What is Sexual Wellness?

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Sexual wellness is an essential factor that is required in human life to be able to fully experience happiness whether you are a man or a woman.  The way we as human being now express or even define sex is totally different to yester-years.   With things being more accepted with same sex, cross-gender, transgender the boundaries have begun to disappear and things that were considered perhaps taboo decades ago are now accepted as not necessarily being the norm, but being a choice.

Sexual Boundaries Have Begun To Disappear

Sexual Wellness

Sexual well-being and health needs are of concern to people of all ages, however particularly among those from young adults. You should always endeavors to examine and learn from the issues of the individuals who might be sexually dynamic with the opposite sex, same sex or both and additionally for those who are not or have not been sexually dynamic. It is the well being focus’ objective to give quality clinical administrations in a domain that is non-judgmental and conscious of every person and in addition his or her protection. Men’s Health Services, Women’s Health Services and Transgender Health Services are accessible. Points of interest of administrations are depicted underneath.

Sexuality Is Human

Sexuality is a vital part of being human. Adoration, friendship and sexual closeness add to solid connections and self worth. In any case, alongside the positive parts of our human sexuality, there are likewise ailments, blended feelings and unintended results that can influence our sexual well-being. An open exchange of sexuality issues is critical to advancing sexual well-being and obligation. Often it is necessary to seek advice from specialists and being open, conversing with your partner is exceedingly vital to stay well. Sexual wellness alludes to the numerous elements that effect sexual capacity.  Any of these elements can affect a man’s physical and psychological well-being, their relationships and long term health.

These days there are numerous ways to get sexual satisfaction for men as well as women, that too with or without the involvement of their intimate partners. Sex toys have importance in making their sexual activities more exciting and satisfying. There are varieties of sex toys  available that you can choose from according to your specific sexual needs and requirements.

Adult Toys & Sexual Wellness

These kinds of adult toys include female vibrator, male masturbator, chastity restraints, dildos, nipple ticklers, cock rings along with various other toys for men as well as women. Every man or woman has their own specific needs and requirements to enjoy sex alone or along with their intimate sexual partner. Hence, it depends on you that which kinds of sex toy would be well-suited for you to getting the erotic arousal. By identifying your appropriate needs and requirements in terms of sex toys, you should choose them for you so that you could get fantastic stimulation and enjoy them with your partner.

If you have no any idea about adult toys and are confused in purchasing such things you need not to be worried. Online resources would be helpful for you in this regard. There are large numbers of websites especially sex toy review websites available over the Internet, which provide detailed information and reviews about various adult novelties for men as well as women. You should go through these sites and find appropriate sex toys that are right for you. After reading reviews on these sites, you will be in a position to choose right products for you along with your partner so that you could enjoy your sexual activities.

These toys are very helpful when absenct from your partner to stimulate yourself and achieve sexual satisfaction. If you have to go away from your intimate partner for a long-period of time and you are not able to have intercourse, sex toys could be the perfect option for you. Using these  you can get the ultimate sexual pleasure and so now, you can understand the importance  in sexual wellness of these things.

As you know that sexual organs are one of the most sensitive organs in the human body, which needs to be utmost care. Hence, you should always use health-friendly sex products.  Then, you can maintain your sexual wellness without making any compromise.






10 Fetishes You Ought To Know!

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Many people don’t have any idea about Fetishism or Fetish.  Erotic fetishism or sexual fetishism is a kind of sexual arousal that a person receives from physical objects or from specific situations. These objects or situations are referred to as a fetish. The person who has a fetish for that particular object is known as fetishist. Sexual fetishism may be done by an individual but is often interlaced with another person or persons that share that common fetish.

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The people (whether they are men or women), who like erotic fetishism, can be aroused by unusual parts of the body, or activities as well as objects that are usually not used in regular sex. Its desire is so strong that some people may not get fully sexually satisfied without using a fetish object, imagining fetish objects or creating a fetish scene that can encompass a whole range of role-playing or locale. This often makes the fetish scene seem underground and bizarre yet in truth it may be different but is no more unusual or bizarre than the BDSM scene.  Some fetishes are non-sexual too and may be as simple as dressing up as animals ‘furrys’ or as your favorite action character  ‘cos play’.

There are various kinds of sexual fetishes each different from the other yet all  have their own way to get erotic pleasures. Some people concentrate on parts of the body such as legs, feet, bottom, hair, armpits along with various other parts of the body. In contrast to that, some people involve sex by creating certain kind of scenarios including bondage, spanking, dominant / submissive role playing, trampling as well as cross-dressing. Along with these people, there are many others, who like to wear certain kind of fabrics or clothing for stimulation including rubber, latex, leather or even angora sweaters. Thus there are an unlimited number of scenarios and objects that are used.

There are many people, who have considered sexual fetishism as a sin as our society labels anything  that differs from conventional sex as perverted or deviant. These kinds ideas are narrow minded and in all probability those purporting to have these ideals have hidden fetishes themselves. There should be no boundaries (except legal) in how people wish to express their sexual freedom and who want to enjoy their sexual life in non traditional ways with their fetishes. according to their sexual needs and requirements. People who don’t fulfill their sexual needs will be frustrated and unlikely not be sexually fulfilled that has equal importance in the people’s well-being as many other things like fitness and diet. One should not compromise and be explore their fetish as otherwise there will be something missing in their life and may make wrong choices in order to fulfill that void.

Some fetishes include:

  • Babification – Adults that dress up, act as and wanted to be treated as infants. children are those people that appreciate being an infant once more. They may appreciate relapsing mostly or totally, partaking in the demonstration of wearing diapers, being looked after by a grown-up, sucking on an infant container or pacifier, dressing up in infant garments, crawling as opposed to walking and talking in “infant” talk. People inspired by infantilism in all probability appreciate not having responsibilities at home and many are often in high pressure occupations away from.

  • Swinging – is generally when a married couple or those that have been in a very long-term relationship wish to experiment sexually with other people (mostly other couples also in long-term relationships) whilst remaining together.  They will often gather at swinging parties where they may wife swap or allow the other partner to have sex with another whilst watching.  It is essential to note that the relationship of the swinging couple must be strong prior to venturing into this fetish as if the reason is to make it better it will generally be the demise.
  • Water Sports or Urolagnia –  is the demonstration of being turned on by pee, whether it is the sight, feel or smell of it. It might include the fulfillment or demonstration of washing in pee also. Regular sorts of Urolagnia include: wetting one’s self or the perception of someone else wetting themselves while completely dressed, watching the demonstration of somebody relieving themselves in the washroom or going about as a human urinal, otherwise called accepting or giving a “golden shower”.  It might include the craving to urinate out in the open or watch another person do as such. What causes this sort of interest? Nobody truly recognizes what causes this and necessities to end up held up in our brains, however people that are into this sort of obsession portray sentiments of freedom when urinating in broad daylight and satisfaction when someone relieves themselves on them.
  • Cross-Dressing – People that cross-dress wear clothes and adornments of the “opposite sex.” Cross-dressing is more normal than you may might suspect,  influencing mainly hetero and gay men – although some women will cross-dress as men too. There are an assortment of explanations behind cross-dressing; it might be that the individual does not feel the sex they were naturally born with fits who they are. It might be that they are excited by the radical thought of wearing something “prohibited” to them. It might be that they just appreciate the distinctive part of design not normally accessible to them in public. Cross-dressing has turned out to be more accepted by society in recent years with shops and online boutiques showcasing particularly to cross-dressers.

  • Foot fetishism –  is a common one.  It is the most well-known fixation of the non-genital body parts. Sigmund Freud offered the clarification that individuals build up this interest because of the way that the human foot looks like a penis. Regardless of what the reason, foot worshiping is a well known interest with 90 percent of the fetishists being male. It can include the foot alone, or feet, shoes and socks or leggings. Maybe it has to do with how we are wired, with our brains responding to various delight focuses on our bodies. People that are not into this fetish may  still appreciate having their toes sucked every so often.
  • Sado-Masochism – Spanking a butt can bring about excitement for some individuals.   More severe discipline may take us back to our adolescence, make us feel loved and cared for, which many people find a turn on. It can likewise be a piece of mastery and subjugation with the master or mistress directing the spankings taking control of the subordinate/slave. Whatever it is that we appreciate about punishment its a regular and common fetish.
  • Exhibitionists/Voyeurism – People appreciate watching sex or uncovering themselves in broad daylight. Men are more voyeuristic than ladies with 12 percent of men being stimulated while watching sexual acts contrasted with 4 percent of ladies. As shown by statistics from the sex industry, 80 percent of people watching porn are men. Exhibitionism is an alternate story however and almost all of us have done it.  It is not just about taking off all your clothes but wearing something more seductive, showing a bit more leg or opening the shirt button a little extra.  Doing anything for the purpose of showcasing our bodies is a form of exhibitionism and who has not been guilty of that?

  • Rubberists -this fetish is demonstrated by those that either get sexual satisfaction from wearing or having someone wear rubber, leather, latex, vinyl or other material. They are colled “rubberists”. The tight material goes about as a sort of sexual servitude. For a few, the odor of elastic/latex/cowhide may likewise be a turn on. The interest can extend from wearing the more traditional sorts of things, for example, a cat suit to something more extreme like a gas mask.
  • Role Playing -Sexual role playing scenarios includes two or more people carrying out various parts to create a sexual situation. It can be any kind of sexual fantasy. Couples could role play in a certain place,  or during a certain activity or a certain way.
  • BDSM – This stand for bondage, domination and sado masochism so entails a great deal.  BDSM is a general fetish that in itself contains hundreds more and may be any on or all of these words.  Generally it is accepted that those doing Bondage play have “an arrangement of practices, traditions, and customs including the giving by one individual to another individual control over them”. It includes punishment and domination but between two consenting adults. This can be as a one-time event, occasional practice or always in their relationship.  Many times couples reverse roles in different sessions.






Sex In Public!

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Sex Can Become A Chore

When we put a location to the word sex, automatically our minds gravitate towards a mental image of a bed. Single, double, queen or king sized, could even be a bunk bed. What happens when you’ve been in a relationship for a few years, and you’re sick of the same missionary position, the same routine when he begins to kiss you then moves to your neck and then all of a sudden, 5 minutes later he’s finished while you guys were in the same old missionary position.

Sex can become a chore and this will defiantly lead to a decline in a lot of areas In you’re life. When your bedroom life starts to get stale, you need to think of ways to spice things up. Your house is where you spend the majority of your life and it needs constant work. There’s always bathrooms to clean, washing to do, beds to make, dishes to clean and then, once you have done all of that – you might get to enjoy some solid sex in your bed with the same position, the same surroundings, wearing the same clothes that your normally do.

Toilet Sex
Sex In Public

Although it has not been scientifically proven I believe you’re sex life directly affects every other aspect in you’re life on either a positive or negative level. It sets the tone for you’re mood and you’re though process. If you’re having a great sex you will notice that everything else around you will be positively uplifted from these experiences, especially you’re relationship with you’re partner. So how do you change you’re boring routine of pretty much going from missionary to doggy style without any ques from you’re partner because you’ve become so used to his/her sexual patterns?

1 word. Spontaneity which is:

“Happening or done in a natural, often sudden way, without any planning or without being forced”

So that’s what spontaneous means but how can we apply this to our sex life? Well its not that hard. It’s all about switching up the location. Location is the key to spontaneous sex! This is because most couples are used to having sex on a mattress so the thrill of having sex in different places not only heightens the orgasm but increases the sensation for both partners because it takes them both to a new place in their sexual mind. Their sexual mind expands. Changing the place of where you have sex with your partner can change things for the better and make you more adventurous.

With most couples having kids generally a few years into there relationship, this can fizzle out their sex life. There are a lot of places in the house that you can use to have fun and mix up you’re sex life. For example the kitchen sink, dinner table, lounge, the shower (where you can utilize some Bathmate products, for example the handles and foot rest), the backyard, veranda (if you’re home has one). Why  not add a decent vibrator? These are some of the places that you can use it in the house without leaving for example if you have kids. Although some of these places are hard to do various positions, some universal positions that could be used are doggy style, legs wrapped around the waist (if leaning on bench or table) and lifting and raising up against a wall (requires a lot of upper body strength).

Now of course if you are a young couple, sometimes home is unavailable to be used as a sexual hub, however there are a lot of places you can go and things you can do that will not only heighten you’re adrenaline but also you’re pleasure with spontaneity. For example; having sex in a new venue can bring a whole new world of experience. Take for example having sex with your partner in an elevator. This is perhaps the most adventurous place where you can do it provided you don’t get caught. Public restrooms are great places to start off with foreplay and possibly get into action once you find a rest room that is unoccupied.  What about in the office? After your boss and colleagues have called it a day and gone home, the sexual is the most exciting place to fulfill your sexual fantasies provided you are careful not to be locked in the office or get caught.

Have Sex Under The Harbour Bridge

Especially if you’re younger and still living at home, you may need to consider being adventurous in order to keep things going and more so if you can’t afford to get a cheap hotel room for the night. Whilst it’s perfectly fun to have some adventurous fun, you do need to be respectful and mindful of your surroundings. Having sex in a park surrounded by children is not ideal, and it’s really not okay to do things like that. So long as you’re aware and mindful of your surroundings, as well as the time frame there is nothing wrong with some harmless outdoor fun. There’s some amazing stories out there from sex underneath the Harbour Bridge, to Blow Jobs on mountain trails with beautiful panoramic views – the world is your oyster and it’s certainly an awesome way to get some nature back into your lives. You could even consider going camping, and having a playful romp in the middle of nowhere underneath the stars. Or, a quickie in a deserted underground car park late at night (watch out for the cameras!) Secluded rooftops are also an amazing place of having sex as well as on the road or in the swimming pool. The common thing about all these venues is that they are able to spice and liven up your dying and dull sex life.

Can you instantly recall a few places outside the bedroom where you’ve had sex? Late night industrial area carpark, play equipment at the local park, on the train, the end of the pier in Darling Harbour overlooking the city, a flight to Brisbane, on the highway coming back from Newcastle, in the car on the way to Canberra, the change room at Ralph Lauren in Myer or just parking at the end of a dirt road. I can recall all these places instantly off the top of my head. Why? Because they were wild, and exciting, the sex might not actually have been that phenonomal but they were certainly memorable just for the fact it was sex outside the bedroom. The thrill of being caught, the delight of being wickedly naughty, the open breeze against your skin, the giggles as you struggle to maintain a position in a tight spot both passionately and discreetly. Can you instantly recall the times you’ve had sex in the bedroom? Probably not, aside from a few sensational moments. Public Sex is fun. If you’re stuck for ideas, try it for yourself.
Couple Having Sex in Car
Photo: Public Sex in Car

Here we have listed some of our favourite public locations to have sex:


About the Author:  AJ is a sales consultant at the Oh Zone Store, Caringbah.



Hey Girlfriend! Check Out These Sex Toys For Beginners!

women red dress luxury present

Your sex life has become conservative and you are doing it the same way all the time now isn’t it time that you picked yourself up from this boring existence and added some sexual spice to your life. It is easily done with the advent of some extremely naughty  friends in your bedroom.

Men and woman across the globe are trying sex products to enhance their relationships and help build a more fulfilling and happier sexual wellness life.  There are so many of these intimate playthings available, where do you start, especially if you are just introducing them into your couples sex play.  Isn’t it time that you and your partner were once again fully aroused with erotic feeling flowing through your veins.

winter gift girlfriend surprise
Photo: Sex Toys for the Beginner Girlfriend – Man Giving Girlfriend Present

These toys will provide you some new found happiness during sexual acts that will accentuate your natural ways. That is what is so special when couples play together – it allows them to explore each other, their boundaries and likes and dislikes.  Some of the toys you can add are

  • Men Masturbators
  • Vibrators For women
  • Chastity Restraints
  • G-spot Massagers
  • Dildos
  • Clit & Nipple Ticklers
  • Penis Rings
  • Sexy Baby Doll Lingerie
  • Realistic Looking Toys
  • Water Plays Toys
  • Electro Sex Toys

There are also many others styles which have important roles in enhancing your sexual pleasures either alone or along with your intimate partner. One of the main features of these toys is that you can also satiate your sexual desire in the absence of your partner in the very realistic ways. You need not be frustrated for sex when your partner is far-away from. Now, you can understand the importance of adult novelties in building a sexual relationship.  Many toys now have apps so you can share the delight with each other whilst away from each other.

The Sex Toys you choose for your Beginner Girlfriend should be chosen thoughtfully. The gift should be able to let your partner know that he or she is very important in your life and that you care a lot. Adult toys are great gifts to give him or her on Valentines day or any other memorable day. However, to choose the perfect one, you must know and understand your partner completely in order to find something that pleases both of you. Think about her- does she go crazy when you are stimulating her nipples? Does she scream as you suck or play with her clitoris? Is your girl maybe wanting to try a bit of anal play?

Getting the right answers to the above questions will help you know which type buy to get her as you shop the various selections of online sex toy shops. Let’s say that she always gets crazy when you are stimulating her nipples. In this case, giving her nipple vibrators or high end nipple clamps that would be the perfect gift for Valentines Day. On the other hand, if she loves clitoral stimulation, you should consider gifting her a rabbit vibrator. For girls who like spanking, a kinky but soft paddle would be a perfect gift.

Whichever sex toy you decide to get her, always go for quality. Your lover expects that you will give your best on valentines day and it will be a massacre to give him or her a cheap vibrator and expect to see her jumping up and down for joy.  For her to like your valentine gift, you should first consider what she wants and be ready to spend a little more. Even though you can spend hundreds of dollars on sex toys, you really shouldn’t as there are great sex toys that are amazingly priced.

Now, the most important question is should we buy these toys from any offline (physical) or online adult store? The answer is BIG NO! As you know your sex organs are very sensitive organs so you should take utmost care of by ensuring anything purchased is completely body safe. Generally, products made with very soft and smooth materials like silicone are great. So, you should maybe get a sex toy made with ultra-soft, skin-friendly, medical grade material. To buy such kinds of quality and branded products, you should go for prominent online adult stores with a great reputation.  Look at the feedback from other customers.

If you are currently experimenting with sex toys, you should consider getting beginner adult toys to get things rolling. The reason why we recommend this is that using them is pretty easy and you are not going to experience any challenges. Ease of use should never be overlooked by any beginner in the world of sex toys. Start with something small as such a vibrator is not as intimidating as bigger vibrators that may make your first experience not a pleasant one.

As a beginner, you will feel more confident using a smaller and slim vibrator. With time, you will become more experienced and you can then experiment using the large vibes which provides more explosive and bigger orgasms. Thinking that sex toys for beginners are not capable of providing ultimate pleasure is wrong as they can guarantee you multiple and quick orgasms. Vibrators designed for beginners are very flexible and it is much easy to locate your most pleasurable body zones.

A good choice for a Sex Toy for the Beginner Girlfriend is a corkscrew jelly vibrator is worthy a try and it is a perfect toy for beginners especially due to the soft jelly like materials used to make it. The vibrator also has a flexible shaft and very smooth surface. The shaft also features some exquisite ribs which guarantee you extra sensation. You also have the option of choosing the speed you want and you can intensify the vibrations depending on your mood. Another perfect sex toy for beginners you can find at the best adult novelty stores is pleasure baton vibrator. This one is designed with a realistic penis and the shaft even features the veins. Made using jelly material, it is as smooth and soft just as you would want it to be.

christmas jolly present wrapped
Photo: Sex Toys for the Beginner Girlfriend – Santa Giving Presents








Whats Up Your BUTT!

mens golfing bum

Most couples are soon realizing the importance of using sex toys to ensure that their sex life doesn’t become boring by doing the same thing over and over again. Today, both gay and straight couples are finding anal sex to be more pleasurable. If you are not well experienced with using anal beads, anal probes and butt plugs alongside other anal adult toys, is worthwhile that you start with a basic device.  A regular butt plug that is perfect for beginners is cone shaped with a flanged bottom to stop it going all the way up the butt.  The addition of anal toys is an exciting way to increase bedroom satisfaction and fun, as you are experimenting with some of the most pleasurable sensations of the body. We recommend starting off with smaller sized butt plugs and working your way to bigger sized butt plugs. Only use butt plugs that you feel your body is comfortable with.

butt see through shorts

For women, a butt plug places more weight on the back vaginal divider, expanding the level of sensation encountered – whether from a dildo, vibrator or her lovers penis.  A butt play can be used during foreplay too, whilst giving oral sex or even in solo masturbation play.  There are so many nerve ending around the anus that when one achieves a anal climax it is quite intense.  Many men in a relationship enjoy P-Spot orgasms so will have their wives peg them.  Whether you are a man or a woman when done correctly anal sex is very satisfying.

Men use butt plugs as the area of the prostate is wired to feel amazing against the thousands of nerve endings during  stimulated at the anal entrance and inside during butt play. The prostate is an unfathomably delicate organ that feels particularly provocative when stroked and it’s situated a few inches up on the foremost (front) mass of the inside of the butt.

You may have seen wind of prostate draining from movies like American Pie, and it’s actual that a man can encounter a climax and/or discharge just from having his prostate massaged. These climaxes are said to feel more intense than orgasming through the penis, bringing about the entire body to fit with climactic vigor. Yowza! A prostate toy ensures you’re hitting only the right spot. The additional prostate stimulation makes everything thereafter feel all the more sexual . It’s not just about the prostate, however. Just as the pelvic floor muscles start to contract amid climax with a woman, the butt muscles contract around the P-Spot Massager and make the fits feel tighter and harder. Orgasmic experiences around a butt plug feel more exceptional than without.

Generally, couples use anal plugs to have penetrative sex via the anus. The plug can be shaped like a penis and aims at sensationalizing the anus and giving it a full feeling. The basic anal plug has a diameter of about 3 inches and bears the shape of a typical incandescent bulb. I know that the word glass is a little intimidating but it shouldn’t be. Glass sex toys are made using a special material and not the same as the one used in making kitchen or furniture items. The main reason why the material used in making these sex toys is to ensure that users experience an ultra smooth feeling on the skin after it gets in touch with the sex toy.

Affordably available in any reputable adult online store, the anal glass plug is a hypoallergenic, friction less and non porous. Sensations can also be varied when the plug is being used by first heating the sex toy and you can as well chill the toy to experience the cold and warm feeling when you come into contact with it. Provided you clean your anal glass plug thoroughly after using it, the sex toy should last a lifetime which makes it a worthwhile investment to your collection of sex toys.