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Evolved Novelties Pretty in Pink Rechargeable Bullet Sex Toy

Lately we have had a very welcome influx of affordably priced, rechargeable, strong, vibrating bullets with great features in our Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres. They are a must have for almost every person’s sex toy collection which is one of the reasons why they are always big sellers. Bullets are one of the handiest, most essential items you can and should have in your repertoire for sex play. They are primarily designed for use on the clitoris, and certainly if your bullet does not have a string or tail of some sort it’s not ideal for any type of insertion especially anal play. But that’s okay as the vast majority of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm even during sex.

Bullets are discreet and easily portable, they are perfect to take with you on a date or while traveling. They are not large and bulky so they do not get in the way between you and your partner. If you are having sex in the ‘missionary position’ or one of its many variants including girl-on-girl grinding, you may like to wedge the bullet between your labia for hands-free vibrations. If you are making love ‘doggy style’ you can use the bullet in your own hand or have your partner reach around and drive you crazy with it.

If you are one of the many women who find that rabbit vibrators (dual stimulators with a shaft for penetration and a little arm for clitoris stimulation) generally fall short of climactic ecstasy for you, a bullet used in conjunction with a separate insertable sex toy is an extremely pleasurable and often more effective alternative. This option gives you so much more control over where the sex toys touch your body and also more choice in the features you want. You might crave intense vibrations from a clitoral toy but prefer a non-vibrating toy for your G-Spot. For example, if you use a vibrating bullet for clitoral stimulation and a curved glass dildo for vaginal insertion. Before you use the curved glass dildo, you are able to heat up or cool down glass dildo for temperature play. Using separate sex toys allows for so much more variety.

Granted this is all pretty women-centric or clitoris-owner-centric so far but if you happen to have genitals of the penis-and-balls variety you can also use a high quality bullet in a vibrating cock ring. If you have the kind that comes with a cheap, battery powered bullet in a silicone sheath, you can often just remove the original bullet and insert a high quality rechargeable one in its place. These aren’t only for a woman’s pleasure (when engaging in heterosexual sex), you can get a lot of pleasure from the squeeze and vibrations traveling along your shaft, or turn the ring around so that the bullet vibrates against your balls. Many vibrating anal toys also have removable cheap bullets just begging to be replaced with something a little more sensational. A good quality bullet is a great toy for just about everybody.



Evolved Novelties Pretty in Pink Rechargeable Bullet Sex Toy
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Now, the Evolved Novelties Pretty in Pink is one of the coolest rechargeable bullets I’ve seen come through Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres since I have worked here. The price is fantastic for a rechargeable toy, the vibrations are super strong and they haven’t tried to do anything too out there or fancy. It’s more of a classic bullet but with more punch. It fits easily in the palm of your hand. It has a smooth, rounded tip add it’s totally body safe with a finish that’s firm but silky. Not quite as silky as Lelo sex toys but say it’s pretty damn close. Dimensions of this toy are approximately 3 ½ inches in length which is about as long as my little finger, and a bit under an inch wide.

Evolved Novelties Pretty in Pink Rechargeable Bullet comes in only one colour, pink, but it is a fairly nice mid-deep tone. I prefer this colour to baby pinks and plastic-barbie-pink so it’s not an issue for me, it just makes choosing a bit easier as I don’t have to pick a shade.

If you enjoy sexy bathroom times, this baby is waterproof. It also has 7 vibration modes. It has a single operation button on the bottom of the toy that feels big and squishy. With a long press of the button on the bottom it will turn on. Press the button to change through the vibrations. You can scroll through all seven and wind up back at the first setting again, but if you wish to turn it off at any time during use just give the operation button another long press.

The first three modes are regular, strong vibrations at 3 different speeds, starting at the lowest which is actually already mighty powerful and increases from there. The next four modes are pulsation patterns, ranging from a slow wave with power which builds to a crescendo then drops down again. The next two are regular pulsation patterns, one is a little weaker whilst the other is faster and more intense. The intense pattern feels like rapid-fire pulsations that would take your breath away if used at just the right moment. The seventh mode is a repeating pattern of four pulsations, the first three being short and even. The last pattern is a longer “thrum thrum thrum thruuumm”. All this variety to play with will ensure things won’t get dull.

Don’t forget Pretty in Pink is rechargeable. No need to rush out and buy replacement Duracell batteries in the middle of play. It comes with its own USB recharging cord. To recharge the sex toy locate the small, clear silicone flap on the side of the toy which close to the bottom. Lift up the thin flap of silicone (you may need to use your nails) to reveal the socket for the recharging pin to go in to. Insert the pin into the socket and plug the other end of the cord into a USB port and you’re good to go. Check that the bottom of the toy has lit up as this indicates that the toy is either on or in this case, recharging.

Lastly, customers can feel completely comfortable buying toys by Evolved Novelties because the warranty they offer is extraordinary – 5 years limited warranty from the date of purchase against any mechanical or material fault on all their toys except the Vibratissimo line.  You don’t need to register your product to access this warranty either, simply go to their website and fill out the form provided there. I am so excited that we have such a great bullet with this awesome level of buyer security. I love this adult lifestyle product!



About the Author: Jade is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres.














Sex Diary: The Ex’s Nickname System

Woman Keeping a Secret Photo

Whilst browsing the eclectic collection of books available at Oh! Zone Caringbah I came across a book titled A Tiger in the Bedroom. Lessons form Mother Nature’s Sex Shop by Katherine Gould. Turning the book over, the first review yelled “Just when you think animal sex can’t get any weirder, turn the page and it does!”. Chuckling as I thumbed through the pages I landed on this particularly charming quip:

“Don’t be too obvious. When a male chimpanzee is feeling randy, he gazes at the object of his desire, then spreads his legs and flicks his erect penis with his finger, or waves his penis back and forth. Do not do this.”

This got me thinking of all the weird and wonderful sexual encounters I’ve either had myself or shared vicariously through the tales of friends. During the more randy years (my slutting days), I’ve shared with girlfriends what happened through a shorthand way of referring to many of our encounters by way of a nickname system. Now I realise this may cause some offence, but who has time to remember the finer details of real name and suburb of residence when differentiating between past and present lovers?!

Now, back to the penis waving chimpanzee.

Iguana – As I read that anecdote the first thing that came to mind was a lover whom my girlfriend and I fondly refer to as Iguana. Yes, we’re tunnel sisters and we’re not ashamed to admit it. Iguana earned the nickname through the drunken late night deliverance of an explanation as to what an Iguana’s penis was like, before I’d had the pleasure of experiencing it for myself – “It was just so … damned big. And he stood there all proud like. But it was kind of weird. Like really really fat and thick at the bottom like some kind of animal – a slug or something – no it was bigger than that” As she swigged another mouthful from her beer she finally had it – “It was like an Iguana”. I can’t say I could personally liken any shape of penis to a reptile aside from the obvious ‘snake’ but she’d made her mind up and the name stuck.

Colourful Iguana Photo
Photo: Diary Entry: The Ex’s Nickname System – Iguana

Iguana had a cone shaped penis which was extremely wide at the base. Some months later when Iguana paid a visit to my bedroom and I was excitedly removing his pants, I was astounded to discover what can only be described as reverse pubes. Iguana had thoughtfully decided to ‘trim’ his pubic hair. Except he’d shaved a perfect upside down triangle into his pubic area – a starkly white inverted triangle of naked skin amongst a thick sea of dark body hair. Combine the triangle shape of missing pubes with the angularity of his cone shaped penis and it was all a little too much for tipsy me. Poor Iguana was confused as to why his efforts to enhance his randiness and attract a desirable outcome had fallen flat. As I explained how strange it looked and that he should embrace his natural state of being I finished with “Do not do that”. So upon reading of the chimpanzee my mind landed quickly on this memory. Iguana has the proud position of being the first lover to be nicknamed in what became our shorthand lingo of keeping up with our various blackbooks.

The way we choose to give them shorthanded nicknames was derived from anything as simple as the suburb they were from, to a physical feature, to a behaviour or attitude or to how wonderful or awful they were sexually. Some of the stories behind the names are boring and simple, some are horrifying and others hilarious.

Eastwood – Eastwood’s real name was Dave but as there were a few more Daves in circulation we needed a quick way to tell him apart. Dave lived in Eastwood. We got bonus points for originality with this one.

IT Dave – IT Dave lived in Epping and worked in the IT industry. We tried calling him Epping for a while but continuously got him confused with Eastwood which is never a good look when trying to procure a sexy night and you make reference to the right move with the wrong guy!

Davidoff – Davidoff was another Dave who liked wearing Cool Water by Davidoff. He’d leave a lingering scent of the fragrance that was sometimes overpowering. As he happened to be another Dave this nickname made itself.

Cordial Boy – Cordial Boy was a lover that visited my girlfriend, Kissy (her nickname), one night. She had a penchant for much younger men. After having what she described as a “nothing special” moment in the bedroom Kissy asked Cordial Boy if he’d like a beverage as she plucked two ciders from the fridge. Now one can be forgiven for not necessarily liking cider, but she was not prepared for what came next. Cordial Boy refused the alcoholic beverage and pointed to the bottle of cordial on the bench and asked her to make him a tropical flavoured non-alcoholic bevvy. When they ventured into the local shopping strip for him to return home they decided to get something to eat. All Cordial Boy wanted was a Happy Meal from McDonalds. According to Kissy there was nothing man about him in the bedroom and he confirmed it with his choice of drink and meal.

This is but a taste of the many others that exist in our sexual adventures. Stay tuned for another Diary Entry: The Ex’s Nickname System!

About the Author: Alicia is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres






Singapore Mass Transit Erotic Encounter

Beautiful Singaporean Woman Photo

It was a humid day in Singapore. It was going to rain soon, and the crowds were clamoring to get as close to the trains as possible. However, in spite of the rush to get onto the trains John knew that he was not going to face any difficulty during his own journey. The first train would take most of the crowd away and only about a dozen people would be left. These people lived in the less exclusive part of town in spite of having jobs in Central Singapore. Their commute was longer and lonelier

The train arrived and the crowd entered in a rush. The doors closed and with that, the train was gone. All that was left were the same dozen people that John traveled with every day. None of them would try to get into the compartment that he had set aside for himself as each one of them sought out solitude.

However, something was different today. John looked around and saw that there was a woman among them, one that he had never seen before in all of the years he had spent traveling on the Singapore Rapid Transit. He had started to get used to the fact that he was going to be alone during his trips to the suburbs in which he lived.

She was absolutely beautiful, with a slender body and milky white skin. The wind made her clothes hug her figure, and he could see that in spite of being slender she had curves that were a joy to behold. There was just something about this woman that made her so enticing. Perhaps it was the wistful manner in which she looked at the setting sun. She was standing right next to John a little far off, but even from the distance he could see a deep sorrow in her eyes. He was curious to say the least. He wanted to know the source of this sorrow. He wanted to find out what she had experienced in her life that had made her so unbelievably sad.

The Singapore Rapid Transit train arrived, and the manner in which this crowd boarded the train was very different. There was no sense of urgency, no sense of anticipation and excitement. Every person here was dragging their feet. It was almost like none of them really wanted to get home, which was why they were so sluggish while attempting to board the train.

John boarded and looked around. The spotless compartments had an almost antiseptic glow. There were stories within these compartments, histories in which people were starting to learn things about themselves. That was the thing about mass transit. It made you isolate yourself in your own little mental bubble and start to think about the things that were happening in your life. During mass transit it was a lot easier to try and figure out what you truly wanted because when you were surrounded by so many people you were more alone than you would ever be able to be otherwise.

John made his way to his compartment of choice and sat down in his usual chair. This was the chair that he always used in these situations, the chair that made him feel comfortable in his own skin. However, something was different today. The girl that he had been looking at outside came and sat in his compartment. John did not know how to react to this. There were other empty compartments yet on the train but she was sitting in this one. Did she mean something by it? If it had been anyone else John might just have ended up asking them to go and find another compartment to settle into, but this was not the sort of thing that he wanted to do with her. No, with her he wanted to be a little gentler. In fact, he did not want to ask her to leave at all, he wanted her to stay for as long as possible.


Beautiful Singaporean Woman Photo
Photo: Singapore Mass Transit Erotic Encounter – Singaporean Woman


The girl was looking at him. John stared back. “What’s your name?” she asked him.

“John,” he replied.

The girl smiled and it was beautiful but there was a great deal of sadness concealed behind that smile. “Hey John,” she said. “I am Anna.”

“Nice to meet you,” said John, nodding his head politely. He honestly had absolutely no idea whatsoever how he should be responding to her in this moment. There was no way to understand what the right thing to do here was. Still, he knew that there were certain things that he would have to keep in mind. He would have to be polite, first of all, and keep his distance as much as he possibly could.

However, as soon as he thought this the girl got up and came to sit next to him. “Do you ever feel like these trains are the only moments of peace you get?” she asked him.

“Sometimes,” he said.

“Why do you think that is?” she asked him.

“Maybe it’s because while we are on the train there is nothing else we have to do,” said John. “While we are on these trains we are traveling from one place to the other. The act of being on this train is enough to get the job done, so we are relaxed because we know that there is nothing more that we could be doing.”

“That is a beautiful way to put it,” she said, smiling. A little bit of the sadness had left her smile and she looked a little less pale. Color was starting to enter her face and her appearance somehow became even more beautiful than it had been before. She was starting to look like one of the most beautiful women that John had ever seen in his life, so beautiful in fact that he started to stare at her without even realizing that he was doing so. She did not seem to mind however, and instead laughed a beautiful laugh and said, “Do you like looking at me?”

John was taken aback. “I am sorry, I did not mean to stare at you. I was simply… I don’t know.”

“What?” she asked him. “Why were you staring at me?”

“I was simply attracted to your immense beauty,” said John. He was starting to feel very horny, and little did he know the Singaporean beauty Anna know this and was going to take advantage of it.

“So you like looking at me.” She said with a sly smile “Do you want to do more?”

“What do you mean by that?” asked John.

“I am asking you if you want to touch me.” said Anna.

“I… I do.” said John.

“Then do it,” said Anna. She held his hand and placed it on her breast. “Don’t let anything stop you. Just do this and you are going to be happy at last.”

John’s heart was beating very quickly indeed. He was starting to sweat. He squeezed her breast and he started to get hard. Her breast was soft and supple, it was an absolute joy to squeeze. He felt like doing it forever but he knew that he was going to have to do more if he wanted to be truly satisfied.

He pushed her back onto the seat and started to push her dress up. Anna held his face and kissed him hard on his lips, trying to make him feel good. He loved that she was trying so hard to make him feel good, it made him realize that he was in the sort of event that only happened once in a lifetime. He was lucky to be experiencing this.

Her panties slowly slid off and John slowly stroked her there. A moan escaped her lips and she tossed her head back. She was already wet, there was no need for him to use his mouth or his fingers all that much. Instead, he was going to have to focus on using his penis, sliding it into her.

He was very hard indeed in anticipation. His pants came off and he got on top of her. Her breath was hot on his face. “Who are you?” he whispered. He slowly slid into her and the moans that escaped her lips were so amazing that he ended up feeling more pleasure than he had ever felt in his life.

He started sliding himself in and out of here, pushing himself deep and then pulling out almost completely. This teased her a great deal, made her feel even hornier than she had ever felt in her life. He suddenly realized that this was the first time in a long time that he had ever felt this happy. It was the first time in a long time that he had ever felt this much pleasure. He was grateful for it, truly grateful, because it was the sort of thing that he would never have been able to attain had it not been for Anna.

“When does your stop come?” he asked her.

“Don’t worry.” she whispered. “We have a lot of time, you can take as much time as you want. I am here to give you as much pleasure as possible.”

“Okay” he groaned as he started to plunge himself deep into her once again. She felt unbelievably good, better than any woman had felt before. While he was plunging himself so deep into her, he was starting to get a sense that his climax was starting to approach. He wondered how long he had been inside her. It felt like it has been a very long time, but at the same time it felt like it had just started.

He pushed her dress all the way off of her body and marveled at how amazing her breasts looked with their light brown nipples. He sucked on them, eliciting more moans of pleasure from Anna. “More,” she whispered. “Please, please give me more. I can’t take this, I need more. Please.”

He started to pound her harder, using all of his strength to make her feel the same amount of pleasure that he was feeling. He could tell that she was starting to feel more pleasure than ever before and it was his job to ensure that she was fully satisfied.

“Will you come with me?” she moaned.

“Of course I will,” said John. “Be a good girl and come with me now.”

“Yes” she started screaming over and over again. She started clawing at his back, and their collective orgasm hit them like a truck and drove them off of the deep end. They were starting to shake with pleasure, and John could not believe that he had just filled her up with his come. He kissed her forehead and pulled out of her. Wiping her off with some tissues he had in his bag, he dressed her again and kissed her on the lips before getting dressed himself.

There was nothing left to say. It was almost as if the two of them had shared all of the conversations they could have possibly had while they had been together, and it was for this reason that they did not feel the need to speak to one another. This was starting to feel like heaven when she suddenly got up. “My stop is here.” she said.

“I understand.” said John. He knew that he never was going to see her again, but he still could not help but wonder if it were possible.

As he saw her leaving he realized that there was a lot that would be difficult to achieve in his life, but nothing was impossible. Hence, he was hopeful for what was going to come in the future. Maybe there was a chance for him to increase the success that he was going to achieve. Or maybe he was going to fail, like so many others before him had done. However, either way, he was extremely excited to see what the future might have to hold. The thirst for knowledge and adventure had been awakened within him and he knew that this was the only thing that would ever matter anymore. Now that he had tasted Anna, the world was his oyster and there was nothing left that would be too hard for him to try. This was his first Singapore Mass Transit Erotic Encounter.


Review: Satisfyer Pro 2

Satisfyer Pro 2 Sex Toy

I am exceptionally grateful to have been given the Satisfyer Pro 2 to review. I have worked at Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres for a couple of months now and we have always had a Satisfyer Pro 2 tester on display. The whole time I had an intense curiosity about what it would feel like. When I turned on the tester, I felt the pulsations on my hand and they seemed weak. Every time I would pass the display some questions crossed my mind which included “If I used it, would I be able to feel pulsations?” and “Would the oral sex toy be pleasurable?”. So you can imagine how excited I was when I was given a Satisfyer Pro 2 to take home and try for myself. Before I go into detail about my experience, I’ll give you a run down on what kind of sex toy the Satisfyer Pro 2 is.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is a rechargeable, silicone and sensual stimulator for women. It works by placing the silicone head directly over the clitoris and the vacuum pleasure wave technology does its magic by sucking and stimulating the clitoris. Satisfyer has stated:

“Because of its brand new, self-developed technology, the Satisfyer is a pioneer in revolutionizing the sexual mind of women. With its intensive pressure waves and tingling pulsation, the Satisfyer provides touch-free clitoral stimulation – and might cause multiple and extremely intensive orgasms within minutes.”

The body of the Satisfyer Pro 2 is made from a rose gold, ABS plastic. It has a detachable, white, body-safe silicone head which is the part that contacts a woman’s body. The silicone head can easily be removed, cleaned and placed back at any time. The sex toy measures just under 17cm in total height. The long handle of this toy means it is very easy to hold and use. As previously suggested in some other sex toy reviews, it looks like a thermometer or beauty device which is great news if you’re looking for an inconspicuous sex toy! There is raised print at the bottom of the handle with a non-recyclable warning of some sorts which makes the toy appear a little cheap. There is no description of the Satisfyer Pro 2 anywhere on the actual toy.

On the upper side, there is a small white power button to turn the toy on and off and just above this, a larger white button which controls the intensity. There are 11 levels of intensity to choose from and it is required that, unless you turn it off and on, you must go through all 11 levels to get back to the lowest. There is a light in the middle of these buttons that stays on while the toy is in use. The Satisfyer Pro 2 is 100% waterproof and is recommended to be used in the bath, hot tub or shower for more pleasurable stimulation. This sex toy is powered by a magnetic charger, with a 2.5 hour charge getting you approximately 30 minutes of play time. The charger stays on the toy easily and can be plugged into any USB outlet.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: Satisfyer Pro 2

So that about sums up the technical side of the Satisfyer Pro 2, I’m just going to go straight into describing my experience by saying it was INTENSE!! Oh boy it was very intense! Before I go any further, I need to clarify that every female body is different and everybody responds uniquely to different sensations and stimulation. To make it clear, I am very sensitive to direct clitoral stimulation and since the Satisfyer Pro 2 is all about the clitoris, it may not be the most appropriate toy for me. Though I did enjoy my experiences using the Pro 2!!

When I first applied the head and turned it on, the lowest intensity felt like a sweet and subtle tickle. The lowest setting was not enough to achieve orgasm but it certainly felt nice! Satisfyer Pro 2 has been designed so that you are able to choose what intensity level you would most enjoy to use. Satisfyer stated:

“The pulsation also starts much more softly so that every user can find his or her perfect intensity level.”

When I started to increase the intensity, 2 things came to mind:

  1. Oh my god I don’t think I can handle this, it’s way too full on!!
  2. I’m going to have to turn it off because my roommates are going to hear this!!

I liken the sensation of the Satisfyer Pro 2 to oral sex. It feels similar to the sucking and pulsing that someone would otherwise apply with their mouth but it is fast and constant (hence the intensity and my inability to “handle it”). I found myself in a pattern of taking it off, manually stimulating myself then putting it back on which was more pleasurable for my body. Using a good amount of water based lubricant definitely added to the pleasure of my experience.

The pulsations on the higher levels are very strong and the accompanying noise is distracting to say the least. I would definitely recommend some background music when using it in a share house! Upon reading reviews of the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe, it seems as if the company had taken the noise factor on board and created this incredible toy!! If noise is an issue and the long handle of the Satisfyer Pro 2 does not appeal to you, the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe is the way to go.

My experience of water play with the Satisfyer Pro 2 took place in the shower. The pulsations felt like a mini spa jet against my clitoris which was an extremely pleasurable sensation. I can definitely understand why they highly recommend this! I now have to convince someone to let me use their bath to try it out as if it was this good in a shower, I can only imagine how incredible it would feel in a bath…so stay tuned!!

In terms of the Satisfyer Pro 2 helping me to achieve orgasm, my experience was that it was too intense to allow me to get there using it on its own. It is recommended for people who are used to stronger clitoral sensations. I do however see it as an amazing toy for “solo foreplay”. The intense stimulation led me to have a more intense orgasm in the end compared to without it’s use and for this reason, it is a very welcome addition to my sex toy collection. I would highly recommend the Satisfyer Pro 2 for those women who love clitoral stimulation – this toy is guaranteed to impress.

About the Author: Sophie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave









Vlog Review of the Bi Stronic Fusion by Fun Factory!

Illustrated Review of Bi Stronic

Fun Factory is a german company that designs and makes sex toys in their factory in Germany. Designed and engineered in such a prestigious Country you know their adult toys are going to be good. The Stronic’s are a revolutionary adult toy and here the illustrated reviewer takes a look at the BiStronic Fusion For Women!



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