDs, bed sheets, shower curtains, collectable figurines and anime boob mouse pads. Some people just love having on in their anime collection as a collector’s item! Thought some Dakimakura Hug Pillows are looked at as girlfriends, their dream anime wife that they have fantasized about being romantically involved with who may eventually marry the pillow. Some people also take their Dakimakura Hug Pillows out on journeys whether it’s on the train, to the supermarket or even to bars. The interesting thing is that, many people who own a Dakimakura Hug Pillows also have short term or long-term partners who accept the pillow in their life.

This leads me to the notion that some people use Dakimakura Hug Pillows as a relationship aid for when they are not romantically involved with someone. Like most TV shows, movies, sex dolls and even pornography most things made are pretty unrealistic in nature. You can find an anime character that will suit your personal tastes. They come in all body sizes, shapes and builds. They can have different haircuts, eye colours, skin tones, groin sizes and breast sizes! Just as how different people are, anime characters are even more so as they can be exaggerated! Anime characters can also have a full assemble of personality traits from someone who is a crazy, loud mouthed, happy go lucky, intense character to others who are angry yet protective or ones who are plain sweet. When it comes to anime, the sky is the limit. If you couldn’t think of having someone more perfect, you are able to adapt your fantasies in your own mind to change to how you wish the ideal relationship would be. The Dakimakura Hug Pillows will be able to self-talk to you just how you may have always needed someone to. Maybe this is why some people love Dakimakura Hug Pillows.


About the Author: Elaine is a blogger from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres & Adult Smart Online

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