Why Gay Men Are A Women’s Best-friend

Womens Friendship with Gay Men

Gay men are not like ordinary men. They are men that fall in love with another man, not a woman.  But it is true that if you are a woman, then a gay man can be your best friend. In this article we will explain to you why gay men are a women’s best-friend. You will never get sexually harassed from your gay friend. He will just treat you like a sister or a platonic friend and he will never do anything which may cause you harm or alarm. So it is a fact that gay men are real men that can really be  good friends with women unlike most straight men!  At the end of the day, both women and gay men share a lot of similarities, needs and wants which can be understood in this quote by C.S.Lewis:

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” – C.S.Lewis


Will & Grace Gay Friendship

Things are not same for  a straight man! A straight man may face a problem if he wants to be friends with a gay man. Though the gay man may have no interest in a women he may have a lot of interest in a man who wants to be his friend. Gay men fall in love with other men. They feel a great attraction and want to spend time with other men. So although a Why Gay Men Are A Women’s Best-friend may be perfect to befriend a woman a friendship or relationship between a straight man and a gay man may end in tears! Generally gay men are more sensitive and in tune with their emotions.  Gay men are a women’s best-friend because they will not fall in love with every man. They may fall in love with just only one man and want to spend his whole life with one person but generally this is not the case as often gay men like to party and play around more.  It is difficult to find an long term and loving monogamous gay relationship. because there are a lot of gay people who play the field

Why gay men are a women’s best-friend actually offer a free minded and open relationship with a woman where a woman can be herself without the pretenses associated with a hetero friendship. Most women will trust a gay man as they are really gentleman who are in touch with their feminine side, they know how to have fun and party. They will never cheat on the girl and can easily become besties as the gay man will be free to open up also to the woman about his feelings. The outer beauty of a woman has never attracted a gay man – it is the beauty within.  A gay man and woman will be able to open up and show their true personalities without fear of reprimand.  A straight man will often want to flirt with a woman destroying the trust and openness, whereas when the gay man will flirt with a woman it is treated in jest. You will often be able to share your true feelings with a gay friend.

Problems arise with women that want to be friend with other women.  Quite often they become competitive and so a true and open friendship will never come to fruition.  Whether it be who can succeed in getting a man, who has the best clothes women not only are competitive but sometimes also become bitchy towards each other.  This competitiveness does not arise with a gay man so a truer and deeper friendship can evolve.

Gay men often are the perfect gentleman.with enermous amounts of character You will get the proof of their politeness in their behavior and you will love to be with a gay man as your best friend. Make good your relationship with your gay friend, you will feel the difference in having a gay person as your best friend, they are much more helpful and kind and will really be a good friend! You can find gay men only through friendship sites like RSVP. Women and gay-men can have a lot of fun together, in an open and inviting friendship that can last a lifetime with memories that you can share forever.

Bi-Sexual Relationships Explained

Bisexual Couples

Persons who are regarded as being in a bi-sexual relationships explained are people definitively sexually fascinated by both sexes. But it does not actually mean that they desire to be with a man along with a woman at the same time. For example you can consider straight or perhaps gay people in this equation. There are more bisexual women than men and often will desire a monogamous connection as opposed to a threesome. They may like the relationship being monogamous even whilst having fantasies of being with someone else of the same sex. If you think about the marriage, a bi-sexual relationship may have a spouse of either gender as they are attracted to both so would this them mean that they are gay, I say not! If a lady marries a man, it does not mean that she actually is straight and not bisexual.  Just like the same way by marrying a lady, will certainly not make the woman gay if she desires men as well. It is important to marry the person whom he or she is in love with and not worry about being categorized or as to their partners gender.   So I do not believe in many cases same sex marriage is being gay but often the partner or partners may be bisexual.

Passionate Bisexual Relationship

Bisexual people feel interest in both sexes and this is the truth that makes these individuals different yet the same. Most bisexual persons consider themselves to like both sexes equally. It does not a matter for them who they are dating at the time. So do we class them as heterosexual whenever they are in the relationship with a person of the opposite sexual, OR that they are homosexual whenever they are in a same sex relationship? So why do people have interest in both sexes? If you want to build up a relationship with a bisexual person hen you have to consider that these are their types of behavior.

A great number of people, even those people who already have married, may transfer between the genders depending on his or her feelings. When stepping  a dating relationship with a bisexual individual, be willing to accept his or her attraction to another of a new sexual variation and understanding that this is in their make up.  The only problem arises when do you include yourself in these bi-sexual relations in your relationship and if you don’t will your partner be satisfied without being able to express or release their feelings.  If your bisexual partner chooses to act on their desires or sexual fantasies is this considered cheating in your relationship?

Exactly the same way and right of gay persons have the right to be attracted to and have same sex relationships. Remember that when this individual is first dating you they may later find attraction to someone of your opposite sex. It is possible to enjoy a relationship with a bi-sexual tendency but you must answer these questions and find the answers first to be an honest and enduring one.

You can always  start a bi-sexual relationship with that bisexual person but understand that if later they are fascinated by a person in differently or  same sex.  You must be confident they will be honest with their feelings and not ‘cheat’ on you’ as questions may arise like “I think my better half might be cross-sexual. What do I do? My better half has as of late conceded she is cross-sexual. Does this mean she’ll abandon me?”. Remember that your partner is fascinated by you as an individual, including your unique fetishes, as well as they take their time to be understanding to this, they will  love to stay with you if you are upfront about these issues. Your partner chooses to be with you, for who you are, nothing more and nothing less.

Always remember that trust and love are the basic building blocks of a relationship. Take your time to build a lasting relationship and not be guided away by a personal fear that your partner will leave you because of who you are. Try not to think about your partner’s cross-sexuality literally. It is not about you. It is not about something you did or did not do or say or think. Avoid centering the problem on yourself or your partner.


How To Tell If Your Husband is Gay!

Coming Out Gay

The difference between a straight man and a gay man is that a gay man feels interested in other men sexually but often will accept a woman whilst the straight man feels interested in women only. But sometimes it is seen that the man who claims to be a straight man is actually closeting his true sexuality and  may turn to other men some day. This has happened mainly because of homophobia, companies, friends or family not accepting the gay lifestyle. Due to the past discrimination people have felt that they could progress in companies by having a conservative family with two kids, a dog or cat and a loving wife and husband as it showed “commitment”. Gay people have also protected themselves from being assaulted, abused or looked down on due to their lifestyle choices but this has led to gay people getting married to women. Although sometimes, gay people don’t realise they are gay, until it is to late to change their wedding vows. Thankfully, we now have an open society that is built upon respect of society and cultural understanding of other people’s sexual lifestyle choices.

Inexplicably, they become true to themselves and come out that they are in fact gay and do not feel any interest in women any more having led a life’s lie. This often occurs with middle aged men who are married and then leave their wives and kids. They do not have a happy sexual life with their wife and are unfulfilled. They fail to fulfill the sexual want of their wives or themselves. It is actually a huge problem for the woman if her husband suddenly comes out gay man as for many years she has been misled and participated in an untrue life. The men do not mean to hurt their wives, they have just realised rather late what their sexual orientation is.


Coming Out of Closet Gay Rainbow

A gay man often has little sexual interest in the body of a woman but they can think like and also like the mind of woman. But married life needs the combination of mind as well as sex. So in any case when a supposed straight man comes out as a gay man, the wife of that man will feel the ultimate betrayal and deception.

If you are a married woman or a young girl and if feel that your husband or your boyfriend suddenly is acting strangely or making excuses to be apart from you then try to understand him and talk to him. Do not force him to love you as this is not the answer and will never work. It will make him feel trapped and disappointed and he may leave you sooner without giving it a chance. Never give him that chance if you want to get him back. Try to motivate him to open up to you slowly giving him the memories of your most lovely moments together. Give him enough time to understand that there is no turning back and slowly try to see that the life of a gay man can never be the same as with you. You can also try to bring the romance back into your relationship by going out for a romantic walk or both of you can watch romantic movies together.

If he is truly gay he will leave anyway and you are better off without him than living with someone and being with someone who is always fantasizing about someone of the opposite sex. Even so if a gay man and a straight woman sleep in  the same room the whole night, there is no guarantee that nothing will happen between them. So there cannot be any kinds of sexual relationship between a gay man and a woman and only accept the relationship being of the friendship. But if your own loving person suddenly comes out gay because of hormonal imbalance or any other reason then you must take the necessary steps to either try to salvage the relationship quickly or end it permanently. The faster you can take that necessary step, the chances of his and your recovery will be increased. So do not delay if you notice any kind of gay characteristics or different interest in your male partner!


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The Good Girl

Women in Bed

Looking through the morning light, peeking through the curtains with the pleasurable sensation of being fully serviced by his lover.  Increasing pressures at the office, there was no better way than with her mouth engulfing his growing cock.  She loved it this way and often woke herself up before him, to play with her sex toys and then to explore his manhood orally and for him much better than an alarm.  She was such a good girl to him and he treasured her so.

Throatily he groaned, signalling his imminent ejaculation, she moved up to let him finger her wet cunt.  Oh she got so wet, he loved finger fucking her with one, then two, finally three fingers, and when she was totally involved in the moment fisting her.  She moaned over his thickening shaft, swirling her tongue around it as took him deeper and deeper until managing to deep throat him, gagging as it went deep past the gag reflex.  She devoured his cock polishing with her tongue her saliva dribbling down the shaft and then she would deep-throat him again, sucking up all the excess juices and starting all over again.

He thought to himself how lucky am I to have such a good girl like this.   His cock was now throbbing and the pressure to ejaculate was starting to grow in his balls.   He moaned deeply and said, I’m about to cum.”


Couple in Bed Photo
Photo: Couple in Bed


She smiled and nodded encouragement stroking his strong erect cock vigorously as he started to spurt. She placed her cock just above his mouth catching his jism in and around that glorious mouth.  He was in the throws of gushing semen all over her face and it was dribbling down her chin and dropping onto her breast.  When he had finished she set about wiping up all his thick white cum an like a child getting the spoon mother had just made cake with ceremoniously, looking him in the eye gobbled it all up.

When she was done she asked him whether he was all spent and he let her know he was just getting started.

Moving his fingers inside her wetness, her twisted his hand so he could thumb her swollen clit, four fingers inside and one manipulating that beautiful hooded clitoris she had,  She moaned and he smiled thinking what a good girl she was as she was always turned on and it took nothing to make her cum.  Often she would cum whilst giving him a blow-job but as he manipulated her pussy the wetness became a flow and she began to start spurting her cum.  He loved this and as often he did, he put his face toward her gushing cunt.  He knew this drover her crazy and her gush became an ocean as she blew all over his face.

He loved the feeling of her gushing over his face. His erection, now so hard and erect was throbbing once again, and after she stopped spurting rose and she took it orally in a slow, deliberate, sensual way…teasing and pleasing  him.  Never did she remove her mouth from him, just as she had had the last spasm of female jism.  His lover might open her mouth and lick his shaft, slide down and lick or suck his balls, but never would she stop.

He sighed ‘God you are such a good girl’.

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