The Male Masturbation Guide

Man in Bed with Laptop Photo

Male masturbation is one of the most common sexual activities in the world that is done to satisfy a males sexual needs. Male masturbation is self sexual stimulation that continues until you reach orgasm. It can be performed using hands, fingers, strokers, masturbators, artificial vaginas and love dolls to name a few ways. Male sex toys are available at adult lifestyle centres and online shop and include the category male masturbators.  There are various psychological as well as medical benefits that masturbation creates and is part of a good and healthy attitude towards sex and sexuality. With the help of masturbation sexual desires will be satiated and a healthy exploration of ones sex and sexuality will be made.  There are wide varieties of sex toys available for men and the massive range of sex toys can fulfill any specific need or requirement, including for those with disabilities. Such kinds of toy are known as male masturbators and there is no need to feel ashamed in using one for your personal use as sex toys are owned by almost everybody these days. Some mens sex toys Include:

  • Ball & Cock Toys
  • Flesh-lights
  • Love Dolls
  • Male Chastity Devices
  • Male Delay Sprays
  • Masturbaters and Strokers
  • Men’s Lingerie
  • Penis Plugs
  • Penis Pumps & Enlargers
  • Penis Sleeves & Extensions
  • Prostate & Anal Sex Toys
  • Realistic Butt & Vaginas
  • Tenga Sex Toys

You can order male sex toys in the privacy of your own home or you can go into a adult lifestyle centre. Most men hesitate to buy adult toys from a physical store as it is not private. Hence, online stores are important, where people can buy various kinds of male masturbators whist maintaining their own personal privacy. The customers details are kept confidential and when you order with adult smart the boxes will be discreet and it will keep your parcel private, from unwanted eyes. Also another very important delivery option is that customers can decide the place for their delivery. They can even receive their orders from the office or the courier service companies depot. In these online adult stores, things like scented erotic candles, massage oils, condoms, lingerie, erotic books, DVDs, and body chocolates can also be found. Vibrators and dildos are also in heavy demand.

You should choose a online store which has  a good reputation. The store should have the latest and updated products that could be conveniently used by the people. To find a online store like this, you do not need to go anywhere; just need an internet enabled computer. Online stores upload detailed information of various products along with their images so that customers could choose the best one according to their custom choices and interests. You can also send through private questions about them to customer care by contacting the respective websites.

For searching an ideal adult store online, you can also take help of many online resources. There are numerous websites available over the Internet which provides detailed information and reviews about prominent adult stores. The other benefits of online store is that many provide free shipping services for the products and they also deliver it fast.

What can I think of when I masturbate? You can take your time to think about the sexual moments that you have had or would like to have with someone by going through pornography magazines or pornography videos. Masturbating can also be done by remember previous sexual encounters that you have had and using them to masturbate to. You can dream about adding to all these thoughts your deepest desires and re-inventing the moment when your masturbating. Some people at the time of masturbation feel joy by inserting various objects such as urethral wands inside the urethra, which is usually known as sounding or urethral play. Other ways of masturbating includes using adult sex machines which can simulate sexual intercourse.

How do male’s masturbate with hands? The simplest male masturbation technique is done by holding the penis with hand with a loose fist and by moving the same up and down like a shaft. This is the simplest way of stimulation required for the ejaculation and orgasm by the individual. The speed of motion of the hand varies from person to person. By pumping the foreskin, the stimulation occurs without any difficulty. All we have to do is to slid up and down the skin over the glans. The glans automatically tightens and widens when the stimulation occurs. In order to avoid the soreness from the friction occurring I the process, some males prefer personal lubrication during the process.

Men can also massage different parts of their genitals or anal areas with sex toys or hands. There are various ways of masturbation which includes techniques such as rubbing and stroking head or shaft of the penis and by rubbing, pinching and touching the erogenous parts such as nipples while masturbating. During masturbating the penis or other parts create friction so it is always a good idea to lube up. Other various ways of male masturbation such as mutual masturbation which is done by the another partner; these types of masturbation are non penetrative.

How do I use male masturbator sex toys? Male masturbators can be used to slid up and down or in and out against the genital or anal skin with. Many other techniques of the masturbation include massage or rubbing of glans or the frenular delta or by the rim of the glans. Some men prefers to use both their hand directly on the sex toy or you can use your free hands to stroke their nipples, testicles, or other parts of the body. The nipples are the main erogenous zone with vital stimulation. It can cause the erection of the penis.

Some people might keep their hand in a steady state while thrusting their pumping their pelvic into the sex toy. Many other people use vibrators or other sexual machines. The prostate gland in the body of the male during male masturbation executes fluid to the semen. The prostate is very sensitive, men can directly stimulate it by the help of fully lubricated finger or the lubrication of the sex toy before insertion through the anus.

There are various websites online which demonstrate techniques on how to use male masturbators with ease and some simple steps to male masturbation. Once you begin masturbating with adult sex toys, you will learn what is best for you. You will find out how to have fun privately and explore your body to! At the end of the day, using male sex toys is a learning experience. You won’t really know how soft or how nice an item is until you hold it in your hands and feel the grooves, the texture, and the soft touch. I really recommend giving male sex toys a try.



OVO Sex Toys

OVO Sex Toys

Lets be blunt, sex toys fulfill sexual desires, often someone participating in sex with a partner cannot achieve ultimate pleasure without a helping hand. Adult products like OVO vibrators and sex toys helps in increasing sexual satisfaction whilst having normal sex with a partner or solo play.  In our stressful world we are often ridden with time constraints where to find the time to coordinate schedules with your partner to have sex is often difficult but with the use of sex toys one can achieve that same place of well-being.  With the help of brands like OVO quality products, these adult toys will put anybody who uses them in a better mood, leaving one feeling satisfied with the erotic engagement. When there is time sex toys can help keep the passion in a marriage or long term relationship as often your partner is too tired and with the help of OVO products to make their adult lifestyle better, it is a win/win situation for all. Single adult males or females can have exceptional sexual experience with the use of adult toys like OVO, anyone can entertain themselves or make couples play better.

Everything has been changed in a modern life style.. Sex is not an exception, and although there are more commitments it is still one of the most important activities that allows couples to bond and increase a better health and sexual lifestyle. It’s true that it is a sensitive matter to many people who till this day do not discuss sex or their sex life openly with others. So often privacy & secrecy is required for these activities, which has a crucial role in everyone’s life. People want more but often they are too afraid to discuss it with their partner or with those that can help.

There are adult toys that are suitable for males as well as females, and Ovo along with various other manufacturers provide products that will allow you to orgasm with or without involvement of partners. Thus, there is no need for you to wait for your lover to have a raunchy solo escapade. In the absence of them, ovo products would be sextremely beneficial for you to experience extreme orgasm the way you and your body want too. Pleasure objects now come in so many various shapes and designs that there is something that will please everybody.

OVO Affordability

Sex toys are available in Adult Lifestyle Centres across the globe where product ranges are endless. These adult lifestyle centres are also available online to sell adult products to satisfy all customers, especially those that want discretion. Customers buy ovo online as they get lots of advantages through purchasing by the internet. First thing they can search through a large range of items at once and each will have images and descriptions that will identify the different size or shape options, or favorite colors or even pricing and quality. You can shop in complete anonymity online and it does not matter what you are after whether it be fetish wear, prostate toys or Ovo Vibrators they are all available..

The online market is getting bigger and better day by day and people are preferring to shop over internet rather than shopping in and brick and mortar adult shop as it is time saving and the products are delivered discreetly to your door. Buying ovo online allows a greater variety to choose from and the description will allow you to understand what they are for without having to ask to store clerk.   Often these sites will have live chat so you can ask question without having to be seen. The features like powerful vibration that helps getting good orgasms, single speed function; that helps in expanding the sex organ and getting ultimate pleasures can all be identified. OVO sex toys have vibrators that come with a rechargeable battery and others which can be replaced and they are 100% body safe silicon products, phthalate free and lead free materials. OVO’s products are  designed by Germans so you know they are good and their range include bullets, vibrators, massagers, cock rings and love balls.  

OVO sex toys have different structures like a pleasure ring used by adult men, phallic structure used by females, vibrators for both all genders. OVOs intimate range takes all the best parts of sex toys in the market and makes them better being super sleek, stylish, collectible, attractive and most of all affordable. Affordability is one the biggest selling points where on can actually think about owning a whole collection of sex toy’s without having to go over the budget, rather than settling on just one. You can have so many to try in the privacy of your bedroom, you will feel like a millionaire surrounded by this luxurious product. Simply pick one of the OVOs sex toys and once you experience the joys that they can provide it will not be long before you have your own OVO collection.

OVO has a water based lubricant specifically designed for their toys so that the silicone material does not degrade over time. Use anti-bacterial spray to clean the sex toy after each use. Store your OVO in a silk bag or in a sock separately from each other so that they don’t scratch, or collect bacteria. Your OVO friend will last for years upon years to come when you look after them properly. If you are thinking to enjoy your sexual fantasies with or without the involvement of your partner in an innovative and amazing way, adult toys will be the ultimate option for you. You will be able to fulfill your sexual desires in the absence of your intimate partner. Although, there are varieties of sex toys available in the market you should buy them only after researching them and ensuring they are safe and right for you.

There are many online stores, which have been selling sex toys including OVO online for many years. You can buy them as per your sexual needs and requirements.




What’s in an Adult Store

Sex Shop Shopping

In Australia these type of adult stores are present since 1960’s and they are ranging a wide stock of adult products as demand of these products is increasing day by day. They update their stock every day to ensure the availability of every product. They also offer a free delivery to a customer who buys items of certain amount i.e. fixed by adult seller. The Company also covers the guarantee of different products .They ensure the delivery of your product to your doorstep, which makes it one of the best stores in Australia. These type of companies offer customer friendly policies to maintain their customers happy. They have hired staff to help the customers in choosing the best product, which fits their needs and they also arrange sex partners in case their client need. Adult stores Australia have very economical and competitive prices according to buyer’s convenient. The company provides a tab of products which allows the customer to compare the prices with other stores. The company has a very good security system which encourages the customers to shop with satisfaction.

Women Spending Spree

In Australia these adult store run under their government laws in big cities like Sydney, Perth, New south Wales and others but these type of adult stores also run underground in small cities. These stores have their branches in almost every big city of Australia. Apart from the city branches in internet they also run sites covers whole area by giving shipping facility. These companies get very positive feedback from their customers as they provide all type of sexual amusing products for every adult. These firms operate both, on ground and online. These organizations Channel their global traffic through their Web stores. These websites from Australian adult store archives very high sales annually, which allow these organizations to offer the best economical prices as compared to the other competitors. These companies enjoy a very positive feedback from their customers which helps them to grow faster.

A sex shop or an erotic shop is generally a shop which sells products which are related to the adult sexual and erotic entertainment. Some examples include devices such vibrators, lingerie range of sexy clothing, pornographic entities such as videos and x rated movies, and many other such related products. The world’s very first sex store was opened in the year of 1962 in Flensburg located in West Germany. But in today’s age best adult store can be found in almost all countries. Nowadays due to the influence of online shopping, several sex shops have been found to trade via the internet. The discrete nature of online shopping has an appeal for the customers. These sex shops or best adult stores are now an integral part of the rising sex industry.

Sex shop commands the online shopping market. They offer all kinds of sex toys for both of the genders and also for homo sexual, gays and lesbians. The artificial sex toy brings immense pleasure in sex life of adults who are single. These companies are specialized in selling the sex products in best adult stores Australia. Companies offer numerous items ranging from vibrators, dildos and sex toys to sex machines. Almost every company has the same kind of stock but they try to take an edge over one another. There are some companies which are only specialized in providing adult entertainment CDs, DVDs and magazines but online adult stores cover the most of the market share in adult entertainment business. Best adult stores in Australia are chosen to help you over internet in saving the time spent on browsing blindly and any adult can get so much sex amusing items according to choice which will give them ultimate sexual pleasure.

In most of the jurisdictions, such best adult stores are usually regulated with stringent laws, with access not being permitted to the minors, for which the age usually depends on local laws. In some jurisdictions which permit it, the best adult stores may show some pornographic movies usually in a private video booth, or encourage private striptease or even some peep shows. In some adult stores adult movie theater also may be attached.

Both singles and couples can stroll into the stores and this can help pump up their sex lives. To explore best adult stores first of alone must find out the options which are available in the store. There can be erotic lingerie, and sexy costumes, a plethora of sex toys and pleasure inducing gadgets, a range of novelty adult games, some bondage gears. One may also search for extra help to make the sexual experience safe as well as pleasurable using various lubricants and pills meant for erection.  Try a new and different role each night using sexy costumes. The sexy costumes have been known to keep things very lively and interesting in the bedroom making boredom turn to lust. One of the very simplest yet effective investments one can make to spice the sex life is done by investing on sexy lingerie. There is generally a large collection which allows customers to play around with various exotic fabrics, along with soft, luxurious fabrics as well as sultry and seductive styles.

One can choose from a range of girly baby dolls to elegant stockings, chemises, raunchy teddies or even sexy bodysuits. Every kind of sex toys is available for both men as well as women, from luxury toys to the kinky ones. In case you are buying for your partner, you must make sure that your partner is totally open to experimenting. Sex toys and the gadgets include couples toys, a variety of erotic anal toys, a plethora of vibrators and dildos meant for women, as well as masturbators and also pussies for men.  Erotic bondage is fast turning into the most popular and also the most controversial sexual play areas around the modern sex era. Try the exciting and bold technique by purchasing some handcuffs, few sexy harnesses, a collection of BDSM restraints as well as some fetish wear.

If so you need to go to an adult shop! Adult shops are popular because they sell adult products that are able to make your sexual lifestyle healthy and happy.  Most of the time it is seen that adult products are a forbidden subject but they bring so much extra extra energy in your sexual life. And if you want to buy adult products like sex toys then you have to go to the best adult shops and buy the best quality products.

But it is seen that many people are shy to go to an adult shop and buy adult products for themselves or their lover. Ask customer service for assistance to demonstrate how the product works There are high quality adult shops in Australia where you will go and get great service and thousands of products to choose from. If you are still to shy to visit a store then go to an online adult shop where you will get a lot more opportunity to research and find out about products in the comfort of your own home at your own time.  You will also be able to find out about the positive aspects as well as the negative aspects. So you will easily realize by yourself what products are more suitable for you and which are not. You will be also able to buy the products online  and have them shipped to your door discretely whilst you remain anonymous.

They do not like the fact that often shyness gets in the way of full and honest enjoyment! So if you want to make your husband or wife happy then try something new today and give your lover a pleasant surprise. It is a sure thing that they will really love your surprise and it will sure beat a bunch of flowers.  It will also increase the love between you. Try something new today. Adult shops offer all the latest ways to make your sex interesting. Try to find out and choose the best product for you that will be suitable for your sexual life. Always try new new products to make your sexual life non boring and  to make your lover happy!

Top 5 Bestselling Vibrators

Olden Day Vibrator

Vibrators are sex toys than can be used by both men and women that are used to increase your sensual pleasures! Vibrators are the most popular sex toys in the world. One of the first vibrators was called the ‘Tremoussoir’ invented in France during 1734, it was a steam-powered vibrator and was called the “Manipulator” invented in 1869. In the 1980s and 1990s vibrators became more popular starting with the ‘sexual revolution’ in the early 70’s.  As we entered the 21st century the stigma’s attached to possessing or purchasing a sex toy dissipated and were publicly displayed in many forms of media including a point of interest in August 1998 of the scene from the HBO show Sex and the City, in which the character Charlotte discovers the joy of the bestselling rabbit vibrator. There is a huge range of vibrators on the marked but the top 5 selling sex toy vibrators are detailed below –

BodyWand Sex Toy
Bodywand Vibrator


Women use vibrators as some sexual positions or partners cannot provide the same levels of sexual stimulation a sex toy can. Vibrators  can give you the perfect orgasm as you control the speed and position and you are the only one that knows exactly what your body wants. To get a good orgasm start slowly and massage your clitoris gently with your sex toy on a low setting. Massage it and add some lubrication if  you do not naturally become lubricated enough. Your body will take time to get used to a vibrator if you have never used one before. Remember to go slowly so your body adjusts, you can then massage the toy on your vaginal lips, nipples or other parts of your body for a deep and sexy body massage. You will soon discover what turns you on and will become comfortable using a sex toy.

It is strongly advised that when you first get a new sex toy, use it by yourself until you are comfortable with it.  Once you are add some spice to your relationship and include your partner for some couples play.  Your relationship will become much stronger and your sexual attraction to each other will ignite.

Men also use vibrators in a variety of manners, so why not try your new sex toy on him by placing it gently on the tip of his frenulum or massage it softly against the shaft of his penis. Place the vibrator under his balls using a cloth to make the stimulation softer. The vibration’s will help enhance his orgasm too. The vibration can turn him on until he is extremely erect and hard. Using a vibrator over long periods of times can also help make him last longer in bed due to the excess stimulation.  There are also insert-able vibrators designed specifically for men.  It is up to you both to decide what is right for your particular circumstances.

Below are listed some of the bestselling vibrators available today:

G Vibe
G-Spot Vibrator
  • The Magic Wand: This is an awesome vibrator which is used for external use and was originally designed as a body massager. Most of the time, this vibrator is used for clitoral vibration. It has a big head. You will love its elegant design as well as also its cushy head. This vibrator is also known as Cadillac and is made by Hitachi. This has been one of the best-selling vibrators in the world with hundreds of reviews and its popularity is due to the strong and powerful vibrations it delivers.  It literally has the ability to make you excited and orgasm in minutes because it is so. It is one of a very few vibrators that plugs straight into an electricity socket using a power-cord and is quite large and cumbersome.  It is recommended that people who have had a lot of experience with sex toys use it because of it’s teeth rattling power.  Many similar battery operated and rechargeable vibrators similar to this have been created by various manufacturers and they come under the category or Body Wand Massagers.
  • The G-Spot Vibrator: This is an insertable vibrator that is designed to give you the internal pleasure. It has a powerful curved tip, which is especially designed to massage and stimulate your  g-spot. Many will have a ridged based and enlarged head at the tip, which will helps stimulate the walls around the vaginal opening and manipulate your G-Spot at the same time. It is able to provide the users with wonderful pleasure and experience a G-Spot orgasm as opposed to a clitoral or A-Spot orgasm. Most women like it, as they can use it to stimulate themselves internally.
  • The Lelo GiG 2i: This is also a G-Spot vibrator but needs mentioning as it was the bestselling G-Spot vibrator for a number of years. It is also best for internal use but unlike many other G-Spot vibrators the shaft is smooth from tip to base to allow G-Spot-centric stimulation. It can also be used for clit-centric arousal when used externally.
  • The Water Dancer: The name is very funny, isn’t it? It is also known as a pocket rocket or pocket massager due to it’s small size and it’s popularity has stood the test of time being a bestseller for decades now.  Like the magic wand it is especially designed for the external use and clit targeted use. It will generally come with four different textured tips that simply pop on and off so that you will be able to determine which texture is the best for your body.. It is generally powered by two AA batteries and is delivers very powerful vibrations to such a small area. The original version came with only one speed but subsequent versions have come out with multiple speeds and in a fully submersible water-proof version so it can be enjoyed whilst relaxing in the bath or taking a shower.
  • Fun Factory Stronic: Series: Although technically not powered by a vibrator but rather a pulsator or pulsators this innovatively German designed and made sex toy from the Fun Factory company took the world by storm when they were first released.  Designed to simulate the actual movements made in love making with strong powerful pulsating action the Bi-Stroni, Stronic Eins,Zwei and Drie have become a very popular sex toy and in demand for gay men.






Sex and Happiness

Woman Happy Photo

There are some people in the world, whom no matter how hard you try, seemingly do not want to be happy. Alright, I admit, that’s a grandiose and misleading statement, but I can honestly not think of any real reason why people would not want to use sex toys as they make me and anyone I know who uses them happy. To place absolute faith in your sexual satisfaction in your partner is both admirable and sweet, however I feel that it is also highly unrealistic and can cause undue stress because of expectations on the both of you to either perform or enjoy. Sex is the art of a human being’s passion and love in whatever form that may take, and sometimes that’s simply is not enough. Sex and happiness are both important factors for a healthy enjoyable adult lifestyle. So why wouldn’t you want to enjoy it as much as possible and in a variety of ways.  The addition of sex toys in both solo and partner play can accomplish this.

There is nothing worse than a couple that has been together a long time and sex has become boring! A boring sex life can also lead to other relationship issues that could have a terminal effect.  As we age, our bodies don’t respond to things as well, and especially in the case of boys, some things just no longer stand to attention or go the distance.  Erectile dysfunction can put a dampener on any sexual relationship, but if you have shifted some of the sexual pressure of the man, and onto an pleasure object, including your partner then hopefully there will no longer be boredom but a new appreciation of sex. Now, you may understand why sex toys are important for your sexual life and well-being! With sex, we get comfort and pleasure both physically and mentally, it is also a release and will reduce stress and  with those lovely endorphins flying around will also make you feel better. It will be great to rekindle that spar and be intimate with that special someone but a sex toy can also help when you do not want to be with someone.  When you are arguing and do not even want to be in the same room. Using a sex toy in these sorts of situations will hopefully ease the tension of those time too!

Sometimes, despite being surrounded by people we can feel a little lonely. At times like this, sex toys make a great recovery tool to help us get back on track! Whether it’s mens sex toys, or vibrators or dildos for women, or even if its a bit of both, it can certainly help and strength that relationship. Indeed, nowadays adult sex toys are used increasingly each day. Many people take this erotic path to give them pleasure either with someone or without someone.  A lot of adult toys are available in the market and they come in a variety of different shapes, unique structures all with user comfort in mind. The explanation for such a diverse range of pleasure objects on the market is simple.  Human being always crave happiness and pleasure and sex toys will produce that – hence Sex and Happiness can be achieved by using them.


Passion In The Bedroom


As both men and women have a lots of sexual desires, and when a relationship first starts our these carnal desires make each partner want to satisfy the other fully whilst exploring the majesty of each others being both physically and mentally there is generally no problem achieving both sex and happiness. But how about after a couple of years, after the Doris Day filters come off and you see each others shortcomings and flaws.  After you have tried all the positions and now almost every time it is done in missionary or whilst spooning each other.  This can sometimes feel boring to one or both but it does not need to be so.  It is time to ramp up your sexual styles and explore those adult toys.  Trust me everything has been though of and you can fin vibrators, sex toys, masturbators, prostate stimulators, cock rings, penis pumps, clitoral massager, bdsm gear and som many more erotic and fun toys. There are a lot of companies who offer many kinds of adult products sourced from all over the world with the newest and greatest toys that are continually evolving and new designs being though of. If anyone wants to increase his/her sexual taste with the knowledge that they are shopping safely and securely and with the idea that they have thousands upon thousands of products to search through, then perhaps you could consider, the sex toys Adultsmart and help grow renewed interest, passion and fire to your partner for more satisfaction.

Truth be told there are many men and women that are discouraged after sex, as they were not able to satisfy their partner and others that become frustrated during sex because they are not satisfied. There is a name for this and It’s called post-coital tristesse (PCT). It originates from the Latin expression post-coital and the French word tristesse, and it truly signifies “trouble.” Many individuals who experience the ill effects of PCT will encounter solid sentiments of distress, tension, or uneasiness before or after after sex that often lasts more than 2 hours after. So why would you allow this to continue when there is a solution?  Most relationship and sex therapists will endorse the use of toys in a relationship – so isn’t it time that you were proactive and brought them into a languishing relationship and form that loving bond you once had?. Your own body produces natural dopamine and endorphins during and after good sex that should bring you to a better place – no one of unhappiness.

Sex and happiness can be achieved with sex with dopamine surging through your body.  You should feel relaxed, satiated and a sense of well-being should cover your body after good sex.  So let go of your apprehensions, do not feel frightened and learn how to introduce sex toys into your relationship.  Both you and your lover will be thankful after and I am sure that both of you will once again be in each others loving arms and looking forward to your next sexperience as you discover new things about your sexual beings with the use of sex toy that will make you happy.