Review: Fun Factory Big Boss

Fun Factory Big Boss Dildo

Fun Factory introduces a lovely addition to the wonderful collection of high-end dildos—The Boss Dildo. Fun Factory Big Boss is most realistic dildo offered by the German company, all ready to tickle your senses and push you to the extreme end of pure pleasure. Boasting of a natural shape with a clear foot in the direction of style, the Boss dildo is made to bring to you the ultimate sensation while you seek for a climactic outburst.

With a great length of just over 7 inches and a firm girth of around 5.75 inches, the Fun Factory Big Boss is not for amateurs. It towers over prominently have a coronal ridge circumference of a good 5.5 inches. As is the reputation of Fun Factory, you can be assured that the 100% pure silicone (medical grades) pleasure sex toy is made specifically using high-quality materials. The silicone feels extremely velvety and had a silken yet matte touch to it.

The natural curve presented in the overall design offers extreme vaginal, G-spot, and cervical stimulation and is also very carefully designed to offer maximum pleasure for anal use. When using it anally, it is advisable to use a condom on the dildo to avoid any smell from lingering on the stub. The flared base comes in with a suction cup property that enables the dildo to be adhered to smooth surfaces and walls for those who venture for more. The base is also very handy and can be accommodated in a strap-on harness for those who love the feeling.

The size is almost perfect for thrusting, but I wouldn’t recommend this particular model for beginners, who are just exploring the different areas of sex toys. But, if you are the adventurous little beginner, you might just be in for a “large” treat. For the rest who are looking for a change in the way they explore, the Boss dildo will surely keep you satisfied and complete.

Fun Factory Big Boss
Sex Toy: Fun Factory Big Boss


The head ridge is pretty pronounced and realistic and has a smooth rounded tip for easy penetration, both vaginally and anally. Fun Factory scores with this beautifully designed head for erotic pleasure making it a fabulous stub and all you’ve been looking for to add to your toy collection. The head comfortable enters the vagina and caresses the vaginal walls to help you come to a staggering, strong, and long orgasm.

Compared to the other dildos in its genre, the Boss dildo makes for a formidable opponent and is elegantly vying for your attention and demands of ecstasy. Owing to its sheer size and firmness, it is highly recommended that you understand that there’s going to be some amount of pleasurable pain that is going to greet you on your way to a blasting orgasm.

The silicone material used is hypoallergenic, odorless, and non-toxic. The Fun Factory Big Boss can be easily washed in either warm water with a mild, antibacterial soap or using the Fun Factory Cleaner fluid. If treasured and kept, this product can be used for a lifetime without any serious damage to its condition. It is recommended that you not use silicone or oil-based lubricants while using the dildo and restrict to water-based and hybrid lubricants only. The silicone lubricants might degrade the material and cause insensitivity to your precious parts. The Boss dildo is made with extreme care so as to not cause any damage or hurt to the most sensitive areas of the body.

The Fun Factory Big Boss is a flexible stub that allows for easy penetration and complete excitement. The comfort level offered is unmatched as compared to other non-Fun Factory sex toys. The Boss dildo is available in three prominent colors: black, pink, and caramel. It can be easily tucked away from the reach of children and kept in the custom-made bags that come with the shipping. It is a perfect dildo for individuals looking out for grade A firmness, and it’s a worth-it shot for those who love rigidity. It rightly stays true to its name—being the Boss on the dance floor. The Fun Factory Boss dildo is a really treat to your sexual drives at a very cost-effective price. So, hurry up and grab your Boss dildo at your earliest convenience, because pleasure can’t wait.




LGBTIQ Suicide

Be Nice To Queers

*Trigger Warning – This article contains references to severe forms of bullying and suicide.*

Colton Haynes has recently revealed his personal coming out story, where he documents the death of his father and how some people have attributed his father’s suicide to his coming out. Colton Haynes states that there is really no way in knowing the truth as to why his father decided to end his own life but that after his father’s death his family pointed their fingers squarely at Colton. Suicide is a tragic reality when it comes to LGBTIQ Suicide, and it is a trend that shows little signs of dissipating. Colton, at this stage, feels strong enough to question this accusation and understand that there may be further factors that are attributed to his father’s passing. Much research has been done in the world of teenage coming out, and supporting teens, yet there is not the same quantity or depth of research when it comes time to provide support for families of the teenager.

Coming out is an incredibly tough experience, and gays, lesbians, queers, trans, share commonality in terms of the event of coming out – however, their journeys are all deeply individual and have a profound impact on shaping who they are as a person. For some, coming out is a breeze, they find support in their friends, family, school, work and all other social networks. It is deemed a smooth transition and they barely encounter any issues. For others, there are cases so severe, so traumatising, and so mercilessly cruel that they feel that they have nowhere else to go, and they decide to end their life. Some of the experiences that people have gone through are so haunting that I struggled to get through their stories;

I read about Adam, a bisexual teen that had at one stage been tied to a tree, doused in petrol and was about to be set alight. I read about young Michael, who despite not yet being sure about his sexuality, was driven to attempted suicide for liking My Little Pony Toys – he remains in a vegetative state from depriving oxygen to his brain. I read about Asher Brown who was thrown down two flights of stairs for his sexual orientation, and subsequently shot himself. I read about Kenneth who ended his life after a Facebook hate page was set up for him, and death threats were repeatedly sent to his phone. I read about Aiyisha Hassan, who was struggling with the expression of her sexuality and also decided to end her own life. Tragic loss of lives for people so young. There are some truly horrible experiences here that demonstrate the monstrosity, and cruelty of other teenagers.

It is little wonder that LGBTIQ youth experience the highest rates of suicide in the world. Exact statistics on this issue can’t be clarified – sexuality is often hidden when one is struggling to come to terms with themselves and their identity however most reports indicate that queer youth are four times more likely to attempt and/or commit suicide. Research in Australia estimates that around 30% of LGBTI youth hide their sexuality when accessing assistance services. This is 30% of youth that already identify as being part of a diverse sexuality, and doesn’t account for individuals still struggling with their identity. When it comes to Beyond Blue research titled; Suicidal Behaviours in LGBT Populations the report found that there were higher risks of suicide, when one or both of the parents were not accepting of the child’s sexuality. This in turn led to a combination of potentially mitigating factors such as relationship conflict, severe anxiety dissatisfaction with appearance, lack of acceptance from self, increased levels of internalized shame and homophobia. It is generally accepted that the rates of LGBTIQ Suicide and attempted suicide are severely under reported throughout the world.

LGBTQ Youth Statistics
Graph: LGBTQ Statistics – Simmons College It Gets Better Campaign

Both an Australian and American Study have suggested that teenagers who find themselves in a non-supportive, predominantly family, environment are at the greatest risk. It can manifest itself in several ways from rebelling, as is the case with Haynes, suicidal and attempted suicidal tendencies, and various other forms of venting. It is psychologically damaging to experience a rejection from the people that are meant to unconditionally love you. As such, a lot of people struggling to come to terms with their sexuality, don’t make it through their teens. They attribute this rejection into varying forms and manifestations of internalized homophobia, depression and anxiety.

Coming out, or sexuality, can cause immense stress and pressure for the individual, and those in their immediate vicinity such as direct family members/guardians. The majority of current research exists in so far as examining LGBTIQ Suicide among youth, but there seems to be no research done on immediate family member’s suicide rates that struggle with their family member’s sexuality. That statement is by no means to diminish the importance of research done in regards to LGBTI youth, however it exposes the idea that research also needs to be done in regards to family members and how they can be supportive of the youth experiencing coming out. It is a terrifying moment for all involved, from the teenager coming out, to the rest of the family and beyond.

Providing confused teenagers support and a safe environment is paramount when they’re also dealing with a rise in emotions, hormones, sexual feelings, and navigating the world of a teenager. A world where they are constantly comparing, and being compared to, their peers. Which is an attributable factor as to why rural LGBTI youth experience even higher rates of suicide, because the comparison pool is far smaller than in city areas. This comparison is what starts internalised homophobia, body issues, body shaming, etc. So the question is, as a parent how can they support themselves, as well as their child?

The primary thing is not to panic. A parent should take a step back and consider the news that their child has given them, acknowledge that their child has chosen to share with them a significant part of their identity. In my own experience, I’d like to point out – that there is a significant difference between the phrasing that they use. ‘I think I am gay’, ‘I am gay’ are two different statements and should be treated as such. If someone states that they are gay, then they have obviously given it some serious consideration and the news should be taken as such. ‘I think I am gay’, is an indication that you should reaffirm that love is unconditional there is a room for them to wriggle, whether that be that they’re simply gauging a parents reaction or whether they are truly currently confused as to their sexuality. Sexuality challenges patterns of thinking, it challenges religious values, it challenges aspirations that they had or themselves, and what parents had for their children.

There are numerous articles and LGBTQI community support networks that have been designed for parents with queer children, that can help all parties learn to cope, and to deal with the situation. It is important that communication be kept open, and for all sides to understand that patience needs to be exercised. As a teenager, they have often spent many months, coming to terms with their new desires, and it should be expected that others need time as well. Sometimes, unfortunately, there are dangers to revealing your sexuality. There may be irreconcilable differences, there will be heated arguments, there will be anger – during these times it is important to tap into support networks in whatever ways that you can. Teenager, parent, sibling; you’re never alone.

Author: Stephen Smith – BA Of Social Sciences, M.Ed


Review: We-Vibe Application

Use Smartphone with We-Vibe Application
Today, I reviewed the We-Vibe Application, as it is something I sell daily as a feature to my customers. But here is a confession; I have owned a We-Vibe 4 for over a year and I have never downloaded the We-Vibe Application! I don’t really know why I haven’t downloaded it! So today, I downloaded the application to find out for myself how good it is. The download process couldn’t have been more simple, I just found the free program in my mobile’s application store and pressed the download button! Even though the application is completely free this doesn’t stop me from my negative thoughts. I am a harbinger of doom by nature and I always think I am about to be ripped off.
Application to Control We-Vibes
Application Review We-Vibes
Before I opened the program to explore all the features, I always read the product review’s online. Thank goodness I read the first reviews, it tells me the customer is thoroughly pissed off because she bought a We-Vibe on the premise that her boyfriend could control it from overseas. Instead, she found the application could only work when he is no further than 10 feet away!  Normally I would feel a comforting tinge of self-satisfaction that ‘Yes!’ the application was indeed rubbish, just as I had predicted but no, not this time. This time I am completely mortified because I am the one who has told god knows how many customers what a great idea it is! I am then reminded that instructions can sometimes be difficult to follow, and perhaps I should stop reading and try it out for myself.
The purpose of the IOS and Android mobile application is to be able to control We-Vibe compatible toys from anywhere around the world. Whether your partner is in a completely different room to you or they are on the other side of the planet, the app is still usable no matter your location. It also enables you and your partner to get creative with inventing new patterns of vibrations, timings, and intensities that you can save to your application for future use. There are many modes to choose from with in the app some of which are not available when the toy is used on its own. Other great features include; Each motor can be independently controlled; Face to face chat options; and it displays the products battery life.

In theory, your smartphone and the We-Vibe don’t have to be close together to work.  The easiest way to play is via Bluetooth, couples hoping to use it over long distances can send a private code which allows a partner to control the device.  The downside to this is that there is no element of surprise, it is something that you both have to arrange. The device then has to pair up and you have to wait for it to vibrate a couple of times so you know there is a connection. Your partner has to request control and you get 30 minutes to get ready.
When I was using the application in the same house, as the We-Vibe I had absolutely no problem getting the application to work really well with Bluetooth. But I would be lying if I didn’t tell you, I seem to be one of the exceptions. I have heard from both customers and read online that once the toys are being used, during sex particularly, the connection is easily lost. Then there begins the dance back and forth between the application and the device trying to get it to pair up again. You can use the application as an alternative We-Vibe remote, is the preferable method to using the remote that is packaged with the toy. I found with the remote I had to be a foot away from the toy. I am afraid, I couldn’t get the app to work successfully at a distance via the Wi-Fi option at all.
What the application is really good at though is personalising your vibrations with simple steps. The application is so simple that you are almost disappointed when you first look at it because  it has so few options, but that is as it should be, you are operating a vibe not landing a plane. You can add as many vibration modes into your personal vibe setting with their own independent times and synced motor intensities. For example, you could set the Pulse vibration for 20 seconds with an intensity of 1, followed by the Echo vibration for 30 seconds with an intensity of 2, followed by the Bounce vibration for 3 minutes and 21 seconds with an intensity of 10. Follow these steps to personalise your vibrations:
  1. Write a name for your new mode.
  2. Select the vibration mode you want.
  3. Select how long you want the vibration to last.
  4. Adjust the intensity.
  5. Adjust the two motors separately.
  6. Adjust the order of these vibrations by dragging and dropping them.
  7. Press play on the app. The vibrations will scroll across the screen like sheet music that you’ve written to help you reach a ‘climax’.

I found the application to be really simple to install and use with endless possibilities. It should be perfect for long-distance couples, couples who are too horny to get through the work day or even those who just want to play around in public together without anyone noticing. I discovered it can be used as an alternative remote more options and it is much more reliable. The application name and logo give nothing embarrassing away for when your phone is inevitably borrowed by a friend or family member. The face to face option is really fun and even if you cant get the toy to connect you can still chat to each other and have fun trying. There is a small window with graphics on what the toy is doing too so its like a three way chat.

I don’t know enough about the world of technology to know whether the things that are wrong with the connection are my fault, the toy’s fault, the applications fault or the Internet’s fault. There are a lot of variables when you think about it and that is why I am not writing this application off. The jury is out on this one though and I would love to hear peoples success stories.
Emily is a consultant at the Oh Zone Store, Kogarah.

Do Male Periods Exist?

IMS Irritable Male Syndrom

Don’t you want to do anything? Would you lie down all day if you were given a chance? Is all you want have a bar of chocolate or junk food? Do you feel tired and/or nervous? Did you get bored since you think that I ask a lot? Yes to all questions above?

There is a single explanation for you guys, you are on your own Male Period! Do Male Periods Exist? Yes, you did not read it wrong, male period otherwise known as Irritable Male Syndrome (IMS) which is almost the same with menstruation psychologically, but different from that physiologically. Obviously, we don’t bleed or don’t have menstrual pains which are great advantages and I really appreciate women’s resilience when I think about them bleeding for at least 3 days in a month with all those pain, still we are human beings with hormones as well as women are. I experienced these changes or fluctuations in my body/psychology in the last week and I wanted to write this article at that time, however, frankly saying, I was so nervous that it was impossible for me to even think about this sexual health topic. I experienced such things before, they were soft ones though and I was good at finding reasons for my state of mind in the past but this time there was no “reasonable” reason to feel in that way.
Do Men Have Periods
Photo: Male Period
I gathered some information after a little bit of research for Do Male Periods Exist. Actually, there is not much research specifically conducted on this topic. There are few made in 70s, and nowadays the most popular one is a book “The Irritable Male Syndrome” by Jed Diamond which is “based on his 35 years of clinical research and responses from nearly 10000 males” says on his website. On the other hand, this, whether males have periods or not, is still a debatable topic for scientist/doctors and I don’t want to discuss that part of the topic. However, there are some points that I want to highlight. Let’s have a look at what we know. As everybody knows, both women and men have both estrogen and testosterone. Each gender has certain amount of those hormones; estrogen is higher in women, testosterone is higher in men. Just like women experience monthly the rush of estrogen, it is believed that men experience testosterone in a deficiency so this gives men more emotional times. This is not the only fluctuation in our hormone levels that we have. Apart from monthly changes, men experience changes in their hormone levels 2-3 times in an hour as testosterone rushes in every 15 minutes. That’s why we are always horny, so blame it on the hormone.
Secondly, testosterone level is in the highest level in the morning and then gradually decreases. That’s why we have morning erections and want to have sex crazily in the morning than any time of the day. So, here is a little tip for you ladies: talk to him in the evening if you need to convince him for anything you want to have as he has lower testosterone in his blood than usual. Thirdly and lastly, we have yearly cycles as well. Testosterone level is higher in Fall and lower in Spring, that make sense now about why men have summer love. I also want to share the results of a survey conducted by VoucherCloud with you. VoucherCloud asked the respondents of around 2400 (50 % male, 50 % female) if they suffer the same side effects of menstrual cycle of women including tiredness, cramp and increased sensitivity. The results shows that 26 % of men experience these feelings on a regular basis and 58 % of their female partners believe them and also men mentioned general PMS-related symptoms such as constant hunger to general irritability. Additionally, 43 % of female respondents say that they offer support to their partners in this period of time, while 33 % tells their partner to “man up”.
Here is the problem! We don’t have to “man up”. We are hormonal human beings just like women and we have right to have our own special time and to express our feelings freely in a way we’d like to do it because it is natural. However, it is really hard for us to feel free in this environment. Women can talk about their cycles among themselves but a man cannot say anything about what he feels. In those cases, you are more likely to be labelled as “Faggot!” Nobody will think that you may need a little warm smile or a candy bar.
Please understand that the more we find out that we are similar, the better we would be. Break taboos, express yourself freely, embrace each other.

Author:  Goki is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres


Review: Nalone Electro Wand

The Electro Wand is an electrical stimulation sex toy by adult company Nalone who are based in the United Kingdom. The Nalone Electro Wand is clever little sex toy that may just be absolutely perfect for you. Especially if you’re interested in trying electrical stimulation play but don’t know where to start. Nalone Electro Wand is like a regular body wand. Body wands can be used almost anywhere on the body and the strength of the stimulation can be easily adjusted. The vibrations do not start out too strong so you won’t get any nasty surprises. The vibrations can be used without the electrical stimulations. So if you find yourself not enjoy electrical stimulation, just turn it off. Your purchase will not be wasted and will be a lovely addition to your sex toy collection. Body wands are one of the most popular types of sex toys out there to.

Features Of The Nalone Electro Wand

The Nalone Electro Wand has so many great features I almost don’t know where to start. I guess the first thing to know is that it is USB rechargeable. For the Nalone Electro Wand to fully charge up, it takes approximately 3 hours and gives you approx 2.5 hours of use. This is a great amount of time for masturbation and then some.The Nalone Electro Wand doesn’t need to be plugged in while you use it, so you don’t have the added difficulty of it being attached to the wall. This gives you a lot more freedom with very little sacrifice in the strength of the vibrations. At 21 cm long it’s small enough to travel with easily. And if that’s not enough for you the Nalone Electro Wand is also waterproof and whisper quiet so it’s really perfect to use anywhere anytime. AND the Nalone Electro Wand also comes with 1 yr warranty for peace of mind. I would recommend this to anyone.
Electro Stim BodyWand
Sex Toy: Nalone Electro Wand
What also makes the Nalone Electro Wand a bit different is that both the head of the toy and the body of the toy (the handle) vibrate and have separate control buttons. To turn on the body hold the bottom control button down for 3 seconds. To move through the vibration patterns just press the  button again but for a normal length of time and each press will take you through a different pattern. To turn it off hold the button down again for 3 seconds.The curve of the body makes it perfect to cradle over your clit and vulva, or even around your neck for a simple neck massage.
Nalone Electro Wand head control is the next button up and it operates the same way. You can’t have both head and body vibrating at the same time which i think is a shame but it’s still great that you have options to use the vibrator in different ways.  The smallish and flexible head makes it perfect for stimulating areas such as the perineum and the curved handle makes it comfortable to hold.Second button from the top is where you turn on the electrical stimulation function. This mode can be used with or without the vibration on at the same time. Then press the lightning button to change through the 3 levels of intensity of the electrical stimulation function.

How to use the Nalone Electro Wand

  • Take hold of the ergonomic handle and press the bottom button to kick-start the vibrations located in the ergonomic handle. Press again to explore the speeds and patterns, gliding the smooth metal underside over tense muscles and along your inner thigh to build up your excitement levels.
  • Press the second button up to start the powerful vibrations in the head of the wand vibrator and again to explore the full array of 3 speeds and 4 patterns.
  • Unleash the intense electric micro current in the tip of the waterproof vibrator by pressing the top 2 buttons (one switches on the Electro Magnetic Pulse technology and the other button controls the intensity level of the current).
  • Enjoy a choice of just one or all 3 vibration/electro current settings in the wand handle and head at the same time for incredible all-encompassing sensations, whether you’re simply holding the wand or directing it towards your sensitive nerve endings.
  • Coat with water-based lubricant for extra slippery pleasure and enhanced sensations.

Author: Jade is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres




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