VIP Interview with Brian L. Pellham CEO of Kheper Games

Kheper Games News Article

Kheper Games was established in 1995 by Brian L. Pellham in Seattle, WA. The company originally began through the publication of game books. As they grew a loyal customer base they extended their product range in adult games and novelty products. You will find their products have been the inspiration for many couples who are looking to rekindle the flame within their relationship and had been the main attraction for fun at bachelor or bachelorette parties.

As Of October 2003, they have sold over 1 million games and have noted that half of their sales where within 2003! Due to their popularity they have continued to sell over 20 million games. Their products are shipped worldwide through Australia, America, France, Canada, Mexico and more! Their adult lifestyle products are written in 12 languages. Including English, German, Spanish and French

There three main brands include Bride-To-Be, Ladies Night and Romance which are listed below:

  • Party: Party is one of their biggest selling ranges. Kheper Games’ party line includes novelty cups, shot glass sets, adult humor party games, drinking games, and pot-themed games.
  • Bride-To-Be: Bride-To-Be is a range of products which include bride-to-be sashes, card games, novelty penis products, tiaras, bachelorette party games, voodoo dolls, drinking straws, cock tail stirrers and more. If you are having a bachelorette party this range will have you covered.
  • Ladies Night: Ladies Night brings to you a range of games which will bring a group of friends together to have some fun! The range includes ladies night game, personal questions, topic sticks, card game and drink or dare dice.
  • Romance: Romance is a range of board games and card games which inspire people within relationships or people attending sex parties. A roll of the dice or a pickup of a card is all it takes to instantly change your relationship whilst giving you a reason to try something new which you may have never thought about before. It gives you the opportunity to explore each other sexually.

This is a VIP interview with founder Brian L. Pellham which will explore his success in the adult lifestyle industry.

Brian Pellham CEO of Kheper Games Photo
Photo: Brian Pellham

Tell me about yourself, what would you like everyone to know about you?

I grew up on a cow farm in a small town in Oregon.  My interest in developing games came from not having much else to do as a child.  In middle school I learned that my friends would do ridiculous dares for a tub of gummy bears.  Thus began my strong enjoyment of inventing games to entertain and bring people closer together.

What is your favourite quote that inspires you?

Guiltily I love “Hang in there!” as it is cheesy.  From the poster with the cat hanging from a branch.

What inspired the creation of your adult lifestyle company?

My love of games.  Playing games, inventing games, and writing.

What did you learn from the design process?

That it is as important to convey your product attractively as it is to design it properly with good content.   No one will enjoy your game if they are not first motivated to pick it up in a store or view it online.  If they like the packaging but not the product, that is even worse.

What is your favourite part of the design process?

Definitely the writing.   It is the part of the process that changes from game to game.  We pride ourselves on original content, and it brings me great joy to be able to come up with so many interesting questions, challenges and sexual scenarios for our end consumers.

Why did you pick the adult lifestyle industry as one of your main focuses?

I love the people.  I enjoy all of the friendships I have made in our industry and have come to truly rely on many there when I am faced with various challenges both professionally and personally.

What are your favourite memories and moments from working at Kheper Games?

The trade shows and the game test parties where we test party games with our employees.

What do you love most about your brand?

That it sells!   That sounds simple, but the overall success of our brand I take great pride in.   Doing a good job is shown in our reorders and strong customer feedback.

What are your favourite awards that your company has received?

Ones that feature a best product, like most recently a Best Novelty or Game Product of the Year at Adultex in Australia for our Sex! board game.   I would much rather something we’ve created receive an award than to be in that sort of spotlight directly myself.

What are your best sellers?

For romance, it is our line of Sex! games.   The Sex! Card game, Sex! Board game, Sex! Dice, and Sex! Scratch Tickets all are top sellers for us in their various categories.   Why do they sell well….   “SEX SELLS!”   and people enjoy learning new sex positions without having to read a lengthy description.  A good picture is worth a 1000 words.  To tie back into the favorite quotes section.

Kheper Games Sex! Image
Image: Kheper Games Sex!

What products would you personally recommend for couples looking to spice up their relationship?

It depends on what the couple is looking for.  For example, Let’s Fool Around games bring additional players into the mix, our line of red room games help couples experiment with bondage concepts and sex positions.   Our Sex! line is all about new sex positions, Fantasy Affairs offers a couple a chance to roleplay, and our seduction kits offer creative ideas on how to explore bondage concepts, fetish play, and erotic massage.


Kheper Games Ranges Image
Image: Kheper Games Let’s Fool Around and Fantasy Affair Ranges

What are your favourite adult novelty products that you would recommend for bachelor or bachelorette parties?

Three things.

  1. Something for the bride or groom-to-be to wear.  Perhaps a “Get Me Drunk” sash, or a Pecker or Boob Inspector Badge.
  2. Something to share, like Stripper Straws, that have male or female stripper figures on the straw.  Each guest can have one.
  3. A game.  It could be Where’s Dildo? a photo scavenger hunt game, or one of our drinking games like What the F*ck? I Never Have.   People want to laugh and have a good time at any party.   Where everyone feels included, it makes for the best time.


Kheper Games Novelties Image
Image: Kheper Games Novelties

What are the most memorable quotes that you have heard about your product range?

There is not one quote, but moreso the people’s reactions.  “You Have an Awesome Job.” or “I played your game at a party”, etc. People more readily talk about fun with our party items, but when we get a good compliment on a sex game, we know it has improved someone’s personal relationship.

Start shopping the Kheper Game Range.















“The Adults Only Selfie Stick” Svakom Siime Eye

Svakom Siime Eye Sex Toy Image

It’s No Surprise The Sex Industry Developed Selfie Stick

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past 10 years or more, you will have noticed each year the “Selfie” takes new forms, it upgrades constantly to where we are today and beyond. With better technology being produced daily to improve the quality, dimension and finished result of a picture or video particularly of one’s self it’s no surprise to me at all that they have now brought this into the sex retail industry in way of a vibrator.

Humans are naturally inquisitive, we strive to know the root of everything and use all known senses to benefit physically and mentally from all things around us. Svakom designers and innovators have taken this social aspect and produced the Siime Eye. This product embodies the ability to assist with sexual stimulation while also appealing to a new market in technology and intimacy by seeing everything while it is happening visually. The Siime Eye interests me on so many levels because of this design and idea. A vibrator that you can use to deepen your experience with yourself, talk about the “Me” generation!

If you aren’t into the mysteries of our your own body, and find watching reality shows like embarrassing bodies or cringe when you have to go in for an internal examination by your Doctor or furthermore your Gynecologist then I say now, this may not be the right toy for you because you will see everything, and I mean everything. You can watch your cervix which looks like a donut, being tapped and tickled by the tip of the vibrator while also noticing all your muscles tensing and contracting while you stroke, thrust and stimulate your body.


Svakom Siime Eye Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: Svakom Siime Eye in Pink


Sliime Eye comes with a built in camera

The Siime Eye is available to purchase from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres and Adultsmart adult shop online. It comes in two colours – Violet and pale pink. I noticed in-store, the pretty pale pink one and it reminded me of the Eye of Sauron looking over everything as it is nestled comfortably at the very top shelf in our high end section staring at me with its mechanical eye. It was adorable as much as it was interesting and after researching it and reading more about it, I found out that the user is able to see the interior walls of their own vagina! I wanted to tell you all more about it!

Siime Eye is a 100% waterproof, wireless vibrator that comes with a built-in camera and LED lights that I refer to it as the “Go-pro for your vagina”.  The camera and LED display is located at the tip of the insertable end of the vibrator which measures in length.  Siime Eye’s packaging is simple and affective, with the side of the box showing basic instructions for those of us that would give it a crack on our own rather than reading the instruction manual to get it all started. I am guilty of this one!

The product is enclosed neatly and surrounded by a foam mould to protect the Siime Eye during transport and causing any issues to the integrity of the products functionality when in use. The instructions and warranty can be located underneath the padded foam mould of the Siime Eye inside the box. The product also comes with a USB rechargeable cable that is compatible with most USB adapters universally and a velvet dust bag for convenience and proper storage.


Svakom Siime Eye Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: Svakom Siime Eye – Whats included


The USB cable can be plugged into the wide end of the “water drop shape” of the Siime Eye. The battery light can be read by pressing the round silver button in the centre, while the basic controls of the Siime Eye are found to the side of the product. The first button controls the LED lights, followed by the up-arrow key, the intelligent mode and the down-arrow key. The insertable, narrow end of the product encloses the point 3 mega pixel camera. The Siime Eye is comfortably made of body safe silicone.


Svakom Siime Eye Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: Svakom Siime Eye – Features


Sliime Eye Come With An App

Another neat feature to the Siime Eye, it uses an App which can be downloaded to your computer, smart phone or a tablet. The App also has an ability to take pictures or video your sessions, basically your own viewing material. Siime Eye has a total of 6 vibration settings including the Svakom’s intelligent mode, to turn this mode on and off you press the “S” key which is in between the up and down function buttons on the wide end of the vibrator as pictured below.

Holding the “S” key down for 3 seconds then pressing the up or down arrow key to increase or decrease intensity. If you want to switch the vibration settings, double-click the up or down arrow key. To enter the intelligent mode, click the “S Key”, and to restart the intelligent mode, double-click the “S” key. It’s fairly straight forward to use and you can use this without turning on the camera if you just want to have some private time to yourself.

Siime Eye’s high performance Lithium battery, allows it to be fully charged for 2 hours, which provides 2.5 hours of continuous use. I really like the Siime Eye’s concept; the sex toy has certainly got some really appealing factors about it and in terms of durability and functionality, it seems really reliable and a lot of fun! Be your own director, producer and star!


Please note: This is a video for the Svakom Siim

About the author: Bree is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres






Odeco Nambi Rabbit Sex Toy Review

Discount Sale

Everyone loves a G-Spot Spot Vibrator as they allow you to experience spine tingling orgasms.  The specially designed curved tip to ergonomically massage your G-Spot.  One such popular vibrating sex toy is the Odeco Nambi 7 Function Rabbit Vibrator now available at adultsmart online sex toy store. The Nambi comes in nice packaging and was originally priced around the $100AUD mark – however the price has been reduced to $60 and there is a half-price special currently on all Odeco products so you can pick it up for a ridiculous $30.  The special I believe may run up to June 30 or whilst stocks last.

The Odeco Nambi Rabbit comes in a relatively plain box and the vibrators sleek outer shell is made from the purest of medical grade silicone and is silky soft to the touch.  It has a ‘O’ Handle for easy use that also contains the control which is an easy push button.  The vibrating motors have 3 intensities and 4 pulsation modes allowing the user to select the most desirous for their particular mood.

The motors are positioned in the clitoral arm that does have ‘flex’ whilst the other is contained within the shaft. The vibrator is fully rechargeable and takes about 4 hours to fully charge that will give about 2 hours of continuous use.   Charger comes inside the package.  To turn the vibrator on simply hold down the control for 3 seconds and the vibrator will start at its lowest setting.  Scroll through the different settings.  This vibrator gives a deep, rumbly feeling similar to some of the Fun Factory toys but not with the price tag.

Both the end of the shaft and the clit stim are bulbous allowing greater coverage – especially when inserting to find your marvelous G-Spot.  The feel is soft and flexible and it was extremely comfortable to use.   The only color option available is Purple.  I searched for some videos of the Nambi on the web but could only find two – one in German and one in Polish.

The big thing about this vibrator is that it appears and works like the real expensive ones.  In fact I would go so far as to say it surpasses some.   A recent review Lelo Ina 2 Vs Odceo Hedone shows that I not alone in that assumption.  Unfortunately the Hedone is currently sold out as after reading that review was tempted to purchase one of those too!

There have been many reviews of the Odeco products on the adultsmart blog in the past and I have attached a link to the Odeco O Zone Rabbit as it is similar to the Nambi.

The Odeco range represents great value for the money and they come with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.  It would make a fantastic gift for a loved one who will think you have spent at least three times the price you can currently purchase it at.  All in all I would give this toy a 4.5 stars out of 5.  The packaging is none to fancy but what is within it certainly is.

Nambi Rabbit Review
Odeco Sex Toy Sale


Read What Simply Pleasure Shop Customer has to say about the Nambi –

‘This has a luxury feel about it even though it is battery operated. The 7 functions were very pleasurable I also loved the LED power bar this added that wow factor to it. Curved desirably to hit the G spot with little effort I really do like this little beauty. The O handle was a great bonus meaning I could use this vibe with no slippy moments. It was a dream to clean and was almost silent even on the highest setting.’


Amanda Is Demoniq!

Demoniq Amanda Lingerie Photo

Underwear Is About How It Makes You Feel!

I have been lucky enough to take home a set of underwear from the company Demoniq to try on and review. I have to say as a ’40 something’ at first I instantly recoiled.  I see this range on display at work and I think to myself WOW that is exactly what I would be wearing if I looked like the models on the packaging or if I was 20 years younger.  I feel like maybe I am not the girl for the job. There is nothing subtle about the “Amanda” set from Demoniq. Most of their range is hot, dirty, stripperesque, people pleasing, unashamed, look at me and want me right now… sexy sexy sexy!

I could just wallow in self pity and think I am just not that girl any more…life isn’t fair, kill me now! ….but then I took a step back and I thought about all the women I sell lingerie to on a day to day basis. I thought about how mad I get when all a woman wants to do is truss, disguise, cover up, pinch in and support everything that her partner really just yearns to get a hold of and look at.

Underwear is what it says on the box….it is under what you wear. It isn’t for public consumption. Underwear is about how it makes you feel underneath, when no one else can see. It is also about who you decide to let in to see it.  It can be incredibly empowering. So! To hell with it! I am going to take myself and my middle aged personal insecurities out of the equation and put this underwear on and give my open and honest thoughts. The set I am reviewing is The ‘Amanda’, a glorious little wet-leather look, black fabric, 3 piece number comprised of a bra, panties and suspender belt. It comes in 5 different sizes. I am trying a large, I should let it be known I am pregnant and if I wasn’t I would class myself as a size 12 – 14.

My Post Couple Of Kids Body Still Loves Lingerie

I love, love, love, underwear. Not quite as much as when I was in my late teens and early twenties, when I must confess I had an obsession with it. I spent every spare cent I had on it. I loved buying it, trying it, folding it, ironing it and wearing it….I even perfumed the stuff. I often just looked at it lovingly displayed perfectly in the drawer. I was a hoarder too and kept most of my huge collection until a few years ago. Now, if there is any measure of your own ageing body, it is the underwear you buy for yourself in those post pubescent years. I foolishly thought that 20 years down the line, because I was a similar weight to when I was 18 I was one of the lucky ones.  I soon discovered when I hit 45, the body I had spent all winter fashioning and honing, through weak willed starvation diets and sweaty underused gym memberships …was not what I thought it would be. It turned out my post -a-couple-of-kids-body was a little different to the one that sashayed past lingerie stores instantly purchasing flimsy little lace embossed “ brassieres”  in my teens. No, no and a big fat no no…It was a rude awakening, my underwear life was no longer, lacey, delicate, fine and discreet.. It was all, double boned, reinforced gussets and comfort high waisted, stretchy stuff with extra crotch padding for weak bladders.

I am no fool though, when I look at the beautiful little underwear sets I easily slipped into 20 years ago, and remember how I critiqued how my stomach looked sideways on while wearing them. I smile. Hey, I couldn’t get the panty, bra, or even the suspender belt on its own around one thigh now…. As I think you can gather. I am going to be a tough crowd for Demoniq. So let’s start at the beginning. Well, the packaging is perfect for the product inside. It is a box showing a super sexy chick wearing it, as most underwear has. The fonts and styling are dark, gothic and fetishy, but not so much fetish that would make it unappealing or unwearable to the average woman wanting to sex things up. The set comes in small medium, large or extra large. I think it goes without saying this means nothing these days in general. Different brands and countries of origin all seem to have their own rules. I think the sizing for Demoniq range is actually great. All of the products I have looked at are realistic. Where some companies just lengthen the back strap of a bra or the waist band, Demoniq have made cup sizes and the backs of panties bigger all over too. All the sizing on the outside is clearly marked, but it does rely on the distributor to tick the relevant size boxes, you should always double check that the size on the box is the one shown inside. While the Amanda panties have a size label in the back, the bra and suspender belt do not. The inconvenience of either trying it on or holding it up and guessing if it is right for your body, is a small price to pay for not having labels sewn in that are unsightly and often uncomfortable. Even the panty label can be easily torn off without damaging the product.


Demoniq Amanda Lingerie Photo
Photo: Demoniq Amanda Lingerie Set


You can do a lot with photographic filters these days, but when I take the product out of the box it looks exactly like the one on the box. The three pieces are a matte black wet look, made from 95% polyester and the other 5% elastane which gives all three pieces the ability to stretch and pop back into shape perfectly. There are strips of polyester fishnet lacing that can be seen in the pictures. It is well stitched, with no frayed edges and the silver decorative ring links that join the bra straps and the panty sides do not come apart. This is a common mistake some underwear companies make and you can find yourself having to re-thread the links through the material.

It Is Actually Rather Flattering On My Expanding Ass

I have to say I am expecting to put this set on myself and have to close one eye to dare appraise the results. I am thinking I will feel depressed and immediately start grieving, writing Eulogies for my 18 year old body but I am not going to lie here. I am more than pleasantly surprised. The knickers are very flattering. There is small line of gathered reaching at the back that I thought would simply enable them to better cover my rapidly expanding arse, but it is actually very flattering. It gives an illusion of perkiness. The overall cut at the back covers just enough cheek to hold you in but at the same time leaves enough on show to make it clear to prospective viewers, I have more than the washing up on my mind. I find the bra difficult to review, I have real life boobs at the moment that I am only blessed with in pregnancy.

The bra itself is very comfortable and I thought on an initial look it might feel flimsy because of the thin back strap and only one hook and eye. While this undeniably improves the aesthetics, it has been a while since I purchased a bra without at least 3 rows of hooks and a couple of width settings. Again I am impressed. I expect it to cut into my back fat like a cheese cutter, but it doesn’t, the sizing is great. Where most decorative bras fall down though is the placing of the cups. The cups are usually too small, narrow and placed too closely together. They seem to assume our breasts are all pneumatically forward facing and unnaturally joined with a cleavage. This bra fits, there is great coverage and I am not hanging out at the sides. It has no support though, so even though I have a bit of breast going on at the moment, right now they are not perky enough to look good in this. I look fine from the front but sideways on I am left feeling a little deflated. The straps are adjustable and hold their position. Nothing worse then a bra strap you keep having to adjust through your clothes. Shortening the strap and pulling my boobs up is not enough. So any faults are definitely with my body and not the bra.

The third and final piece of the ensemble is the suspender belt. There are a couple of things that can make or break a suspender belt. I should know. I am a bit of an authority on them. From the age of about 16 to the age of 35 two things were necessities. No self respecting girl should wear flat shoes or tights EVER. I lived in stockings. Stay ups were OK but there is nothing like knowing you are wearing stockings and suspenders. Stockings and suspenders are timeless and synonymous with sexiness. I would literally glide about my life like a superhero. I held on to that age old gem of maternal advice, (and this may be a British thing)

“make sure your under wear is always nice and clean, because imagine how you would feel if you were mown down by a car! “

I was always supremely confident, that should my life come to an untimely demise, I could rest in peace knowing I looked spectacularly fabulous splayed out on the concrete of a highway.

The Amanda Passes With Flying Colors

The Amanda set passes the first suspender test with flying colours. The clips are easy enough to clip to the stockings and stay in place in a timely fashion. If you have any real knowledge of suspender belts, you will understand that this is VERY important.  I think a beginner will always struggle a little with the placing of the clips. Companies try to remove this problem for us with gimmicky products but a huge part of the power of the stocking and its attraction is the fact that it takes practise to look good not only wearing it, but MORE importantly look good putting them on and taking them off. The waistband was stretchy enough to position under my belly and round my hips. There was no slippage at all. The design and fitting matched the picture on the box. This is not something you come across that often.

This underwear is great. It would look better on a body that isn’t mine at the moment, but I am pregnant for goodness sake. . I can’t wait to try this on next year, because this truly is realistically sexy for a lot of women. The price point I should add, is beyond great for what you get.


About the author: Emily is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres


Revolutionizing The Condom World

LELO HEX Condom Image

Lelo Revolutionizes The Condom World

LELO claims HEX Condoms have revolutionised the condom world with its new engineered material design to maximise sensation without scarifying safe sex practices. When I say LELO you probably think of the high end sleek designed toys that they make, until now. The HEX condom, love it or hate it there is no denying that it has made a huge impact around the world even before its release. LELO consider it to be the most talked about condom to date. There really is no denying it with the heavy buzz all over the internet and its high demand pre-order phase.

“It’s been almost over 70 years since the condom changed its design. Isn’t it time for an upgrade?” – LELO

You’ve probably heard all the excuses of how a condom doesn’t fit, that it’ll just slide off during sex, it isn’t comfortable or how it doesn’t feel good. Yes, the last one is important and not entirely untrue. No one wants to feel as though their sexual pleasure is being reduced due to a condom. That’s where LELO HEX Condoms comes into play, it has been designed to work against all of these arguments. When it comes to the HEX all those excuses are just that, excuses.


LELO HEX Condom Image
Image: LELO HEX Condom – Review


The Condom Made From Graphene

Inspired by graphene which is one of the strongest structural designs known to science. The honeycomb pattern runs all the way from the base along the shaft and smooths out only at the tip. It allows the condom to wrap around the users penis more intuitively and move around with them. This means unless he has a VERY specific sizing needs the LELO HEX will feel like a nice tailored fit.

The honeycomb structure allows HEX to be super strong and durable. It is so strong that it has been electronically tested and prick tested. After I saw the prick test online, I had to try it for myself. After multiple pricks, the condom just won’t break unlike a regular condom that would just completely tear apart. Making skin-on-skin and fluid contact minimized which helps prevent the risk of pregnancy and STI transmission. The Hexagon design also means that the more you tug the less likely it is to slip off. Giving you peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy the moment and not having to worry about the condom. That excuse of it may break or slide off is just an excuse.

My concern about the prick test is that humans aren’t always beacons of logic and reason. People may start piercing their condoms to prove a point of science, they may then wear the condom that they tested during sexual intercourse thinking it is safe. Unbeknown to them, if there was a hole in the condom it would be one’s own fault of causing pregnancy or STI transmission. People should not prick test the condom and then wear it, it is just not safe to you or your partner.


LELO HEX Condom Image
Image: LELO HEX Condom – Review


Hex Lived Up To My Expectations

Despite the strength of HEX, he is impressively thin at only 0.045mm. He may not be the thinnest on the market but he does come close to other condoms that have an extra thin feel. LELO have also taken in account a more natural feel. That excuse it doesn’t feel good is just an excuse. How does the LELO HEX Condom really stack up to the rest of the condoms out there during sexual intercourse? Okay in my HONEST opinion HEX lived up to the expectation, it felt good just like a condom wasn’t even being used. It provided both of us with comfort and pleasure. It didn’t move once, as soon as he was on he didn’t show ANY signs of coming off until it was time to be removed that’s when it came off with ease. Getting HEX on was also a breeze unlike most condoms. HEX is definitely a winner in all aspects.

In saying that HEX has some downfalls (not for me). It’s made out of latex so people with allergies to it won’t be able to use it. This is something I thought LELO would think about because it’s a common allergy.  HEX only comes in one size, yes it stretches and shapes to the shaft but like I said earlier people with specific needs won’t be able to use him either. I would recommend this product for sure unless for reasons above.


About the author: Lauren is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres








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