VIP Interview With Hannah Holmes General Manager Of LELO Oceania

Pleasure Company LELO

LELO is an adult lifestyle company who are incredibly famous for designing luxury sex toy products that are available to buy worldwide.  LELO is based in Stockholm, Sweden and have been making high quality vibrators, prostate massagers, massage oils and candles for well over 14 years. They have received a countless number of awards ranging from winning StorErotica’s Marketing Campaign of the Year award for the Beyond The Wave movie in 2016 which has received over 1.2 million views on Youtube to winning ETO Award’s Best Luxury Brand & Best Trade Marketing Award in 2016. The products have been seen in the media including Women’s Health, Playboy, GQ, Wired and Cosmopolitan. The founder Filip Sedic had said:

“Millions of people enjoy LELO, it’s just sometimes the best luxuries you keep to yourself.”

This is a VIP Interview with Hannah Holmes the General Manager of LELO Oceania.

Who are you and how did you become involved in the adult toy industry?

My name is Hannah Holmes and I am but a virgin unto the adult industry! I have always been intrigued by the market and when the opportunity recently arose for me to head such a premium and coveted brand I simply couldn’t resist.

What is your position with LELO?

I am the General Manager of LELO Oceania.

Tell me a bit about your company

Founded in Stockholm in 2003, our goal was to transform the perception of what a sex toy could be.

Inspired by art, nature and the anatomy, LELO’s product designs revolutionised the industry with their unique blend of beauty, luxury and performance. 14 years on we are distributed in 51 countries, have won over 40 major design awards and sold a staggering 13 million products worldwide.

What are the products you bring into the marketplace?

LELO has an extensive range of products for male, female & couples play.

We offer clitoral stimulators, rabbit and G-spot vibrators, prostate massagers, rings, beads, plugs and accessories.

Our most popular products include the SORAYA, SMART WAND, INA WAVE & the BRUNO – all of which are made with FDA approved silicone and a Lithium Ion battery which is capable of over 6000 charges.

LELO Bruno Black
Sex Toy: LELO Bruno In Black

How do you feel your products impact people?

From my own personal experience, I think our products impact with seduction. From their shape to their fabrication to their packaging, LELO products first intrigue customers with their class and then delight them with their function.

I am also captivated by the journey our creative campaigns can take you on. My favourite Instagram campaign involves an erotic photography series set in natural surrounds. It’s just divine.

What’s a typical day in the life of Hannah Holmes at LELO?

Being only new to the business, my current course is one of complete brand immersion.

I am busily attending trade shows, meeting our stakeholders and travelling abroad to understand our global business.

I also had the privilege of visiting the factory where our products are made and was blown away by the meticulous detail that goes into their construction. All hand-made, the artistry is fascinating to witness and gave me such respect for the design and workmanship involved.

What are your favourite products and why?

Gwyneth Paltrow’s endorsement first compelled my love affair for the 24-karat gold INEZ for its unashamed luxury at $15,000. Our latest release however, the SONA Cruise, is undoubtedly my new darling.

LELO Inez Gold In Box
Sex Toy: LELO Inez In Gold

It’s a clitoral stimulator that produces fluttering sonic pulsations that undulate at your preferred intensity for a really deep and sensual climax. For me, sexual pleasure is more about the journey than the destination, so I enjoy starting with the softest mode and gradually build. The SONA Cruise is also made from body safe silicone, is completely waterproof & is USB-rechargeable which also satisfies my practical requirements.

LELO Sona Cruise Cerise
Buy Now | LELO Sex Toy Store

What are you most looking forward to in the near future with LELO?

I am really excited about bringing the market some newness! It’s been a long time coming and I think our customers will be delighted with both the design and functionality of the SONA Cruise. We also have other exciting products in the NPD pipeline for next year which I am eagerly waiting to release.

Author:  Patrick Kriz- BA, Psych (HON)- Human SexualitySave






11 Brilliant Pleasures With A Real Feel

Hot Sexy Man With A Big Penis

Is it just me or is it very hard to find a cordless real feeling and looking vibrator out there that comes in different sizes for a great price?

Oh, shit! I found it… ha-ha it is our very own Pipedream Products Real Feel Deluxe being a top dildo choice and  they come in various sizes and two different shapes (with balls and without). The shape is very realistic looking with a nice round tip so you’re actually getting a penis like shape and not something that has a pointy end poking you in the places you don’t want to be poked.

The real feel vibes have the texture and material designed to feel like the real thing (hence the name). Pipedream is the only company that make their dongs out of a material called Fanta Flesh which mimics the soft skin feeling that a real penis would have, it looks and feels real too as it has a veiny feel to it not too many but very natural like this definitely helps with the stimulation and pleasure.

As it is designed to be a dong it is suitable to put into a harness as it has the suction cup on the bottom which also allows to put in other positions if needed as well such as on the floor or shower wall for that sex in the shower feel. The only down fault to the suction cup is it is very bulky but once you are fucking him you won’t even remember it’s there.

The real feel vibrators have a moderate type of vibration to them not too soft and not too strong and they aren’t noisy at all, they are also 100% water proof which makes the experience in the shower or bath that much more enjoyable just remember to make sure you screw the battery cap shut all the way, nice and tight to protect those 2 x AA batteries it runs off.

Now to the looks of each and every one of these beautiful looking and feeling dildos ranging from No. 1 all the way to No.12. They come in three different colours which are Flesh, Brown and Black.

No. 1

This little guy is a 6.5” only come in a flesh colour, he has a nice thinness to him and his head is shaped to hit the g-spot with nice squishy balls to hold onto whilst fucking yourself.

Vibrating Dildo By Pipedream Products
Sex Toy: Real Feel Deluxe No 1

No. 2

This guy is also a 6.5” but the difference is that he is a lot thicker in the girth allowing you to fill the fullness of him inside you his head is also not curved. He comes in a Flesh and Brown.

Dildo Vibrator By Pipedream Products
Sex Toy: Real Feel Deluxe No 2

No. 3

This bad boy is a 7” and comes in a Flesh and Black colour he does not have balls so it allows you to take the whole thing as he is a perfect size all round and great if you get freaked out about balls ha-ha.

Phallic Vibrating Dildo By Pipedream Products
Sex Toy: Real Feel Deluxe No 3

No. 4

This guy is a 7.5” and only comes in Flesh, he’s not thick but most definitely not too thin and has a nice length on him giving you that satisfaction you need.

Realistic Vibrating Dildo By Pipedream Products
Sex Toy: Real Feel Deluxe No 4

No. 5

This guy is 8” long with a nice curve to which hit the spots. The length and thickness is just what you need for those nights you want to go hard. He comes in Flesh and Brown.

Strap-On Vibrating Dildo By Pipedream Products
Sex Toy: Real Feel Deluxe No 5

No. 6

No. 6 is a straight up and down vibe with some nice set of balls on him with a length of 8.5” gosh their getting big 😉 He only comes in a Flesh colour.

Suction Cup Vibrating Dildo By Pipedream Products
Sex Toy: Real Feel Deluxe No 6


Now to No.7, this guy is 9” long with nice flexibility to get in smoothly with some lube of course but this guy will make you satisfied in more ways you can think he comes in Flesh and Black.

Lifelike Vibrating Dildo By Pipedream Products
Sex Toy: Real Feel Deluxe No 7

No. 8

This feller is a bit different as he has two parts to him one for the bum and other for the vagina so you are getting that fullness in both holes this guy is 7.5” and comes in a Flesh colour.

Double Penetration Vibrating Dildo By Pipedream Products
Sex Toy: Real Feel Deluxe No 8

No. 9

This big man is a 9.5” with a good-sized girth and amazing length to make your fucking worthwhile, he comes in a Flesh colour.

Dildo Vibrator By Pipedream Products
Sex Toy: Real Feel Deluxe No 9

No. 10

Now shits getting real this guy is 10” if you’re game go for it guys! But you might be sore in the morning. He comes in Brown and Flesh.

Vibrating Dildo With Testicles By Pipedream Products
Sex Toy: Real Feel Deluxe No 10

No. 11

The second largest guy that real feel make. He feels amazing, his length and girth can make you feel things you’ve probably never felt before. Lube this guy up and ride him like you’ve never done it before. He is 11” and is available in Flesh and Black (like they say once you go black you’ll never go back 😉

Huge Vibrating Dildo By Pipedream Products
Sex Toy: Real Feel Deluxe No 11

No. 12

This 12” dildo is available in Black or Flesh, I guess go hard or go home hey!

Large Vibrating Dildo By Pipedream Products
Buy Now | Pipedream Products Store

All I can say is Good Luck! Now you’ve seen all of these crazy guys going from our little man of 6.5” all the way to the challenging 12”- Which one will you choose?

About the author: Demi is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres




VIP Interview With Goddess Kitty A Professional Dominatrix!

Goddess Kitty A Professional Domme

Goddess Kitty is a professional Dominatrix who enjoys enjoy all forms of BDSM and fetish play.  Having worked in this field for over 10 years throughout America, Goddess Kitty has attained a wealth of experience which will bring you to your knees with power, control and pleasure.   Her specialties include rope bondage, role play, whipping, corporal punishment, hypnotism, disciplinarian, CBT and so much more.  Her wise range of skills allows clients to explore their deepest desires and fantasies by relinquishing both their bodies and souls to her.  She has her own personal dungeon full of BDSM gear including a slave cage, metal rack bed, paddles and whips. Visit The Goddess Kitty Website for more information on how to contact her and a detailed list of what services she will provide.  She was kind enough to do an interview with the Adultsmart Blog.

Tell me about yourself

I go by Goddess Kitty. My website is I own a medical office in Florida as well as being an active professional Domme. I am from Latin descent, I was born in Florida and I am Cuban/Colombian. I call it the Pitbull/Shakira effect. You can see that I’m more sensual in my style but just as fierce.

When, why and how did you realized you wanted to be a Mistress?

I was 6 years old and my mother burst into my room at 10 in the evening, admonishing me watching Benny Hill. I loved it but it stayed with me that I was different and that I liked to have the power that those women possessed over Benny Hill. Hew was a true submissive, appreciating the sex of women of wishing that he could worship them. He was obsessed in their essence.

What inspires you?

The mold was broken when I was created, I’ve never really met anyone to think the way I do, or at least be so verbal about it. I believe in the religion of Humanity. There is a passion for mankind and a need to care about everyone; to know their pain and their prejudices. I feel bigger than life, I know I am a Goddess because I care about my fellow man. I practice my personal religion by helping those that cross my path by showing compassion, love and generosity in my time and energy. I will stand up for those who cant and I will bless those who can.

Marquis de Sade, Anne Rice, Clive Barker, Dean Koontz, The Conquering of Sleeping Beauty – Book , The Story of O – Book, Elvira Mistress of the Dark, Cher, Barbie (Ken was such a sub), Wonder Woman (I had the underdogs, bike, shoes, doll, and socks branded), are some of the inspirations that cemented who I am.

I have a passion for the arts, I love museums, from sculptures to photography, I love to lose myself in the art. It feels as if a reset button has been pushed.

What do you love about being a Mistress? What are the perks?

I love everything about being me. I can’t separate the two, it’s who I am and my identity. Denying my existence would be depressing my soul. I cannot and will not be untrue to myself.

Wine, Champagne, Clothing, Roses, Gardenias, perfume, restaurants, operas, shoes, purses, exotic trips, interesting eclectic and/or eccentric people, interesting adventurous situations, videos, photographs, and fans are all some of the perks that I personally receive as a Dominatrix. Its not the same for everyone.

I’ve received many gifts and I’ve never met the senders.

Goddess Kitty Posing With Head Stocks
Photo: Goddess Kitty With BDSM Equipment

What personal characteristics do you need to be a Mistress?

I wouldn’t want to generalize or assume that certain characteristics are needed to dominate. If you truly are dedicated, you learn the characteristics that you need, you can’t help but change in your personal life as well as in your professional life. Even if you feel like a meek, virginal girl; if you have the desire to become a Dominatrix you will find yourself developing into the woman that you want to become.

You don’t need a characteristic, you need the desire.

Medical Play With Goddess Kitty
Photo: Goddess Kitty And Medical Play

Why did you choose Goddess Kitty as your name?

My Name is Cathy and my friends and family call me Cat. I thought it was a natural progression, besides I there’s only one Goddess Kitty.

What services do you provide?

I teach couples how to have adventurous sex, I teach women how to dominate, I dominate submissives in a variety of methods from sissy training to golden nectar drinking. I dominate couples, ladies and males.

Leather Ball Gag Held By Goddess Kitty
Photo: Goddess Kitty With Ball Gag

Why do people enjoy surrendering, obeying, serving, pleasing and amusing a Mistress?

I take my submissives to a

“play space”

where they are safe and no longer themselves. All of my submissives do well in their lives and need to release that control. I can easily take it from them, as a matter of fact I can see it on them. When a submissive walks through my door I can see their fear, it’s a trained response from years of dominating. I take them to their subjective ecstasy, and the addiction begins.

Why do some people like being financially dominated?

Money is a funny thing. Some people enjoy being financially dominated because they feel guilty for something that they have done and they feel that they need to be punished. Some people enjoying helping their Goddess, it’s a tithe. Some like to be threatened with being revealed to family members as submissives that give away their money needlessly. Some people feed off the feeling of living on the edge and enjoy being restricted monetarily, it’s a huge turn on for them.  The psyche for financial domination is not a set one, its ever changing as technology.

What fetishes do you find most people have?

I find that most fetishes are: foot worship and variations, sissy play, spanking, whipping, queening, humiliation including small penis (especially if it isn’t), CBT-Cock and Ball Torture, Nipple Torture, Electro-Torture, to name a few are the favs amongst submissives.

What does it feel like to be in complete control of another person?

Being in complete control of another person is absolutely a sexual, orgasmic high. I am extremely turned on every time I am dominating and even after, the power exchange alone rushes through my body piercing me with hot temperatures getting my endorphins and adrenaline pumping. I become an absolute beast and I absolutely love it.


Once again thank you Goddess Kitty for allowing us to interview you and providing such honest and detailed information that the readers of our blog I am sure are going to love.











Big To A “Hole” New Level

Man Orgasming

If you like countless others love the full feeling a Grande size cock leaves you, turn off tinder and grindr because you’re not going to find a better match then fullness that can be had with any member of the Mr Hankey Toys Collection. These toys take the word Big to a “hole” new level.

Founder and creator of the Mr. Hankey Toys collection noticed a real need for quality and reliable toys on the greater end of the size scale. A few (hundred) gallons of PLATINUM Silicone and countless hours of trial and error the First Mr Hankey Toys

For the true “Ass-ficionado” out there Mr Hankey Toys are designed with pleasure in mind. Starting with their Silicone which I have already mentioned is Platinum grade. This grade of silicone is not only safest for the body but it’s also the easiest to take care of. Because of its stellar quality graded silicone, this means the Mr Hankey Toys are safe to use with your favourite Silicone lube, which is perfect for these larger situations. Personally, I like a Silicone/Water-based Gel combo lube like the Gel Lube by WICKED. This Lube and others can be found at an Oh Zone Store near you. These toys are designed to last a lifetime. They won’t melt or shrink the size when left with other silicone toys in your collection. Another plus, the Mr Hankey Collection is odourless, cuz who wants that heavy chemical smell that comes with so many oversized jelly and rubber toys!

Adding to their appeal, the Mr Hankey toys come in 2 different densities. This is a perfect feature that I wish more companies considered. Mr Hankey Toys are offered in “Medium Firm” This version is firm but not hard. Honestly it’s the density of a fully erect (Humongous) penis.

The second density option is the “75% Soft” this model is perfect for a beginner entering the Jumbo-sphere of toys. This density option is exactly what it says, a 75% erect penis… that’s also humongous! The added softness of this option gives the hole in use a more flexible entry. That added “Squish” will allow you to try things you didn’t think you could.

If you’re the kind of person who likes options and likes the ability to customise your purchases, Mr Hankey has another one for you. You can purchase your toy to be Vac-U-Lock compatible. What this would mean if you ordered the Vac-U-Lock version is that simply the toy you came with would have a Vac-U-Hole at the bottom of the toy. This hole allows the Mr Hankey toys to be added to any Vac-U-Lock Harness, that’s right ladies you can strap these friendly giants to yourself and feel the power they provide. We just got a number of amazing harnesses by Fetish Fantasy Series in the stores, these would be great for the Mr Hankey’s Toy collection.

Leather Fantasy Harness By Fetish Fantasy Seroes
Sex Toy: Leather Fantasy Harness

If these features weren’t enough to have you filled with anticipation, Mr Hankey’s Toys come in 3 colours. Tan, Brown and Black perfect for whatever your fantasy is. And if your fantasy is missing that ever loved “slapping” sound balls make when he’s thrusting hard and fast. Surprise Surprise Mr Hankey’s have that fantasy covered too with “Remove-O-Balls”. A Silicone attachment that replicates a ball sack that can be attached to your favourite toys. Is there anything these guys haven’t thought of?

REMOVE-O-BALLS By Mr. Hankey Toys

There is a reason I have been telling you all about the Mr Hankey’s Toys. I was lucky enough to walk into work the other day and be handed one of these Silicone Masterpieces. Unlike any Dildo I had ever seen… and believe you me, I have seen A LOT of dildos. Mr Hankey’s “Seahorse” is a stand-alone toy. Firstly let’s get the obvious out of the way, the look of it! The Seahorse has the most unique exterior. Designed to match the exoskeleton like exterior of a seahorse. This feature is designed to amplify the pleasure sensations for the opening hole… whichever you choose to use. I’ve seen countless toys add a vein feature to toys adding a texture dimension to the sensation, but the bumps, ridges and grooves of the Seahorse take this texture sensation to a whole other world.

Size Range Of Seahorse By Mr Hankey ToysBuy Now | Dildo Sex Toy Shop

The Seahorse design is tapered from base to the tip, making insert-ability as easy as possible. This specific taper design allows the hole to open gradually and safely.

After examining this toy from every direction I jumped onto the Mr Hankey’s Toy Website to have a look at the company’s history (I like to know who I’m getting into bed with). I was a little disappointed that the Creator of Mr Hankey’s wants to maintain a level of anonymity due to the stigma that comes from this industry, also being so familiar with the industry I can also respect this decision. After reading further my intrigue continued to grow. There’s a whole section on temperature play. You can put Mr Hankey’s toys in the freezer if you like cool sensations and even microwave your toy for up to 2 minutes ( try at your own risk) if you like heat play!

Needless to say, I am very excited for the newest addition to my toy collection.

About the author: Patrick Kriz- BA, Psych (HON) – Human Sexuality

IG: Krizpatrickave





Adultsmart Blog Welcomes Sexologist Stephanie Curtis To Our Team!

Sexologist Steph Curtis

The Adultsmart Blog loves to provide quality content to our readers and this is only made possible with the help and dedication of our team of experts that create unique and interesting articles for you to read.  We are blessed to have quality human beings writing for us that hold degrees in Human Sexology and Psychology, Double Bachelor Degrees in writing and science, Masters In Teaching, Marketing, Business Development and now we are pleased to introduce you to our newest member of our blogging team.

Adult Smart Expert
Sexual Health

Stephanie Curtis is currently doing a graduate diploma in sexology and is a registered mental health nurse with a background in nursing and extensive studies of sexual health.  And we could not be prouder to have her on board.  Already you can read through her 40+ published articles and we cannot wait to read more from her.  All her posts have been extremely popular and many are a fantastic addition to our sexual health and wellness categories.

Stephanie uses a range of unique life experiences along with a wealth of knowledge to empower others to become sexually empowered beings who embrace pleasure as their birth right. Explorations in the world of Tantra and conscious sexuality as well as interests in BDSM and Fetishism give Stephanie a very broad level of understanding of human sexuality. Working as a Sexologist, she hopes to inspire greater openness when it comes to the conversations around sex in society-placing a strong emphasis on pleasure, self-love and self-acceptance.

Stephanie has fantastic credentials to create authoritative posts completing a Bachelor of Nursing at the Southern Cross University in 2014.  Her caring attitude and outlook on life directed here into the vocation of mental health nursing.  She extended her Nursing Credentials by completing a Course in Sexual Health Nursing in 2015 learning about HIV and Other Sexual Health Diseases and Infections with the ASHM.

Her interests in spirituality and the Tantra led her to expand her learnings and completing Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience training at the International School of Temple Arts during 2016 and 2017.  Her interest in human sexology only increased in 2017 her desire to educate herself more fully in all facets found her studying for a graduate diploma in Sexology at the Curtin University that she will complete this year.  Obtaining this diploma gives her qualifications to become a Psychosexual Therapist and/or Sexuality Educator.  We believe she is a sexual educator already with the inspiring and compelling writing she delivers time and time again.

Stephanies interests and passions are –

Tantra/conscious sexuality, BDSM, fetishism, conscious relationships/polyamory, Shibari, Sexuality education, personal growth & development, nature, horse riding, animals.

And she states  –

I see humans’ ability to express our sexuality as a gift that deserves attention. I am fascinated by all the different ways by which people choose to explore their unique sexual desires, believing that all people should be equipped with the skills to develop healthy relationships where we feel safe and free of shame around sexuality so that we can explore them in a positive way.  

Read more about Stephanie and her works at the adultsmart blog!


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