Planning the Best LGBTQ Wedding!

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The American society is transforming fast. The political landscape appears to be shifting in favor of same-sex relationships and gay marriages, yet gay partners cannot claim to have reached the promised land yet. Holding a successful and legally-recognized best gay wedding still poses very unique challenges to same-sex couples Currently, there still exists a myriad of questions and issues that same-sex couples face during the planning of their wedding which are not simply a worry for heterosexual couples. They include the following

Deciding on Who to Invite to Your Wedding

Among the most taunting challenges gay couples address when making a decision on who to invite to their wedding is which among their family members and friends will be supportive of their wedding and marriage. According to Bernadette C. Smith – the founder and president of 14 Stories, a Boston- and New York-based gay-wedding-planning company – some people won’t mind if their uncle or nephew is in a gay relationship but will consider a marriage resulting from the same a tandem too far! Therefore, you need to do a good evaluation of who should really attend this happiest-day-of-your-lives event.


Two Bridges


Legal and Social Barriers

As at present, sexual orientation is still not recognized by anti-discrimination laws in about 29 US states. This means that a country club or florist in Texas can refuse to plan a wedding for an LGBT couple because they are gay or transgendered without breaking any anti-discrimination law. More subtle discrimination could include not returning emails or your phone calls, or a venue becoming booked all of a sudden just because the owner has realized that it is a same-sex couple making a booking for their wedding. Therefore, unless it is a hired wedding-planner doing it for you, as same-sex couples, you must always come out to each and every vendor, venue-owner or photographer you contact so that you are aware of any reservations that they may have against a same-sex wedding. Smith advises gay couples to try as much as possible to look out for gay-owned businesses for your wedding services. These vendors speak “your language”, understand your culture and will obviously be more than glad to do a good job for one of their own flock!

Is a Pre-Nuptual Agreement necessary?

Maybe, maybe not. A pre-nuputial agreement is more beneficial to the wealthier spouse, but it can generally help you navigate the tax waters just in case you divorce. Since the Federal Government does not recognize gay marriage as yet, yours is technically a state marriage. So you should take steps that will avoid transfer taxes in case of split-up.

What about incorporating Religion into Our Wedding Ceremony?.

Many faiths are obviously anti-gay, but others welcome gay relationships and marriages. A former Catholic priest, Fr Anthony Adams – who performs wedding ceremonies for same-sex couples in New York – advices God-loving gay couples who want to wed in church to be creative by reinventing the usual symbolic words and gestures to suit your own spirituality. For instance, you may get a marriage officiator from another faith altogether and come up with your own customized vows but with a skew towards the normal religious ones.  A fairly standard text could also be used i.e. the officiator talks about what God’s marriage covenant means, but only for the man and wife part! Even Jewish customs could be tweaked to suit gay couples. For example, have two glasses broken for two Jewish lesbians wedding! What about the man to break the glass if you decide to use one glass? The couple take turns to break the glass together!

Can You Look Beyond the “Bride and Groom” Tradition

It is true that the wedding industry has been traditionally overly bride-focused, i.e. we hear of the bridal party; contracts and forms refer to the bride and groom; while wedding attendees sit on either the bride’s side or groom’s side. As a gay couple, it is up to you to decide how to break these traditions. For instance, let it be your personal choice what you choose as your wedding dress. If you are two brides, you can choose to wear two dresses, two suits or a suit for one and a dress for the other. If you are two grooms and want to wear full black suits, or one of you wears a white tux and the other a black one, who cares? It is your wedding and you are at liberty to choose whatever you want! Since the bride walked down the aisle traditionally, a wedding with two brides or two grooms can be a headache. To avoid the question of who is the bride and who is not, you can just walk down the aisle hand-in-hand, or if space allows, just use two aisles!

What about Post-Wedding Decisions like Honeymoon?

Gay marriages are still illegal in some US states and most nations across the world, so deciding on your honeymoon’s destination can get really complicated. Traveling together as a married couple internationally or in some states in the US will mostly be illegal. This means that you will have to carry with you some extra paperwork that will prove your relationship in case of any medical emergency for example.  This obviously will cost you thousands of dollars in attorney fees.

Couples taking each other’s name or creating a new name together will also find legal barriers hectic. For example, you may get legally wed in New York but on getting back to Texas, your name change will not be valid by just presenting your marriage license. You have to go through another legal process via the Texas court system to effect a change of name, obviously more costly and time-consuming. Your challenges are more complicated if you have children involved, resulting to extra paperwork, legal fees, second-parent-adoption issues to address,.

In conclusion, and as you can see for yourself, planning the best gay wedding is not a walk in the park. All these and other issues will always be there, but you need to stay true to who you really are. Do not subscribe to a low-profile boring wedding if you are not a low-profile boring couple. Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, let it be really fun and express who you are. You have no apologies for being who you are!



My Male Chastity Story

Female Dom

I want to explain how I use my male chastity device and I want to inform you guys about the pleasures you will enjoy with your manhood being under lock and key and it won’t damage your marriage or relationship. When talking about the intricacies of Male Chastity strategies most guys out there claiming to be experts are really online liars. The fact there are many guys who like to have a cock and balls locked up indefinitely by their wives, girlfriends or male partner is astounding. The numbers of these kinky guys I believe are very small, and this article will explain what I have learned about male chastity devices.

My First Experience Wearing a Chastity Device

A few days before I was to get married I purchased a CB3000 which seemed to be the most popular of chastity devices on the market. This I presented as a joke to my wife as a surprise present before our wedding as she had expressed to me doubt that I could remain faithful to her after marriage. I actually wanted to find how seriously she took this as she had been cheated on earlier by previous boyfriends and always seemed to carry that distrust towards me.  She actually started experimenting with it and although the first time she insisted we try it and put the device on me it came as a bit of a shock – although silently and subconsciously I was pleased. We experimented and found out ways that the use of the device actually enhanced our pleasure. She started liking it so much – and I guess the thought of being in control – that after some time she would keep me bonded in my device for weeks at a stretch which gradually increased to months at a time.


Male Chastity Ring


The trouble was that I could not masturbate and I started missing this activity. I had to beg her to release me and let me enjoy my freedom for the bare minimum, just a couple of days but she begin to take great pleasure in punishing me and keeping me deprived from sensory pleasures without her permission. She is no longer afraid that I will fool around with other girls or guys. I have become more caring towards her as I shower her with more love and attention when my cock is locked up. I have actually caught her recommending a male chastity devices to her closest friend whose husband had been found to be cheating on her. She told her friend that she should to keep him locked up in one of these when you are not around and he will never cheat on you again. And if he refuses to wear it he is obviously going to cheat on you again.

The erotic denial a males chastity device gives is obvious. I first started with complaining profusely. But now I realise that I have actually started enjoying the situation and am now I am a chastity fetish fan. Having my cock locked up in a male chastity device actually has the effect of turning me on and I find it more exciting when my wife dominates me and I have to ask her to release me.

I wanted to know more about my kinky obsession and went to consult an urologist and know whether there would or could be any adverse impact on my health if I used these male chastity devices. He let me know that there is not even a single resource or place for doctors which gives information on this condition or in all the medical and urological writings.So I went and did a bit of research on my own and got my male chastity device customized so that there would be a reduction of the amount of compression on my organ when I had an erection. As I am not a newbie now in the game and I did not use it for short periods of time I wanted to make sure all would be well and my health would be taken care of.

I searched a lot of sites and finally found a male chastity device that was perfect for me. The chastity devices here have great names also! The names serve as a turn on. Some of the product names include Torture Puzzle, Tigers Cage, Hell’s Dungeon, Grinder or Exoskeleton just to name a few which I looked up. These are all sold by quality vendors and not only are much more safe but the cock cage also cannot be removed without the help of a key. I finally purchased a silicone cock cage which is made of flexible material and partly adjustable and can be worn for prolonged periods of time.

With my wife’s permission and after consulting with my doctor I selected an expensive chastity device which had no rings and did not have the cock rings which are the cause of tissue compression. The Doctor told me that erection was a natural process and night time erections may help the flow of blood and also exercise the erectile and vascular tissues to keep them healthy and ensure that the cock does not waste away, atrophy due to non-usage. The cock is just like any other muscle and if not used for protracted periods of time it is bound to wither away. So I am very alert as I hope to have many more healthy erections to live for.

But the fact remains that doctor’s advice, however frightening and scary like causing cancer and impotence does not stop the addict from smoking or stopping or my wife from locking my cock a male chastity restraint for protracted periods. I was scared about the Doctors warnings so I went and took some second opinion.

Male Chastity Devices are a Type of BDSM Foreplay

What I found out was that like all other sex toys the chastity device which I purchased was a much sought after bondage item which is not controlled nor certified as safe by the FDA or other regulatory bodies. Obviously there are little or no known complaints of guys becoming impotent due to their squeezed up cock and balls due to wearing chastity restraints, because nobody is unhappy when wearing them and everyone is enjoying the tightness and restrictive pleasure of wearing them. My Doctor also helped me by consulting with his friend who was a specialist on urological trauma and told me that the fact is that are not too many reports of people being injured by wearing or because of over use of male chastity restraints.

I was able to get hold of a blogger Metal who Incidentally told me that he was also a renowned consultant for cocks which had been locked up for years together. Bondage and Discipline coupled with Sadism and Masochistic leanings were Metal’s area of expertise. He reassured me that he had a lot of clients with locked up cocks who had no difficulty in getting an erection when their devices were removed. The pain of the erection in the beginning always turns into pleasure.

Metal advised me that play with my custom chastity device is a kind of foreplay, which is really, really long and prolongs the pleasure to give a kind of tantric euphoria which passes on to transcendence. But there are rules that are good and need to be followed. Maybe you must strictly not allow yourself to be unhooked before being chained to the bed posts. A second useful rule suggestion by Metal and endorsed by my wife is that if I am allowed to cum then immediately afterwards my cock would get a sound spanking for being naughty and would get locked up in my chastity device for long stretches to which I happily agreed.

I have finally come to the conclusion that wearing a male chastity device enhances my marriage and would recommend to my friends that this is how I use my male chastity device and if they want to live a less kinky sex life they could always do so too.

Chastity Device Rules

First we should get this straight a cuckold’s role in any relationship is that of a support person. His wife of better half needs come before all his own needs. So at the earliest time after the roles are determined and you choose to live a cuckold lifestyle he should be introduced to a male chastity device. The obvious reason for this is there is no place for him to waste time stroking off his own penis as it will deter him from the more important task of keeping his wife happy and serviced. It is my opinion that the chastity device be used even before marriage, whilst dating even so that the boundaries can be set early in the piece and the cuckolded man, if you wish to call him that does not take advantage of any situation especially when it comes to masturbation or sex.

As the key holder in my relationship I will not allow my cuckolded man to ejaculate at any time without my permission and this includes when I choose to take the chastity device off too. There is nothing more empowering to have his penis enclosed for a long period and then after release still deny him his release. It will only make the moment you do allow him to to be all the more exciting and rewarding. My husband begs me for sex that I permit him to have about once a month. To see how excited he gets when the time approached is in some way pathetic but in other a real turn on. Knowing that whenever I want it his cock will be erect and ready to service me empowers me and in most cases denies him. Chastity can be an important part of teasing and denial play. Teasing and denial is a form of Discipline where the wife takes pleasure in purposely teasing her cuckold both physically, verbally and even mentally. I love a cuckolded lifestyle and my husband does too!

Early on, before we got married, I let him know that I would be permitted to have affairs outside out marriage but that I would never cheat behind his back. In fact all the affairs I have had I have explained to my lovers the situation and I have brought them home for him to watch. For him to know his hot wife is desired by other men but that I choose to stay with him, as he is convenient for me. My husband kept pestering me to put him in chastity. He had one of the plastic belts from before we were married, which I didn’t like the look or design of so I went all out and got him a steel cock cage. I put him in under one condition: That he stays is going to stay in it for six weeks at a time, only being allowed out when I choose to allow him. He agreed although the first time he was only in one for a month. He constantly begs me to let him out and let him cum, but I won’t break our agreement now and I’m going to see to it that he doesn’t and keep my man in chastity.

I love the look of it on him, the way steel chastity cock cage contains & looks on my man’s big dick and he has mentioned to me that he loves the feeling of the cold steel around his cock and balls. I don’t get why men like to have that part locked up, but I certainly love it when he wants me with his whole being. It is great to be the key holder and in charge and certainly he is more receptive and kind to me. I also make his hands cuffed to our bed and legs shackled to the bed once or twice a week while I tease and shave his dick hair. This way there is no chance of escape of the chastity and I further enforce my dominance.

He only gets to have 10 sexual encounters with me per year. He is usually let out for 1 day for each encounter. Last night because he was really good I had him serve dinner to me and my 3 girlfriends who were in sexy short skirts and high heel sandals and he was stripped naked with only the cage on and out of his g-string that he always wears for me. We all grabbed his cage and his butt while he served us dinner. After we were done and he cleaned up we decided to only shackle his legs, free his dick out of the cage and he had to have sex with each one of us. He pleased each of us and to keep him horny we pleased each other too. He got drained good and when we were done he got locked back up in the cage for the next fun encounter.

My man loves being locked up in his male chastity device and it is great to know that if or when he is to see someone else it is at my command and will.  I love keeping my man in chastity and he loves it too.


Building Rapport in Gay Relationships

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There is a widespread but erroneous belief that people in gay relationships have an easier time with their relationships compared to those in heterosexual relationships. And while that notion stretches the truth a bit too far, it is not surprising to see why people would think so. For centuries, it has been believed that the only reason why men and women have trouble with communication in relationships is because their thought processes are different and they are biologically wired to effectively communicate and respond to situations differently. Women tend to use nonverbal cues and their actions are often led by emotional responses. Men on the other hand, are natural problem solvers who like to face problems logically, and so approach issues with less emotion. And while it is true that the fact that people in same sex relationships have an easier time agreeing on certain things in their relationships, they might also experience greater hurdles in their relationship, especially if communication is poor.

One of the most difficult aspects of this kind of relationship is deciding when to go public with your relationship. If you are in a committed one, there will always be some trouble between partners if one of them is reluctant to go public or worse yet, if they still haven’t come out of the closet. Being in a relationship such as the latter can be very challenging, but not completely if there is effective communication. To begin with, if you are the partner in the relationship who chooses to stay mum about his/her sexual orientation, it is imperative to discuss your fears with your partner openly; whether that be fear of becoming ostracized, a religious family or the fact that you haven’t completely accepted or realized where you want to be. By sharing your most intimate thoughts and feelings, you’re able to help your partner understand that it’s not about you not caring about them but that you need more time to get acquainted to your new-found status or find the right time to come out.

Gay Couple Kissing

On the other hand, caring about someone who is still afraid of being who they are can be very challenging. By understanding that they are not at the same level as you and may be having trouble with themselves, you are able to sympathize and offer your support where necessary. You should always put yourself in their shoes and remember what it was like for you before you got to where you are. If you had immediate support from friends and family, don’t think of the matter as trivial. Not everyone has the opportunity to get accepted as easily as you did. Don’t push your partner to come out or worse still; try to manipulate them into doing so. Doing this will only damage their trust in you and you may end up losing them entirely. People like to be comfortable when trying to commit to a relationship and to effectively communicate is a must. Most importantly, don’t enter into a relationship with someone who is still in the closet if you are not able to handle it. Also, make sure that you define the relationship and your expectations before getting emotionally involved.

For those people who have already come out and are enjoying their relationship, communication has to be a two way street. Both partners should be involved in making decisions which affect the relationship. You cannot expect to have it easy just because you are in a same sex relationship. For starters, make sure you have your own personal interests and hobbies in a Gay Exchange. This way, you have something interesting to discus with your partner at the end of every day. No matter how much you love your partner, it is never a good idea to make them the center of your whole world. Surround yourself with people who care about you and love you and do things that are interesting. Just like in heterosexual relationships, every person needs to have some time to themselves.

Another aspect of communication that people in both gay and retro relationships fail in is listening. Being able to listen to your partner is probably the only thing that is more important than actually expressing yourself. Whether they are calling you out on behavior from you that they don’t like, complaining about their boss or job or whatever else, they should always feel like they can talk to you. The only reason why people fail in listening is because they confuse “listening” with “help me”.

Sometimes, he/she just wants to let out steam and know that someone is on their side, no matter how ridiculous or whiny they sound. So, just sit there and actively listen. Remember, your partner isn’t stupid, so just sitting there, newspaper in hand and nodding your head isn’t going to cut it. It may actually hurt their feelings. Instead, pay attention, show your support and give your unbiased opinion. If you feel like they are asking for your help but are unsure, always ask if there is anything you can do to help. Half the time, they don’t really want any help; they just want you to be there to talk to.

Last, if you’re in an argument, don’t always be in it to win it. Your partner might let you win some arguments, but they are not always going to want to. In time, they might get fed up with it. Apologize when you are wrong and be willing to find middle ground in cases where neither one of you is willing to back down.  Additionally, keep in mind that communication transcends word of mouth. Sometimes, that long hug will make your partner feel much better about a bad situation than a conversation. When you’re lost for words, non-verbal cues will do the trick just as easily. Always remind your partner how much you love them with little gestures and a whisper about your feelings now and then. We’re not saying that you should be sappy, but don’t be afraid to let your emotions show.

A gay relationship like all relationships needs to be fueled by trust and understanding; both of which can only be achieved by open communication.



I Was Raped & Forced Into Prostitution

My Horror Date it happened only five years ago when I was 17 measured 1.58 and my statistics were 95-60-89. I have blue eyes, brown skin black hair, now I’m 22; I am tall at 1.75 meters. My mother told me to get up early as my two cousins Andrés and Roberta were coming to visit me and take me on a date. I felt reassured after I learned that my mother was also in touch with them. I got into a loose mini dress which was light semi-transparent and lemon yellow color and which reached me a little above thighs which were white and juicy. Being a hot day I did not wear a bra.

When they came I offered them some drinks and when I turned to leave I found Andrés staring at my ass so hard I thought I had exposed it or something. Andrés told me I had a cute bum and he wanted me to remove my panties and become nude as he wanted to take me from behind. I laughed at the situation innocently as I thought because they were my cousins it was all a prank. Andrés told me he would like me to wear a thong and this was an amusement for all of us it seems as we all laughed.

I tell him “You are crazy.”

Andrés told Roberta: “She has a hell of an ass”.

Roberto replied: “She has a hard ass that is just hot as hell to look at, I wonder what it feels like?”

Rape Fiction
Rape Story


I became so nervous I did not know if I should say yes or no to everything, to run or stay. I did not know if my mother was selling me or doing me a favor.

Andrés told me “Look baby if you obey all will be well otherwise, I will give you an injection to remove the nerves, perhaps your mother warned you that this day would come”.

I did not get time to react when he placed me on a sort of gynecological chair. They strapped me down and forced my legs wide open. Then he told me about Mr. Tommy who wanted to marry me though at his age he could not maintain erections and how he would pay me lots of money to break my hymen while he watched. Andrés gave me injection into my arm. I didn’t know what it was but Roberta asked me if I have lost track of everything as there was nothing to worry about. I felt like my body was floating and I could not really feel anything, guilt, fear everything had just disappeared. It was like I was watching everything through a movie camera – nothing seemed real.

Then two huge black men came into the room with a headphone like gadget connected with wires after which a third black man with his head covered like an executioner began to attach the gadget into the electric socket and turned the power on. He then started to connect headphones like device to my temples and wires to my nipples with clamps and onto my labia. He then turned the switch on the gadget and I felt a surge of electricity – the numbness I have been feeling disappeared and I lost consciousness.

When I awoke I saw Roberto standing over me in my horror date. My pussy and labia had been shaved.  It made me feel exposed and vulnerable. I looked down to my vagina and saw a trickle of blood and knew that Tommy must have broken my hymen whilst I was unconscious. Both the other black men then unbuckled me from the gynecology chair and grabbed my arms and tied me with ropes to a wooden trestle that was beside the wall. These two grabbed me by the arms, and placed me naked in front of Tommy who I noticed wore a medical type apron and in that instant he saw the fear in my eyes, he bulged and his mouth was drooling – he had received what he wanted.  I wondered how much my cousins had been paid for this.

I was now kneeling with my hands tied against the trestle and two black men removed their pants and I saw that they now had hard erections. The drug they had given me made everything feel cloud and warm and seeing these men’s cocks stand in appreciation of my nakedness and vulnerability was actually turning me on. The first man then entered me his throbbing black rod went in and out, with all the force, until he gave me the final push, shoving it in the depths of my now pulsating cunt and poured in all the frothing cum into me.

I lowered my eyes and saw that both the other black men and my cousins were naked and thoroughly aroused with stiff cocks and were staring at my sweating body and creampie dripping cunt. The truth is I began to wonder how far this would go. Immobilized as I was the thick fingers of the first black man pinched my tits and twisted them so that it made me scream and beg for release. Whilst he was doing this the second black man entered me an had his way with me until I felt sizzling hot semen fill my insides.

“Scream for a caress” Tommy said.

He was now sitting in a chair beside me. I said nothing.

Tommy said, “That deserves more punishment.”

During all this excitement Tommy was stroking his soft cock and he watched me fascinated as the first black man whipped my cunt. This as the whip stung my clitoris I began to feel warm inside and he started whipping me faster and faster. It was then that I started to cum and knew that any visions of having a normal sex life were now removed.

The black man gestured to my cousins who opened my legs with a kick to each foot, and each got a whip, and opened my legs wide. They started whipping me in the middle of my sex with a small whips. I bit my lips to keep from screaming in pleasurable pain but I could not hold it in and screamed. This seemed to greatly excite the two black men.

Tommy who said, “This is all perfect”.

The drugs were beginning to wear of but I was now guiltily enjoying the pain.  I noticed that especially the first black man became very excited a second time and he ordered my cousins to put leather wrist and ankle cuffs held together by chains that were then attached to an O Ring and lifted via a pulley. This left me hanging naked in the air. They spread my ankles with a steel spreader bar which made my legs wide open exposing my already raw, bloody, creampie and wet cunt. I was hung in the air, Roberta had left the room now, whilst the black men were massaging their enormous cocks. Tommy was still sitting in his chair stroking his placid penis. Finally, Roberta came back with a very long whip. I just heard a whistle of the whip and felt my ass was on fire.

I did not know then that there were two other customers who were waiting to fuck me after Tommy and the black men had finished with me – but there were and they did. Tommy had been paid a lot of money to break my hymen – more than you imagine. Everyone applauded the black man for having shoved his huge cock into my virgin cunt and my cousins promised me an award afterwards. Tommy commented that he had enjoyed my performance and he promised to take care of me as a future wife. I passed out and remember little more of that first night.

I woke up in my bed bandaged the next morning, and before me Roberta was stroking my face gently. I had apparently feinted from the pain and shock was now locked in my bedroom. Roberta explained to me that my mother was a prostitute and had arranged my initiation into the oldest profession on my 17th birthday. Although Tommy wanted to marry me I refused the offer.

Now I go missing for days, and fuck so many people. I have not forgotten my horror date from hell. Now Roberta looks at me in a very special way, different from the other girls that he pimps for. I smile and thank both my cousins as I now understand that both Andrés and Roberta are pimps who also sell my mother into the sometimes painful profession which she, like me, has come to crave for.


The Best Sex I Ever Had!

Business Man Photo

I quickly woke up took a shower and ran back to dress. I couldn’t afford to be late for work- I was still too new to pull those strings.

” What the hell am I going to wear?”

I wondered out loud standing naked in my room. I turned to face the wardrobe mirror and admired my frame. Standing at 5 foot 4 and weighing around 120 pounds, I was not exactly a supermodel, neither was I ugly. I was an average attractive brunette with big green eyes and long straight hair that framed my face and dropped to my shoulders but had never experienced what others describe as the best sex I ever had.  For a moment, I stood there naked, staring at my face, then my flat tummy then back to my 36C breasts. I ran my hand slowly over my breasts and cupped them. Then slowly pinched my nipples, I felt them harden. My eyes fell lower to my crotch. I had had my waxing done last week but I could feel rough ends of my pubic hair growing back, though barely visible. My hand lingered there for a second, and then found the pussy split.

My middle finger explored the area and I could tell I was getting wet. . I had a funny feeling between my legs, I knew the feeling – I was getting turned on. Should I finish this? I asked my reflection. But I had to go to work; Jason would kill me if I was late. Jason… now I was officially horny. It had been a long three months since I had sex. In fact, since I had any form of intimate contact with a man. I need to get laid, I’ve got to.

I arrived to work few minutes after 8.30am. No sooner had I reached my desk than Jason came charging at me

“Thank God you are here, the clients are waiting in the boardroom, we have to go”

I flushed a bit, probably because of the thoughts I had in the morning or simply because I had a twisted crush on him.

“Jen, what are you standing there for, let’s go!” He yelled impatiently bringing me back from my reverie.


Boardroom Sex

All through the meeting I couldn’t help but think of myself, my career, my love life. Being 26 I was sufficiently successful career wise. I had always been kind of a book worm not in a geek kind of way, but a smart ass all the same. I had broken up with Doug three months ago. I couldn’t stand him anymore; suddenly he drank too much, talked too much, his face pissed me off. So I dumped him. I have commitment issues. After that I wasn’t really looking for a relationship. I had been on this job for quite a while only that I was transferred to the company’s Ohio branch about two months ago. I had to relocate- how inconvenient.

My eyes darted across the room to Jason who was making a point on the financial risks involved in investing in the proposed contract. I wasn’t really listening. I looked at his lips moving. He was African American 6”7 with a well-built body fairly bulging in the right places .I didn’t know his age, we were not exactly close, he was my boss but he couldn’t be more than 35 years .I had never been with a black guy before but I had heard stories. My clit twitched as I thought of Jason’s big black cock and the best sex I was ever going to have.  I couldn’t wait to get home and get off once and for all. He swept a glance at me and I flushed, he must have noticed I was staring at him. I looked at my watch, 7 o’clock. Finally I could go home. The day had gone on uneventful; I had a project I was supposed to present the following day so I worked late. Glad that was done; I stood to stretch and shut off my computer, left my work shoes under my desk, took my handbag and headed to Jason’s office to drop off a copy. The building was almost empty but I could tell there were some few people still around, probably working late to avoid their nagging wives, I mused. I was surprised to find the lights in his office still on, I thought he had already left. Shaking a little, I knocked and entered.

“Oh, Jen…hi.”

“Hi, I was just dropping this off”, I quickly said. I touched my neck, it hurt a little; it had been a long day.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, just a little neck strain”.

He stood from his desk and came closer, took the documents from my hands and placed them on the table. “Let’s take a look at that,” he said, touching my neck”

“Sir, you don’t have to…Oh that feels good” I closed my eyes as I took in the effect his strong hands were having on my neck. He gently massaged it and I could feel his warm breathe behind my ears.
My heartbeat accelerated as I felt his hands move away from my neck as he slowly turned me around.

“Better?” he whispered,

I could see he was aroused, but I needed to feel it. “Maybe you should do that again, but to my pussy”, I answered surprising myself.

He smiled seductively looking into my eyes. “You want me to fuck you, don’t you Jen?” he asked coming closer.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and he pulled me to him roughly. My boobs were pressed against his chest. His hand found the hem of my dress and pulled it up, found my panties and started rubbing, slowly at first then fast and hard.  We kissed deeply, roughly, like we wanted to find something in each other’s throat. I could feel his hard cock against my stomach. I unzipped his trouser all the while feeling his finger dig into me. Then another finger. I moaned as I ground against his finger. I now had his hard cock I my hand, it was so long and thick it barely fit my hand. I imagined how it would feel inside me. I couldn’t wait any longer, I tore off my dress and my bra and he started undoing his shirt and trouser. His body was better than I had imagined. My cunt was drenched at this point.

He was staring back at me lustfully. “Wow, Jen you are beautiful” He lifted me and put me on the table, spreading my legs and started to flick his wet tongue all over my pussy.

“I’m gonna cum Jason, just fuck me already”, I screamed writhing and moaning in ecstasy.

He positioned his dick in my pussy and dove in. I moaned as I felt my pussy walls stretch to fit his massive cock. He pulled out then in again, out and in, in increasing motion until his full length was inside me. I have never felt so good. He fucked me hard and I had to contain myself from tearing his back because of the excruciating pleasure.

“Fuck yes! Fuck my tight little pussy…Please don’t stop, Oh fuck yes!”

He put my legs up onto his shoulders and drilled even faster. I grabbed the edges of the table as I felt myself approach climax due to the intense fucking. I could tell Jason was also about to explode and I told him to cum deep inside my hot cunt. He rammed for a few more minutes and we both let loose as I reached the most powerful orgasm of my life. I felt his cock pulsate inside me and he slowly withdrew and collapsed next to me on the table to catch his breath.

“We should finish this at my place”, he whispered throwing me a seductive look.

“Definitely”, I replied, smiling. This was going to be a long night already was the best sex I ever had.