New Dating App Matches People Over What They Hate

Hater Dating App Photo

There is a new dating application in town named “Hater”, their slogan is:

“Meet someone who hates the same stuff”

It is a first of its kind that matches people on the things they hate and dislike. The app was released for Android operating systems in February in celebration for one of the world’s most romantic celebrations, Valentine’s Day. It has just been two months since its release, the app has now gathered over 350,000 users mostly located in Latin America and Europe. The users have continued to grow every single week and is now a popular dating app used worldwide.

So far there is a whirlwind of over 3000 different topics to choose from which either can be of wicked, innocent, light hearted or of a philosophical value. Whether you hate cilantro, types of sexual play, slow drivers, mosquitos, harambe, President Trump, bullies or even if you have a strong dislike for cargo shorts, Haters got your back. Their application is operated by swiping down to hate, swipe up to love, swipe left to dislike, and swipe right to like. When you’re done answering the questions, your profile will be full of your interests and disinterests. You will be matched up with other users with a percentage of how compatible you are. Sometimes it can be difficult to express personal opinions but this application puts everything out on the table that you wish people knew about you.

Since its release, Hater found the answers to some of the harder to ask topics that were related to sex. They found that 88 percent of men were happy to participate with anal play whereas 48 percent of women were in favour of it. 91 percent of men were on board for threesomes whereas 43 percent of women were in favour of it. 64 percent of men were happy to participate in a one night stand compared to the 33 percent of women were in favour of it. 80 percent of man were happy to engage in public sex whereas 50 percent of women were in favour of it. Some mutual positive areas of interest included sex toy usage, kinky sex, quickies, dirty talking, showering together, marijuana use during sex and playing music during sex. These statistics are a surprising way of seeing how sex has become a less taboo topic within our society.

Although the idea to hating things can appear to be unkind this app brings it together by creating an enjoyable dating experience. So how does hate bring people together in a positive manner? Brendan Alper CEO of Hater has said:

“What we hate is an important part of who we are, but it’s often swept under the rug in our public persona. We want people to express themselves more honestly. Plus, it’s easy to start a conversation with someone if you know you both hate pickles.”


Hater Dating App Photo
Photo: Hater Dating App

So apart from offering topics for a great conversational ice-breaker you are able to bond with other’s through a mutual understanding with a sense of trust and familiarity. It also proves the possibility of connecting people with compatible personalities together. Brendan Alper said:

“It started off as a joke, a wouldn’t-it-be-funny-if and then we kept playing around with it and it seemed like it could work as an actual idea. People seemed to come together around things they hate. It surprisingly brings people together. And then I did some research on it and there are actual studies”

A 2006 study published named “Interpersonal Chemistry Through Negativity” by the University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas found that two close friends could have a mutual dislike for a third person as well as a mutual like for a third person which could provide a foundation of a friendship. The study said:

“Although shared positive attitudes are indeed important in promoting friendship, there seems to be something especially delicious about the process of sharing our grievances about other people.”

A 2011 study named “I Feel Like I Know You” followed up the idea and found that although you could establish friendships based upon common negativity, it also made the friendship stronger.

Can you imagine the situation of meeting someone who loves dogs just as much as you do but excessively hates cargo shorts and the Beauty and the Beast. You could spend your time talking for hours, about the things you love to hate and watch as your relationship and sexual lifestyle spiral into a joyful moment of complete synchronicity of matching opinions. People often spend years getting to know each other’s personals dislikes or interests, but within one dating application you are able to learn all you need to know by swiping up, down, left and right. After I spoke to Sam, Hater’s Public Relations Representative on how Hater has brought people together he recalled two great anecdotal stories:

“One couple matched because they both had “online dating” listed as their number one hate. They bonded over the irony. They also both hated expensive cocktails and loved tacos, so they spent their first date at Mexican restaurant where they drank a lot of $1 Coronas. Another couple bonded over the fact they both hated the Super Bowl but loved queso dip (a requisite item of every good Super Bowl Party). So on Super Bowl Sunday, they actively avoided the game, but made their own queso dip and watched a movie.”

Saying that you found love through hate is quite an interesting tale for someone who may be the love of your life or even to connect with people who may just become one of your closest friends.


A Passionate Night at Pulau Sekudu Island

Palau Ubin Island Photo

Visiting a childhood friend on his birthday turned into something disastrous, Nadia never imagined that the birthday boy would be the reason for it. All this started, last year at Daniel’s birthday party. Daniel is a successful businessman who lives near Pulau Sekudu Island which is also known as Frog Island. A clear view of the island can be seen from his house which made it an ideal spot for social gatherings. According to the local legend, this place got its name from a race which took place between three animals which were an elephant, a pig and a frog. The frog won the race and the island was named after the frog. The animals that remained were turned into a big rock which is now known as Pulau Ubin Island. This place has its own scenic beauty that attracts a lot of Singaporean locals and worldwide travelers.

As Nadia walked inside through the front door, Daniel muttered softly in her ear “I love you”. Daniel was determined to propose to Nadia this time. He had loved her since the school days and wanted to be with her for life. He didn’t waste any time and expressed all of his feelings to her without any fear of the consequences. He tightened his grip around her waist and pulled her in closer. Suddenly a tight slap resonated across Daniel’s face. It shocked Daniel enough to step back from her. Nadia got her chance and escaped the party immediately. Something had changed Daniel wasn’t like this before! Since the school days, Nadia had always known that Daniel had a huge crush on her. He had never tried to express it so physically and forcefully before this incident. She thought it would be a normal birthday party and that was the reason behind why she was there.

She wanted peace of mind and only one place could provide her with that which was Pulau Sekudu Island in Singapore. It was a beautiful night and the sky was full with stars. The still water which surrounded the island reflected the light of the moon as the stars enhanced the perfection of the nightlife. The quietness of this place had given her some much needed relaxation. She closed her eyes to absorb the tranquillity as the wind against her body gently took her soul away. She was so lost in the beauty of the nature that she failed to hear someone had approached her.

A question landed on her ears “It’s a beautiful night, isn’t it?” Said the husky voice from behind, she jumped in fright. She turned so fast that she was about to fall but found herself being held by a pair of strong muscular arms. They were gentle in touch yet full of strength and power. Her eyes were caught with a strangers and then she almost forgot that she had to breathe.

‘He is beautiful!’ Nadia thought ‘and very handsome too’

The stranger was a tall man with muscular arms, broad shoulders and eyes that could attract anyone. She had always imagined those very shoulders that could loom over her in the darkness of the night. She bit her bottom lip a little and continued to take the gaze of the handsome stranger. He had a wide forehead, a smile that was curled up at his very kissable lips.

‘Okay, Nadia! Time to stop acting like this’ she thought to herself ‘This is enough’. Her inner voice asked ‘What is wrong with you? Why are you doing this thing while you don’t even know who the man is?’ The last question brought her back into the real world. Suddenly, she got her sense and started to bombard questions to the stranger.

“I am sorry, but do I know you?” She asked softly to the stranger.

He replied “Not at all Miss!” The hunk continued “I was at the birthday party too, and I noticed you two”. He added “Daniel had done terrible wrong with you, I’m sorry for his act”

“Huh! Sorry then, I did not see you there because of what happened.” Mentally she cursed herself for missing this handsome hunk at the party.

“You seemed to be engaged,” the stranger murmured with a nod. He chuckled “But look at my luck! You ended up landing at this lonely place.” Nadia felt a wave of happiness come over her, she was thankful for this chance.

Nadia gave a long slow look around, she told the stranger “Pulau Sekudu Island is my favourite place in the world.” She used to come here during the school days whenever anything went wrong as the calmness of this place gave her tranquillity.

“And now it is mine too” Leo replied back spontaneously, it forced Nadia to look at him in his eyes. Her breath was caught in her throat. She could feel the intensity of his stare all the way to her core. She couldn’t look away as his Leo gazed at her heatedly. He took a step closer to her which she countered and took a step back.


Romantic Eskimo Kiss Photo
Photo: A Passionate Night at Pulau Sekudu Island – Romantic Eskimo Kiss


“I have been watching you for a long time.” He uttered softly to her and took another step forward toward her. Nadia took one step back. He uttered softly into her ears “I wanted to come over to you” Leo took a few more steps toward Nadia and pinned her down against the railings, which surrounded Frog Island. The two of them were so close to each other that they could practically hear each other’s hearts beating against their chests. “I want you to feel my soul. I also want to feel your soul, all of you.” He murmured softly into her ear.

He sucked on her earlobe and felt a deep moan from within her. She was so aroused, she had never felt this turned on by anyone ever especially by his voice alone. She didn’t know what would happen if the man actually would touch her. Nadia rubbed her thighs against him to soothe the ache between her legs.

The man chuckled sexily. He groaned softly beside her ear which made Nadia gasp again. The handsome stranger drew his nose along her ear, to her cheek and down to her neck. He placed slow and deep kisses behind her ears. To the utter surprise of Nadia, her weak spot didn’t go unnoticed by him and he exploited that too. He proceeded to gently swirl his tongue and suck on her neck. Her legs gave way and she fell upon him. He held her in his strong arms and supported her body. Nadia’s legs had become almost useless. He pulled himself back after a few moments of sweet torture and gazed into her eyes.

The man wanted to continue with his sweet little torture but he wanted to make sure that she wanted it as well. He set his eyes on her. He had always been confident when it came to having sexual relationships with women. He was comfortable in his own skin but this woman had changed all of that suddenly. Something about this woman in his arms was different. It was not just lust but something more than that. He wanted to explore these feelings.

“I want you so much. Tell me you want it too.” he uttered softly to Nadia. His breaths washed over her face which intoxicated her soul with his presence. Nadia was unable to speak. She only nodded and gave him permission to exploit her a little more. She wasn’t sure that she could even speak at that moment but was terribly afraid of leaving herself in a stranger’s hand. At the same time, the man moaned and moved his hands to Nadia’s lips. He pulled her closer than ever and planted his lips strongly on hers.

‘Finally’ both of them thought in unison. They started slowly to arouse each other but soon it was not enough. Their hands explored each other’s bodies. The man pulled her bottom lip into his mouth and wished to keep it there as he sucked until his last breath. Nadia also opened her mouth when he traced her bottom lip with his own. Soon they were lost in a deep kiss again. Her hands enclosed his strong muscular arms, broad wide shoulders, and her fingers gently threaded through his soft silky hair.

She moaned, as they kissed when he pulled her in a little closer. With one hand, she held his silky hair and with the other hand, she traced his shoulders and arms. The hard muscles of his biceps flexed as she touched them. Nadia broke away from the kiss to let her breath just enough as his lips did not leave her skin for a moment. He kissed her shoulder blades, chin, and her neck. He drew his fingers into her long tresses and pulled her head back to expose the erotic curvature of her neck. He landed a big open mouth kiss by her neck and sucked the hollow of her neck.

“Oh God” Nadia moaned loudly.

She just could not take those love bites anymore. Both of them wanted each other right within that moment. They could think of no other place close to them, so they made the lonely Frog Island their love bed. Nadia brought him in close and erotically kissed him like there was no tomorrow. She unleashed all of her feelings and did not care whoever who could see them. However, the risk of being caught made both of them more ravenous deep down inside. He picked her up and put her on the railings of the island without parting his lips from her. He pulled her skirt up along her soft creamy thighs.

The cold mist of Pulau Sekudu Island made their bodies shiver. The stars twinkled upon the two loving souls, the tranquillity was shaken with the sound of two hearts rhythm. Through their kisses he said “Let us go to my home”.

“No” Nadia moaned and deepened the kiss again “I can’t wait any longer. I want you now.” He groaned and took her off the railing into his arms. Nadia refused to go and urged him to play with her like this for the night. She softly asked Leo “How did you know that I will not slap you like I did with Daniel, when you kissed me?”

Leo smiled and passionately pulled her towards his chest. He said “Seeing you, I could not resist myself from feeling your lips”. Nadia gave a smile. They were deep within passion they continued for another few hours. Both of them could not wait to find out what life had in store for them.






Exclusive Interview With Laura Von Der Brelie From Fun Factory

Laura Von Der Brelie Photo

I had the opportunity to interview Laura Von Der Brelie, Fun Factory’s Sales Manager of the Asian and Australian market at the 2017 ARexpo in Sydney, Australia. Laura Von Der Brelie is only 26 years old and has worked for Fun Factory for 2.5 years in Germany. She is the face of Fun Factory and spends much of her time traveling to meet up with members of the adult lifestyle industry to talk about her award winning brand. Fun Factory is one of Adultsmart’s and Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre’s bestselling brands due to their product’s design, motors, high quality and reliability which can be seen through our numerous sex toy reviews. Laura said:

“It’s great to work in a challenging industry which is about more than sex, fun and adult movies. Fun Factory offers a lifestyle product. These days society is more open minded. Recently our brand visibility within Australia grew immensely and it is our goal to grow on from there.”

When asked about what inspired the establishment of the company Laura explained:

“We value fun, passion, performance and quality which can be seen through our special designs. 20 years ago Fun Factory wanted sex toys to be colourful and made out of medical grade silicone. Back then everything was made in a plastic material that was not body safe. Everything was made in flesh tones.”

Fun Factory in Ostertorsteinweg, Bremen, Germany Shop Photo
Photo: Exclusive Interview with Laura Von Der Brelie from Fun Factory – Shop in Bremen, Germany

When asked about what she loves most about Fun Factory, Laura’s smile filled the room and she made a gesture towards her face.

“I love that they authentically create the product’s right next to the office building. I know the faces of the people who are constructing the products. People often don’t believe me when I tell them that I can see them through the glass but we operate right next to them in Bremen, Germany.”

It is refreshing to hear how important this was to her. Fun Factory adult lifestyle products are made and designed in Germany. Afterwards they are than imported over into Australia. Everything is made with hand poured, medical grade, 100% body safe silicone. The care they instill into each and every product they make is what sets them apart from their competitors. The silicone is silky, smooth with a matte finish. Their sex toys are slightly flexible to gently work with the contours of the natural body.

“Fun Factory has a Stronic range which is made with patented Drive Technology. They are pulsators not vibrators.”

The Fun Factory Stronic range is made differently from the standard vibrator that uses a weighted turning engine. This technology features an ergonomically designed sex toy that automatically moves back and forth in a natural thrusting motion. They have 10 rumbling, stimulation levels including low speed rhythms to something which is powerfully pleasurable. The Stronic range include the Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion, Stronic Drei, and Stronic Eins.


Fun Factory Shopping Bremen, Germany Photo
Photo: Fun Factory Shop in Bremen, Germany

“Our best sellers include the Tiger and the Big Boss which are products of the latest vibrator generation that come in bright colours and are available in Fun Factory’s Black Line. “

The recently released Fun Factory Black Line includes some of their bestselling products including the Laya II Miss Bi, Tiger and Big Boss. This line differs from it’s usual colourful range with a sleek statement that exudes luxury. Big Boss is a phallic shaped vibrator that measures 9″ in total length, has a 7″ insertable length and is 2″ in girth. Tiger is a rabbit vibrator that measures 8.5” in total length, 6” insertable length and is 4 ¾” in girth. It features pronounced ribs along the shaft and base. It can be used for vagina or anal play. Both sex toys have 6 vibration rhythms and 6 vibration intensities.

“I love the Miss Bi!”

Miss Bi a waterproof rabbit vibrator with a 3″ insertable length and 1.5″ girth. It has two independent motors, one is placed at the base of the clitoral arm and another placed within the shaft. The vibrations are extremely powerful, deep and rumbling which are sent throughout the whole sex toy. It has 6 vibration intensities, 3 on each motor and 6 vibration modes.

I asked Laura what quotes and role models inspired her successful career she said:

“My favourite quote is by Walt Disney who said “If you can dream it, you can do it”. This quote is my motivation, I gained by doing a hobby I love. I am dancing in a first league Latin dance team for years and there I learned to hold on on what you believe in, to break barriers, to leave your comfort zone and to reach for new goals. I don’t have any specific role models except my parents of course but in general I really look up to those people who know how to work in a team and to motivate people and those who just make it a happy day just by their presence.”





















Review: b-Vibe Novice, Trio and Rimming

b-Vibe Novice

I am immensely thankful to Alicia Sinclair the creator of b-Vibe who provided me with a Novice butt plug to review. In this review, I’ll talk about the b-Vibe Novice in detail and compare it to the other b-Vibe butt plugs that are available making it easier for you to find the perfect fit.

b-Vibe strikes me as a company who truly care about their customer’s happiness, health and comfort. Their range of anal toys are produced with those three important qualities in mind creating adult toys of the highest standard. In the past anal stimulation has been considered to be a taboo subject, to throw the taboo out of the window Alicia Sinclair the creator of b-Vibe ensured her intimate adult lifestyle product’s encapsulated class, sensuality, friendliness and fun.

The packaging bares pictures of couples of all sexualities, highlighting that it is a product for all types of couples. They truly didn’t spare any details on the packaging which is super fun and informative. The cover shows all of the toy’s functions, information on the materials used and has a diagram to show you where the motors are located. I do have to admit, I pictured the toys to all be much larger than they really are. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as I believe once you take a look at each toy in person, they truly are the perfect size for your average beginner, intermediate and advanced anal play enthusiasts.

The cover slips off (which I love it’s like you’re opening up a little present) to reveal a sturdy cardboard box, which could be coloured or black; depending on the toy you choose. When you open up the cardboard box, the left hand side is a cute message to the new owner, as well as relaying information on the toy itself. The message from the creator reads:

“Congratulations on your b-Vibe purchase. You now own the only premium plug that delivers the strength of three powerful motors into one premium plug. Prepare to experience the versatility and strength. We hope you enjoy the B-Vibe plug. The pleasure is now yours.”

This is a small and simple touch which makes you feel as though time and effort was put into the final touches of the packaging and design: a quality that reputable companies, like b-Vibe, are known for. The toy itself is cased in side of an AMAZING storage case. My face lit up when I saw it the first time. Not just a draw string bag, but a hard, plastic SHINY case which properly houses your toy and charger for safe traveling and storage. ​They truly spared nothing on the design and packaging of these beautiful toys.

I’m happy to report that the b-Vibe Novice, Trio and Rimming come with a set of instructions which is not something many toys have! Because you know, everyone uses technology we should all know how to use everything! The instructions are in great detail. They outline everything from charging the toy, using the toy, changing the batteries on the remote and even how to properly clean the toy; as you’d expect from sex-positive experts!

b-Vibe’s anal toys are made from the highest quality body-safe silicone that is absolutely EXQUISITE. They are the smoothest of smooth almost dolphin like. It’s so smooth that I think I enjoy holding the toy in my hand just as much as I enjoy holding it in my butt. Kidding, its way better in your butt. But still, that silicone though.


b-Vibe Novice Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: b-Vibe Novice


The smallest of the three is the b-Vibe Novice which has an insertable length of 3.35″ and is rounded off at the tip, as are the other two. HALLELUJAH for a rounded tip, those pointy ones can be super uncomfortable when moving around or when sitting for long periods of time. Not sure about you but I don’t quite enjoy stabbing the insides of my anal canal. The toy comes to a small neck at the end, 0.5″ in width, making it comfortable and easy to keep in.

b-Vibe Trio Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: b-Vibe Trio


The b-Vibe Novice is a beginner anal toy that has one motor that has the strength of three with 6 vibration levels and 15 vibration patterns. The b-Vibe Trio is an intermediate anal toy has three motors to provide powerful stimulation that is evenly distributed throughout the toy with 8 vibration levels and 9 vibration patterns. I do appreciate the diversity that patterns bring to a toy and B-Vibe definitely didn’t skip that ingredient on these beauties.

The strength of vibrations between the b-Vibe Novice and the Trio are pretty indistinguishable, not to say they aren’t amazing in power, but to say that you’re not missing out on any crazy functions by choosing one over the other. The vibrations of the two toys are strong and rumbly, exactly what you want from an anal toy. Buzzy vibrations provide a tickly sensation, while rumbly toys provide a vibration that can penetrate and permeate through your nerve endings deeper to provide a much more intense sensation. ​

b-Vibe Rimming Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: b-Vibe Rimming


The b-Vibe Rimming Plug is the largest of the vibrating butt plugs, it has a motor for strong tip vibrations that feature 6 pleasurable vibrating patterns. It has rotating beads in the neck of the toy to incorporate rimming sensations that feature 6 unique rotating levels. The beads have been designed to sit at the entrance of your butt, where the highest level of nerve-endings are located. How cool is the human body! ​There’s not much else to say of Rimming, apart from its astonishingly awesome.

All of three toys are shower safe, making them easy to clean. Each toy can keep it’s charge for up to an hour and a half of use in one go, or split over several uses.

As you can probably tell, b-Vibe spared nothing with their anal toys. They all come with wireless one touch remotes that can control the sex toys from 30 feet away. The remote’s are all made from that sweet, sweet dolphin-like silicone that the toys are, so you get the pleasure of the plug in your butt and the pleasure of the remote in your hand (still deciding which is better). They’re easy to control once synced with the toy, comprising of 4 simple buttons, on/off, functions, + and -. The b-Vibe remotes can work for up to 30 feet in range, making them a fun addition to any outdoor activity you decide to bring it on.

Out of a score of 100, I’d give the b-Vibe Novice, Trio and Rimming a 110. They truly encapsulate ALL of the qualities a high-end, luxury toy should, while still going above and beyond in minute details like design and packaging. Whatever you chose, whether it’s the Novice, the Trio or Rimming – I can guarantee that you’ll be over the moon with your purchase, because the toys really are a catch! Pick one up while you can, we’re not going to be able to keep these on the shelves for long.



About the Author: Chloe is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres











Review: Sensuva ON Natural Arousal Oil

Sensuva ON Natural Arousal Oil Image

I am really excited to share with you all one of my favourite brands Sensuva and their classic product ON Natural Arousal Oil. The Sensuva ON Natural Arousal Oil was a product I came across about 3 years ago and I always have it on hand. Firstly let’s talk about the brand. This is a statement on Sensuva’s website about their mission:

“Our unique collection of sexual health and wellness products are made with original formulas, hand-crafted in the USA using natural botanicals, essential oils, extracts and healthy ingredients. Sensuva’s mission is to create the most healthy, body-safe, natural products that genuinely work. We want people to feel turned on, aroused, and more connected to their partner every day. “

Personally, every product from Sensuva I have tried either on my own or with my partners have always had excellent results. I have just began to learn about temperature play as well as the ranges of intimate adult lifestyle products out there that assist with arousal and enhancement. However, I always find myself reverting back to Sensuva for anything to heighten masturbation, foreplay and intercourse.

They have sophisticated, discrete and conveniently sized packaging to take with you when you are on the go! Can I get an AMEN! Their quality of their product’s flavours, liquids, gels and balms are always top notch. Never have I used nor seen another brand that have such an array of exciting flavours and textures for every occasion that actually work as they describe!!

Sensuva ON Natural Arousal Oil can be purchased in a small 5ml/.17 fl Oz black dropper bottle and as a sachet for single use 0.3ml/ 0.01fl oz. at our Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres. There are three different levels of intensity – Lite, Original and Ultra. Lite is 50% less intense than the Original formula and Ultra is 25% more intense than the Original formula.

The botanical formula creates a warm, buzzing sensation that awakens nerve endings, increases blood flow and makes you feel more sensation. Another benefit Sensuva claim is that it may help some women increase their production of personal lubrication. This can be extremely helpful for women going through hormonal changes, hysterectomy or taking medications that tend to decrease their body’s ability to self-lubricate.

Although this oil is geared to Women I wouldn’t restrict it as some men do like warming sensations, particularly men that have issues with low sensitivity around the tip of their penis resulting in a numbed feeling during masturbation or couples play. This is something you can encourage both sexes to try as Sensuva do provide a men’s version named “On Power Glide for Him” which is a hybrid-gel available in a small bottle or sachet.

The scent of this product is subtle, herbal with a slight cinnamon undertone to it. Cinnamon is added for the encouragement and nerve sensation it naturally provides when in contact with the skin. This may be a deterrent for those that aren’t too keen on cinnamon or spicy flavours however we do have testers which can give you a firsthand experience to what exactly you’ll be getting if purchased.

The ingredients include Sweet Almond Oil, Cinnamon Cassia, Natural Tocopherols (Vitamin E); Silica, Phenoxyethanol (Germicidal alcohol compound) and Ethylhexyglycerin (weak preservative derived from Glycerine, conditioning agent used for eczema) and Rosemary Oil Extract. It is safe to use during oral sex, it doesn’t dry out vaginal tissue and there is no menthol, L-Arginine, glycerine or parabens which are known to irritate or change PH levels in some people.

Sensuva ON Natural Arousal Oil in Sachet Image
Image: Sensuva ON Natural Arousal Oil in Sachet Review


Application is so simple, 1-2 drops to the finger and directly massage onto the clitoris. The instructions on a 5ml bottle say you can generally get 50 uses. After 5 minutes you can add more if desired. Within seconds, most people will feel a warm, pleasurable buzzing or vibrating sensation (at different times of the month, women feel different amounts of sensation due to their fluctuation in hormones). The effect can last up to 45 minutes and you can re-apply if needed for extra lengthy, pleasurable and fun filled times!

I have tried this oil during intercourse, masturbation and oral sex. Yes ladies, you heard right! You can apply this lovely oil in the mouth for the same feel as on genitals. It’s so nice to use when you are kissing. You can also apply it on the nipples too! It’s great to use if intending to be in action for extended periods of time or for a cheeky quickie. Some of us like to feel the warming sensations throughout the day without any body contact! It gets me in the mood really quickly by creating a warm, throbbing feeling anytime something is rubbed against my clitoris resulting in a more intense and in some cases fast orgasm which for most women can be quite a challenge

Important things to know about this product:

  • Due to the ingredients, it’s not compatible with latex condoms, as it may deteriorate the material and cause it to break.
  • It shouldn’t be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women.
  • This arousal oil is not meant to be used as a lubricant, so don’t insert it internally.
  • Using a lot of this oil during one session can result in a VERY sensitive reaction. Take your time and don’t go overboard if you don’t like highly sensitive feelings but if you do get carried away remember after 45 minutes or so the feeling should subside.
  • Due to the product being an oil, it can stain or leave residue on fabrics like sheets and clothing.
  • Make sure you check with person buying this that they do not have allergies, particularly to nuts as it does contain sweet almond oil and may cause allergic reaction.

Make this product feature on your shopping list. You can grab a sachet if you’re not game enough to buy the whole bottle and most importantly have fun! Try something new and increase that luscious libido that we all possess with just 2 drops of herbal heaven!


About the Author: Bree is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

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