Review: NU Sensuelle Point

Nu Sensuelle Point in Tiffany Blue Sex Toy Photo

The Nu Sensuelle range by Novel Creations are my go to sex toys for anyone who wants a product that is mid range quality and priced. When I get their sex toys out to show customers they are never disappointed. It might not be exactly what they are looking for but I can honestly say I have never had a customer say they didn’t think they were good.

I am going to review the NU Sensuelle Point today, I must say it is a sex toy I often overlook. I think it’s because I love the We-Vibe Tango so much. The We-Vibe tango is the sex toy I can’t wait to demonstrate to the customers. But today I got the NU Sensuelle Point and the We-Vibe Tango out to show a customer and I was amazed by how similar they actually are.

I always say it, but I am a sucker for packaging and I love the quality of the sturdy boxes Novel Creations sell their toys in. It isn’t a gift box, the product is clearly on show under moulded plastic. It looks a bit clinical in black and white, but I like that. It makes it look clean and safe in the way that those toys with a picture of a half naked lady with big hair make the products look a bit grubby.

The NU Sensuelle Point is a slightly bigger bullet than the We-Vibe Tango and measures almost 4 inches long . It has, as the name suggests, a pointed end making it perfect for those that like pinpoint clitoral stimulation and masturbation. It sits in the box with the small docking unit it stands in and a USB cord and an instruction booklet. Like all Nu toys, it also has a handy white satin drawstring bag to keep everything in. It is small enough to be inserted into other toys like Tantus dildos, or Fuze butt plugs. It could be inserted on its own but it doesn’t have a flared base so you do that at your own risk. This is a vibe for external stimulation.

NU Sensuelle Point in Teal Sex Toy Photo
Sex Toy: NU Sensuelle Point in Teal/Tiffany Blue


The NU Sensuelle Point has a magnetic charge base which is plugged in to a USB cable. The bullet itself is waterproof. It comes in lots of lovely colours, green pink, purple, black and silver. It is covered in a silky smooth silicone that attracts zero dust. The silver colour is the exception and is made of plastic, giving the customer a choice of sensations. It comes with some charge in it but it is always best to charge a new toy up fully when you first get it. You don’t want it to run out halfway through. It takes about 4 hours to charge and you get a good hour of play on top power for that. The charging base flashes when the toy is properly aligned in it and turns green when it is ready. Personally while I appreciate knowing when the toy is done charging I don’t like sex toys that stand up flashing like the Eiffel Tower at new year, but that’s just me.

The NU Sensuelle Point takes lubricant really well but doesn’t really need it. It has 20, yes, 20 settings, so there is definitely going to be one for everyone. 3 are steady vibrations at varying intensities and the other 17 are patterns. It is extremely easy to use, there is only one button on the base and each time you press it you get the next pattern. It is a simple press down and hold for a couple of seconds to turn off. The button is a bit stiff, but I have noticed on the store tester it does loosen up with use. The choice of patterns are great but it doesn’t have a memory function, so if like me you like number 15 in the sequence it is a bit annoying and a complete buzz kill if you want to use it spontaneously while you are on the job. I can forgive all this easily though. I don’t care about the charger or the patterns because the vibrations are so unbelievably good. This along with most toys that Nu make is a little powerhouse of a vibrator. It really is impressive and remarkably quiet too. I love it. It is cheaper than the We-Vibe Tango and I can’t think of any other bullet at the same price point that can even comes close to this one.

I do prefer the We-Vibe Tango if price were not a factor, but that is also to do with the shape of the head of the sex toy too, the We-Vibe Tango has a flat side like a lipstick. For the price of the NU Sensuelle Point, I would argue you won’t get a better bullet this size and shape anywhere.

About the Author: Emily is a consultant and sex toy reviewer from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres


Beginners Chastity Guide

Asylum 4 Ring Locking Chastity Cage Sex Toy Image

When you buy a chastity device it is an extremely individual choice and it is imperative to issue some thought to various matters before you purchase. This incorporates the material it’s made of, penis and ring size, whether you’re circumcised, and how easy it will be to keep it new and clean for your Mistress or Master. This is a Beginners Chastity Guide which will help you learn the necessities of chastity.

First Time Experience

There are outfits with a leather strap joining a progression of metal rings which encase your penis in a subjugation touch. They generally have 5 rings (Gates of Hell) and the greatest goes behind your penis and balls to keep the outfit set up. This sort of penis tackle is economical in price and can acquaint you with the basics of a chastity device and of having your penis bound – they can be a decent prologue to chastity. In case you’re a bit worried about setting a metal ring around your penis and balls you can discover the Gates of Hell with elastic rings as well.

Material: Firstly, what do you need it to be made of? Basically the decision is leather, metal, silicone or plastic and your key decision variables are taking into account to what extent you wish to wear your chastity devices and how secure you need it to be.

Leather: Before the European and American markets got to be overwhelmed with cheaper Asian metal chastity, the main solid contender at a low cost was the leather Stallion.  At the time in the late 1990s to the mid-2000s the Stallion was THE entry level chastity device and an incredible prologue to full chastity. The Stallion style can be bought today and is perfect for introductory chastity play, it can be worn for a long time, however does need to be taken off for showering and cleaning. The Stallion Guard and comparable leather chastity devices alter around your balls utilizing a locking leather strap, the penis enclosure segment is normally a mix of leather straps and metal rings and a metal confine sort development toward the end. This outline doesn’t totally encase the penis, you can even touch yourself,  and it guaranteea heaps of normal air to stream. Extraordinary for teasing as well!

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Polycarbonate: Plastic Polycarbonate devices are discreet under trousers, light in weight and can be worn for months at a time so long as you adopt a good routine of cleaning and hygiene. This range caters for a variety of different cage lengths with the CB-3000 and the CB-6000 considered to be the average size, the CB-6000s is the smallest length providing a nice snug fit and has proved to be a very popular design. Finally the Curve chastity device – this is the longest cage length and allows for quite a bit of room to grow! This design has a different construction design being similar to a cage of bars (rather than a tube like the CB-3000/6000/6000s) and so it allows for a good natural flow of air. The CB-3000, CB-6000 and the CB-6000s have cages or tubes which completely enclose the penis, with a few air vents, and have a urination vent at the bottom of the cage – this design means you are less able to touch yourself. Security Level – In emergency situations the plastic centre pin securing the cage to the cock ring can be cut with side cutters or wire cutters.

Metal: There are many chastity devices available in metal, and a variety of different metals. In general Stainless Steel is amongst the best material and 316 Stainless Steel is the same grade as used by the medical profession, meaning it’s hygienic and body friendly. Metal devices may offer greater sense of confinement and security. They do tend to be a bit heavier than the polycarbonate devices, but some men prefer this extra weight reminding them that they are locked awaiting their keyholder’s permission for release. Security Level – Security is a major design feature of many metal devices. High level security means that metal chastity devices are much more difficult to escape from in situations other than authorised release. A bolt cutter would be needed to cut through the padlock. Escape from the “Houdini”, a chastity device based on a single handcuff, is another matter completely!

Silicone: Silicone chastity devices first hit the market during 2008/2009 with the Birdlocked device made in Switzerland, there are now at least two devices made of silicone including the BON4. The advantage of silicone is that it quickly warms to your body temperature and is far more flexible than any other material. Some designs are provided with separate back rings, whilst others are a one-piece component made with the ring attached to the tube. When silicone chastity devices first hit the market in 2009 there was hope that these might be the ultimate chastity device. All silicone chastity devices are lighter in weight than even the polycarbonate devices, although they can cause some soreness for a few men where the ring tightly grips the skin, this may be improved a little by using talc before putting the ring on. Security Level – In emergency situations the silicone devices and be cut with a pair of kitchen scissors.

Asylum 4 Ring Locking Chastity Cage Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: Asylum 4 Ring Locking Chastity Cage – Beginners Chastity Guide


Ring Size:

The size of the cock ring (sometimes called the back ring) of your chastity device is one of the most important measurements you must know before you buy a device. If the company you are thinking of buying from do not clearly display the chastity back/cock ring size do get in touch with them – you don’t want to unknowingly purchase one that only comes with a 40mm (1¼ inches) ring when you need one of 50mm (2 inches).

The cock ring of a chastity device is what keeps it on. If you measure incorrectly and purchase a ring that’s too large for you, the device is likely to pull down and eventually slip off. A ring that’s too small is hazardous to health: it mustn’t be so tight as to restrict blood flow.

If you purchase any of AL Enterprises polycarbonate chastity devices (Curve, CB-3000, CB-6000, CB-6000s) you will receive several rings in varying sizes (currently 5 rings each with a different diameter), enabling you to find the best fit. Some silicone devices, such as the BON4, also come with the variety of ring sizes as do a few metal devices. With these devices it doesn’t matter too much about measuring for the cock ring size before you part with your money.

However, most other devices (particularly the top quality, handmade, 316 grade stainless steel are purchased with just one ring, and so measuring for this is very important.

Personal Hygiene: You need to ensure that the device you choose allows for good hygiene. Devices which are completely open at the end offer the absolute best option, keeping the head of the penis in a good flow of air as well as being easy to clean. Open tubes allow for a good, more or less uninterrupted, flow of urine and so have far less build up of bacteria than closed or partially closed devices have. However there are few of this style on the market and some men prefer their chastity experience to be more confined and their penis less touchable. Closed or partially closed tubes can allow for small drops of urine to deposit and gather, and so particular attention to hygiene is essential. Unless used for a play session avoid devices that are absolutely enclosed at the end. There are a few such devices which are closed and have no drainage hole. Some men enjoy these for occasional play sessions because they deny any touch to the penis, however they can only be considered as very short term wear.

Types of Chastity Devices:

  • Completely Open End: These devices offer the best for natural air flow, urination and accessibility for hygiene whilst wearing the device. Included within this range is the “Houdini“.
  • Cage Constructed of Bars: An alternative to the above and just as good are devices such as the steel devices and the polycarbonate “CB-2000″ (unfortunately no longer made by AL Enterprises) which encase the penis in a cage of bars allowing for lots of natural ventilation. This type of design helps to prevent a build up of bacteria, and ensures good hygiene can be followed. Designs include “The Curve” (for the larger male) and the metal device of a similar style (see 3rd and 4th photos in the right column).
  • Partially Closed Design: Within this group are devices such as the CB-3000, CB-6000, BuddyLock and Gerecke’s Rondo. These devices have a tube completely encasing the penis with slots or holes for urination, and require good regular hygiene routines to keep bacteria, the build up of odour and the possibility of fungal infections at bay. The attraction of these devices this is your penis is more or less completely enclosed and untouchable.
  • Completely Closed: They are a few devices that are completely closed, they have no opening whatsoever. Any device similar in design is perfect for Chastity Play, a short chastity role play enactment, as it ensures your cock is completely denied any stimulation. But such designs need to be removed for urination.

Cleaning the Chastity Device: Equally important as personal hygiene is attention to the cleanliness of your chastity device. It needs to be removed regularly, inspected and thoroughly cleaned, keeping you and your device in peak condition, an asset to any keyholder! Chastity devices made of medical grade 316 stainless steel are the most hygienic as they can be boiled completely clean to remove any build up of bacteria. Devices made of polycarbonate tend to build up a particular odour if worn for several days at a time, regular removal and through cleaning with anti bacterial soap helps keep this to a minimum.

Natural and Circumcised Cocks:

In general most devices will suit both natural and circumcised cocks, but some are more practical than others for the uncircumcised penis.

Some men with a natural or uncut penis may discover that their foreskin protrudes through the urination slots of some chastity devices and this can be uncomfortable. This tends to happen with designs that have a tube completely encasing the penis and a slot for urination, such as the very popular, light weight, “CB-6000″. These chastity devices prevent you from touching your penis and have relatively large vertical urination slot. Although this design feature is really helpful for allowing a good flow of urination, some men, but not all, find the constant rubbing of the protruding foreskin a nuisance, others find this situation even causes the foreskin to become inflamed if worn for any length of time. Whether this would happen to you depends on your choice of chastity device and your own personal dimensions.

If you are uncircumcised and the design of the best selling CB3000 or CB6000 particularly appeals to you experiment with pulling your foreskin back to expose the head of your penis as you enter the device. You may also find it helpful to carry a few Q Tips or Cotton Buds so you can gently reposition the foreskin back into the tube. A small amount of lubricant on the tip of the cotton bud really helps, or try a little aqueous cream like E45. Alternatively using the “Stocking Method” to put your chastity device on might help to prevent your foreskin from bunching up between the ring and the cage.

Your Keyholder: It goes without saying you must consider your cuckold or keyholder in your choice. Does she like your choice? Your chastity experience is hopefully a shared love-style and it’s vital you value your wife’s or girlfriend’s thoughts on the design of your chastity device.


How To Use A Vibrator On Your Lover

Vibrator in Bed Photo

People often think sex toys are something you use alone. Obviously, sex toys are great for solo fun but they can amp up the sexual intensity when you use them with your partner. I’m going to outline some ideas for how to use one of your vibrators with your lover. If you have a male partner that is a little bit apprehensive about incorporating a sex toy, just do as my friend Joan Price says “Tell him you’re ready for a threesome. You, him and BOB – the Battery Operated Boyfriend.”.

It seems to be a common assumption that men are potentially put off by their girlfriends using a vibrator. They may think that using a dildo or vibrator replaces a woman’s need to maintain a sexual relationship. This is certainly an incorrect assumption. Plenty of women feel more comfortable buying a vibrator to learn more about what pleases her best which will ultimately help improve her sexual relationship. If your girlfriend does have a vibrator, incorporate it into your sexual play by using the sex toy on her. This article is a guide on How To Use A Vibrator On Your Lover.

Utilizing a vibrator with lighting on would be benefiting to you. You would be in a position to know what’s happening and start to see the action yourself. You should attempt to utilize the vibrator without turning it on first. Feel its texture, its whole package on your skin and other sensitive parts of your body to observe how it feels. Switch it on and learn how it feels as it comes in contact with your body, with or without clothes. After you understand how the vibrator works, you can then use the vibrator on her.

As the vibrator alone provides substantial pleasure, a lot of women will also enjoy your physical touch alongside vibrator use. To begin with, use lubricant as you gently stroke her clitoris and labia. Understand that these areas are incredibly sensitive and can probably become even more sensitive as you apply the vibrator. Try moving your hands in soft circles on her labia and then slowly but surely move to her clitoris.

Don’t just insert the vibrator straight into her vagina, use the sex toy to tease her. Place the vibrator on different sensitive spots on her body like on her nipples. Enjoy finding out which sensations she likes best by moving the vibrator over different parts of her body. Most vibrators will have speed controls and different modes. Make full use of the different settings when playing with her. It is best if you focus on the lower settings and slowly increase the setting to build an orgasm. If you move too fast, you will over-stimulate her. Tease her by moving the head of the vibrator around the clitoris without directly touching it. Hold her vibrator in your hand while you stroke her clitoris with the vibrator and your fingers. You could apply small amounts of additional pressure onto her clitoris with the vibrator. You can use the vibrator flat and length ways or use the head of the vibrator for pinpoint stimulation.


Woman in Bed with Vibrator Photo
Photo: How To Use a Vibrator On Your Lover


Place the vibrator in your hand, and get your partner to hold the top of your hand. Allow her to move your hand around to direct where the vibrator will stimulate. Take this time to learn what area’s she prefers being stimulated and her favourite way to pleasure herself. Through this process you will learn whether she prefers soft vibrations or higher settings as women have different clitoral sensitivities. Ask her to remove her hand, so you can teach yourself how to pleasure her. Watch her body movements and sounds to understand when she is receiving the most pleasure. If she is quiet during sex, you can ask her questions or get her to gently squeeze your hand when you do something she enjoys.

For a penetrative experience, it is recommended to use a vibrator that has a flared base so the vibrator doesn’t accidentally get sucked in. As your partner builds towards a climax, play a cat and mouse game, by slowing inserting the tip of the vibrator and withdrawing it. Tease your girlfriend until she moans for more. She may begin to beg for insertion or naturally thrust herself into the vibrator. Watch her body and movement’s as she thrusts to learn what she enjoys, she will naturally put on a show for you which will be a big turn on.

When she needs more, place her in a sex position with her on top and place the vibrator at the base of your penis. This will send waves of pleasure through your penis which will pleasure the both of you. You could place the vibrator on her clitoris whilst she is riding you. Alternatively, you could take her from behind in doggy style, reach around and tease her clitoris with the vibrator. It is important to, most women can achieve clitoral orgasms with ease. Women can find it hard to orgasm just through penetration alone. If you use your penis and the vibrator on the clitoris at the same time you can also achieve a blended orgasm.

When she begins to orgasm, pay close attention to what she needs. She may force your hand down further for more pressure, she may gentle hold your hand in place to make sure you don’t move, she may ask you to stop altogether or she may gain control over the vibrator so she can change the vibrations according to the orgasm she produces. Some women enjoy stimulation throughout their orgasm and reducing the stimulation too early may impede their ability to totally achieve orgasm. When the orgasm is complete, be prepared to lay beside her or she may want to continue masturbating quietly. Used properly, a vibrator can greatly improve your ability to provide her pleasure and can finally help you identify what it is that she enjoys.

If she has the capacity of multiple orgasms, find out what you will do among each orgasm and present her an opportunity to wind down among without burning off momentum. A lot of women understand how to attain multiple orgasms by using a vibrator. Therefore, she may be amazed how favorably she responds to both your touch as well as the continuing excitement of the vibrator. With time you will learn How To Use A Vibrator On Your Lover to enhance your sexual skills.


About the Author: By mutwiri6

Review: Fetish Fantasy Material Girl Costume

Fetish Fantasy Material Girl Costume Lingerie Image

I absolutely love lingerie, I have to say I liked it a lot more in my late teens, to the point of obsession. I spent all my money on it. I didn’t even try it on. As the years have gone by and my body has made its way slowly outwards and downwards. My lingerie buying is more about disguising things than displaying them.

When I am buying underwear to impress my partner it tends to be more on the costume side of things. For some reason that makes me feel less vulnerable. They are looking at a character not what is inside. I have spoken to other women who feel the same. That is why I like the Pipe Dream Fetish Fantasy range. These days seriously saucy and racy underwear can be bought on the high street . You can almost make yours self look like a stripper in Kmart if you want to. You certainly can’t purchase anything like the Fetish Fantasy range there though.

I have chosen to review the Fetish Fantasy Material Girl Costume. For no other reason than a lady of my age and body type wanted to purchase one and asked my opinion. The lady on the box looked lovely in it , but they always do and I thought maybe I should try it for myself. Firstly, I should mention, for what I would purchase an ordinary bra and panties on the high street I am getting a dress, panties stockings and gloves so this really is value for money.

Fetish Fantasy Material Girl Costume BDSM Lingerie Image
Lingerie: Fetish Fantasy Material Girl Costume


I am a size 12 and in my forties. the outfit has a fair bit of coverage and some straps that look like they could be maneuvered to flatter your shape, and yet at the same time it is shamelessly slutty. Fetish Fantasy package their range brilliantly, Each item is individually wrapped in a bag around a cardboard insert and comes in a sturdy black velvet embossed box with a picture of a woman with attitude looking great in it. I love the fact they use plus size models for the plus sizes. Although the outfits go from tiny all the way up to size 24, my first look at what I think will be a size 12 is clearly ambitious. I am definitely going to need a queen size in this range. They say queen is 16- 24, but there is no way it is that big.

As you can see in the Fetish Fantasy Material Girl Costume picture her stockings are holey, They do not come like that though. You have to do it yourself. The fishnet stockings are like a cheap version of what you normally buy and will easily rip, I am not sure about the holey tights anyway, they look a bit more ‘crack whore’ than ‘fetish chic’. The stockings in the queen set are easily big enough for a size 12-14. The finger-less fishnet gloves are just like the box shows and practical for wearing during sex.

But…and it is a big but.. the dress! my god! it is impossible to put on! It is a stretchy mesh nylon and the straps, although sewn on in places, stretch too. It should be easy but the straps all bunch together and I looked like a fat man in a magic show, suspended, trying to get out of a straight jacket!. You can wave goodbye to your relationship if you even attempt to slip into this in front of your partner. When I finally managed to get into it. I was in a huge angry rage anyway and sex was the last thing on my mind. I was thinking more about killing someone. I wish I could tell you that once I calmed down I looked like the girl on the box. but that would be a lie. I looked more like the trussed up joint of ham I cooked for Christmas dinner 2 days ago. The other thing about the dress was that there was no way it was covering my bum like it did the models. I could barely pull it down over my waist. I mean I know my bums probably traveled a little south in the last 10 years . but I think Pipe Dream may be designing for Hobbits.

Do you know what though? even though this outfit wasn’t for me. It is definitely for somebody. I usually hate it when reviews say that as it sounds like you are being made to say something nice. This bondage costume could easily look like it does on the box on the right body. The quality is just as good in reality. I would probably say it is for someone in their twenties though.


About the Author: By Emily a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres, a sex toy shop


How to Satisfy Your Lover with Foreplay

Couple Kissing in Bed Photo

If you already love the foreplay experience, these tips will turn you into the ultimate lover in bed. Your lover will be screaming for more when she/he find’s out you really know how to give them more pleasure than they ever thought was possible. Listed below are 9 tips on How to Satisfy Your Lover with Foreplay:


Couple Kissing in Bed Photo
Photo: How to Satisfy Your Lover with Foreplay
  1. When you give your lover a blow job, place the vibrator externally against your cheek. He will be able to feel the humming and vibrations alongside the blow job. Due to the extra pleasurable stimulation, some men may cum quicker then usual.
  2. Take your lingerie off. Wrap your favourite bullet vibrator in your panties. Gently massage the vibrator on his testicles, underneath his testicles, on his nipples and along the shaft of his penis. He’ll love the silkiness or softness of your panties and the gentle massage of the bullet vibrator!
  3. Massage a small amount of lubricant onto his perineum (taint) and gently massage the perineum with the rumble of a vibrator, this will give him an external prostate massage. It is important to let him know what you will be doing. You can ask him if he likes it before continuing to use the vibrator on that area or if he would like to increase the speed of the vibrator. A prostate orgasm can provide him with a much stronger orgasm.
  4. Place a bullet vibrator in your hands and give him a therapeutic massage between his inner thighs. Continue to massage up to the trunk of his thighs and his rear. Additionally, you are able to buy a massage mitt which has a pocket to tuck in a bullet vibrator.
  5. When you are receiving oral, have your lover tease your clitoris with a vibrator. Then slip the Vibrator into your vagina. Using a smaller sized vibrator allow your partner, easy access to give you oral. The vibrator will efficiently help you achieve a built up and powerful orgasm.
  6. Wear a hands free vibrator like a We-Vibe or Eva by Dame. Give up complete control of the pleasure by giving him the controller to tease you with different vibrating modes. The built up tension from not being in control will make the sexual encounter intense.
  7. Blindfold your lover or place them in bondage gear. Make this sexual encounter about him achieving an orgasm. You can prolong the experience for up to half an hour to one hour if you would like to. Explore every part of his body with your hands, mouth and body. From time to time, place a vibrator on low and massage his hypersensitive areas. Avoid coming in contact with his manhood. Have fun seeing his manhood twitch with excitement, become extremely hard, relax and become hard again. The visual change in his penis will turn both of you on to the point he will really need to cum. Touch his erection and give it a light massage until he begs to cum. You can now make him cum or remove his bondage gear to see what he would like to do.
  8. Retrieve your favourite sex toy from your hiding place and give it to him. Let him know you want him to help you warm up with your favourite sex toy. Have him remove your clothes and underwear. Let me rest next for you and cradle your back or neck with one of is own arms. For this experience to be very intimate, make sure you are face to face and in a natural position to let him explore your body. Whilst he is holding you, he can use the sex toy in his other hand. Letting him use the sex toy on you, will make him feel like an important part of the experience. (Some men want to be in the “catchers” position which lets them be up close and personal with a complete visual view of your clitoris and the sex toy being used.). It’s a terrific way to feel very connected when you are using a sex toy with your companion.
  9. For women, a tiny vibrator on the clitoris is pretty much a guaranteed orgasm. Our BONUS Hint #9. When you are having intercourse, put a tiny bullet on your clitoris while you are on your backside back, or when you are making doggy love style, or working for you, you on top, invert cowgirl… you name it, it works. You get the benefit for a clitoral orgasm from penetration which rarely happens. He provides the bonus of knowing you’d have an orgasm, so he does not have to worry and have that dreaded question. And, when female climaxes, her vagina tightens down on the penis and really can improve his experience! It’s a WIN WIN!


About the Author: By Mutwiri6

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