A Night I Will Never Forget With The BIG BOY!

Big Boy 12" Dong Sex Toy Image

What Are Dildo Options

Dildos are designed in a phallic shape and with multiple options in design.  This is a sex toy that the user can choose the look and feel they want.  If they are size queens there are options that will amaze, a dildo can be of circumsized or uncircumsized design.  The purchaser can choose whether they want a flesh colored, brown colored, black or even multiple colors.  They can choose the thickness even intricate designs like whether they are veined or even bent.  You have options for inflatable dildos where the user wishes to blow it up inside themselves.  They can be moulded at home from an actual penis with Clone-A-Willy kits or moulded from your favourite porn star.  There are vibrating dildos, dildos that squirt – as you can see the choices are boundless.

Dildos come in numerous sizes from one and a half inches to monsters as big as 3 feet.  Additional options on a dildo could be suction capped base so that you can attach it to your bathroom wall or table for some one on one hands free action.  They can be attached to sex machines for some real hardcore sex or used with a strap on for some pegging action or for a lesbian couple.  They are designed to both replicate real sex or to be used as an additional sex aid during real sex action.  If you like the feel of real sexual intercourse, then the Big Boy 12″ Dong is the ultimate option for you. This sex toy will provide intense pleasurable sensations and is guaranteed to satisfy. This large dildo features a fully realistic cock shape with stimulating sculptured veins and a comfortable base to hold onto. It is made of PVC, non-phthalate, latex free with an antibacterial sil-a-gel formula. You can get amazing orgasms by using this sex toy for your sexual needs and requirements.


Doc Johnson Dildo Sex Toy 12"


Big Boy 12 Inch Real Customer Review

‘If at first you find it difficult to insert the dildo, take it easy, slow it down and have some extra foreplay. Trust me it would be worth it. You can even use it if you’re super tight, just remember to go slow and your experience will be delightful. I drained a considerable amount of energy on the first run through. After my love and I realized what I could and couldn’t do, we were able to use the big dildo for masturbation because of we choose to use it. I recommend you start off gradually and do not expect to go for a long time. It was the hugest dildo I’ve ever used, it was the longest too with the biggest width. You need to use a lot of water based lubrication, and you need to constantly re-lubricate as the sex toy is so big. If you like enormous dildos Big Boy 12″ Dong will do the trick for you, period. Using the dildo at first can sting if you’re not used of the size, however once you get going through the awkward sensations, it’s wonderful. It will top your masturbation session off. Eventually, you’ll learn how to utilize it naturally when you are masturbating and you’ll learn what is best for your body.  If your body yearns for a big cock then give this one a go, you won’t regret it.’

You will be able to enjoy your sexuality with solo masturbation or the big boy can be used with the help of your partner.  Adultsmart is a trusted adult shopping store online that has a huge range of sex toys available at competitive pricing.  With fast, discreet shipping worldwide it is a top ranking retail site whose customer base is growing on a daily basis. Being a reputed online adult store, they sell quality branded products with a huge range and prices for everyone’s budget. You will be able to find a product that suits your personal needs. Have a look at some of their most popular sex toys now!




Ein, Drei, ZWEI to Pulsating Sex!

Fun Factory Male Viabrator

Most people connect sex toys with vibrators but what happens when you get a sex toy that does not vibrate.  The innovative stronic series from Fun Factory adult toys has a pulsator that thrusts up and down instead of vibrating.  Find out what makes these sex toys so unique and popular at the article

It’a A Pulsator NOT A Vibrator…




Lelo Noir Sends Me Luna!

lelo luna beads

If you want to feel sensual & erotic pleasure with or without involvement of your intimate partners, Lelo Luna Beads Noir would be the perfect sex toy for you. It’s considered as sleek and seductive, which brings irresistible pleasures during foreplay and beyond. It is perfect for wearing on a night out with your partner. Its inner balls respond to movements with subtle vibrations, enhancing your feeling for the pleasures each time you make the slightest movement. It also provides an array of health benefits along with the promise of more powerful and regular orgasms in the future. You will always enjoy using the Lelo Luna Noir.

kegel balls lelo
Sex Toy: Lelo Luna Beads Noir


The Luna Bead dark shade is quite beautiful and very new age styled. I adore the look of the Luna Beads Noir. Whether you like the colour or not, no one is going to see them as they go inside you, hidden away whilst they work on your pelvic floor and wall, these kegal excercise balls will make you orgasm more and feel tighter and healthier with your sexual partner. It appears that Lelo wanted to follow the fifty shades of grey movie and book trend that is happening around the world at the moment. Many people are following the BDSM, dominating and submissive sexual lifestyle in their bedroom and experimenting with new sex techniques and sex toys. So the main thing that I can consider in the matter of why Lelo delivered these, is to promoted somewhat more on the Fifty Shades of Grey.

Lelo Luna Beads Noir are littler for less demanding insertion and extraction and are a heavier weight contrasted with our exemplary adaptation for more grounded, more pleasurable sensations. Luna Beads Noir come in one size, the very small size and are available as only one weight which is quite heavy. If you are just starting out using Luna Beads, I recommend you buy a larger set with a lighter weight. The Luna Bead Noir as made for the more experience kegel exerciser. I would just say that using one regularly will result in you having a tighter vagina.   Did you know that many women use them to lift vaginal weights?

You can perform various Kegel Exercises with the luna beads, the most effective method to do Kegel works out are as follows:

  • Locate the right muscles: To distinguish your pelvic floor muscles, stop pee in midstream. On the off chance that you succeed, you have the right muscles. Once you’ve recognized your pelvic floor muscles you can do the activities in any position, in spite of the fact that you may think that its least demanding to do them resting at first.
  • Define your procedure: Fix your pelvic floor muscles, hold the constriction for five seconds, and afterward unwind for five seconds. Attempt it four or five times in succession. Work up to keeping the muscles contracted for 10 seconds on end, unwinding for 10 seconds between compression’s.
  • Keep up your core interest: For best results, concentrate on fixing just your pelvic floor muscles. Be mindful so as not to flex the muscles in your guts, thighs or rear end. Abstain from holding your breath. Rather, inhale openly amid the activities.
  • Do it three times each day: Try to use the 3 times a day for 10 or more minutes to get the best results.

Adultsmart is a prominent online adult store that ships worldwide, and is one of the most popular shopping sites online. They have the whole range of lelo products as well a a huge variety of sex toys to suit every person.  Why not take the opportunity to see what Kegel Balls will suit you?




6 Reasons Why We Support Gays!

Gay Adoption Orlando

I have written this article being a straight man at the request of the administrators of this site.  They want me to write some articles sharing my views so here is my first. I am a straight man but have spent time with straight, gay, lesbian and gay haters.  Been to gay bars, straight bars, picnics and as far as I am concerned each to their own but I have come to my own conclusions why we should support Gay People and their community.   Maybe my views are wrong and I am open enough for criticism and comment and in fact would really appreciate the feedback and get others views.


Adoption For Gay Parents


These are my top 10 reasons why and how we support gays:

  1. Gay couples in a relationship do not make children: The adoption process is already difficult as it is, it is already very hard for straight couple’s to adopt within Australia with processes that can take up to a whole year. Since gay men are unable to reproduce, gay couples generally adopt either from parents who are unable to support their children or children from other impoverished countries from all around the world.  Generally they treat their children well to like any other parent, guardianship or family. Most children who have grown up with adults who have had gay parents are well educated, grounded and accepting of all different types of people.  Surely the Government should be giving pensions and grants to these generous people for doing this but no, most gay couples actually spend their hard earned dollars to adopt and bring up their children without a handout.  In my view, they are doing our community, the children and the Government a service and saving other people hard earned cash to pay more taxes. The government should consented to underwrite and campaign states for equivalent appropriation rights for same-sex couples. If there were more gay couples in relationships, partnerships and marriages across the world it would help reduce the ever increasing burden on our resources, economies and create stronger, happier, accepting communities.
  2. Human life is short:  Sadly, human life has a time limit on this gorgeous planet. We have 70 year to maybe 90 years before our bodies turn to dust and become another atom in the universe.  Most of us work like dogs till we are 60 just to save enough money, to live a fulfilling retirement on a pension, if we are lucky.  In my view, we should enjoy the time we have on this planet and as long as we are not hurting others along the way, do so in any manner that gives us the most joy and fulfillment.  Years ago we hear the horror stories of gay men in the closet, living their life as a lie, not only damaging their own self and well-being but that of their partner, family and friends. Some gay men ended up marrying woman to be support by their community and get job promotions.  No wonder so many them had so many difficult problems in the early 20th century
  3. Most gay men have taste: Let’s face it if it was not for gay men metro-sexuality would never have got off the ground.  The best hairdressers, clothes designers, photographers, dancers, actors and so on are all gay.  Where in the hell would we be without them?
  4. There are sex parties that cater to their needs: There is a different type of gay party for everyone like underwear parties and bath houses.
  5. From a very selfish point of view being a hetro-male, I wish there were more gays: As that way I would have more chance to get lucky when I go out.  It seems that my luck always increases when I go out with any of my gay friends as the women just seem attracted to them like moths to a flame.Stand in opposition to Bullying: Harassing is no chuckling matter, and we’re not simply discussing hurt emotions here. Harassing impacts school work, associations with family and companions, and in particular, a gay individual’s association with themselves. Stop the tormenting by talking up for your gay companions.
  6. Sign a petition, watch gay television shows and compose the Church: A solitary mark or email may appear to be unessential, yet joined by millions change happens.And by watching shows that have reflect the LGBT community and demonstrates americans gay life on TV may likewise help improve people’s understandings towards the LGBT community.


My Orgasmic Experience With Teneo!

Smartballs Kegel Balls

Kegel Balls

If you are looking for sensational feelings & experiences that will not only improve your sexual enjoyments but is also a sexual wellness product that will strengthen your pelvic walls.  Strengthening the pelvic walls, especially after child birth has multiple positive outcomes.  It will tighten your pelvic wall and floor muscles making your vagina become tight once again, as the muscles have strengthened it will assist in stopping incontenance problems and as an added bonus most women whilst doing these exercises will orgasm and it will also make it easier to orgasm with a partner.  These little wonder balls are often referred to as Kegel Balls, sex balls, ben wa balls and kegel exercisers.

One of the leading sex toy manufacturers Fun Factory, who by the way design and manufacture their products in Germany, and we all know about the quality of German engineered products, have created the Teneo Duo Vaginal Balls. These kegels are sleek, velvety and all the things one looks for when trying to find a luxury sex aid.  The contours will captivate the pelvic walls making the exercising a sensual pleasure.  The innovative technologies used in the design and manufacture of this product are simply put, outstanding!  Making it smooth to use whilst the rotation of the internal balls will keep the pelvic muscles twitching with every move.  They are so sexy when inserted that many women will wear them whilst shopping or picking up the kids from school.  Next time you see a woman with a huge satisfied smile on her face in public ask yourself

‘Does she have the Teneo in now?’

Smartballs Kegel Balls
Sex Toy: Smartballs Teneo Duo Vaginal Balls

Teneo Smart Balls features include:

  • Velvety Soft Silicone
  • Size: 10cm Ball: 3, 6cm
  • Silicone Removal Loop
  • Seamless Construction

Why use Teneo Kegel Balls?

Today kegel balls are made of different types of materials — metal, plastic, latex, glass, silicone, even jade. It is important to pick balls that do not easily collect bacteria so I suggest metal, silicone or glass. Try to find balls that are hollow and weighted with smaller metal balls inside them; these balls move as you move causing your vaginal muscles to tighten due to the sensation. Some women keep their ben wall balls in for a few hours while others the entire day. Beginners should probably start out with small set of balls and graduate up to larger heavier ones. I suggest you use your balls at home before wearing them out in public. You don’t want to lose your balls in your pants at the office and put yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

How to use your kegel balls:

Insert the kegel balls into your vagina. You can use some lube if you want to help slide them in … but I doubt that you will need to. Once inside, they will feel no different than a tampon and within a few minutes, you will not feel them at all. Depending on the weight of your balls when you become active, you will feel the balls jiggle inside your vagina and possibly begin to slide down. I have never experienced the slide down feeling but I felt I should warn you just in case. The feeling of the balls is very slight, this slight movement of the inner balls, will cause your kegel muscles to tighten. Depending on your sensitivity, you will begin to feel aroused.

Some balls come stringed and others are not. I prefer the non-stringed version for cleanliness reasons however the teneo comes with a silicone loop that is handy for easy insertion and release. Some women prefer the stringed version of the balls to ensure they can reach them to pull them out but don’t worry, all you have to do is push down and the balls will come out easily.  The teneo seamless construction is majestic and is pretty much soundless. It is a real pleasure to hold the Teneo ball inside and the internal balls become agitated with movement. Ideal for those who want to stay energized all day or make your partner feel energized and sexually aroused.

Using kegel balls is fun and functional. The velvety smartballs are impossible to not desire with its improved surface that will make you scream of pleasure. Of course, the most experienced will find a range of products available but these balls are just one-of-a-kind! Now you just need to make sure to put it somewhere where no one can find it since this is just a real treasure that only you should be able to find! These balls are truly designed to make your sexual health better, and who does not want that?  It is a sex aid that is designed to boost the fantasy and pleasures for all females in the most intimate of places.  So if you after a sex toy that will make you feel better, is healthy for you and will allow you to experience orgasms the Teneo Duo Vaginal Balls from Fun Factory are an obvious choice.