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Review: Lelo Hex Condoms

Hex Condom

Today I was looking on my ever so beloved favorite sex toy company’s website, Lelo,  looking for toys to review and research or even to see if anything new toys that are coming out. Like always I got new ideas and inspirations for new reviews but I came across something that definitely surprised me. I never thought I would say this but Lelo actually delivered themselves into the condom industry. You are probably thinking exactly what I was thinking……. why? Why? And most importantly why???  They out of nowhere have a “new” condom coming out in less then a month and they say that’s a re-engineered condom and that it’s the best and safest you will ever try.  As much as I love lelo I’m not really convinced (not yet anyways), what exactly have Lelo done to to make it the best. Condoms are condoms right?  Well apparently not. I am surprised that you can even re-engineer condoms, but we always need safe condoms. If we feel comfortable using our condoms we can look forward to experiencing sexual intercourse than being worried about anything else.

Lelo has introduced the ‘Lelo HEX’, with the Tagline ‘condoms re-engineered’. Now just earlier I was super skeptical but after looking into the Lelo Hex Condoms. I can now see how and why this condom could change the condom industry forever.  Lelo HEX  are, if you haven’t already guessed it are condoms shaped like a hexagon. It’s a pretty futuristic condom design and its mainly purpose is supposed to increase the effectiveness of the condom. Statistics show regular condoms have a 98%  effectiveness and if you apply human error it becomes about 82%.  Since human error drops the effectiveness rate by 16%, Lelo Hex Condoms try to fill in the gap. The Lelo Hex Condoms addresses three core issues with condoms, discomfort, slippage and breakage.

Safe Condom
Sexual Health Product: Lelo Hex Condoms

Lelo Hex Condoms unique hexagon designs isn’t meant to be felt by the user but rather it acts like a grip around the entire penis. The hexagon design looks absolutely magnificent in the advertisements I have seen. May I dare to say it may even look like one of the first ever fashionable designs for a condom. Yes it’s raised hexagonal design can be felt but it’s more so to act as added comfort, flexibility and at the same time reduce slippage, so less time worrying of it came off and more time to focus on pleasure. The panels within the web that make up 96% of the condom are 0.045 mm thick with an overall thickness of 0.055 mm.  Seeing as the majority of condoms are the same thickness, it’s nothing special but what is special is that in being the same thickness of a super thin condom it’s actually 3-4 times stronger, and for those oops moments where the condom does actually break, the hex is designed to only break in one location due to its hexagonal design. This is key because it reduces the spillage from the condom instead of having the condom break in multiple spots or snap completely.

Because of the Lelo Hex Condoms design and structure the hex actually flexes and molds to the uniqueness of the wearer meaning that it will be a much a more comfortable fit and increase the sensitivity that a lot of condoms take away.  After doing research this condom sounds amazing and that it will encourage other condom company’s to re-think their dated formula as well. Only negative that I can possible point out at them moment is that it’s made out of latex, which really isn’t a really negative but definitely important for those who are allergic to latex. Over all I’m really excited to try these condoms and see if they are as good as they market them to be.

It is an amazing feat when people actually do new research on contraceptive sexual health products especially for the user of men. One of the best thing’s about Lelo advertisements about the Lelo Hex Condoms is that it is bring awareness to sexual health issues including sexual transmitted diseases whilst providing a powerful contraceptive condom.

Author: Bronson is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres.




Review: Tenga Iroha Kushi

Tenga Iroha Kushi Personal Vibrator
Today, I am reviewing Kushi a personal clitoral massager from the Iroha range of adult sex toy company Tenga from Japan. On a completely different side note, I’ve been a bit slow getting it finished as we had a wee adorable, stray or lost kitten find its way into our house last night and I have been busy with oohing and aahhing over its every move and trying to find its owners! He is trying his level best to distract me with his purrs and floofy, ginger belly as I type XD
The Tenga Iroha Range is simplistically beautiful and the Kushi personal vibrator is no exception to that fact.They are all natural looking with a Japanese ergonomic style that is sensual. Sensuality in design is a big plus for me as far as sex toys go. Obviously I want the sex toys to work well too, but I can’t downplay how important it can be for a sex toy to look and feel a certain way, that adds to the mood rather than detracts from it or doesn’t make any impression either way. Especially for those who are new to play with sex toys or are perhaps a little unsure about them or simply for those who love luxury. In fact, I think it is my favourite sex toy from their range. Although if you can afford it, why you wouldn’t get the entire luscious set just to fancy up your bedside table would be beyond me!
Tenga Iroha Kushi is fashioned from softest, high quality and body safe silicone. Tenga Iroha Kushi is the colour of cream and resembles a delicate seashell though the intention of the design is reportedly a highly stylized hedgehog, which is pretty adorable, if you ask me. It is quirky and evocative and you absolutely want to touch it.
Tenga Iroha Kushi Personal Massage
Sex Toy: Tenga Iroha Kushi
But Tenga Iroha Kushi is no slouch in terms of functionality either. A deep, rumble of vibrations in 5 different speeds and 2 vibration patterns. It is  stronger than its Iroha predecessors. The Tenga Iroha Kushi is also totally waterproof for some bath time fun. It is also rechargeable, with 2 hours of charge resulting in a whole hour of continual play. The Tenga Iroha Kushi is quieter then most vibrators because it doesn’t have any batteries floating around bouncing off the sides. The stylish, clear display case it comes with doubles as a charging dock. Your sex toy will stay clean and protected whilst charging. Simply line up the magnetic charging points on the sex toy with those on the base, replace the lid or leave it off, as you desire, plug the USB charger into the side of the base,and away you go. The USB charger comes with an adapter plug so you can also charge it at the wall if you desire.
Ridges along the length of the Tenga Iroha Kushi are ideal to flick back and forth over your clitoris for extra textured sensations. I love it, as it will provide some soft, spontaneous and exciting flicks of encouragement. These ridges are nothing I have seen on any type of sex toy before so it will be a completely new clitoral sensation for you. Use the narrow curved tip for pinpoint stimulation, or massage the curved body over your entire vulva for shuddering waves of pleasure. You can also use this sex toy on various erogenous zones likes the nipples, perineum and cupping of the testicles for added pleasure during couples sex. The ridges are squidgy so you don’t have to scared of it being to much of a serious sensation. I really recommend touching the sex toy for yourself just to see how luxuriously soft it feels.
Cleaning is a breeze thanks to the Tenga Iroha Kushi being dust resistant and entirely waterproof. Simply wash the whole seashell shaped sex toy with warm water and antibacterial soap. Allow the sex toy to dry completely before placing it back in the docking station. In every respect this sex toy is a winner in all my boats and has a definite two thumbs up of approval from me!

About the Author: Jade is a sales consultant at Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres


Review: We-Vibe Pleasure Mate Collection

WE-Vibe Kit


Bondage Spreader Bars

BDSM Spreader Bars

Bondage Spreader Bars is a type of restraint and bondage device. Hells Couture has a wide selection of steal, leather spreader bars to choose from. Bondage Spreader Bars are useful in terms of physical restraining, as well as the positioning of the body. Bondage Spreader Bars work well when a subject is standing up, so that they can’t necessarily close their legs, or bring their arms closer together, it works well in comparison to simple handcuffs as they incorporate a different kind of mentality about them. Most Bondage Spreader Bars allow the person to get complete freedom at any time. Bondage Spreader Bars allow people to create the scene of surrendering and escaping. So they can rest assured that the amount of pleasure they experience is because they love the ultimate pleasure of bondage bars. During the sexual experience, they can construct or plan various methods to escape the scene. BDSM users can get a lot of pleasure from constructing sexual scenes, which alone can cause people to be sexually satisfied.

When using a Bondage Spreader Bars, your arms or legs are forcibly separated, not only will they tire easily if you put too much strain on them and repeatedly fight against the restraints, but also you are in the knowledge that you are standing/sitting/ or in a position of vulnerability whereby you are mentally and physically exposed. Bondage Spreader Bars allow people to remain in a completely controlled submissive position, they are in a position of complete surrender to the sexual experience. It controls how they move their body and how much they can control their own body during sexual intercourse. If you have a lover who love’s being used and like’s you to have full access to their body then Bondage Spreader Bars are a safe and comfortable alternative to Shibari rope and other bondage devices.

BDSM Spreader Bars
Sex Toy: Talea Spreader Bar Bolster

Bondage Spreader Bars can also be used to force the wearer into particular position and to sustain that position for several hours. An example of this would be a neoprene ankle spreader bar, with two wrist restraints in the middle of the bar, this forces the subject to stand whilst being bent over allowing their playmate access to all their body parts for whatever purpose they deem necessary. Since they can help the user maintain a certain position, they are useful if your lover has a disability. Safety is paramount at all times, and you will need to keep spare locking keys within easy reach at all times. Keep in mind that not all spreaders come with locks, and you may need to purchase locks, and additional cuffs separately.

With Bondage Spreader Ankle Restraints, this allows your play mate access to your individual legs, crotch area and everything in between. It is a perfect accessory for sado-masochists who enjoy pain as the physical separation of the legs allows their playmate to repeatedly strike a specific leg, or part of the leg in whatever terms they deem fit. It also allows unhindered access to the genitals and crotch area and can be useful when used in conjunction with a strong vibrator such as a hitachi or body wand, which can then be strapped to the thighs, turned on, leaving the one tied up helpless against the overpowering vibrations.

There are several different types of Bondage Spreader Bars. You can purchase them with different materials, textures and lengths depending on your personal preferences. Some spreader bars will consist of a solid steel design, and can’t be altered in any particular way. Other spreader bars will be designed so that they can be adjusted with either the replacement of the cuffs attached, or that it’s length can be adjusted. These are generally the most versatile spreader bars as they can be attached to either ankles, or wrists, with some having the ability to be double cuffed so that they can have both ankles and wrists attached the same bar. These are particularly useful for doggy style bars, which force the wearer into a particular pose with which you can do with what you will. Other spreader bars can be used in conjunction with shibari and suspension, though you will need to ensure even weight distribution so that there are no accidents when it comes to suspension.


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