Risque But Vanilla Fetish Wear

Fetish Fantasy Crazy Wabbit Costume Lingerie Image

You can realize your fantasies when wearing Fetish clothing.  They are clothing that is worn to be provocative and to display your exact fetish and the role that you will play.  They are not typically everyday garb worn by men or women but intended to be worn whilst carrying out your fetish play or being involved in the BDSM communities.

Niche events and clubs exist that welcome and encourage those with a fetish to dress up.  Clubs like Sanctuary, hellfire in Australia and worldwide Recon, NY Bondage Club and more are very popular venues and events.  These are great times to wear your fetish wear that may incorporate girdles, feline suits, collars, hot shoes, boots, skirts, dresses and a vast array of even more BDSM Orientated Gear. Ensembles like the wicked medical caretaker and naughty schoolgirl  are likewise very popular. Leather, latex, spandex and fishnet are regular materials used to make garments and frill for the kinksters our there. What you wear is exceptionally an individual choice in light of the fact that there is such a great amount of variety out there that will stimulate.

Bring a little flavor into your life by wearing a little kinky wear for your partner! You can be a mischievous little school young lady, mistress or an lady of the night for a night.  Add adornments like a slave collar, or chastity device there  is no right or wrong approach to designs you may choose.

Below I have listed some of our more ‘risque but vanilla’ fetish wear items for those starting out that just want to dab their toe in to see if this type of role play is right for them!


Dream Weaver Lingerie:

Seductive Tool in Your Wardrobe Wardrobe of women is incomplete without sexy lingerie. Women’s real beauty comes out when she wears sexy lingerie. It acts as a provocative instrument for their partners. All the women want to wear lingerie’s which gives them comfort and allow them to look elegant and sexy. Huge collections are available in the market due to which they get confused in order to select the right one. Dream weaver lingerie black

Dream weaver lingerie black one size is one of the most popular fetish lingerie  items available in the market today. It gives ultimate satisfaction as it fulfills the entire requirement of a woman. Its attractive look and the quality of material used in its manufacture allow you to buy it without hesitation. Its fence net body stocking gives your body a complete provocative and sexy look. Wearing this lingerie attracts your partner and they get seduced easily.wet look gloves adds to your sensuality.

If you are thinking of seduction then Fetish Lingerie is the most effective tool. Men love to see their partner in sexy lingerie’s. Women’s not only looks sexy but also feels and become sexy after wearing these sexy pieces of cloth. When men see their partner standing in sexy, slinky dresses they instantly come to know what’s running in your mind. It is the wonderful way to enhance your romance and intimate encounters. It can be always used to grant some extra heat to relationship. Women get wild and bold after wearing it. They can get in to a relationship with more excitement. The inner sexuality comes out through it. If some women feel that their relationship is lacking due to the lack of sex appeal in them .then buying such lingerie’s can help them out of trouble. Invent your beauty once again with lingerie’s.

Holey Hot Body Suit Lingerie:

It is obvious for every women having wild fantasies and trying different types of lingerie set in order to look like a bomb shell babe. It is also a dream of every woman to seduce her partner with the curves she is having. But curves are not always sufficient to make your partner fall for you. So Holey hot body suit lingerie black provides you a costume which will shape your assets and make you look more hot and sexy.Holey hot body suit lingerie black

Most attracting part of this suit is X shape adhesive pasties which is used to cover your nipples and allows you show the curves of your beautiful breast and it will compel every man to touch and play with your breast. Coming to the main part of the set, it is crotch less bodysuit, containing a halter tie. This is a combination of transparent and black material which shows some parts body and hide some part of your body in order to increase the excitement in the mind of your partner to have sex with you.

The material used is nylon which gives you an additional sexy look. These body suites are very tight fit so have to be used directly on your skin. By which you can show each and every curve of your body and you can hide unwanted fats by using these body suites. And they start from below the breast so it helps to show the exact size of your breast and it also enhances the look of your sweet melons. Nowadays Holey hot body suit lingerie black are generally used by many bar dancers and prostitutes in order to attract their customers. These bodysuits are also being recommended by many celebrities due to its quality and reliability. It is available in many size variants and it is your choice to opt the best one fitting you.

Rockout Corset Black:

The real joy of being a women can only be explored by turning your fantasy into reality but it still remains a fantasy to most of them! Most of them only dream about such exotic and erotic experience. Rockout corset black gives you an opportunity to make your dream possible. It is a set of costumes which helps you to take your sexual life to a different level.

Rockout corset black small

Rockout corset black make you look more erotic and these are the list of 6 costumes included in this set:

  1. Collar plays a very important role in making you hot; it is leather collar with lace on it which will make the man easier to hold the neck while kissing.
  2. Pasties are small material used to cover your nipples in a best way by showing every curve of your busty and sexy breasts. Using this you can easily seduce your partner as these are made pointed just to give a virtual feeling of nipples.
  3. Waist cinchers is very useful for a hardcore look as it gives a very wild look and it also helps to create a illusion of being slimmer. In return it gives confidence to a female whenever she goes to have sex with her boyfriend.
  4. Thongs are generally designed to cover pubic hair, genitals and perineum. But the best part of thongs is it keeps remaining parts uncovered which attracts man to enjoy with you. As the parts covered by it are very delicate so quality of the material used is very good.
  5. Last but not the least is stockings which are nowadays used wide in market. But the combination of thongs and stockings make you look like a sexy item.
  6. In addition to all these it also provides you adhesive tapes in order to enjoy sex in different exotic positions by tying hands and experience a new way of having sex.


Seamless Diamond Fishnet Tights:

Sensuality, that’s just what your figure will highlight! Be ready to feel sexier than ever with these black seamless diamond fishnet tights. It’s a very elaborate design with a high level of sensuality, which makes it an article full of eroticism illuminates your most intimate moments with this exquisite elegant lingerie item. Your partner will go nuts. What to do when your relationship is stuck and you are both in the middle of a crazy routine? Well, sexy lingerie is always a viable alternative and it works! Purchasing black fishnet tights is a good starting point. Plus, you will be getting a 100% high-quality fine item.This sleek design topped with a delicate finish, makes splurge femininity. There is nothing as buying top net stockings. Don’t hide your beautiful virtues! You will be able to reveal your sexy side. It comes with a solid lace that holds in place properly. One size- fits all.


There is no space for shyness! You should dare to go sexy and leave all your charms with this elegant option. Its original layout incorporates a side opening that it exposes your fancy body parts, and a pretty lace that invites temptation. The design covers specific leg zones in a subtle way. It is definitely a high voltage model to leave nothing to chance. Its composition is impeccable and it is designed by masters. Don’t hesitate about it. If you want to feel sexy and beautiful, this is truly a grandiose alternative. It is always fun to dress sensual and surprise a lover! Yes! Be prepared to buy some candles, dance to the music and consider a fun striptease session. These stockings are marvelous. Unleash passions with this suggestive item. It is an exquisite piece with a nice black detail. Remember that life passes fast.


A Homophobic Letter

Homophobia Statistics

Hi, I’m PJ and I have been writing for the adultsmart blog for a while. I am gay and proud of it.  I am also proud of my aboriginality.  My long-time partner Darren and I are advocates to legalise and support same-sex marriages.  Some of the articles I have written on this blog site relate to our stance on same-sex marriages and stance by other political parties and items of interest. My thanks go to all that have sent letters and comments of encouragement and they are truly valued.  However, I guess going with the territory, have also received negative feedback, letters and comments.  The image attached is one such letter I wish to share and to show the lunacy of some of the anti-gay and anti-same sex marriage groups. Click on the letter to view it in more detail.

Why Gays Relationships are Wrong


morgan freeman twitter quote

The author of this letter left her contact number and so politely I have rung it to offer her the chance to discuss her views and claims.  Claims that include it is sexual abuse and perversion if two consenting adults of the same sex engage in sexual activity.  That same sex couples who adopt are the very opposite of what good parenting is about.  That gays must accept AIDS.  That eating Chinese food, soya milk and grain fed cow milk will cause homosexuality and cross dressing.

Further Josephine has told me that I have interest in child abuse and my push for same sex marriage and legal adoption of children by same sex marriage should be actively fought against and has indicated a website so anyone supporting this can see the spiritual consequences.  My work is as a manager of the Gay Exchange Sydney’s first all gay store and I am also proud of that.  If you support same sex marriage, legal adoption by same sex parents please show Josephine what you think of her view by liking its facebook page or commenting on this post.

Gay and Proud, PJ Weir

Weir is still an advocate for same sex marriage and is actively involved in campaigning remove the draconian laws that prohibit same sex marriages within Australia.  He has however moved on from the Gay Exchange which is now staffed by Yoshi, RickyMartin, Marcos and Ghoki.  We hope that you will visit the GLTB Safe Place sometime soon and experience our second to none customer service.

And just to let you know, there are many reasons you should be self confidence with your sexuality including:

  1. What’s superior to being consistent with yourself? There’s nothing more liberating than basically acting naturally. So frequently, living in the storeroom can crave living an untruth, attempting to be somebody else. It can feel like regardless of what you do, you’ll never be sufficient. Luckily, that sort of speculation simply isn’t valid! When you let other individuals know who you truly are, it gives you the chance to roll out some significant improvements throughout your life. You can relinquish dangerous connections that make you feel embarrassed, and meet steady new individuals who adore you only to be you.
  2. You’ll turn out to be nearer to the general population who truly matter: One of the greatest fears individuals have about turning out is the stress that loved ones will forsake them in the event that they know reality. The other side of this is the general population in your life who truly think about you will turn out to be nearer to you than any time in recent memory. By opening up to them and letting them know who you truly are, the general population in your life will take in a considerable measure about you. Be that as it may, significantly more vital, you’ll learn all that you truly need to think about them. You’ll know which individuals throughout your life genuinely think about you, and who you can depend on, regardless.
  3. You can at long last praise your connections for the entire world to see: Same-sex marriage is at long last legitimate all through the US, Canada, expansive parts of Europe, even Mexico and parts of South America. In the event that you live in one of these nations, hold your head high realizing that not just would you be able to praise your connections the very same way your straight companions would, you’re be able to likewise qualified for the same legitimate securities. Because you’re LGBT doesn’t mean you won’t have the capacity to have the wedding you had always wanted, if that is the thing that you’ve generally needed.
  4. On the off chance that you choose to have kids, you can bring them up in a genuinely tolerating home: Not everybody is occupied with turning into a guardian — yet in the event that you are, the way that you’ve been through battles in your own particular life can be an advantage. You’ll have the capacity to better comprehend where your kid is originating from when they feel terrified or alone, in light of the fact that you’ve been there as well. Truth be told, a late study from the University of Melbourne found that, as opposed to what homophobes may assert, gay guardians by and large raise sound, cheerful families — once in a while making a superior showing with regards to than straight guardians!
  5. Being out and unmistakable improves the world: You don’t need to walk in the roads to have any kind of effect on the planet: simply being out and letting the world know makes the world a more tolerant spot. Research demonstrates that individuals who know somebody who is LGBT are liable to be all the more tolerating and more steady of gay rights. By turning out, you’re making a theoretical issue appear to be close to home to the general population around you. While there are continually going to be a few narrow minded people and homophobes on the planet, you can do your little part basically by being your magnificent self.
  6. Setting a case for the more youthful LGBT era: LGBT children are still tormented at higher rates in school, in spite of the fact that educators and school authorities are beginning to consider harassing more important than they used to. By being out and pleased, you give a living, breathing case to the LGBT youngsters and high schoolers in your group. The It Gets Better Project is an extraordinary case of LGBT grown-ups meeting up to tell forlorn or discouraged teenagers they’re not the only one.
  7. You can be a piece of an imaginative group that is changing the world: There’s a generalization that LGBT individuals command imaginative businesses like theater, music, and film. That may not be totally valid, but rather as generalizations go, it’s a complimenting one! When you turn out, you’ll be joining positions with astounding individuals like Lady Gaga, Sam Smith, Zachary Quinto, Anna Paquin, thus some more. You’ll likewise turn out to be a piece of a rich custom including authentic erudite people and craftsmen like Frida Kahlo, Oscar Wilde, and even a definitive Renaissance Man, Leonardo da Vinci.

Never Get Jack of Your Rabbit!

Rabbit Sex Toys

Gain sexual pleasures with the use of erotic toys.  The best-selling style of sex toy vibrators used by women are the Rabbit style that will provide euphoric sexual feelings resulting in orgasms.  There are heaps of different styles of vibrator but doesn’t it make sense, especially if you are a beginner or novice, to choose the most popular one as it is almost a guarantee that it will work.

Stimulation Inside And Out Results in Blended Orgasms

The other name a rabbit vibrator is often called is the jack rabbit vibrator. This rabbit sex toy generally allows a female to get feelings of excitement that will result in an intense orgasm by providing cool vibrating sensations.  The rabbit is so called because halfway down its shaft it has a clitoral simulator originally shaped like rabbit ears.  So whilst the shaft is vibrating and  inserted into your vagina the bunny tickles the clitoris, one can reach some unbelievable pleasurable heights and experience blended orgasms.

fulfill yourself sexually with a rabbit vibrator

While putting your rabbit vibrator in use there are various settings available to gain immense pleasures. Some rapid movements of the ear-like structures on your clitoris can provoke your body to get intense pleasures. The rapid vibrations will make your clitoris come alive and the stimulation will be felt bu the 9000 plus nerve endings.

In your time alone playing with this marvelous sex toy you can relax and the stresses of the day will float away in your bodies release of endorphins. With the shaft deep inside and options of thrusting, rotating, twirling and even pulsating you will be able to achieve G-Spot and vaginal orgasms.  You have time to experiment the best settings that will allow the most intimate pleasure whilst you explore the different sexual position that best suit you.  As you become more comfortable with your toy you can have it remember your favorite settings so it can be picked up where you left off last time.

A lot of women are there who prefer a clitoral orgasm more than the vaginal orgasm love rabbits because it gives them the option of both. With a rabbit one can a satisfy their inner wildest carnal desires when used correctly. Rabbit vibrators have got some unique functions that will allow you to include in your couples sex play.  You can also give the vibrator to your partner and ask him to arouse you in an innovative way. In this way both you will share the enjoyment that the Rabbit brings in couples sex toy play. 

Learn About Two Popular Rabbit Vibrators


Get ready for a sexual marathon with the Basic Essentials Pink Bunny. Throw in your sexual abilities, this pink vibrator will bring many benefits. Get rid of your old vibrator, and benefit from the advantages offered by the latest model. Choose a pink style following the classic design- but it is equipped with all the latest developments the market of sex toys offers. To have fun with more comfort and freedom, this is developed in an ergonomic way! It will help you enjoy the best possible way with your lover! Boost your fantasies.

This product is made with top quality materials and an odorless silicone designed by experts. It is completely waterproof so you can make the time in the shower as it deserves. It is very easy to clean, you can put a little soap and rinsing in hot water and it will be like new. If you prefer, and you feel more comfortable, you can put it in the dishwasher. If you think you’ve tried everything, you knew it was the pleasure and you were delighted with the best market dildos, you were wrong. With this vibrator you can reach incredible orgasms, intense and exciting that you never imagined.

Naughty Rabbit
Vibrating Rabbit


Manufactured with high quality materials, easy to wash with a soft, delicate and velvety is the ideal for sharing with friends or alone. Definitely one of the best silicone dildos you can find in the market.Use it with lube, take it to the Spa, the shower, the tub or simply use it wherever you want. Since it is battery powered you can use anywhere, with complete discretion, on or off the water, in the gym, etc. The world of sex toys is shown to be something unique, and more for women today. If you’ve had the pleasure of experiencing with the subject, you know that you can explore new sensations that would be impossible otherwise. Opt for this pink vibrator and enjoy.

The Maximum Stimulating Rabbit 3000

The Maximum Stimulating Rabbit Vibrator, 3000 ultra has multiple functions. It is made from silicone material made in high quality very soft to the touch, its shape is “Y” to penetrate and stimulate the clitoris and anus at the time of penetration with very fast vibrations, the long part of vibrator is rotatable so that stimulates all parts of the vaginal cavity. Their speeds are adjustable, Uses 4 “AA” batteries not included. This vibrator provides maximum pleasure due to its stimulating modes that are extremely powerful. It is the best g-spot pal ever! You will never be afraid of trying something new again. Your life will be illuminated thanks to a fabulous rabbit vibrator. Yes! This can happen. This is easy to take, especially because it’s lightweight and fine.

Maximum 3000
Rabbit Vibe

It consists of up 6 speed rotation and mode vibration capabilities. Good news is, this vibrator is waterproof. It works with 4 AA, which are not included. Are you ready to stimulate your G-spot? This vibrator is ready to attack directly all your erogenous zones. Yet, when it comes to the G-spot this is the king. Have you ever heard of so-called rabbit vibrator? Well, this is even better. This brings you a fantastic deal in every way. It is better than a conventional vibrator. Make a smart purchase and begin experiencing new sensations that are unique and necessary.

If you improve your sex life, everything will go smooth. The handle is extremely comfortable and offers great freedom and manageability when it comes to exploration yourself. You’ll reach points before or know of its existence. Be clear about what you want and proceed. Hygiene won’t be a problem idea, because you can rinse with a little water and soap. You will be fully satisfied, since you will not even find a singleflaw; you can choose the speed you desire. Remember that batteries need to be purchased.




The 5 Bestselling Vibrators Online!

Vibrators For Women

Often Good, Clean Sex Is An Afterthought!

Every man and woman have needs and wants that need to be filled.  And this includes those desires of a carnal nature.  Sex Is Fun!  Sex Is Healthy! AND Sex Is Good!  Often in our rush to just keep up with the pace of modern day society good, clean sex is left as an afterthought and this is not good on so many levels.  If you and your partner do not have the time to have sex together then invest in some sex aids that will give you the same euphoric feelings.

Vibrators are the best-selling sex toys for women.  They come in all colors, shapes and sizes for you to choose which is the right fit for you.  Having been an adult retailer for over 25 years and an online sex toy shop for the past 10 adultsmart.com.au has seen the vast improvements in the adult toy industry, its fads and also the bestselling products.  Set out below in no particular order are 5 of the online adult shops most popular vibrators.

Romant Abby

Couples sex toys are romantic and the Abby Vibrator is a Silicone 10 Mode Vibrator which is cute in every way. Not just due to the beauty of its bright pink love but because it’s highly sophisticated. It turns devilishly to stimulate the vaginal area. It can stimulate your clitoris incredibly well, with its sophisticated design it is able to follow any desire for as long as 3 hours. Its many rhythms will lead to caressing until exhaustion. It is no exaggeration, is a real bomb. With separate controls, on-off button and indicator. It uses a built in li-battery that lasts a lot!

This 10 mode vibrator is one-of-a-kind. Each girl will experience intense pleasure. It is truly a high class vibrating sex toy. It even comes in an attractive gift box and it includes replacement warranty that lasts 3 months. It is produced in the new generation of premium silicone very soft to touch and sculpted into the smallest details. This will clearly reach your entire vaginal cavity. To use simply proceed by sliding the vibrator as you wish!

This majestic pink silicone product has central rotating- it is a nice clitoris exciter without a doubt. To all this, we add its unique features vibration control that can be easily used. Be ready to choose preset rhythms and choose one of its 10 speed modes. Whether trying to find an innovative sex toy or an aesthetically appealing toy to carry on the go, this is optimal. It clearly adapts to all kind of needs. Adapt it as you learn and let this vibrator stimulate the G-spot, or simply use it to simulate your clitoris. It will just stir within you. Say yes to this device with independent commands to control it towards the rotation and the power of cuteness! Get prepared for the best sensations ever.

Top Selling vibe
Aphrodisia Vibrator

The Aphrodisia Baby Rose

Dive into a world of feelings with this Baby Rose – 10 Functions Vibrator. It is the best way to ensure satisfaction. Choose one of its 10 vibration modes and speeds. You can go for a gentle option until you reach maximum speed. It is strictly up to your own desire! Get to create specific custom sensations. Its push-button controller is built in an impeccable way so you can change modalities as you wish. It is developed with high-quality materials. It features pulsation and escalation. Of course, it is developed with safe silicone and it is waterproof. This is just a totally real relief, accompanied by a fancy shaped style-so that you can start sailing the seas of pleasure. How could it be otherwise, this toy is ready to use it in the water so you can enjoy new experiences! Are you ready to control from the base with separate controls?

Every man and woman have needs and wants that need to be filled.  And this includes those desires of a carnal nature.  Sex Is Fun!  Sex Is Healthy! AND Sex Is Good!  Often in our rush to just keep up with the pace of modern day society good, clean sex is left as an afterthought and this is not good on so many levels.  If you and your partner do not have the time to have sex together then invest in some sex aids that will give you the same euphoric feelings.

This is all about sweet temptations! Its vibrations can be controlled by the simple turning of the wheel bearing in the bottom base. You’ll make sure vibrations to your liking; you can rise from most to least without problem.Made of silicone, it allows easy cleaning. It will feel so good you will be delighted. It will be perfect for you, for you to use in the bathroom, in your romantic getaway with your partner or in the shower, it is completely waterproof and water resistant.

Popular Vibes
Ovo Vibrator

The Ovo F4

The Ovo F4 vibrator has all the features needed to take you to paradise. A good and strong measures, a rotating and vibrating, dual drive to your vibrating clit and anus and glans soft and inviting. As for your engine, it has buttons to choose from different rates of rotation, vibration, and to raise and lower the speed. It is soft and absolutely sensual. This mini vibrator is what you need to break sexual monotony. Take it along and enjoy! It is about time to satisfy your sexual needs, right? While there are multiple vibrators on the market, for all tastes, you need to spot the best option. Well, this G-Spot vibrator is great for girls. What do you want? Dare to invest on a reliable sex toy. That is right! This is your ideal partner, a mini pink vibrator.

This style comes from the champion of champions, a slender body with nothing more and nothing less than what you need. An orgasm is quite a challenge, which is what you’re looking for! You cannot forget about this amazing deal. With its multi speed you can choose the intensity and type of vibration that best suits your tastes or your partner, because this vibrator is specially designed to enjoy both alone and in company. And thanks to its discreet and quiet vibrations, will become the perfect partner for the most torrid, intimate and sensual without anyone being aware of it. It is completely flexible, offering unlimited work ability. It is water resistant and easy to clean. You can always add lube so you can get to enjoy a wet experience, a soft encounter, smooth and slippery as you’ve never tasted before. Battery operated. And they say that size does not matter but this is just what you deserve! As fit all positions, this is also perfect for use with your partner, both in foreplay and in the actual relationship, or alone.

Strong Vibrators
Adam & Eve Vibrators
Adam & Eve G-Luxe

Thanks to this Adam and Eve Silicone G Luxe Vibrator you will be able to feel fantastic. It provides each individual with fabulous sensations. Its amazing realism and especially developed by top manufacturers. It is great for the touch. Explore your body with this quality vibrator. Your sensual side will come along and all your senses will be awakened. Ready to for non-stop entertainment? That is right, everything is possible. You can now get that orgasm you crave with this fantastic vibrator. Manufactured in red plastic with a soft and smooth touch, it has a great shape and it facilitates everything. It is able to deliver great feelings through an anatomical massage; it reaches the exact area of the G spot and stimulates the clitoris while the upper stop. Inside, a powerful engine with many rhythms that are activated from one convenient button located in a strategic area for ease of use will do all the necessary work for you only have to worry about enjoying the best orgasm of your life. Uses 2 AAA batteries not included.

The highly polished curve vibrator is hygienic and non-porous, and cleanup is a snap after the fun, proceed with warm water. Reach the point of no return by making use of this Adam and Eve Silicone G Luxe Vibrator, which is durable and innovative. This is better than a super penis, it is made with high quality materials that provide unrivaled softness and feel drawn to the new generation of Jelly (Silicone 100% high quality) and its length will be always ready to provide relaxation, satisfaction and pleasure. Designed for people who know what they want and are not intimidated by anything.It has a suction base to stick it on any flat surface. There is no need to feel shy, dare to buy the best toy ever. This vibrator will meet your expectations for certain.

Couples Sex Toy
Personal Massager
Romant Eni

Waiting for your partner has become a thing of past now people have the Eni – silicone 10 mode vibrator that will provide you the necessary services. This vibrator will help you in getting an orgasm when your partner is away or you don’t have a partner. This small instrument will give you immense pleasure that you may not have experienced. If used properly then it can give more pleasure that you get while getting intimate with your partner. Proper usage will ensure you don’t feel awkward. With the advancement being done to vibrators they feel like real.


This vibrator has been made of medical grade silicone so that it doesn’t harm the body of the user. The eccentric inbuilt vibrator has 10 modes which can be used for both inner and outer area. The waterproof design allows it to be used underwater so that you can use it in your bathtub or your swimming pool. Has an ergonomic design which will help in getting a wonderful pleasure and stimulate the sensitive parts of a woman. The instrument has a built in LI battery with a long battery life. Its sleek design helps in proper grip on the toy; the smooth surface makes it feel real. Using it would help you get orgasm while getting intimate with your partner as it will help you know how you want to enjoy and the right spots that will help you in getting an orgasm.


So now you have the top-selling vibrators for women on adultsmart.  Which one will you choose to use?  You can buy online or why not visit one of the adult lifestyle centres.




I’ll Let You In On Some Secrets!

Wet Stuff Secrets

Wet Stuff Secrets Lubricant

is already a revolution in the intimate world. It is made specifically for special and natural personal lubrication to allow one to fully enjoy sexual relationships. Thanks to its light texture and its silicone base  it comes into play not only during contact with each other sexually but also makes a great massage or water-barrier. It is a long lasting option for everyone seeking for extraordinary fun times! It really will surprise you with how good it is for the price plus it just contains low molecular grade and medical grade silicon.

Silicone does not get absorbed by the body and diluted by water so you can use it for anal purposes, too.  Not to mention, it is has not taste or color. You will be blown away by this innovative lubricant. Enjoy its mild and pleasant warmth when massaging it on your lovers body as part of your foreplay. It is perfect for every encounter.  Be fully prepared to apply on the body, intimate areas like nipples, anal areas, lips, clit, etc there are so many places it suits.

wetstuff silicone lubricantHeat Up Your Relationship

Are you tired of your relationships since they are always the same and want to heat them up? If you want to break monotony and are seeking for something new, then this is for you- yes! You’re in luck. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to discover a genuine lubricant. A new way to ignite the flame of passion is at your disposal. This is perfect for improving your sex or using sex toys, you should use it with your partner. You can always use this quality lubricant to give a gentle massage. Good news is, this product is dermatologically tested and it is compatible with latex condoms.

Silicone based lubricant are extraordinary in that their structure is not water based, which, for all intents and purposes, implies the lube doesn’t dissipate or go away amid use (as all water based ones do). When they were presented they were a vital other option to oil based, which don’t go away,  however do wreck condoms. This silicone lube is condom perfect.  Actually silicone was a material used by condom makers to allow lubricant to be attached to them.   In the mid-1990s lube manufacturers started making silicons personal lubricants due to their resistance to water and longevity without drying up.  From that point forward there has been a huge innovation into the quality of it and the quantity available on the market. Be ready to apply on the body, intimate areas like lips, nipples, clit.

This silicon based lube has been properly developed to use with condoms. Thus, if you like delicate and silky wetness, you will simply love it.

Some benefits of using silicone lubrication include:

  • Since these lubes contain no water they last a long time, so they’ll stay smooth for quite a while.
  • Silicone is incredible for individuals with delicate skin.
  • They can also be used for full body rubs, and they’ll leave your skin delicate, smooth and soft.
  • They are great for sex in the shower of hot tub.
  • Texture is silky smooth

Below I have listed some main reasons why people use silicone lubrication during sex:

  • If you simply need to improve things. Regardless of the possibility that you don’t think you require lube, it merits experimenting with a superb universally handy assortment.
  • “Lube just improves sex,” says Notte.

  • It doesnt dry out and moisturizes the skin creating a protective barrier.
  • Great for delicate skin
  • Ideal to use during that ‘time of the month’ as it will ensure that any leaks will not dry out and cause friction
  • Will not alter the ph or other levels of the vagina
  • Will act as a protective barrier on the penis reducing the chance of STIs
  • Increases the stimulation with the silky smooth wetness
  • Can be used in both foreplay and sex