How To Build a Sex Toy Company

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Ever wondered how to set up an online business, trade and make money without the expense of having to buy or the stress of having to manage stock.  The answer to that is find a reliable company that holds inventory that will drop–ship for you. This allows you to increase your product range, without actually increasing your business overheads for storage, extra staff and managing those extra products. One of the best companies to do this is Xsales – Australia’s best adult toy drop shipper.  With an inventory of many thousands of unique products the range and variety is sure to stock a complete online store or even to supplement an existing one. Drown out any competition by increasing your product range! If you want to start your own adult novelty business, you have come to the right place. The most important things for your customers are ensuring them that you offer the highest quality adult novelty products. It is also important to have the ability to ship anywhere in the world.


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Xsales is a well know adult novelty distributor in Australia. They know how to treat customers, except, for you of course, that you know better what your customers want. Xsales can provide what your customers want. In fact if you want, they can ship your adult novelty products directly to their door, with you literally not having to move a finger. Xsales will service your clients orders in discreet packaging and with no company details excluding our return PO Box in case of a failure to delivery.  Most orders are shipped the next business day and a flat postage fee of $10 is charged whether it be one item or one hundred items to the same address.  No handling fee is charged so it makes xsales one of the cheapest options for drop-shipping in Australia.

With several landlines and customer support available from 9am to 5pm weekdays AEST you can always contact someone should you have a query.  Customer service is of great importance to Xsales and in the unlikely event there is a problem will strive to resolve any problems efficiently and as pain free as possible. We understand in today’s business world how important customer service is, and we also understand how sometimes it can be a little difficult putting faith in a different company that handles products to your clients. We make that process as painless and efficient as possible without sacrificing exemplary customer service.

The only thing you need to do is decide on the adult novelty products you want to sell. Xsales Company is one of the best adult novelty drop shipping companies in Australia. They provide quality products and the best prices in combined with their great quality service. They also know that shipping requires careful handling. They do not just box up your package and send it off without another thought. Adult novelty products need high quality care, and they offer it. They carefully pack the package in a discreet way and we never leave a mark of our company’s details or PO Box. Your customer doesn’t know that you cooperate with them.  Xsales is proud to stand out from the rest. The customer service and satisfaction is the primary concern. They have a specialized team that can supply you with all the adult novelty products in stock and at prices where you can earn money. This is where the distributor program comes in

So how can you use them? If you are starting a business just decide on your name and on your adult novelty products that you want to sell and leave the rest on them. Let them store the adult novelty products inventory and deliver it to your customers on your behalf. Use the free time that you will have to promote your website and your products. Attract new customers and start earning serious money. Xsales are serious on what they do. They will take care of your business and your customers like family. They will store your adult novelty products and they will deliver them at your customer’s door. They are reliable, experienced, with knowledge in the field and professional enough to give you the chance to establish longer business relationships with your customers.

If you ever dreamt of having a business and running it without moving a finger, this is your chance. You can take advantage of the internet and the Xsales Company so that you can work directly from your home. Work from home hasn’t been much easier than this. Today sex sells and the money are flowing online. Use the opportunity with Xsales and the increase of online adult sales will make sure that you establish a successful business.


Adult Drop Shipping Made Easy!

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Are you the owner of an adult retail shop?  Do you have an online adult store?  Do you do adult party planning?  Or are you looking at expanding your range in your mainstream retail store?
If the answer to any of these questions is a resounding Yes! then we have some vital information that can assist you in your business endeavors and profitability.  Try shopping at Xsales Australia’s best adult product wholesaler – nominated for best Australian Distributor 2013, 2014.  Xsales has many exclusive lines in it’s huge range of products including the kink based line Hell’s Couture and the Australian exclusive distribution of LA Penis Pumps, our range is well priced and offers fast and reliable service.  Most products will allow you to place at least 100% mark up from your wholesale price.
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Australia’s premium adult wholesaler Xsales is offering drop shipping solutions to online vendors anywhere in the world. By using DHL you’ll quickly find that it is often cheaper than local domestic options – thereby saving your business in unnecessary overheads.  Xsales is currently stocking thousands of unique products with more added weekly and our warehouse facilities, in most cases, have the ability to organise collect, and pack for next day pick up and drop shipping. It is clear that we are a premium adult product drop shipper. Businesses are signing up regularly and we are able to cater to each of their individual needs. One of our exclusive lines we are able to provide is also the kink based online wholesale Hell’s Couture and now BDStyle.

With an in house programmer ready to provide live feeds to products and images many online merchants are setting up virtual shops without having the expense of holding a huge inventory, extra staff salaries, warehouse costs and overheads associated with these extra expenses. A  flat fee is charged per order for post and no handling charge to make operating your online business painless and without the need to worry.

This will allow you to maximize your time and efforts into Search Engine Optimization (SEO), CPC Campaigns and Google Adwords – this means that you can focus on increasing your online presence whilst we do the hard yards in making sure stock that you’re selling is sent to your customers. Ensuring that your hard work will mean better online sales, and direct increase in profits and leaving the other hard work in the hands of a premium adult product drop shipper.  Increase your sales whilst Xsales picks, packs and sends products to your clients.  Xsales has a dedicated team of Customer Service Representatives as well as trained warehouse staff that will look after the logistics for you.

The customer service staff are available to assist you with any inquiries 9am-5pm Monday to Friday A.E.S.T.  With all our staff having a great knowledge of adult products that can be invaluable in helping you select the best product for your store and help maximize products.   If you are not internet savvy they can take your order over the phone or you can even inquire about visiting our Showroom.
Payment can be made in a number of manner and for established customers credit can be given.  Funds transfer, credit card, cheque are just some of the payment options.
Dispatch in most cases is achieved within 48hours of receiving the order and is done by our friendly and efficient warehouse staff.  All care is taken to ensure delivery of goods is made without damage to any products through our various Freight and Logistics providers StarTrack, Fastway DHL and Australia Post.  Freight is charged at cost and there is no handling fee so you are only charged for what you are getting or what something costs.  It cannot be fairer or easier than that.
Xsales also offers a drop-shipping  service for online stores, party planners, and on the road sex toy reps.  These orders are generally serviced within one business day of the order being received and is in discreet packaging that will only indicate our return PO Box address in case of a failed delivery.  Express post satchels are generally used and next day delivery in most zones occurs.The website of xsales is easy to use but registration is essential to access the online ordering and prices.  Once approved it is just a matter of adding any of the products you want to your cart and placing the order.  It Is simple to use and easy to navigate.Experience the wholesale experience with thousands of products available to you right now that makes Xsales the best Australian adult product wholesaler.



Shopping At Adultsmart

AdultSmart Australian Trusted Sex Toy Website

Adultsmart has faithfully provided to their customers the newest and most innovative sex toys in the market, all for satisfying your pleasure and wishes, and maintaining your sex life.  In all the years that they have been in business their products allow you to fulfill your sexual desires.  The variety of products that you can choose from goes from sextoys to lingerie, costumes and much more.  All you can think and need to make your fantasy real, and please your partner and/or you.

Why should you buy from adultsmart?  Because they have the best of everything sex related.  Every fetish you might have, every kinky dream you wish, they all come true at adultsmart. They have the newest and most innovative bondage, clamps, wipes, restraining chains and much more. Besides the pleasure that you will get from these products you will also be guaranteed your safety as all the products are made from high quality materials.


If you want to play it safe but you want to add some spice to your sex life you can try with appetizing lingerie. It will make you partner crazy about you and you will experience desire that you never felt before.  So escape your comfort zone and get a bit kinky. Don’t let the monotony of your life overflow in your sex life, and try to do new things once in a while. Dominate or by dominated. With the variety of products that you find on the site you can chose to do a lot of role playing games, or use vibrators and dildos to explore and satisfy.  Don’t be shy try new things, indulge yourself in pleasure. Excite your partner and try different sex toys.  Try a penis ring or maybe a  sex kit, to spice up your sex life. Don’t be rough, play for pleasure not for pain – unless it is a bit of pain that you are into.

Adultsmart is made for the retail connoisseur who needs some sexual retail therapy.  Other benefits that you will get from purchasing products from this store are: that you can purchase with you credit card, and the transaction is encrypted and process via a secure server. All item advertised on the site should be in stock and can be ship to you address in a couple of days. You can return all item that you find to be faulty or have a manufacturer defect with 30 days of purchase.

So feel safe to indulge in you fantasy and order anything that you wish for, you will not regret having chosen Adultsmart as your provider. If you are not comfortable going to a sex shop locally, there are tons of online shops where you can get your sex toys, adult products and adult novelties. Moreover, there are a lot of sex toy shops that can offer discounted bulk prices for sex toys that are purchased in packages. Among these great stores you’ll find one of Australia’s best stores; Adultsmart. This is one of the best sex shops in Australia and a great online source for all your adult product purchases. With its large selection from everything from vibrators, to lingerie to kink related items you will surely find everything you are looking for in an online adult store.

adultsmart sex toy seller

Everything that you are looking for from cock rings, sex dolls, masturbators, Penis/Vaginal enlargement pumps, beads, balls, dildos, strap on and vibrators, can easily be purchased from Adultsmart. This site carries one of the largest selections of sex toys that are perfect for any Individual that want to spice up their life and have more fun in the bedroom. The best sex toys are the ones that are easy to use. Whether you are a first timer or a more experienced user, you can find any sex toy that will meet your requirements in Adultsmart.

Adultsmart not only offers quality in products, but also excellent customer service  but also sex tips and education to make your sex life better. You can find a link to videos and porn DVDs that can educate and entertain you the same time. Prices in Adultsmart are reasonable. You can also find low prices that you will not find anywhere else but also great offers when you buy in bulk our shipping costs are also capped no matter how little, or how much you buy.

Concerning customer service, Adultsmart has one of the best online, and its easy to see why we are one of the best online adult stores. They will respond quickly to any emails or telephones during business hours from Monday to Friday AEST, they also have live chat and telephone service. If you’re a business and want better prices, contact them now and get wholesale pricing quotes for your business. Adultsmart is a great shop for all your sex toy needs. The website is also fantastic and the menu is easy to navigate. All the products are of high quality and the company’s motto is ‘care for the customer’.

Would I recommend it to someone else? Of course. You will have a wonderful experience as I did and you will be glad to share it to anyone you know.  Once you use this shop for all your sex needs you will not want to try any other shop. This one will ship your product directly to your door in a discrete packaging and will focus on top notch care of you before, during and after your purchase. Finally as I stated, you can contact them to get offers for bulk orders. Adultsmart offers discounted bulk prices for sex toys, so take advantage of this offer now. Combine your products and receive the lowest prices possible. Relax and feel the experience of shopping on Adultsmart. Get your products and enjoy them. You can now rest assures that anything you buy is of high quality and reliable.

#Trending Penis Plugs!

Urethral sound

Any man if asked would say that he wants to satisfy his lover. This is the reason why most men search for new techniques and tricks to improve their sexual performance. Among the several techniques and devices that were released the past few years, sex toys have been a favorite for men. So if you are a man looking to try new innovative ways and increase your sexual performance and generally improve the satisfaction in your relationship, why not try the new trend called Penis plug. This is a new toy that will help you increase your sexual performance, while achieving more intense and longer lasting orgasms.

vex penis jewel plug

You would be surprised of the several designs and shapes that you can find, when looking for the ideal penis plug. But let’s begin with the definition of this toy. A penis plug is a toy made of stainless steel, usually having a straight shape and it is inserted in the urethra for increased stimulation and longer lasting sexual play. Though you can find several things to insert in your urethra, it is advised that you would use only stainless steel toys, because other materials like glass or plastics would be easier to break and cause injury.

The most common penis plug is the Urethral Sounds. In several occasions it comes in a straight size or in a more curved design that will help enlarge the size of your urethra. Another common type of penis plugs is the Prince’s wand. These require a piercing that you need to have on the underside of your penis. This plug is inserted into the urethra, and a threaded pin is inserted through the piercing and screwed on the plug. Several plugs of this type may have a ball at the top that can be unscrewed in case of ejaculation or getting rid of other fluids. Other penis plugs don’t have a piercing and they vary in designs.

By thinking of a penis plug you might think that this is very painful. In the contrary though, this little device will enlarge your urethra, while increasing your sexual gratification and improving your performance on sex. Your orgasms will be more intense than ever before. Each cock is different, so each penis plug follows the same concept. Each penis plug is different and can be offered in different sizes, diameters and lengths. You can choose penis plugs that have balls of steels, others that require a piercing and others with a glands holder and other plugs that are straight and plug and play. If you don’t want to feel the pain of getting pierced on your cock, the simplest form of penis plugs will be best suitable for you.

Last but not least the most modern type of penis plugs include a vibrator on top of the plug, so that you can feel extra vibrations and increased orgasms during long lasting sexual foreplay and acts. If you haven’t tried one, this is your chance. Penis plugs are the new fashion of sex toys for men. It may sound a bit strange and it may be perceived as painful, but in the contrary, it is very pleasurable. Men are using penis plugs for many years. The most common penis plug is made out of stainless steel or also called surgical steel. There are many types of penis plugs, with the most common being the Pa Seem and the thru hole. These devices can have an uneven or smooth shaft, and they come in various designs. To get a penis plug you should device on lengths and diameters too. Getting a bigger one can be painful and getting a smaller one can fall off easily. You should get the dimensions of your urethra diameter and buy a plug accordingly.

Always buy penis plugs that can be cleaned. Ensure that you buy a high quality and expensive penis plug as better quality can ensure a healthier act. To use the plug you need to choose a water based lubricant. Put some lube on the top of your urethra and on the plug and push it slowly through the top of your penis. Gently push it down slowly, and let gravity pull it inside. When it gets in, start stroking slowly and gently. Lay back, relax and enjoy the experience. Many men are using penis plugs for several years, but lately the plugs have become a shopping device that can be purchased by any sex shop.

Penis plugs can vary in diameter and size. Usually you may chose plugs from 2 inch width and 5 inches long and bigger. If this is your first time thinking of using one, make sure you buy a high quality plug. Do not use any homemade plugs as they can cause infection or injury to your urethra. There are several penis plugs that can be used in masturbation and can be wore while ejaculating. These are the open ended ones and they let cum and other fluids pass through the plug. The other option is getting a closed ended plug that will need to be removed before going to the toilet or ejaculating.

Penis plugs are being perceived as painful by people that never had this experience. In the contrary, this experience will offer greater and harder erections, long lasting orgasms and harder ejaculation. They can be used in solo masturbation or in sexual acts with your partner and in oral sex. Using sex toys is not a taboo any more. Anyone can freely go out to their local sex shop or visit an online adult shop and purchase a plug. This is a little device that can change a man’s life. Showing to your partner that you care and she will reward you with greater intercourse and better oral sex. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t used a penis plug before. There is always a first time. Research and purchase a penis plug now. It is guaranteed to make you a better sex beast.


Luxury Sex Toys You Will Love!

Quality Adult Products

Luxury adult toys for any consumer that truly appreciates toys and longetivity need to be of the highest quality. Since the adult entertainment has grown so fast and large, many suppliers are producing high quality luxurious adult toys, to meet any requirement. Adult shops are stores that offer the most luxurious and highest quality adult toys in the market. Let’s have a look at some of the luxury sex toy brands.

First of all let’s have a look at the Swedish company called LELO. This company provides high quality erotic toys for males and females. You can choose from a large variety of luxury vibrators, to their other toys that are made of medical grade silicone. Most of the vibrators are rechargeable and provided with a guarantee. If you want your adult toy to last for a longer time, choose this adult novelty store. If you would like to choose among toys for you and your partner, you can choose to (who is this?) visit The Adult Smart adult novelty shop.

It offers many products such as; anal toys, dildos, dolls, vibrators, male and female toys, in colorful toys and different shapes and sizes. Other novelty adult toys that are offered include paddles, leather whips, bondage restraints, masks and gags. You can choose anything that will light your sex life. Other adult novelty companies that offer high quality sex products are the Jimmy Jane and Njoy companies. They offer clean and sterile anal toys and vibrators that will last for several years. If you are into temperature playing, you can try their toys that are constructed of stainless steel. Any product you choose from is from high quality and cleans up easily. Usually they often sensual restraints, potions and other erotic products and toys that will light up your relationship and your sex life with your partner.

Generally adult stores are the most suitable destination that will help you choose the best for you and your partner. All the toys and the products are made from high quality material, ensuring safety and protection above all, while needing only cleaning once in a while. Store them in a good temperature room and treat them with respect. Whether you are an expert or a novice, you will find what you require in one of these shops. Do not pass by, but drop in and trust the professionals. They know how to make your sex life intense again, and how to make your lover fall in love with you like in the beginning of your relationship. Adult novelty stores are suppliers that you should trust for your sex life.

Lelo Siri
Sex Toy: Lelo Siri

The adult entertainment world is getting bigger day by day. Everybody needs at least one adult toy to spice up their sex life or even light up their relationship with their partners. Today searching for an adult toy, become more exhausting than ever, because of the variety that exists in the world of adult entertainment. Let’s have at some of the most discrete but also adult toys that have ever existed. These are original and are promised to offer you hours and even days full of sexual pleasure.

Let’s start off with the Squeel. This is probably one of the strangest adult toys in the market today but also a very powerful adult toy. This toy features 10 tongues set on a rotating wheel, worked by a motor that is powered by three triple A batteries. You can choose from 3 speeds and enjoy masturbation. This is a unique adult toy that will surely please women that love to feel the touch of tongue between their legs.

Following the Sqweel, let’s have a look at Sasi. This toy has the unique feature to please women intensely and fast. It features a round massager and you can adjust the speed and the vibration as you like.

Third in the list is the Wevibe. This sex toy features a c-shaped vibrator, perfect for the couples that want to experience vibration at its most intense level.

On our list we can meet the most discreet adult toys, the Cone. When looking at the Cone at first you would believe that this is just a cone. In fact, this is a very powerful and diverse vibrator, suitable for women that squat, crouch or sit. Another innovative adult toy is the accommodator latex dong. This dong straps on your partner’s head, while allowing his mouth and hands to move freely and please you.

If you enjoy music while experiencing intense orgasms, go for the Ohmibod freestyle vibrator. This is the first wireless music driven vibrator that can connect to your mp3 player, iPod or iphone. This vibrator will move to the beat of your favorite songs offering intense orgasms.

Last in our list of adult toys is the Clone a Willy kit. This product allows you to make a perfect copy of your partner’s penis. It is a molding process that takes a few minutes to complete. When it is completed you can add your personal of oil and liquid rubber and with the multispeed vibrating unit inside, it will surely please you for a long time.

Generally not all adult toys are discreet. But If you are a consumer that prefers a more private approach, you can select from the above products. These adult toys and other that are available in the market will help you improve your sex life and your relationship with your partner, while offering the most intense orgasms that you ever experienced.