Review: Surgilube

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Surgilube is a sterile water-based lubricant which was specially formulated for surgical and gynaecological lubrication. The Surgilube formulation is very smooth and will provide lubrication and comfort when inserting objects into orifices of the human body. This makes it perfect for sounding and penis plug use.

What is sounding and penis plugs?

Sounding is the practice of placing a soft or firm object into the urethra for sexual pleasure and increased sexual gratification from the inside-out. A penis plug is similar to a urethral sound and come in many designs. Penis Plugs can be designed to be worn for some time with the ability to urinate and ejaculate with the plug still in place. Penis plugs are able to be utilised by women for urethral play due to the shorter overall length. Urethral sounding has moved from the medical field where probes were used to locate and remove obstructions, into bedrooms and the sex lives of many people. Stretching and intense sensations upon movement leading to orgasm are the goal of using sounds and plugs.

What Is The Urethra?

The urethra is the tube or duct by which urine is carried from the bladder, which stores urine before urination to the outside of the body. It is composed of muscle, skin cells and cells that produce mucous to protect against irritation from urine. In males the urethra also serves as the tube by which a man ejaculates and semen leaves the body. Another big difference between males and females is that of length with the male urethra being 20 centimetres long on average and the female urethra only 5 centimetres at most. This is one of the primary reasons why females tend to be at higher risk of urinary tract infections and at greater risk for bladder and kidney infections. This is important to understand when using sounds and penis plugs for sexual play.

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Image: Surgilube Banner


There is a risk of causing irritation and micro tears to the urethra when using sounds and penis plugs even if done correctly. The irritation and micro tears that could occur make the urethra extremely susceptible to colonisation by foreign organisms that may have been introduced with the sounds or plugs. Introduction of foreign microbes into the urethra can lead to infection, pain and discomfort. In women especially due to their shorter length urethra it is extremely easy for the micro-organisms to make their way to the bladder and cause a bladder infection or even worse continue further along the urinary tract to the kidneys. In all instances a trip to a doctor is well advised as antibiotics will be needed. Given the longer length of the urethra in males it is harder for microbes to make their way as far as the bladder, placing them at less risk of adverse outcomes when sounding or using penis plugs. Urinating before and after sounding and plug use can help to minimise the risk by helping to flush any microbes that are stuck to the walls and entrance of the urethra.

Why Surgilube?

The formulation of Surgilube is bacteriostatic and antimicrobial. In simple terms this means that the lubricant contains ingredients to stop micro-organisms from reproducing as well as inhibiting the growth of other micro-organisms. In the case of Surgilube the agent used is chlorhexidine gluconate, which is the same ingredient that is used in the hospital setting to ensure risk of infection is minimised. Chlorhexidine gluconate is on the list of essential medicines according to the World Health Organisation and is used as a skin cleanser for surgical scrubs, hand rinses, surgical preparation and for skin wounds. It is important to note that chlorhexidine is used at different concentrations for these purposes. In Surgilube chlorhexidine is present at less than 1% of total ingredients and will not cause harm to the user by inhibiting all micro-flora found naturally on or in the person. No component of Surgilube is known to cause skin sensitisation. The amount used in Surgilube is still very effective against the growth of microbes.

The composition of Surgilube is Hypromellose, Propylene Glycol plus water and other trace ingredients including the chlorhexidine. In lay terms, the formulation is a mix of natural water soluble gums which are not messy, not sticky, does not have a fragrance and will not stain. Compare this to a typical ingredient list of a water-based lubricant: Glycerine, propylene glycol, purified water, hydroxy ethyl cellulose, lambda carrageenan, methyl and ethyl hydroxybenzoate, phenoxyethanol, emulsifying wax, sodium lactate, alpha tocopherol acetate, EDTA. The paired-back formulation of Surgilube is safe for even the most sensitive of people ensuring that the users comfort is maintained whilst minimising the risk of infections.

Surgilube is the essential lubricant in the toolkit of sex, masturbation, sounds and penis plugs and ensures that the user minimises their risk of adverse outcomes and infections.


About the Author: Alicia is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres



Brent Corrigan’s Celebrity Status Career

Brent Corrigan Photo

Brent Corrigan will be coming to the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. You will be able to find him on the 3rd of March at 6pm at Park Street Books, Level 2/44 Park Street, Sydney. Brent is celebrating the release of his new gay adult movie which he directed and starred in named Ultra Fan which is a NakedSword production.

The event will be bursting with some of the nicest and most beautiful people in the adult movie industry including JJ Knight, Sister Roma, Chi Chi LaRue and Mr Peeps. JJ Knight will be there to put on display his amazing adult lifestyle product the “JJ Knight Supercock” which was created by Falcon Studios. JJ Knight has a very impressive award winning career within the adult industry and his Supercock has made headlines. Come by Park Street Books to receive giveaways from Swiss Navy who have said everyone in attendance will get a free gift. Meet Brent Corrigan to enter into a competition to win 1 of 4 Brent Corrigan Bliss Signature Fleshjacks.

In honour of this exciting event, we thought we would explore a few facts about him. Brent Corrigan is one of the most popular gay adult movie stars in the world. However did you know that he is also an actor, singer and a director? He loves to direct in mainstream, general, indie and short films. In mainstream releases, Brent Corrigan uses his real name Sean Lockhart. The first popular theatre he starred in was a musical in 2007 which was called “Didn’t This Used To Be Fun”.



In 2007, Brent Corrigan starred in a comedy spoof titled “Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild”. Below is an excerpt from Wikipedia:

Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild! is the 2008 sequel to the 2006 comedy Another Gay Movie. It features five cast members from the first movie: Jonah Blechman (Nico Hunter), Ashlie Atkinson (Dawn Muffler), Scott Thompson (Mr. Wilson), Stephanie McVay (Mrs. Hunter), and Andersen Gabrych. It was released in only seven theatres and ran for only 10 weeks before going to DVD. This as due to it’s negative reception in contrast to the first film which developed a small cult following.

Nancy Sinatra, who sang the song “Another Gay Sunshine Day” for the first film received special thanks. Singer RuPaul announced on his website that he and Lady Bunny had recorded a song for the soundtrack that would be released as a single, but the producers of the film ultimately scrapped that song and instead utilized a solo by Lady Bunny. The song was not released as a single, instead replaced by the song “The Clap” by Perez Hilton. The duet of RuPaul and Lady Bunny was later released as a bonus track on RuPaul’s album Champion.

The Plot:

Dorky Andy (Jake Mosser), flamboyant Nico (Jonah Blechman), Jock Jarod (Jimmy Clabots) and nerdy Griff (Aaron Michael Davies) reunite in Fort Lauderdale for spring break. The plot revolves around a “Gays Gone Wild!” contest to see who can have sex with the most guys during the duration of spring break. The winner will be crowned “Miss Gay Gone Wild”.

While Andy seems to have no problem getting men to have sex with him, Nico hasn’t been attracting men at all. This prompts Nico in a frequent fantasy sequence involving a merman (Brent Corrigan). Andy is troubled, however when he falls hard for Luis (Euriamis Losada), a charmingly handsome yet innocent virgin. Jarod and Griff are now are a couple and are conflicted over whether or not to enter the contest themselves. Meanwhile, a shallow trio by the name of Jasper (Will Wikle, Brand Lim and Isaac Webster) seem to be very anxious to win the contest by any means.

In a subplot, the guys meet Perez Hilton on an airplane and Hilton pursues a young priest to the bathroom who hits his head, turning him into a religious zealot trying to dispel the gay activities going on. He is later hit in the head again and changes back.’

In 2008, Brent Corrigan starred in a short movie named “Tell Me” and a movie named “In The Closet”. The Closet was directed by Jodi Wheeler. In the movie he plays a shy, awkward young man who has his first ever sexual encounter with an older, experienced and jaded man. Unlike other nights that were dark and odd, this time the passion is shared. Souls are exposed and secrets are ultimately revealed.

In 2008, Brent Corrigan starred in a movie named “Milk”. Milk is a 2008 American biographical film based on the life of gay rights activist and politician Harvey Milk. Harvey was the first openly gay person to be elected to public office in California as a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Milk is directed by Gus Van Sant and written by Dustin Lance Black. The movie starred Sean Penn as Milk and Josh Brolin as Dan White who was a city supervisor who assassinated Milk and Mayor George Moscone. The film was released to much acclaim. Milk earned numerous accolades from film critics and guilds. Milk also received eight Academy Award nominations. The awards that were won included Best Picture and two awards for Best Actor. Penn won the award for best leading role and Black won the award for Best Original Screenplay.

In 2009, Brent Corrigan starred in the Hustler comedy and musical “The Big Gay Musical”. Below is an excerpt from Wikipedia:

‘The Big Gay Musical is a 2009 gay-themed musical-comedy film written by Fred M. Caruso and co-directed by Caruso and Casper Andreas. The film follows a brief period in the lives of two young actors, one who is openly gay, the other closeted to his parents. The openly gay actor struggles with whether he should be sexually promiscuous or seek a life partner, while the closeted one wonders if he should come out to his conservative, religious parents.

Throughout the film, there are a series of musical numbers with tap dancing angels, a re-telling of the Genesis story protests from televangelists, a deprogramming camp that tries to turn gay kids straight. By the end of the film, the characters realize that life would be better if they just accepted themselves the way they are.

Plot: Paul (Daniel Robinson) and Eddie (Joey Dudding) have just begun previews of an Off-Broadway musical titled “Adam & Steve: Just the Way God Made ‘Em”. Their lives mimic those of the characters they are playing on stage, in that Paul is himself seeking the ideal male partner and Eddie finds that his religious upbringing conflicts with his homosexuality. After his boyfriend dumps him for being accused of having HIV, though he does not, Paul decides he is through with relationships and wants to be promiscuous, or as he so eloquently sung, “I wanna be a slut.”. Eddie, meanwhile decides he must finally tell his conservative parents that he is gay. Eddie comes out to his family, who do not accept the news well. Paul turns to the Internet for dates, but can’t even get a decent one-night stand. However, Paul continually bumps into a fan who has developed romantic feelings for him, and after a series of disastrous one night stands, he starts dating Michael at the end of the musical’s opening night. Eddie’s religious parents, on a different note, decide to attend the musical because of a promise they made to their son, even though they are appalled by homosexuality and the theme of the show. As the play goes on though, they begin to believe that maybe they judged their son too harshly, and come to accept the fact that he is gay. Eddie’s parents make up with him at the end of the show’s opening night.’



In 2011, Brent Corrigan starred in Judas Kiss as Chris Wachowsky. Judas Kiss is about an out of luck movie producer Zachary Wells who is persuaded by his closest companion and superstar executive Topher into making him a judge in their film school’s yearly celebration. Zach has a one night stand with a student, who come into an audition the very next morning and calls himself “Danny Reyes”. A name Zach went by when he originally attended the film school. The film maker becomes stuck between his depressing past and his worrying future.



In 2011, Brent Corrigan starred in Sister Mary as Chad. Homophobic criminologist Mark Rima partners up with a gay and flamboyant Detective Chris Riant. Their goal is to stop a serial slaughtering Nun from offing 5 individuals from the “The Ex Choir Boys.” They need help and tackle the case with master F.B.I. profiler Agent Peccant. The team turn its consideration on the Catholic Church and speculate the involvement of Priests who have an affinity for purging the souls.



In 2011, Brent Corrigan starred in Chillerama as Ricky O’Reily. Chillerama features the closing night of a drive in movie theatre in America. At the drive in, Cecil Kaufman planned to run four different movies that had never been released. Each horror story segment within this movie pays homage to a different style of genre. Brent Corrigan is featured in the segment “I was a Teenager Werebear”. Brent Corrigan also starred Chillerama soundtrack including the songs “Don’t Look Away”, “Purge”, “Love Bit Me on the Ass” and “Room For All”.



In 2012, Brent Corrigan starred in Welcome to New York as Jake. Welcome to New York is a short comedy about the account of five youngsters unique first hand encounters in New York City.



In 2013, Brent Corrigan starred in Truth as Caleb. Truth is a dramatic, mental thriller that uncovers the shrouded evil presences covered somewhere inside every last one of us. Caleb experiences an identity crisis, meets and falls head over heels for Jeremy. Caleb attempts to keep his personal history a secret and finds himself delving into the darker side. A sudden unforeseen development discovers Jeremy held hostage.


In 2013, he starred in Triple Crossed as Andrew Warner. Chris Jensen is saddened over his friend Tyler Townsend who passed away in Afghanistan and had promised him, that he would protect his gay lover. Tyler’s stepsister contracts Chris to execute her late sibling’s gay lover Andrew Warner. His Stepsister believes Andrew will inherit half of their family’s multi-million dollar organization but she would like to keep it in the family.



In 2014, Brent Corrigan starred in The Dark Place as Jake Bishop. The Dark Place is a movie about a man named Keegan Dark who comes back to the heart of California’s wine valley to make peace with his family. Rather than making peace, he finds a nerve racking puzzle that jeopardizes his life and those he cherishes.



In 2014, Brent Corrigan starred in Kissing Darkness as Jonathan. This movie is about a group of college boys, bored with the everyday “gay life” of LA. They decide to skip Pride weekend in exchange for a camping trip in the woods. They are quickly overcome with boredom in their new surroundings, the boys venture into a game that ultimately unleashes the vengeful spirit of a local legend known as Malice Valeria. Overcome by her deadly plan of tainted love and her thirst to take back what was lost long ago, the boys must now band together before they fall victim to the poisons of a broken heart.



In 2014, he starred in the short film Midnight by NakedSword Film Works as Shane. Midnight is a story that follows Shane and Aiden’s long term relationship where they find themselves experimenting with an open relationship. They find their relationship is put through an ultimate test.

So these are just some of the mainstream features that Sean Lockhart starred in his early career and more good reasons you should catch up with him at 6pm on the 3rd of March at Park Street Books, Level 2, 44 Park Street, Sydney at the only free fan meet and greet for the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras of 2017.

Sister Roma Poses as Mary Magdalene

Sister Roma Mary Magdalene Photo

A fundraising event called the “Great District 8 Chili Cook-Off” on behalf of orphans in Chile which was sponsored by Rainbow World Fund. The Rainbow World Fund is an “an all-volunteer international humanitarian service agency based in the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and friends community.”. The fundraising event was scheduled last Sunday afternoon at Ellard Hall, the parish hall of San Francisco’s Most Holy Redeemer Church located in the city’s 8th supervisorial district.

According to the press, the charitable event was scheduled to include the first public return of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to the Most Holy Redeemer Church since the 7th of October 2007. According to an article published in the Bay Area Reporter the “emcees for the event will be current District 8 Supervisor Bevan Dufty and Sister Roma of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence”. The Bay Area Reporter is one of the longest running and largest local newspapers that serve the LGBTQI communities. Two members of the group embarrassed San Francisco Archbishop George Niederauer when they presented themselves for communion in drag. The archbishop gave the self-described “queer nuns” communion but within a week, he had publicly apologized for his actions and issued a statement strongly critical of the group.

An important emcee at this event was Sister Roma. Sister Roma is a world famous drag queen, social rights activist of the LGBTQI community and an art director of gay adult movie studio “Hot House Entertainment”. In addition to being a professional adult movie director, Sister Roma has served as an emcee at the Folsom Street Fair, an annual San Francisco event that celebrated BDSM and leather subculture.This event concluded the city’s yearly Leather Pride Week. Sister Roma also co-hosts an online live-format talk show about the adult movie industry.


Folsom Street Fair Apostles Advertisement Image
Image: Folsom Street Fair


In 2006, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence described themselves as “the leading-edge order of queer nuns” alongside their official slogan is “go forth and sin some more”. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence  were booted out of Ellard Hall which was the same parish hall where Sunday’s cook-off was scheduled. The group had leased Most Holy Redeemer’s parish hall for bingo games to raise funds for HIV/AIDS programs, until the chancery ordered them evicted,

In 2008, Sister Roma posed as Mary Magdalene in a now notorious poster that promoted that year’s Folsom Street Fair. The poster was a take-off of Leonardo da Vinci’s “Last Supper” with men and women in leather attire posed as the apostles. Scattered around the table were various whips and BDSM restraint devices. The poster provoked outrage among Christians all over the country.

Sister Roma also acted as emcee at the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’s annual “Hunky Jesus” contest. The contest took place on Easter Sunday which mocked the crucifixion of Jesus. Men dressed up as what they thought Jesus would have looked like and prizes were awarded for what was considered to be the best costume. The 2010 winner was Junky Jesus, who wore a loincloth covered with syringes.

Sister Roma is coming to Australia for the 2017 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and will be attending a meet and greet at 6pm on the 3rd of March 2017. The event will be hosted at Park Street Books which is located on Level 2, 44 Park Street, Sydney. Come along to this free event and meet one of the hardest working people supporting the LGBTQI community.




Celebrity Fetishes

Angelina Jolie in Leather Photo

I recently wrote an article about golden showers. I was interested to learn about golden showers mainly because of our current world leader’s alleged liking for them. When I mentioned this to a friend she sent me a really interesting link regarding another very famous historical leader’s penchant for unusual sexual practices. In turn that got me wondering about what other little fetishes our most famous faces might have. So without further ado, I will let you all into some of their sexual secrets.

First off, the historical leader I am referring to is Hitler, He was apparently into ‘coprophilia,’or ‘scatophilia’ as it is sometimes known. For those still in the dark, that’s poo to you and me. Yes, Hitler liked to be pooped on. His niece committed suicide because he wanted her involved in it too. It all sounds very farfetched but the psychology behind it is really quite interesting. Even old Mozart wrote a song about arse licking. Really he did, google it!

Another historical figures who liked stuff that comes out of bums was the author James Joyce. He loved it when his wife left brown stains on her knickers and had a particular fondness for farts. He even wrote about them in love letters:

“You had an arse full of farts that night, darling, and I  ****** them out of you, big fat fellows, long windy ones, quick little merry cracks and a lot of tiny little naughty farties ending in a long gush from your hole” James Joyce, 8 December 1909

Then there was Charlie Chaplin who loved young girls. He was married 3 times to girls in their young teens. He also made young actresses strip naked while he threw custard pies at them.

More recently another deceased old pervert, Chuck Berry had his musical legacy tainted by the discovery of secret cameras he’d had installed in a restaurant he owned in LA. He filmed his lady customers go to the toilet. They then unearthed hundreds of tape recordings of women undressed and went to the bathroom. All these women were filmed without their knowledge. You will be pleased to know, the victims successfully sued Chuck Berry for a lot of money.

Talking of tape recordings, Russel Brand, a self-confessed lover of anything sexual, shocked Katy Perry. I would have thought she was pretty open minded but she wasn’t pleased when she found hundreds of DVDs containing self-filmed recordings of Russel “Air fucking”. Yes! It’s a thing. He loves it apparently. It is the sex version of playing an air guitar and there are even championships held for it.


Quentin Tarantino Directing Photo
Photo: Quentin Tarantino Foot Fetish


There are a couple of other celebrities that are pretty well known for their sexual perversions. Angelina Jolie when she isn’t busy foraging about in deserts looking for children to adopt, is known to be into ‘hematolagnia’. That is someone with an abnormal love of blood. It is a fetish that often goes hand in hand with BDSM practises and she likes those too. Openly admitting to liking bondage play, she is also known to have used knives with Billy Bob Thornton. They both cut each other and licked the blood. They kept each other’s blood in vials around their necks.’

A love for surrendering and being tied up with silk scarves is also shared by Eva Longoria. BORING! A far more exciting celebrity is James Franco who loves his BDSM. James Franco deals with and the famous Armoury who do hard-core operations. Then there is Penn, from the magic act Penn and Teller. Penn has is own dungeon! I saw it in an episode of Cribs once.

The most popular fetish among the rich and famous today, appears to be feet. Hollywood loves feet. Quentin Tarantino is the most well-known fan of the foot. He likes licking them whilst masturbating. Yuck, thank god I have feet like teen wolf! He even makes a feature of them sneakily in films. When I found that out, I immediately remembered exactly what Uma Thurman’s feet looked like in Pulp fiction!  I have read the same which can be said of a scene in from Dusk til Dawn with Salma Hayek.  He reportedly stares at actress’s feet on movie sets. Uma Thurman even toasted him out of her stiletto once at an award ceremony, making him drink from it. Christian Slater likes toe sucking, so does Jack Black. Even Elvis’s foot fetish has been well documented.

While not exactly a foot fetishist, Nick Lachey, loved to wear women’s shoes and adored his then wife Jessica Simpson’s wardrobe full of them.

Wearing women’s clothing is something Johnny Depp has admitted to enjoying and he is free to borrow mine any time he likes. Well maybe 10 years ago, when he was young and beautiful.

From licking toes to licking arm pits. Licking arm pits is a fetish with its own special name ‘Maschalagnia’. Actor Robert Pattison loves to do it and Kristin Stewart loves it being done to her. Maschilagnaists loves the smell and feel of armpits, some choosing to go to second base and actually fuck the things! Having sex with an arm pit name is called ‘Axilism” but I don’t know whether this famous couple do that.

Just a couple of others before I wrap this up, Christina Aguilera loves Latex, but we knew that anyway. Donald Trump loves a golden shower or urolagnia, to give it its correct name. Even good boy, clean cut Ricky Martin (of Latino pop star fame…not Oh zone fame) loves to piss on women in the shower, I guess that is clean cut version of Urolagnia though really.

I thought I would end up on a story from the mid-80s that I vaguely remember, where a certain Richard Gere, was admitted to an LA hospital in the middle of the night to have his pet Hamster Titus removed from his Anus. Yes, there is even a name for that too, for people who have a penchant for putting small furry animals up their bums, it’s called ‘gerbilling”.

I am afraid I can neither guarantee the absolute truth of any of the above nor confirm that no animals were harmed in the writing of it.



About the Author: Emily is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres



Review: Svakom Trysta

Svakom Trysta Sex Toy Photo

There is a new sex toy in town which I am drawn to because it is made by Svakom. I have only had a really close look at one of their other sex toys, the Svakom Tyler cock ring which I thought was one of the best in the adult lifestyle industry. The Svakom Tyler is what I use as a benchmark to compare with other cock rings.

The sex toy I have chosen is from a new range the company have recently introduced. It is a rabbit called ‘Trysta”. Svakom Trysta has been designed for clitoral and g-spot stimulation. The reason my interest was piqued by this particular sex toy is because it has a rolling ball feature on the flattened tip of its shaft to rub the G-Spot. I came across this idea fairly recently in my ongoing quest for sex toys that realistically mimic oral sex.

The idea of having rolling balls underneath silicone to massage erogenous zones is not new to me. The rolling balls are commonly found in the rabbit vibrator’s shaft with rows of rolling pearls that promote g-spot stimulation. The same idea is also used very cleverly in B Vibe’s Couples Butt plug to create a rimming sensation. Lelo released the Ora 2 with wild claims that this oral sex toy’s rolling ball was going to revolutionise the market.

The idea is used with varying success. What often happens is that the ball bearings or beads can’t withstand pressure and when pressure is applied they stop moving. I always take a look at that when I am trying out an adult product. If you push down on or squeeze the moving surface and it stops moving the feature is nothing but a gimmick.

The Svakom Trysta comes in a sleeved card box that is suitable for long term storage. The sleeve has a life size picture of the product on it although the box inside is discrete and only bears the company name in silver on it. The Svakom Trysta is displayed in a black foam platform and looks very elegant.

There is a grey suede drawstring bag which is always handy to keep it away from other products. There is also a USB charging cord, instruction manual, a booklet telling you about the sex toy and a warranty card you can use to register the product online. The warranty lasts for a year but there is also a 10 year quality guarantee too. Svakom Trysta is rechargeable and only takes 2 hours to fully recharge. It can run for an hour of nonstop play time.

Svakom Trysta Sex Toy Photo
Sex Toy: Svakom Trysta


Although the picture on the box is actual size, I am surprised by how petite it looks. The dimensions are 186mm x 60mm x 35mm. It comes in a choice of rose and plum and is made of 100% body safe silicone. The silicone is smooth and velvety with a slight draginess that would suit some. If you are one of those people that like something smooth and slippery, using a water based lubricant with the Svakom Trysta will sort that out.

The shaft is inflexible but the clitoris arm is very flexible. The clitoris arm fits nice and snugly to the shaft which has only 10mm between them. There are two high frequency motors, one in the top of the shaft and another in the top of the clitoral arm. I much prefer the power to be situated here at the business end. I am often surprised when sex toy designers decide the base is better place to put a motor.

At the end of the main shaft, the tip is flattened like a lipstick. It gives you the choice of pinpoint or dispersed vibrations in case you should decide to use this part of the toy externally as a clitoris stimulator. The rolling ball feature is a single ball bearing underneath the silicone that moves up and down hoping to create a rubbing sensation against the G-spot.

There are 3 buttons, the on/off button which is also used to scroll through the modes. The top button which controls the rolling ball feature and the bottom button that controls intensity. There are 7 different modes and 5 increasing intensities, meaning are 35 mode combinations.

Svakom pride themselves on what they call their unique “intelligent’ mode. With all the technology out there at the moment when it comes to sex toys, I thought it might somehow know instinctively what I was enjoying and react accordingly. It is actually just a programmed pattern that a man named David Yu developed in 2009. This mode is based upon their customer feedback on what kind of intensities and patterns people liked for the build-up of an orgasm to achieving the orgasm.

Down to the nitty gritty then, does the sex toy live up to the company hype? Well I like it, the range of intensities and patterns would please anyone.

The vibrations are fairly rumbly and powerful for the size of the toy, especially on the very low intensities. The vibration quality is reasonably represented by a fair price point. I love some of the patterns where the intensity graduates. The rolling ball feature is fairly subtle though and I am not sure how successful this would be as a G-spot stimulator particularly if it is used alone. Most lovers of G-Spot stimulation require a bit of power on that area from my experience.

Svakom Trysta works though, I applied a fair bit of pressure and can still feel it. Personally I would use it for clitoral stimulation instead. That is, I would use it if it didn’t sound like a washing machine! The vibrations are perfectly acceptable, but the sound of the ball feature is extremely off putting. Once inserted some of that noise would be swallowed up of course, but even so for something so tiny, it sure makes noise.

The noise of that feature aside, I like the Svakom Trysta and would have no problem recommending it. It is unique, as far as I know which is a real plus nowadays. It is also 100% waterproof and is not just splash proof. This is great for keeping it clean, the website says it can be used in the bath and even the swimming pool.


About the Author: Emily is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres



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