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Sportsheets Sex in the Shower Vibrating Sponge

Of all the things your partner wears……. or um…. doesn’t wear, the sexiest look is the one that’s the most natural and raw: straight out of the shower, with wet hair and a towel (at most). When you think of the shower, it’s easy to see why it’s an ideal steamy place to get it on, the humidity, the pressure of the water flowing down, the ability to get super hot or surprise with cold, and of course two naked, wet bodies doesn’t sound bad either.  But the reality of having shower sex is that it can be a little awkward, and a little difficult to get right at times. Between the danger of slipping in the shower and the tight quarters that mean you’ll need to get creative with your position and movement, shower sex can be hot but only if done in a way that makes you both comfortable.

Before you start creating and soapy suds its good idea to set the mood. A few candles, incense sticks and maybe even a few rose petals on the counter, that is if you’re feeling a bit extravagant This is a great way to introduce a bit of romance and create a more intimate scene, it will subtly let your know what’s on your mind as well as making them more comfortable in this romantic ambiance.  Great foreplay will always lead to great sex and getting’ it on in the shower is no exception. In fact, it can be a time when you actually delay getting everything started so you can enjoy all the new sensations of your two naked, wet bodies together. You’re both fresh and clean, so the shower is a perfect place to take advantage of that and add some oral action. Take turns dropping to your knees to orally stimulate your partner.

If you want to get the most out of the short time you’re in the sex, channel your inner athlete because you’ll mostly be standing up. Facing each other  with your partner leaning against the shower wall while holding one of your partners legs up in the air is an amazing position to try, not only is it highly intimate with the locked eye contact but its little easier to preform and doesn’t require too much practice, mainly just high stamina and good upper body strength. It also has the added benefit of building trust as well.  Another popular and much safer position is the classic doggy style, it’s not as erotic and romantic as the position said before but it’s simple and safer than others out there. Have your partner face the wall with both hands planted so that their bum is pushed against you, this will give you added penetration control.

Lube!! It’s very important and even more important what type of lube you need. You might be thinking “why the hell would I need lube in the shower?”, well its actually even more vital. All the running water washes away a lot of the natural lubrication the female body creates and replaces it with just water which when combined with heat and constant movement creates a lot of friction which can be very painful and awkward for females. So even though you might have been able to get away with not using lube for sex generally it’s still highly recommended for shower sex. Now out of the lubes out there you can use any that are water based because it will just wash away and be a waste of money, so go with silicone but you need something that doesn’t stick and won’t wash off in the shower and the best lube for that is Superslyde. It will make sex in the shower so much easier and it will feel incredible better as well. Just words of warning though, don’t use too much lube, if you use too much it will spill on the floor tiles and so will you when you slip and fall over.

Believe it or not there are a range of products out there that make sex in the shower better and safer for both.  ‘Sex in the Shower’ is a brand of products that are specialized to help having sex in the shower more fun, less dangerous and also give the ability to try different positions that would’ve been too awkward or hard. The most obvious product that comes to mind for shower sex is the suction cup handles, they allow you to perform positions that without it the handle would be impossible and incredible dangerous. Not only does it add safety but it can take a lot of strain off maintaining a hard to achieve position and with use of the suction step it only gets easier and more comfortable.

Sportsheets Sex in the Shower Dual Locking Suction Handle
Sex Toy: Sex in the Shower Dual Locking Suction Handle

Now if you wanted to add a little vibration into the mix, then you can also grab your hands on a waterproof cock ring and bullet (you can use one from the brand or branch out for something of higher quality). The addition of some vibration in shower sex is incredible, your body is already super relaxed and steamy so adding vibrations to your already sensitive areas will just make the experience better.  Or if you wanted something for a bit of extra oomph to foreplay you could look into a ribbed masturbation sleeve to make an ordinary hand job into something super sensational. Just remember to use some Superslyde on the inside of the sleeve so that the friction doesn’t cause any burns on your ‘johnson’.

Double penetration (with toys) is also possible in the shower, you can grab yourself a dong with a strong suction cup and stick to the wall, this is not an easy task though and you are definitely limited to what positions you can do but it’s a neat idea to know and can be done during foreplay or even for when you want some alone shower action. If some BDSM in the shower is your thing then you are in luck ‘sec in the shower’ do have a neck collar and wrist restraints that have suction cups on them, they are great for a bit of extra naughty fun but also add extra safety……..not that slipping with a collar strangling you is safe but it sure beats the alternative. So it’s not as hard or complicated as some make it out to be, there are products and toys out there to make it a lot safer and more exciting but I think that just the act of sex in the shower is very exciting on its own.

Shower sex can be the best type of sex. Nothing gets dirty, you don’t really need to clean up and the temperature changes can really stimulate your body in all the right ways. Now the only down fall when it comes to shower sex, is the fact that things can get really slippery and that’s when freak accidents happen. So how do you make the most out of shower sex with out ending up in the emergency room? It’s simple. The Sex In The Shower brand have created a various amount of products that will help you efficiently make love to your partner in the shower. Now lets start first with the shower itself, be sure to clear the floor of any loose objects such as small shampoo bottles, sponges, shavers ext, this will reduce the possibility of slipping. Also if you are in the financial position and find it comfortable in general, there are these great wooden mats that can go down in the shower and this will allow you to have better grip on the floor instead of slipping on the tiles, it also provides your bathroom with a more modern look.

Okay now that the possibility of slipping as been reduced, lets start adding some products into the mix to really enjoy your sexual shower experience. So firstly, it is very erotic  Sex While Wet when your partner is standing there rubbing and caressing your body with a soapy sponge, taking care of you and cleaning you, it provides a very romantic feel. Sponges are very soft also plus with a vibrating twist they can be feel amazing if you rub the right spots. The sponge is a great idea also for the bath too, and in also for solo play in the shower.

Sex in the shower can be really hard especially when it comes to positions and finding rhythm in your thrusting. The best product that i found that came from the Sex In The Shower range is the 3 different hand grips and foot holds. These can provide great support and stability while also allowing you to play with a whole lot of different positions. Be sure to get these 3 different handles to allow for more controlled movements!
  • Single Locking Suction Handle
  • Dual Locking Suction Handle
  • Single Locking Suction Foot Rest
 Now there is one product that I will say is a must for every single shower and bath in the world and that is the Bodywand Aqua. The Bodywand Aqua is completely rechargeable and allows you to take a the wand into the shower and bath tub with you adding so much more extra fun. This wand is great for enhancing pleasure due to the lack of positions available in the shower, the wand will provide that extra wow factor that sex in the shower truly needs.

Review: OhMiBod Original 3.0H

OhMiBod Music Vibrator

OhMiBody the adult toy manufacturer describes the unique sex toy as:

“OhMiBod is a sleek, sophisticated new generation of vibrator that combines elegance of design with the excitement of your favorite music. The audio enabled integrated microchip allows the OhMiBod ipod massager to vibrate to the beat and rhythm of your music while you listen. OhMiBod comes with a built-in multi-speed/pattern functionality for use without an iPod or music player. It really is 2 products in one! Our motor provides strong yet quiet, intense rhythmic vibrations. With polished chrome detail and pearl white body with a satin finish, this product is the ultimate iPod acsexsory!”

Whether you like Rap, Techno, Metal or even disgusting country music this OhMiBod Original 3.0H will not judge you or your music taste, it will groove along with you no matter the genre. So even if you don’t feel like listening to music or you end up not like the music functionality it also comes with 7 pre-set manual vibration patterns so it doesn’t have to be used alongside music. But if you’re the type of person like me that loves music you can simply hook your smartphone or mp3 player up to the OhMiBod Original 3.0H using their splitter cable that they provide. Play a song and the vibrations of the OhMiBod Original 3.0H will change to match whatever song you’re listening to. It is a lot of fun to test out the sex toy with any music choice to see how the vibrations change. It’s a great way to get a new favourite song. Who knows what your new favourite song will end up being. *Lays in dark room with Marvin Gaye playing*

Another feature it has which appear to be one of a kind is that you can even hook it up to your phone while on a phone call. The OhMiBod Original 3.0H will match the vibratations along to the voices that come through the phone! This will be a fun feature to use if your in a long distance relationship or enjoy phone sex.

OhMiBod Music Vibrator
Sex Toy: OhMiBod Original 3.0H


A disadvantage of the OhMiBod Original 3.0H that I can see about this product is the fact it runs off of 2 x AA batteries and is not rechargeable. Batteries always make sex toys louder as they jiggle around inside. It also adds additional costing to the use of the sex toy as you may regular need to replace the batteries. Although some people like batteries, I however do not but  it is completely up to your personal preference. Upon further investigation, it appears the sky is the limit with the OhMiBod Original 3.0H! When it comes to this sex toy, as long as the outlet has a 3.5mm jack you can connect this to any device, whether that be a guitar amp, iPod, iPhone, android or even your home stereo. You can really end up masturbating to any device that produces sound!

OhMiBod Original 3.0H has a width of 1 and 1/8″ Inches with an Insertable length of 5 and a 1/2 inches. So it can reach a long distance within your vaginal walls. You can also use it for pinpoint clitoral stimulation.

A massive advantage of the OhMiBod Original 3.0H is it’s only retailing reasonably cheaply which I think is dirt cheap for a awesome little sex toy like this. If you didn’t overly love it, it’s only a few dollars so worth the try.  It also comes with a 1 year warranty from the company directly so you have the peace of mind knowing if anything happens within that first year you’re completely covered. The great thing i like about the music integration system is the fact that you can listen to anything whether that be something that brings back good memories and it will vibrate along side the rhythm transporting you back to a better time or anywhere else in the world from the comfort of your own bedroom.

OhMiBod Original 3.0H is made from polished Chrome with a velvety Satin finish that looks really and luxurious. Hope you enjoyed this short sex toy review.

Why is the music component so important? Listening to your favorite sexy music and actually feeling the corresponding vibes quickly transports you to a place where music, mind and body truly “come” together. The range and intensity of the vibrations are endless, creating a dynamically sensational experience never felt before!’


Comforting Lady at Capella Singapore

Poolside Capella

At the sight of Capella Singapore, I couldn’t help but feel amazed at its beauty. I knew that this would mark a start of something new. As the cool air cut through my body while the moon shone bright such that I could clearly see every part of this sophisticated and luxurious hotel, I knew that something great was in store for me. What I couldn’t understand was what it was and how I could get it. I however decided to dismiss that feeling as I walked toward to my room. The beautiful receptionist waved as she called me to pick the keys to my room. Carried away in my thoughts, I had forgotten to pick the keys.

I walked to my room, dropped my luggage and walked out immediately. This urge to find something new was slowly growing inside. What was this something? How important would it be? How would it be of benefit to me? Of what importance would it be to me? These were some of the questions racing up and down my mind like an electric train.

As I walked towards the Knolls Italian Restaurant I suddenly lost appetite and decided to head toward the swimming pool. A few steps towards the swimming pool, my phone rang and it was Kate. She was asking me to create time for a weekend out. She was my two year girlfriend but the events that had happened over the last two weeks had created a drift between us. It was a drift I had a feeling that it would be near impossible to get filled. Something deep inside told me that it was over between me and her. Perhaps this was the reason I had decided to come to Capella Singapore alone without her company.

As I hang up, she was already yelling talking of how distant I had grown and how much she missed having some nice time with me. I was planning to make it known to her that I would not be keeping the relationship any longer. It was just a matter of time before I broke the bad news to her. But what worried me most was how I would manage to be all alone without anyone being by my side. Perhaps the thing I was feeling inside me was finding someone new. Or so I wished. After that call, I decided to walk towards the parking lot instead of the swimming pool.

As I looked at the sky, all I could see was the darkness of the night. My heart was filled with dark moments and I knew that I was not in my right condition. I wished that some light would shine and take away the darkness I was feeling inside. Then something strange happened. There was full moon on the sky. Strange as it was, the moon started shining so bright as if directed towards me. In the lonely path towards the parking lot, I started feeling like I had company. I started laughing as if life was just a cosmic joke and I had just gotten the punch line. My heart was filled with happiness I had never felt before and luckily no-one saw me or they would have thought me crazy. And in the middle of this lonely path, I knew that the thing I had been longing for had come.


Sad Woman
Photo: Woman Comforted


There seemed to be a communication between me and the moon. A closer look into the sky; I could see a giant star appearing closer to the moon. Was this significant? How come the moon shone suddenly and a bright star appeared next to it? These were questions lingering on my mind as I took a deep breathe to let go of the fear I felt inside. “Sorry madam”, I said as I staggered away from a lady I was almost knocking off the road. Carried in my thoughts and appearance of the moon, I had forgotten that in was walking.

The lady looked at me in shock. I was trying very hard to apologize but all she said was that everything was alright. As she walked past me towards the swimming pool, I was certain that this beautiful lady was what I needed.

I changed my mind and like an obsessed man ran toward my room, changed into my swimming costume and headed towards the swimming pool hoping that I would find her there. True to my wish, she was still at the swimming pool. What worried me was the fact that she wasn’t swimming. She was seated at the far end of the swimming pool looking disturbed. Not even the beautiful nature of this exotic setting could cheer her up. I knew something was wrong with her. The fact that she was not here with someone gave me a chance to talk to her. I walked towards the end where she was seated staring into the swimming pool. “Hi madam”, I said as I stretched my arm for a handshake.

True to my wishes, she stretched hers too and as our hands came to contact, blood was literally cuddling in my veins. I wished for us to stay with our hands in contact forever. Whether she felt the same way or not, I could not understand. I asked if we could sit and chat together and true to my expectations, she complied whole-heartedly. I knew from that moment that Kate and I were over for good. She made me feel things I had never felt before. As we talked throughout the night, she told me of how she had been hurt by James who happened to have been her previous boyfriend and how she had decided to come and try and get her head together, alone, like me at the Capella Singapore. I also poured out my heart to her; telling her of my history with Kate. What shocked me most was how I had suddenly gained my appetite and as we walked towards the well furnished Restaurant, I was certain that the feeling I had when I walked into this classy hotel had been fulfilled.

As we sat down to have our dinner together, I discovered that I hadn’t changed from my swimming costumes and I apologized for my attire but explained I had been captivated by our meeting and talking.  We talked for another few hours at the Restaurant and both began to feel comfortable with and about each other.  Finally, after the last glass of port was poured weariness finally overcame me having flown in from my home Country of Germany and I explained that however wonderful this night had been it was time for me finally to retire and could we meet again in the morning.

She surprised me by asking me if we could go to my room and continue or chat as she had never felt so understood and relaxed in the company of another man.  As we walked towards my room to have a ‘nice talk’, and that beautiful receptionist smiled at me once again, knowing that she had noticed the beauty in the lady I was walking with. “Forgive my manners, what’s your name?” I asked her as we entered my room. “Kate is my name”, she answered as we closed the door behind us and sunk into this romantically light room in Sentosa Island.


What Is Sex?

I started thinking about this topic when talking about why people like BDSM recently, and even now I still can’t fully answer the question. The thing is people define sex differently. The thing is the definition of sex changes as we age, as we experience and it changes as we become more sexually aware. To a teenager sex might mean an explicit stimulation of genitals, and as we get older and our genitals don’t work the same way that they used to we might define sex as an intimate activity between individuals. Sex is meant to invoke feelings of pleasure, but if we limit the definition to that, then one could argue that they derive pleasure from eating cake, whilst pleasurable, it’s not sexual pleasure. Which sounds simple so far, yeah? Until you add the sexual fetish, sitophilia, which refers to food play or people that derive erotic and sexual pleasure from situations involving food. So the question remains, What Is Sex?

The complexity of What Is Sex and the complexity of the definition of sex is something that most of us take for granted. We, as individuals, define sex as per our own desires and sexual ‘fetishes’ and we negatively dismiss desires outside our way of thinking as perverse and gross. We can therefore assume, based on a negative reaction, that our definition of sex is ultimately significant to our way of thinking as a sexually active individual. However, on the same token, the instant dismissal of anything outside our way of thinking also means that we seldom think about the origins of that definition, and are reluctant to expand upon it unless we are curious about it.

When searching for various resources on What Is Sex topic, i was overwhelmed by the amount of articles that couldn’t define sex yet would then go on to state the risks of sex and how to have safe sex. Admittedly the majority of these resources were geared towards teenagers experiencing puberty but the fact remains that whilst they’re exploring ‘what is sex’ they’re bombarded with how to do it safely. Do what safely? It was one website that stood out with their introduction to sex page, and it stood out because i felt narrowed it down the best and they defined sex as;

‘Sex means different things to different people. Above all it, is a healthy and natural activity.  It is something most people enjoy and find meaningful even if they create meaning in different ways.’


Sexual Play Fetish
Photo: Woman Furniture


The definition here is that it is not limited to traditional discourses of sex such as genital stimulation, or penetrative sex. The creation of meaning in different ways is the key point in defining what is sex, and that creation of meaning is why the definition fluctuates so wildly both across society, and within ourselves. The definition is not a constant, it is within a state of fluctuation. In our exploration of sexual activities we have spoken previously on topics such as cosplay, puppy and furry play, BDSM and Power play,  Electro play and how people engage in that particular type of play. But what we often neglected to discuss was how that created meaning for individuals, it is that individual understanding of ‘meaning’ with which they defined it as sex, and ultimately engaged in sexual pleasure. So then, it is clear that in order to understand what sex is, we have to examine sexual pleasure. Yet again, we are presented with the same issue – the definition of sexual pleasure is derived from individual thinking and context and is demonstrably undefinable.

Let’s examine BDSM as a case study and since BDSM is so broad, lets specifically examine the notion of power play and power exchanges. For many years the health profession has labelled BDSM play as pathological and perverted, and that the individuals that obtain pleasure from BDSM are either compensating for a damaged childhood, sexual difficulties or were abusive. The research that has been conducted in examining this has suggested that these assumptions have no basis, and in fact those that practice BDSM are often more balanced in life than those that do not practice BDSM. Research has looked at that those whom are dominant in life often prefer to be submissive during sex in order to balance themselves out as an individual. BDSM is a prime example of where sexual pleasure can be obtained with the absence of traditional views of sex, namely stimulation of genitals and penetrative sex.

Sexual pleasure in BDSM, with a specific focus on power exchange, is derived from a mental state of being from either being dominant or submissive. Much has been written on both the Sub(missive) Space, and Dom(inant) space, and the mental state of those two spaces. The rush of hormones and chemicals released during the brain and its natural position to flight or fight, can create a trance like state within both partners and it is within this ‘endorphin high’ that the individual achieves sexual pleasure. The individuals here are creating meaning within their sexual play that is as individual as the roles that they are partaking in. With this in mind, the idea of a mental state as sexual arousal, it becomes slightly easier to understand what is sexual desire and what is sex.

By reading What Is Sex, you may not be able to fully understand the question, what is sex, but you’ll certainly be able to better understand the complexities of what sex is to the individual.


About the Author:  Stephen is a Consultant at Oh Zone Caringbah


Dry Humping at Equarius Singapore

Aquarium Hotel with Bath

“I can’t believe we are finally here, Michael. I’ve been dreaming of this trip forever! The pictures and the planning have nothing on the experience of actually walking down South Bridge Road and seeing Buddha Tooth Relic Temple right before my eyes. It’s more amazing than I ever could have imaged. Thank you for making the time to bring me here.”

“You know I’d do anything to make you happy, Gloria. These last few months have been pure hell and you deserve this time away from all the distractions. It is beautiful here and the food on Keong Saik Road has been amazing. Still, none of it compares to you. I’m so glad we have finally made it to our room. Now, we can really have a good time.”

“Michael, you are terrible. We both know, we won’t be seeing much more of Singapore or Chinatown. I’m lucky to have someone so thoughtful. Well now we are at the Equarius Hotel and it definitely has some of the finest of everything. We don’t have to even leave the room to have incredible views of the ocean and top notch cuisine. Which is good, because I don’t think you’ll have the energy to stand up when I’m through with you.”

“Promises, promises. Why don’t you come over here and show me what you mean.”

That was all the encouragement I needed. My eyes locked onto Michael’s and I felt the first low rumblings of heat building up inside. I couldn’t wait to feel his hands on my body, his breath on my skin. This was going to be the best trip ever. “Do you like it when I do this?” I asked coyly while undoing the tiny pink buttons of my silk blouse.

Michael was already holding his breath in anticipation of what was to come. “You know I do.” In a moment, my shirt was tossed on the floor, revealing full round breasts. My nipples were already hard from the sensation of the silk rubbing against them and the cool air of the room. I continued to move toward Michael, stopping just before he could reach me.

“Gloria, don’t do this to me. You know how much I love your tits. Please, let me lick them.”

“Well, you have been a very good boy today. I thought when you saw I wasn’t wearing panties while we were shopping on Pagoda Street, you’d pick me up and run for the car. Instead, you just let me tease you and continued to let me experience Chinatown. I think that deserves a reward.” With that, I pulled my skirt up around my waist, exposing my bare crotch. Then, I straddled Michael’s lap and pushed my titties into his face.

Foreplay Singapore
Photo: Singapore Couple Foreplay


“Ah, baby, yes.” Those were the last sounds that came from his mouth before his tongue found my left nipple for the first time. At the same moment, he reached up cupping my right breast and flicking my nipple with his thumb. All I could do was moan and rock my wet pussy against the ever growing hardness in his pants. Never one to disappoint, Michael moved with expert skill from my nipples to my neck and back down the other side, slowly kissing and sucking as he went.

“Michael, that feels so very, very good. I think it’s time to get you out of these pants. They seem much too tight now. I can’t wait to get my hands on your dick”

“Oh, you’d like that wouldn’t you? Not yet, I’m going to make you wait, tease you a little, just like you did to me all day long.” With that, he stood up with me still wrapped around him and carried me to the bed. “I think a good tongue lashing is in order for all that flirting.”

Michael laid me down and gently pulled my knees apart. My pussy was so hot and wet that I could already feel my juice running down into the crack of my ass and he hadn’t even touched me yet. His kisses started just above my knee and worked slowly upward across my inner thigh. He stopped just before reaching my lips, smiled, spread me wide and slid his tongue across my clit. Fireworks immediately erupted.

“Oh Michael, that feels so good.” I moaned as I raised my hips to meet his mouth. He slipped his tongue inside me quickly drinking in my flavor before moving back up to suck on my clit. In an instant, his fingers were nestled inside me, finding the natural rhythm of my body and bringing me to my first sweet climax. “I have to have you inside of me now!”

Michael finally slid off his pants, exposing his thick cock. He was so hard and I could see just a little drop of wetness on the head. I couldn’t control myself. I sat up and licked it off. He tasted so good! The next thing I knew, I had his cock buried in my mouth. It made me moan even more finally having him inside me, even if it was just in my mouth.

“Slow down, beautiful. I don’t want to cum too fast. Besides, as much as I love your mouth, you know that tight pussy of yours is where I really want to be.”

That was almost more than I could stand. I let his cock slide from my mouth, scraping just a little with my teeth and making him shutter before laying back and spreading my legs wide for him. “Please, fuck me right now. I can’t stand it anymore.”

Michael moved in close, teasing me, rubbing the head of his dick up and down my slit before finally pushing himself inside me. Feeling him stretch me had me moaning and convulsing under is thrust. He started out slowly, the built up speed until the whole room seemed to be shaking. When he dipped his head down and scrapped my nipple with his teeth, I was done. “I’m cumming! Please don’t stop!”

In the next moment as I was riding out my orgasm, I felt Michael explode inside me. His body collapsed on mine and I just laid there enjoying the heat and weight of him against me. “You know, that may be my favorite part of the trip so far.”

“Gloria, if you think that was good, just wait until I’m not tired from a whole day of sightseeing.”

Oh, I’ll be waiting.


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