A Damsel In Restraints!

BDSM Restraints

Have you ever been restrained during sex play?

If you have answered ‘Yes’ you will probably be aware of what I am going to write below.  If you have answered ‘No’ then I suggest you read on as adding BDSM Role Playing to an existing relationship can be the spark that gets a couple back on track and creates new found admiration or respect and trust in your partner.  For me, light subjugation is the most freeing and attractive type of BDSM role playing.  I am not into pain or heavy bondage but having my lover restrain me gently in comfortable cuffs gives me the feeling that I am ready to surrender absolute control with pre-set boundaries that makes me simply feel sexually free and liberated with without stressing over anything. I do not mind even adding a blindfold that due to the sensory deprivation of sight allows my other senses to heighten and thereby not limit my experience giving me one hell of a ride.  The cuffs have to secured but not in a manner that they are too tight or give me discomfort in any way.  When we first started delving into the world of light bondage we used silk cuffs.

One of the exciting things that I experience when being bound is the fact that I cannot touch my lover at all during the process. He totally takes control of the action and his soft touch against my vulnerable body sends sensual shivers up  my spine each and every time.  For me to put my total trust in him that he will treat me right and not abuse the total control I have given him, whilst relinquishing mine makes us a much stronger couple.  Since experiencing this bondage play we have become a team and there is very little that can come between us.  These experiences have special meaning to us, and like all games we have made the rules first.

For me the most important part of BDSM is making the rules.  The first and number on rule is to have a safe word.  A word that either of you say and it means stop – No if’s or buts!  Then the boundaries of your play should be set.  Safety and consent are priorities as well as pre and after care.  It opens up a whole new world of loving and caring for each other.  Below I have listed some tips on what to do when you have your partner tied up.

Tips To Follow When You Are Tied Up

  • Have your partner wear a set of wrist and ankle cuffs around the house when you’re not home, as a reminder of what’s in store when you do get home.
  • Wear the cuffs discreetly as you go about your normal routine outside the house, as a secret reminder of the things to come. This is particularly easy to do with ankle shackle cuffs, which can easily be concealed beneath clothing.
  • Wear a set of cuffs while you sleep, giving your partner an invitation and an opportunity to restrain you during the night or in the morning.
  • Going into your beau or spouse’s wardrobe and getting a few bow-ties out and laying them on the bed and tie your partner up to see what it’s all about.

Whether you enjoy just your hands or legs being restrained or both it is an experience that I certainly treasure and trust that you will too.  Some couples will even swap roles – I guess like they did in 50 Shades – that one time the man can be the dominant, and the next time a switch of roles happens and the female is.  There is a term for it and it is called a ‘Switch’.  Switching roles whilst in the middle of a scene or session is very rare but it is very common between couples for switching to take place on separate sessions.

Planning For Your First BDSM Session

My personal advice to anyone wanting to experience this out of a long term relationship (and even those in one) is before you begin your first session you –

  • Read and study everything you can on Bondage and BDSM.
  • Find out what you want to do first.
  • Take your time learning how to do it safely.
  • Be careful of the type of attention you attract.

Going into unkown territory will make this all seem daunting and scary when that is not the purpose of it all. Remember not to go directly into “50 Shades of Gray” region for your first time. That can be an exceptionally overwhelming circumstance even for the most sexually experienced. Begin light. Work from that point. Appreciate investigating and taking in you and your partners cut off points. This ultimately is about HAVING FUN and playing it SAFE!

BDSM Spreader Bars
Sex Toy: Talea Spreader Bar Bolster

Bondage wrist and ankle cuffs can be very attractive and they come in all types of material and styles.  They can be in comfortable silicone, faux leather, rope, genuine leather, steel, silk and be welcoming or intimidating.  Most cuffs will have a locking mechanism to ensure that they stay closed and the ‘pet’ stays bound and restrained.  Most also have ‘D Rings’ or ‘O Rings’ that allow the restraints to be joined together, a lead be attached or the sub be restrained to a pillar or some other securing station.  There are many BDSM shops online and designers that sell a myriad of variations at reasonable pricing.

One of my favourite cuff sets is the ‘Ballsy Blue Leather Restraints’ made by the manufacturer Hell’s Couture.  I love these cuffs because they are supple enough to be worn comfortably but solid enough to keep me secured.  All my life I have enjoyed colorful things and the vibrant blue color sets it apart from the standard Black or Red. These cuffs are securely structured and after fastening them to the ankle and/or wrist, they can be attached to other objects via the O-ring attachments.  The beauty of having these secure rings is that they can be attached to other bondage devices for the more adventurous like a hogtie set or a leg spreader.   I find these are much safer and more comfortable that the option of using metal handcuffs or ankle shackles.

So if you want to be daring and explore your sexuality more I highly recommend adding restraints to your sexual lifestyle.





Fetish Fantasy High Intensity Pussy Pump

Fetish Fantasy High Intensity Pussy Pump Sex Toy Image

Indulge in your fetish fantasies and include sex toys into your solo or partner sexual play.  Broaden the horizons of your love life and indulge in a healthy sexual wellness lifestyle where you will get to experience, interesting and innovative things.   They will allow you to become more confident and authentic as well as bringing you better sensations and lower stress.  These days adult toys are not looked at as naughty or taboo but instead are embraced because they are able to bring satisfaction to couples and even individuals in their intimate relations.

Sex Toy Pussy Pump

Much the same as a penis pump for men, pussy pumps are used to improve the genital region of a female by engorging the vaginal lips with blood that will invigorate the clitoris and labia.  The engorgement of the labia will also make it feel tighter to your sexual partner when entering it. Pussy pumping and clitoral pumping have demonstrated health advantages and have been prescribed by Doctors and Therapists to cure numerous female sexual issues like Anorgasmia. Clitoral and vaginal restoration can be accomplished in post-menopausal ladies with the right use of pussy or clitoral vacuum devices.

Vaginal pumping or pussy pumping was at one time a taboo subject among ladies. This exotic action has numerous pleasure and medical advantages and ladies are enjoying this more transparently than any other time in recent memory. Ladies do not  just get compelling delight from pumping however the special reward of an engorged vulva and clit will make sexual exercises all the more energizing and delicate territories more tender and tender to the touch. Ladies can use pussy pumping as a masturbation aid or to help with sexual enjoyment and clitoral restoration. Some women have even reported a more tighter sensation and even a greater capacity to climax after their vaginal pumping workout. Some may see vaginal pumping as an adult toy however vaginal pumping is presently turning into a vaginal workout that can be used with kegal ball works out for pelvic wall tightening and the delight an engorged vulva will deliver.

A Pussy pump is a device which is generally made up of a cup that fixes to the pubic region. Available in various sizes whilst others are made up of a structure which can adjust itself to any size and fit comfortably. The cup is accompanied by a pump which in most cases is a hand held air pump to create air pressure. The cup is made up of soft and comfortable materials like rubber, silicon, plastic or non-flowing gels. Plastic ones are often the cheaper and are a lot less comfortable. You need to have a product which comfortably fits around the genital region so please avoid the cheap plastic ones.

The pumps are easy to use and very satisfactory in its function. In this product you need to adjust and fix the cup onto your genitals and use the pump to create and atmosphere to stimulate your genitals. The pussy pump is put over the passageway of the vagina and over the clit for greatest incitement. Once the air is pumped out of the pump the pussy muscles contract it workouts your vagina. The pump is similar to the ones used in devices to measure air pressure. You need to pump the air out of the cup which creates a vacuum between the cup and the genitals. This makes an impact on the genitals causing a higher amount of blood to flow through your genitals, especially the clitoris. The pump is very easy to handle and you can control the pressure using the pump. At any point you can release the pressure just by releasing the valve of the pump.

Fetish Fantasy High Intensity Pussy Pump is such a product which provides intense enjoyment even while you are masturbating or even when it is used as a toy in fetish play.  Being a leading online adult store that ships worldwide, Adult Smart always tries to sell various types of sex toys that are capable to provide the ultimate erotic sensation to the people (whether they are men or women) according to their specific sexual needs and requirements. In a short span of time these products have become bestsellers. Vaginal pumps are available at multiple price points and the product is extremely helpful for women to get the ultimate erotic sensation with mind-blowing orgasm:

It is one of the most popular sex toys among women. Pump up the passion and watch your pussy swell with pleasure! Its high intensity super suction stimulates your vulva and labia with each squeeze of the medical-style pump ball. It is designed to fit comfortably over your pussy. This is just what you have been dreaming for you to get mind-blowing orgasm with the ultimate erotic sensation. Thus, you can enjoy your sexual life with great satisfaction by using this ultimate sex toy Fetish Fantasy High Intensity Pussy Pump.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit our online adult store and fulfill your erotic desire according to your sexual needs and requirements. Masturbation is  general need of every individual until he or she finds someone to comfort him or her. For ladies, Fetish Fantasy High Intensity Pussy Pumps is an accessory that simplifies the act of masturbation.






My Penis Pump Is Crystal Clear!

Hydromax x40 Penis Pump

The penis has a very important role that enables us humans to reproduce. But we do not just use the penis to procreate and multiply.  Humans are lucky that the act of sex is a pleasurable experience and forms part of the bonding process with our lovers throughout life.  It has an important role to satisfying your partner in terms of your sexual lifestyle and hopefully with orgasmic climaxing. However many men suffer from having a small sized penis and many more suffer from having some form of erectile problem. If you are suffering from these kinds of problems there are solutions available to you both medically and with sex aids.  In such scenarios, where people are not capable of keeping their intimate partner happy this can cause a massive strain on relationships. There are varieties of sex toys available at adult shops online, which are helpful for natural penis enlargement and to assist in the treatment of penile dysfunction.

For penis development and health, The Bathmate Hydromax X40 Pump is the ultimate penis pump using hydro-technology. Hydromax generates a suction force known as a vacuum that will provide the user with the fastest results due to its unique and new design. The system incorporates a new soft sealing as well as full support comfort ring to give you reduced pressure and greater comfort around the testicle area and penis base. For cleaning purpose, it’s also removable. A new swivel feature allows for full rotation to give you full visual chamber viewing and inclined angle change option for the ultimate efficiency in using it in the bath or shower. It also has a new super flow latch valve system, which allows for single hand fitting in the shower so that the hydropump could become much easier to find the correct positioning. The internal size and the number of vacuum choices will allow you to gain that impressive girth expansion.

Bacthmate Penis Pump
Hydromax Penis Pump


Thus, with the help of Hydromax x40 Pump Crystal Clear, you can enlarge your penis as per your sexual needs and requirements. Today, there is an increased awareness of penile size and many people give importance to their penile size. Many disorders have also been noted which include erectile dysfunction. These disorders have a cure and are easily available. Hydromax X40 Pump Crystal Clear is a device which can resolve these problems. Penis pump or vacuum enlargement systems as they are known, is a simple device generally in plastic or perspex of cylindrical shape which is worn over the penis and a vacuum is created inside the device by means of a bellow or hand pump. These vacuums cause the blood pressure in the penis to increase and blood rushes in the vascular layers causing the penis to enlarge artificially, engorging itself.

A variety of pumps are available in today’s market. Some are of variable length to provide a useful product in a small size and for a large range of users. There are various types of pumping options available which range from the amount of pressure created and different mechanisms for pumping. Some devices have motored pumping mechanism. You can also find different types of sealing mechanism for increased comfort and results. Some of the advantages of using such a device are that it artificially helps you make your penis become erect. It enhances its length as well as its girth owing to various inbuilt mechanism and so someone suffering from erectile dysfunction can simply pump up their penis, apply a cock ring to not allow the blood to flow back and you have an erect penis capable of using in intercourse. You just need to adjust the pressure to your comfort level. The device still has some drawbacks and should not be used excessively and beyond safe limits. It can damage blood vessels, nerves, and vascular tissue. Prolonged and frequent regular use can affect natural erecting property.  Read more at this guide to penis pump use.

After each pumping session, use a hot towel to allow the blood to flow out.  After each penis pump use, clean the cylinder out with hot water in addition and dish washing cleanser or hand cleanser to keep in sanitized and clean for future use. Hydromax X40 Pump features many new technologies which helps it stand out from the pack. It is the device to buy if you are looking for a penis pump with great features and  efficiency. You can buy one from Adult Smart which has a wonderful reputation in the market selling various kinds of adult toys worldwide, discreetly and quickly.  Sex toys that are helpful for men as well as women. There is a very large collection of adult toys for both men and woman.

Read the guide to Hydromax Penis Pumps here!




Gay Marriage Myths

Traditional Gay Marriage

For whatever reason Gay Marriage is constantly coming under fire. Despite the heartfelt protestations that legalising gay marriage will disrupt the world and the way we live and result in a catastrophic social – it simply hasn’t happened. Since the early 2000’s Gay Marriage has become legalised in various countries across the world and there still hasn’t been a catastrophic break down of any kind. The majority of arguments towards same sex marriage have no basis on real life events. These include the idea of it being unnatural, despite recorded events within nature that demonstrate the homosexual tendencies between seem animals.


Gay Relationship Dog Walking


The idea that marriage is for procreation only. Which is kind of hilarious when you consider the amount of ‘bastard’ children out there and when being a ‘bastard’ was considered to be a big deal. Nowadays this is not even remotely, an issue. Further, even if you consider the literary works of Jane Austen, where some of the couples were barren and could not have children, you quickly find that the argument for this falls rather flat on its face.

That gay marriage is a threat to the sanctity of marriage is another common argument. However, whilst I do agree that some view marriage as a sacred covenant with divorce rates higher than they’ve ever been and steadily increasing, it’s hard to apply this argument to the majority of people. It’s similar to the it’ll harm the children argument, whereby  a lot of failed relationships do try and stick together for the children and at least have an amicable relationship , there are a lot of people out there who can’t. the research on the benefits of having both a mother and a father in a child’s life is varied, however how can you deny a child two loving parents as opposed to one struggling to make ends meet because they’re a single parent with kids. That’s  not to put single parent families in a bad light, not in the slightest, but in order to put forward the argument that kids are suffering you need to have a look at all relationship types. My argument here is that it’s not necessarily about the family type that it is, across cultures and across households there are a myriad of different family types out there. I am simply suggesting that it is the love, support and care provided by the household and the family unit which go a long way in the healthy development of a child.

For all or you out there that have been under fire because you support or want same sex marriage.  Here are some great and humorous comebacks.

  • ‘Jesus had two dads and he turned out fine!’
  • ‘Even if being gay was a choice.  So what!  Many heterosexual people choose to be assholes yet they can also choose to get married.’
  • ‘Jesus used to hang out with 12 guys and a prostitute.  He was more like me than you.’
  • ‘All you heterosexuals out there.  We want the opportunity to be miserable too.’
  • ‘You may be denying me the right to marriage but I still get more (dick/pussy) than you’.
  • ‘Three words that may alleviate the GFC.  Gay Bridal Registers’.
  • ‘If Liza Minelli could marry two gay men, why can’t I marry just one?’
  • ‘If you don’t like Gay Marriage blame the straight couples out there.  They keep having gay babies.’

Four gay marriage myths busted:

  1. Different things are more critical: Who could contend that a wedding is more critical than what number of dollars, weapons and Border Force faculty Australia has? In any case, what this rationale neglects to recognize (aside from the significance of affection and stuff), is that legislative issues and parliaments routinely manage more than one issue at once. At a standard single gathering room meeting, MPs effortlessly consider more than 10 bills. What’s more, numerous, various bills precede both chambers and get voted on in a solitary day of Parliament. It’s called power strolling and biting without sugar gum in the meantime.
  2. Same-sex marriage is a corner issue: Information discharged for the current week by the Australian Bureau of Statistics demonstrates that 3 for each penny of Australia’s grown-up populace, or about a large portion of a million people, recognize as gay, lesbian, swinger or another sexual introduction other than hetero. So this is not an issue that influences anyplace almost a larger part of the populace specifically. Be that as it may, these a large portion of a million people have family and companions who additionally have a stake in it. Also, this contention disregards the overviews that more than once put support for same-sex marriage in the general group well over the 50 for every penny mark. Be that as it may, since when was legislative issues pretty much what suited the lion’s share? Legislative issues – especially in a vote based system – is more nuanced than that. Also, can extend to delivering rights and advance for minorities.
  3. It would be excessively bizarre for the administration, making it impossible to consider a private part’s bill: While it is unquestionably not de rigueur for the legislature of the day to consider any odd bill that a private part (non-frontbench MP) may deliver, it is not unthinkable or unbelievable. Indeed, even on enormous changes. The lifting of the RU486 boycott was set up by a cross-party private part’s bill in 2006. In the 1920s mandatory voting (necessary voting!) was presented by means of a private part’s number. A vital specialized note here is that the PM himself said any same-sex bill before Parliament ought to be a cross-party one. On the off chance that an administration frontbencher is not going to support it (which can’t happen, given the Liberal Party’s approach), then by definition it must be a private part’s bill.
  4. Shouldn’t something be said about the children? A typical center of the same-sex marriage rivals – especially the Australian Christian Lobby – is the offspring of gay couples. In any case, while individuals can contend that youngsters require a father and a mum, same-sex couples are as of now permitted to have their own kids. In the 2011 Census, 10 for every penny of same-sex couples had kids living with them. That stallion has shot. All the more essentially, concentrates additionally demonstrate that children brought up in same-sex families are growing fine and dandy – now and then far superior to their heterosexually parented associates. As Australia methodologies a vote on same-sex marriage, hope to hear increasingly contentions regarding why it ought not happen (like, what will Asia think!?) as adversaries acknowledge there is a genuine prospect it will.

Mature Gay Men Psychology

Mature Gay Men Relationship Winery

Elderly gay men are the sexual minority. More seasoned men have carried on with an altogether different lifestyle with their much more youthful partners. At the point when gay men in their fifties and sixties were in their childhood, being transparently gay was disliked, HIV was widespread and forbidden, and sexual segregation was ordinary. Today, there is a much more extensive acknowledgment of and openness inside the gay group. As individuals age, they regularly manage declining well-being, passing, misfortune and money related instability. These variables can significantly affect their mental prosperity. In any case, for maturing gay men, the additional stressor’s that they persisted amid their lifetimes can worsen these issues. Richard G. Wight, Ph.D., of the Department of Community Health Sciences, School of Public Health at the University of California, Los Angeles, as of late drove a study intended to recognize the components that most impact the mental and physical strength of maturing more established gay men.


Mature Gay Technology

For his study, Wight investigated information from one of the biggest HIV/AIDS ponders in the United States, the Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study. The 202 members extended in age from 44 to 75 years and finished reviews that asked about particular minority stress-related elements that influenced them. Wight found that the men agonized over a portion of the same issues as hetero men, for example, monetary freedom and physical well-being. In any case, there was an immediate connection between being gay and discouragement. Wight said, “Saw gay-related disgrace seems to have lessened constructive effect and to have increased depressive side effects, and over the top experience of HIV deprivations may have intensified the experience of depressive indications.” Wight found, in any case, that the passionate backing that the gay men had through individual connections shielded them somewhat from sorrow.

Like different discoveries, the consequences of this concentrate additionally demonstrated that the gay men who were in dedicated connections had the most abnormal amounts of mental well-being. Since same-sex marriage has as of late gotten to be legitimate in more states, Wight trusts that further research ought to be directed analyzing the constructive outcomes of marriage on gay men. Moreover, that examination ought to investigate other mental conditions, for example, substance use and nervousness, as results in this section of the populace. Even though mental health is a current issue within the gay community.

In the modern times of the 21st century, being gay is accepted around the country. Thankfully, mental health in the gay community is at an all time high. Below I have included why aged senior men make good partners:

  • Experience: from the room to the meeting room, more seasoned folks normally, however not generally, have a superior feeling of what’s going on. Furthermore, will be glad to impart it to somebody more youthful/not aware of present circumstances.
  • Conclusiveness: After a specific age, a man typically comprehends what he needs or doesn’t need and isn’t reluctant to vocalize that. Possibly this is on account of we understand we don’t have all the time on the planet and would prefer not to waste it being dubious.
  • Developed physicality: I’m continually flabbergasted that there’s such a large number of more youthful men who are physically keen on a more develop body, whether it be for the hair, the salt and pepper shading, a paunch, those recognizing lines in the face — whatever it might be, there are more youthful folks who particularly search for those qualities.
  • Cash: Let’s face it, a few children are gold diggers. Some more established individuals are, as well! A more seasoned person will probably be more settled, and a full grown association with funds can be a grapple amid those anxious days of youth. For my situation, I generally let them know I’m a without sugar daddy.
  • Mentorship: A considerable measure of young fellows are at a misfortune as far as occupation and instructive counsel. They’re not getting it from home and they’re not getting it from the way of life. A significant number of them may have keep running up against a homophobic block divider and have no clue how to approach their future. More seasoned gay men have as of now been through this and can give some direction and point of view.