Review: Fun Factory Stronic Drei

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Have you always wanted to scream “Oh God!” in bed? I have found the magic pulsator which will do the trick and bring you this amazing dream to life. As soon as I turned the pulsator on, I was awe struck. Fun Factory Stronic Drei Pulsator, really had me going!  It is made with a high quality, medical grade, gentle and soft silicone coating. The product is easy to clean, odorless and is best used with a water based lubricant. It’s dimensions are 23.9cm height by 4cm width and it’s weight is only 417g. Just from holding the product in my hands, it feels strong, proud and confident.

Every single elevation boosts the intensity of the thrusting movements. Fun Factory Stronic Drei was moving it’s firm shaft, back and forth on it’s own and I now know what they mean about the stronic innovation. It felt like someone was moving the item themselves even though no one was! With 4 different rhythms and 6 different power levels, it can go from a gentle pulsation to a more powerful thrust .

Fun Factory Stronic Drei can help you achieve many different types of orgasms and is shaped for the maximum amount of pleasure. The top of the shaft has a gentle curve to reach the g-spot or reach the hard to reach a-spot. When the pulsator is inserted all the way into your vagina, the flared base will play with your clitoris and urethral spot. The flared base will stop the device from going in any further, this means it can be used anally on your prostate, whether your male or female!  If you don’t want to insert the product inside your body, you can place it on your clitorus and us it as a viabrator. Have fun with this device vaginally or anally as every type of orgasm is taken care of.

The holding support makes it possible to safely use for anal fun, pleasuring the anus and perineum, allowing men to enjoy the Fun Factory Stronic Drei too! Order our latest pulsator now and find out for yourself just how good the Stronic Drei feels. The Stronic Drei is made with a clitoral stimulator that acts as a base so that it won’t go in more the necessary. Since it has a base it can be used anal by by both men and women. The medical grade silicone has a smooth matte completion. The pole of the sex toy is slightly flexible however the silicone covering has some give and afterward the upturned tip and flared based are somewhat squishy, so it is a very friendly sex toy.

The Fun Factory Stronic Drei has many ridges that give a huge amount of pleasure. Fun Factory Stronic Drei Pulsator texture is ribbed, silky smooth and rumbles with excitement. It’s ribbed; It isn’t ribbed once or  twice, the shaft is ribbed 7 times! The shaft isn’t the only thing that’s ribbed, the flared out base is ribbed 3 time’s on either side. The silicone is silky smooth to the touch. There are multiple balls that rumble inside the lower shaft which will rub against your delicate walls for waves of relaxing, massaging, relief. Every ridge on the silicone shaft boosts the thrilling sensation that Stronic Drei gives – from lightly stimulating to really exciting! A thicker element at the end of the sex toy promises real pleasure and pampers the clitoris, perineum or the anus. Whilst this sex toy is actually geared towards anal stimulation, it can be used vaginally if you would prefer the ridges, as opposed to the smoothness of the Stronic Eins.


Anal Sex Toy Pulsator Dildo
Sex Toy: Fun Factory Stronic Drei


Not that the Fun Factory Stronic Drei could replace your lover but not much is missing when this powerful sex toy with its then finely tuned, exciting stimulation levels brings you to climax, thrust for thrust, both vaginally and anally. The rhythmic back and forth movements are not only surprisingly new, but also extremely naturalistic and thrilling – for both men and women! The Stronic Drei is robuster than some of its counterparts and therefore is more suitable to the “Heavy User” who loves to play with fire.

As unique as the sex toy is, the secret to its success is simple: the slower the more intense. Its particular appeal lies in the lower frequencies levels. The powerful impulse of the unique motor leaves the run of the mill hyper-pumping vibrators in the dust and captivates with a uniquely stimulating erotic adventure. If you haven’t noticed yet, this toy is not exactly a vibrator. It is a pulsator. What this means is that rather than vibrating, there is a heavy weight in the toy which allows the toy to thrust as what would occur during sex. This thrusting motion is unique to the Fun Factory company, with it’s one of a kind movement that no other company can do. Unlike previous thrusting toys, doesn’t actually have any moving gears which slowly or quickly turn to allow the toy to lurch forward.

The innovative control which makes operating the toy an intuitive matter of course makes the Fun Factory Stronic Drei an absolute must. The Fun Factory Stronic Drei is absolutely one of the best pulsators I have ever come across, it is absolutely, hands down amazing.T his is completely one of the best toys I’ve ever attempted. It is cheaper then a sex machine and small then a sex machine to. The price is justified by the product! It has  along battery life so it won’t fail in the most precious moment when you are going through the process of climaxing. You’ll find yourself using this product almost on a daily schedule it is that good. The device really is a hand free way of masturbating, you’ll only ever need to hold it when you really want it to hit a certain spot.It also resembles nothing that is available on the market today. The quality is stunning as well.

It vibrates and throbs through the two motors that are in the Fun Factory Stronic Drei with an unmistakable pushing movements. It won’t irritate or make you numb like vibrators tend to. It’s generally peaceful. The attractive USB charging framework merits acclaim, also, as it’s anything but difficult to utilize. Trust me, washing up can be a great deal more pleasant than you ever expected. Fun Factory’s Stronic Drei Pulsator also has safety feature’s. The product is rechargeable and doesn’t use batteries, it is so quiet, it can barely be heard. The pulsator can be safety locked, so that if you carry it in a bag when your traveling it won’t accidentally turn on. Fun factory products are also waterproof and come with a 2 year warranty. The quality is heavenly and is 100% submersible so you can use it in the sauna, spa or in the shower.

You can tell, Fun Factory really thought about the making of the perfect type of product, that no matter what gender you are, you can achieve the best sexual experience possible. To add to the fun, its 100% waterproof.  It is the perfect all rounder product with high quality workmanship that produced a quality product. Fun Factory Stronic Drei is definitely a product that I recommend to buy straight away as a long term investment with years and years of fun!



Passionate Prostitute in Little India

Rich Business Man

The skylight from our apartment shows a beautiful setting in a rainbow of different colour scheme as each building has its own colour set design. I watch from my window on the top floor to see the majestic view as the sun goes down and our Little India lights up for everyone to enjoy. But with the hustle and bustle below I wonder if anyone pays the hues of colour’s any attention. Just as the colour’s change so does the flutters in my heart beat. I know he will be home soon but will he notice me. I am an American and he is an Indian.


Singapore Lights of Little India and Common Tourist Destination


This man who has captured my heart hardly knows I am alive. Hastily, he eats his dinner and then goes into the study. He yells out at me ”I must work Margaret!”. I know his mind is someplace else but how can I get his attention. We met last year at an office party when his architectural firm was hosting a gathering for its top executives. I was one of the call-girls sent to entertain and keep the business men happy. Our eyes met and I knew that we were destined to be together.

Rikin and I had beautiful sex for the first few months and he wanted me to be only his. He didn’t want me to see any other clients. I liked this idea as I did not want to grow old without a husband. He brought me to his high-rise apartment and instantly I fell in love with him even more deeply than I thought possible. He said that he had a five-year lease on the place so we had to remain here. This was fine with me as we had three bedrooms.



Rikin said that was for when his family visited so they have their own space. I deeply wanted to meet his family and this was the first time he had mentioned them. I did not fit into his caste system I soon found out and had to go to a hotel while his parents and sister were in town. This hurt me greatly but he explained that it would only be for one time so he could explain to them about me. I had expected to meet them on their first visit but this did not happen.

The next time they came to town I hastily took my things from the apartment and found any hotel available. This upset me horribly, so badly that I was in tears. I met up with Joe an American friend. Joe soothed away my tears got me a room at his hotel and took me out to dinner. We had just a few too many Vodka Martini’s. It was excited to be able to have a date and besides, I had grown bored being alone so much in our apartment.

Joe brought me back to the hotel where we both were staying. He took me to my room. As he bent over to kiss me good-bye I whispered in his ear “Please come in, I don’t want to be alone just yet.” He asked me “Have you ever gone to the movies?”. I said “Sometimes, why?”. He asked again “Did you see the latest Bond flick?”. I replied “Yes, why?”. He flirted “He was in Singapore with a beautiful woman much like you. Can I be your Bond for the night?” I was caught by surprise and replied “What a line!”

Joe only smiled and waltzed me into the bedroom. Then he remarked, “Has it worked?” while he unzipped my dress. I know now, that I should have stopped him. His breath was hot against mine and as he began to nibble on my breast I wanted more. Rikin had not been there for me in a while and there was no promise of marriage, so why not? I unbuttoned Joe’s shirt and he quickly slipped it off while I got out of my clothes. Before I knew it we were both between the sheets.

Joe knew how to make a woman feel good as he touched me in all the right places, it sent me into an utter ecstasy as he rubbed my clitoris. He began to suck on me which caused me to feel an arousal that was too long in the waiting. Then before I knew it, he had penetrated me and we had uninhabited sex. Soon he was done and fell off to sleep. I then began to worry what had I done. Will he tell on me? I could not sleep but I lay awake. I thought to myself about my future with Rikin, the man who I truly loved.

The next morning Joe had gotten up and gone back to his room without a word but later that day he had ask me not to tell Rikin or he might lose his position. I was glad that this could be our little secret. Rikin called me on his cell phone and asked me to meet him at our local fresh food market for lunch. There you could get salads. I cleaned myself up and tried to look the best that I could and hoped not to look guilty.

When I arrived Rikin took me to a table where sat his mother, father, sister, brother-in-law and grandpa. He introduced me to them all and told them that I was to become his wife. They hugged me and welcomed me into the family. Tears swelled up in my eyes because I thought this would never happen. Now how foolish had I been giving myself to Joe. God help me if he ever reveals that night. That afternoon his family returned home and his sister told me that we would have to make plans for the wedding.


Singaporean Indian Family Happy Grandparents

Rikin and I went back to our apartment where he told me that I would not have to leave it ever again. Now, I was to become his wife and his family knew that we live together. He headed towards his study and I wondered if this marriage would work. But within five minutes he came out with a package wrapped for me! He told me to take it to the bedroom to unwrap it. He wanted me to put it on for him.

He had bought me a beautiful night gown all in navy blue colours to match my eyes he proclaimed. Then he ran the water in our hot tub which we had not used since I moved in. He had a bottle of Champagne and some caviar on a tray set on the corner. The hot tub had candles all around it, with magnolia blossoms that swam across it. I could see all the rainbow colour’s from the buildings in the water of the hot tub. Rikin gently took off my beautiful gown and laid it over a chair.

He wanted to see my body and taste me before we went to bed. I was astonished at his gentleness as he touched me. He had me set in the hot tub with my legs spread and asked me to rub my breasts while he caressed my clitorus area.He sucked on my tits while he placed himself deep inside me. The warmth of the tub and his penis together gave me a strong orgasm. I did not know what to do but to enjoy the evening with this man who would soon become my husband.

Several weeks had past and his sister and I had been talking about having the wedding in Little India, Singapore on the bridge that crossed over the Lake where the beautiful flowers were always in bloom. I wanted a night wedding so I could see all the lights in the water. Afterwards we would all board his best friend Rajah’s boat and sail down to the nightclub for drinks to celebrate. I was excited about such a wonderfully planned wedding that would be taken place within the month. Things with Rikin and me were wonderful because now we were free to enjoy our bodies together feeling exquisite highs when we joined together in our love making.

I was off to the Mega Mall and tried to hail a cab at the busiest time of day. A cab door opened, inside the man said “Join me, we can give you a lift”. I felt uneasy about this because it was Joe. But I thought I had to be brave and show no fear. Joe said ”I hear you will get married soon. I am glad for my old friend and wish you both the best.”. I replied “Thank you. Driver please take me to the Mega Mall.”. Joe said “Do you remember where I live? I am tired of living in that run down dump of a hotel.” I replied” Yes, of course I will never forget it” He exclaimed “You can help me get out.” I replied nervously “I don’t know how I have not got any money. My husband to be runs our finances.”.

Joe asked “How soon can we meet?” I was terrified and replied “I don’t want to meet with you any more Joe.” Joe angrily said “Meet with me or I will give Rikin your underwear that I took when we had sex and tell him what you did with me.” I stammered feeling uneasy “Alright, then tomorrow afternoon at 2:00. Where do you want me to meet? You will give me back anything that you took from me that night.”He stated calmly “You will meet in my room so no one will know of course? I will tell you what you can do to help me get ahead in the company. You will be totally off the hook then.”

It was time and I went to the hotel dressed in black with a hoodie on so no one would recognize me. I felt so ashamed for what I had let happen that night. Joe opened the door and pulled me inside with a sheepish grin. He had my panties, bra, and stockings in a small box. He offered me a drink but I refused and grabbed for the box. Joe stopped me and said, “Now to your end of the bargain. I want you to introduce me to Rikin as an old college friend. And if you don’t comply I will give this too him and let him know I am one of your old clients.”


Blonde Women in a Black Hoodie

I did not want to do it but he agreed to return the items too me after the meeting. Joe told me to take the drink and we could complete the second part of the agreement. I said, “What is that Joe?” He then told me take off my clothes and bend over the chair. I told him that I did not want to ever have sex with him again. I know he said, “But a man has his needs. I cannot screw you after you marry Rikin. We will all become friends so this is my last time. You want me out of your life, right?” I took off my pants and my shoes and bent over the old chair. This time I was not excited nor did I climax as he gave me what he called a really good screw. When he was done I dressed and left. I prayed that my Rikin would never know or our marriage would never work.

When I returned home I went straight to the shower and let the water run over my body for a long time. I did not realize how long it had been when suddenly I felt a hand behind me reaching up to touch my breasts. I jumped a bit and Rikin said nervously “Honey, its only me.” I was glad that it was him and that he would soon be the only man to ever touch me again. It felt good to have his arms around me and his lips close to mine while we were both taking a shower. He picked me up and gently carried me to the bedroom. I knew that Rikin and I were meant to be together forever in our apartment in Little India, Singapore.

Life should be great for me and Rikin as he is one of the top men at his firm and we have a most beautiful apartment with all the amenities, that a woman would ever want. The problem is our “friend” Joe has been hired by Rikin to work in his office. Joe often visits us. Rikin and Joe have become great friends and he visits us regularly. My problem is that now Joe thinks I am his property as well and I know it won’t be long before he is going to want me again.


Bukit Batok Nature Park, Singapore

Singapore Ranger Walk

Friday was always the worst day in the office for Shawnee. You see Friday was the beginning of a long and very lonely weekend. As an expatriate in Singapore, a weekend could hold so much promise or at worst, inspire dread. Having been in this city that is a Country for a just over a year now, Shawnee dreaded every weekend.

Name any art house in this city and the possibility was next to nil that Shawnee had not been a guest there at some point during her stay in Singapore. Every coffee house manager worth his salt in the city knew Shawnee on a first name basis. The British expatriate had even taken a dozen road trips out of town but after a year of doing all that is expected of a prim and proper British expatriate, the heady attraction that comes from visiting a new city had for the first time had most certainly worn off. This was the mood that Shawnee expected to usher in her weekend – dark bordering on black.

By seven in the evening of that Friday, the pangs of loneliness had begun setting in as she opened a bottle of Chardonnay sitting alone in her apartment.The world away her long time college sweetheart, Chad who was now getting married to another girl he had met in the military, due to Shawnee’s absence with her overseas contracts. Shawnee doubted that she could attend that wedding even if she was in the same city with Chad – it would hurt too much. Their last meeting had been brutal. Harsh words were exchanged that could never be taken back, and even the promise to remain friends when they finally became civil were just words after Chad told her he was breaking off their engagement.  These are things that were just said for no apparent reason than something had to be said to make the split more amicable. That was three years ago now, and it had been three long years since Shawnee had been in a romantic relationship with anyone – and she was feeling it.

Being celibate for three years was well and truly a dry spell for some people but for Shawnee this wasn’t the case. Perhaps it is on account of the fact that she being very logical and needed a sound reason to be in love or at least to make love. In those three years since she had broken up with Chad, she had found no reason to open up her heart to another however her professional life had kicked all the goals she had hoped for. Random sex was not even to be considered bearing in mind that she came from a very conservative Catholic background and still put value of the art of love-making. Such were the factors that had conspired to ensure that this now 30-year lady was home alone on a Friday night when her friends from around the globe were most probably planning to paint their towns red either with a special someone or to find the next best thing.

Many were the thoughts that ran through her mind as the clock chimed the midnight hour and she sat wasted with the now empty bottle of wine. Was she cursed to die alone, was she unlovable, had she extinguished the last embers of love when Chad had so suddenly left her life? These and more were the questions that Shawnee had in her mind as she drifted off to sleep on her couch. To say she cut a pathetic figure would be the understatement of the year.


Bukit Batok Nature Park. That is the place or rather the park that Shawnee found herself in at 8a.m Saturday morning. Come rain, come the sunshine this was the place for any resident of Singapore who needed to commune with Mother Nature was to be found and the place that Shawnee found herself most Saturday mornings. For a place that was previously forlorn, the developer had surely moved heaven and earth to convert what was previously a nondescript quarry into what could arguably now pass for as the Garden of Eden. This 36-acre park had a nature trail whose entire gamut would take one close to two hours of walking. Shawnee had walked the entire nature trail many times before and she intended to do so today if only to burn time and try to get rid of her hangover.

Singapore Forrest Walk
Photo: Singapore Park Ranger


Ten minutes into her walk Shawnee knew that there was something was amiss as she was sweating more than usual and felt dizzy. A few minutes more into her walk and she was dealing with a throbbing headache – worse than the usual remnants of her hangover, this was followed by another bout of heavy sweating. She plodded on writing it off as the beginning of her menstrual cycle combined with the after effects of alcohol. Fifteen minutes into her walk she could no longer summon the willpower or whatever reserves of energy she and had to lie to herself that her menstrual cycle was responsible for her labored breathing. As she gasped for breath, the last thing she remembered seeing was an old lady jogger helping her to the ground while frantically shouting for help. She was in such a state for quite a few minutes, drifting in and out of consciousness as members of the public milled around her trying to aid her assistance. By a stroke of good fortune, there was a doctor in the midst of the melee and his diagnosis of the condition of the patient who had become something of an attraction in the normally quiet park was swift. It was an extreme case of low blood sugar, hypoglycemia, and the patient needs some glucose urgently. A random search yielded an energy drink from one of the park visitors and after taking a sip Shawnee somewhat recovered.  She was slowly assisted to the Administrators’ office where a taxi could possibly be called to get her to her home or to hospital if required. The person assigned to get her to the office was a new park officer by the name of Lee.

Lee’s attempts to put his charge at ease were met with iron-clad resistance. He offered to help wipe down her jacket that had been smeared in the dirt when Shawnee was on the ground but she seemed to be initially embarrassed by the entire episode and ignoring the offer to help. Further attempts to engage in small talk were spurred off by a grunt here and Lee could swear a hiss there. In all, it took him under three minutes to decide that he did not like this buxom woman whose condescending attitude seemed to flow right through the pores of her skin. He kept his peace and tried to quicken the pace.

It was the coldest 10-minute walk Lee had experienced in his career as a park ranger and Lee no doubt would have left the damn vixen alone but he was under express instructions from his senior to get her delivered to the main office. At that very moment, Lee wished that he would have listened to his parents and pursued a career in the teaching or legal professions. Teachers and lawyers were among the most financially rewarded professionals in the whole of Singapore and as the young ranger cursed his gods for leading him down the path of bad luck he had to encounter this woman. Mercifully these thoughts did not swirl around his mind for too long before he arrived at the administration office. In less than two minutes Shawnee had a taxi called for her and Lee had busied himself with small talk in the office with the receptionist to all but avoid her.

A hair brained idea to go for a walk when she had only nibbled on biscuits for breakfast after consuming so much alcohol had effectively made her miserable weekend worse. She was resigned to remain indoors and count her losses when she saw an item that for better or worse was bound to force her to some action if she was to do the right thing. The id card of the ranger who had walked her from the park to the administrator’s office was for some inexplicable reason in the pocket of her jacket.

She now reflected that morning and the image that stared right back at her was a clean shaven, freshly appointed ranger. For some strange reason, she was drawn to the eyes of the man in the image. He had sad eyes. Puppy dog eyes and from a certain angle he appeared to be a broken man.  She pondered why she had been such a cow to him and as she lay prone on her couch the sad eyes were the last thing she remembered before zoning off to sleep.  When she awoke she had resolved to return the name card if only to demonstrate her gratitude to one who had been comforting in her moment of distress whilst she had been to arrogant to even thank him. That was agenda number one for Sunday morning – make good for her bad.


So it was that the first thing that Shawnee did on Sunday morning was to prepare some sandwiches which she hoped to give the rangers office as a token of gratitude for being so kind during the previous day’s ordeal. Dressed in a light floral dress, she was out of the house by sunlight and it took her all but 5 minutes from her residence to the park by taxi.  She met an obviously bored ranger manning the admissions office at Bukit Batok Nature Park. The ranger had no clue on what Shawnee was talking about but gladly accepted the package of sandwiches. Just as she was leaving, she suddenly remembered the other reason for her visit; she had to return the name tag. As if by a conspiracy of nature, the image on the name card walked right into her as she was heading out of the office.

After an awkward silence, Shawnee offered her thanks, extended her hand and then almost fled from the office. Lee, always graceful, followed her out only and uttered the first thing that came to his mind:

“Maybe we can finish the walk you started yesterday”, said Lee

Shawnee hesitated and then said, “That would be nice.  I certainly wasn’t any company yesterday.”

Three minutes into their walk they both knew something was building up between them – the chemistry having a reaction. Ten minutes into the walk she made the first move, reasoning that she was the older of the two she decided to strike out first having lost the art of seduction after three long years intended to make it clear. As he was making a show of explaining some vegetation she had not interest in she spanked his bottom cheeks, a move that surprised him and even her. Always the stoic, Lee didn’t show any emotion but his heart was racing.

She upped the ante, 15 minutes into their walk. She made a show of passing before him and in the process brushed against his midsection. Lee was nobody’s fool. How could she possibly make two obvious passes and he be so oblivious to her intentions? He didn’t want to assume things; a sexual harassment charge could spell the end of his career. He decided to play safe. He didn’t have to, right in the thickets, her body said it all, or rather her eyes.  Her glazed eyes were a dead giveaway that something more than an walk in the park was on her mind. He, Lee in all his 23 years of existence had never been with a woman of such daring and although had participated in heavy petting and foreplay had made the decision not to have sex before he found the one that he wanted to marry. Not that he had lacked the opportunity but he had never felt that singular attraction to anyone in particular. In many ways he was like her, he needed a reason to yield his heart to someone and up until now, he had not found the inclination.

Physics 101 says like poles do not attract. Lee and Shawnee violated that law right in the middle of the nature trail as in temperament and look they could have not been more different. A primal urge had enveloped this two and in an instant Shawnee, the smart, logical, proper and prim professional British expatriate in Singapore lunged herself at Lee. The lanky youth was ready for his damsel in distress. With a single heave he had her legs across his torso and her butt cheeks underneath his hands. He walked away from the nature trail and into the woods, his neck of the woods.

Lee didn’t disappoint, Shawnee had laid him down, taken off his trousers and then guided her into him.  Initially slowly rocking back and forth against him and then frantically – she came multiple times squeezing her legs around him whilst her pelvic wall convulsed after each and every orgasm.  To be quite frank he was getting exhausted and his cock was so hard he just needed to cum. She was the experienced of the two and she let him know it. She continued straddled him beginning the pump him up and down. So good was she as a lover that Lee thought he was having an out of body experience – his cock was so hard and he thought his balls were going to burst and each time he was about to cum she slowed down not allowing him to ejaculate that indeed his cock was beginning to hurt; at this point, his hands were fondling her well-endowed breasts and as she begun to moan once again he felt a sudden urge to now dominate her.


Erotic Fiction
Photo: Singapore Sex with Ranger


In one quick motion, he had reversed their positions and he now being at the top begun pumping into her with an animal sort of frenzy. Thrusting so deep that Shawnee thought she was going to be torn wide open but the feeling was so good she urged him on.  As she begun to hit new heights of ecstasy he began firing on all cylinders. Long and short strokes were what the boys had always advised him and this was definitely the magic elixir with this girl.  After so long being able to release the pent up passions that had been caged for the last three years that she finally was reaching the point of ultimate orgasm where she knew she could continue no more.  Her moans became cries like an unleashed wild animal and guttural sounds emitted from her throat.  it was almost like as if she had been reborn as she came and as she came he hit that A-Spot and she began squirting and gushing from her pussy. Finally the young conqueror Lee began to cum whilst her PC closed around his cock and the spurting vagina drenched his cock and balls,

“Fuck.  I’m cumming!” He yelled as his head rose to the heavens and finally his loins unleashed his jism.  He spurted one, two three loads inside her and the pulled out his still ejaculating cock and spurted his thick jism over her ample breasts.  She opened her mouth and he squirted all over her face and in her mouth.  Finally he was spent and collapsed on top of her.  Both of them panting like distressed animals.

They lay there for some time.  Finally Lee faced Shawnee and said, ‘Would you like to finish our walk now.”

Shawnee replied, “No I have seen enough nature for one day.”

With that she rose, put her clothes on and left.   Lee realised as she left he did not even know here name.
his misadventure was short but the memories were enduring. It was the meeting of two kindred spirits, the venting out of, passions and the beginning of both of them coming out as the sexual beings they were intended to be.


Review: Je Joue Dua & Nuo

Je Joue Dua Massager

Now I have to admit that I’m guilty of having some negative first impressions of Je Joue and my reasoning’s were terrible. It wasn’t just the price that shocked me and how similar the branding is compared to some other major players in the sex toy industry like LELO and L’amourose and due to not knowing about Je Joue earlier. I was under the unreasonable impression that it was just some “wannabe rip off” of these other premium toy companies but after I did research on Je Joue and got my hands on some of the toys properly I can easily and safely say that I was wrong and I believe that Je Joue not only deserves a spot on the shelf next to theses other amazing Sex toys but they actually have several products that I would easily recommend to be in your hands.

To my surprise Je Joue is actually a well established London based company with offices branching out to the east coast of the U.S.A and Shanghai as well. Like their competitors they have a great variety and range of products for example cock rings, Kegel exercisers and of course vibrators. The company started off pretty small back in 2008 and now has products in many different countries all over the world. Out of all their products there was 2 in particular that stood out as toys that looked a little more complicated and a more unique then the rest of their range, the Dua and Nuo.

The Je Joue Dua & Nuo are both very similar, they are both remote controlled vibrators and they share most of the same features with the shape and outward design being the only big difference.  The Je Joue Dua is designed as a g-spot and clitoris stimulator for women and the Nuo is designed as an anal toy both males and females but its design makes it great for prostate stimulation.

Firstly the Je Joue Dua, which has a small resemblance to some other popular toys like the We-Vibe4 and LELO Tiani. It has one section (the larger part) that goes inside the woman’s vagina (for most women it will be positioned on the g-spot) and the smaller, thinner section rests on the clitoris. As for the Je Joue Nuo, it looks more like a bulbous anchor with the shaft of the device to be inserted anally, the Je Joue Nuo is designed to sit right next to the wall of the g-spot or prostate.

Both the Je Joue Dua & Nuo are both designed really well and for majority of women and men’s anatomy it should fit very comfortably. Both of them are very squishy and very flexible as well which helps so much when it comes to positioning and wearing.  Looking at these vibrators without any knowledge on how they work can be intimidating, these certainly are not the type of toys you can pick up and use without reading the instructions but fortunately the Je Joue Dua & Nuo are both very easy to learn how to use once you know how to connect the ‘pen’ remote that comes with the toy. Both toys can be controlled by the ‘pen’ remote that comes with in the box but these toys can also be controlled by the free Je Joue app that you can download onto your phone for your toy.

Je Joue Nuo Prostate Massager
Sex Toy: Je Joue Nuo

Oh My God! And I thought the app for the We-Vibe was amazing, this app has it all, with seven different modes and 5 different intensities on each one and you can control it all with one hand as well. The app is super easy to use and it very intuitive. Connecting the phone and toy is just as easy as it connects automatically to your mobile phone (after you press the “play now” button) as long as you have Bluetooth on and the toy itself on, only downside I can see with this is if you share thin walls and your neighbour connects to your toy that you might of left on……… I know that sounds ridiculous and highly unlikely but I have to try and nit-pick when I can, especially when a toy is this impressive. Ok so to connect the ‘pen’ remote to your toy all you need to do is have your toy charged and on, a battery in the remote and then to just simply hold down the top button on the remote for only 3 seconds or until the blue light comes on, that’s it! It is very simple, once you are connected you can twist the top button to change intensity or click the button to change modes.

Besides the nifty remote and the brilliant app, the Je Joue Dua & Nuo are pack filled with heaps of other obvious and important features. These toys are both USB rechargeable and attaches via eternal magnets to make connecting and disconnecting super easy, the charge ratio is about 1:1 so a full charge of 2 hrs of charge will get you 2 hours of use and one of my favourite feature to be on a sex toy is being 100% deep sea diving compatible which fortunately the Je Joue Dua & Nuo are. Both of these toys have two motors, on the Dua they situated in two separate points and are great for strong stimulation to both the g-spot and clitoris and the two motors on the Je Joue Nuo is fantastic for prostate massaging and even perineum stimulation. The motors are probably average in power for toy of this class but because it has the two motors it is very powerful, power freaks certainly won’t be disappointed. The material on both the Je Joue Dua & Nuo is a very high quality soft silicone that feels amazing to touch and even better when lubricated, for lube its best to stick to high quality water-based products as the majority of silicone and oil based lubricants can ruin the sheen and coating on the silicone and over time render the toy unusable. Cleaning isn’t a worry when it comes to these toys, because they are waterproof you can wash them under warm soapy water or you can use anti-bacterial toy cleaner.

It’s safe and obvious to say that both these toys are amazing and that Je Joue is far better then what I expected it to be, I believe that the price point that they are set at is pretty reasonable and definitely worth buying if the toys suits your anatomy. During research I was noticing a lot of websites were saying that you can only get the app on iOS but that must be outdated because I checked the google play store and it’s available for download and it runs exactly the same as the iOS version that I used when reviewing these toys. So in conclusion these toys deserve a spot in practically everyone’s bedside draw or tool box. The Nuo is an amazing anal toy for both men and woman but because it’s squishy, flexible and its curved shaft makes this a great prostate toy for men. The Je Joue Dua more predominately a females toy is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a comfortable dual spot vibrator but just keep in mind both these toys are made even better as couples toys.

About the Author: Bronson is a consultant at the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre.


Review: Aphrodisia Mistress Bondage Kit

BDSM Bondage Kit
I love the Aphrodisia Mistress Bondage Kits. They are fantastic value for money and a great introduction to the erotic and exciting world of bondage. Aphrodisia Mistress Bondage Kits are made with quality construction and beginner friendly design is perfect to bring kinky play into your bedroom repertoire. The best part about buying a bondage kit is that everything also matches! The prints are made from imitation leather which is also known as polyurethane. Polyurethane is a type of imitation leather that’s vegan friendly. I really don’t like buying separate pieces to find out they don’t even go together properly.
At the same time sometimes when I hear the word kit I immediately think a company has thrown a few products together and put them in a fancy box  in order to charge exorbitant prices that just don’t make sense to anyone. Not so with these lovelies, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. You do get the fancy packaging but you also get fantastic value. The Aphrodisia Mistress Bondage Kit has everything to reenact your fantasies and it comes in four different Bondage Kit’s including the Silver Leopard, the Golden Leopard, the Red Leopard, the Purple Passion and the Black Kink Aphrodisia Bondage Kit. Below I have listed what is in each kit.

The Silver Leopard and the Golden Leopard Aphrodisia Mistress Bondage Kit includes:

  • 1 * Footcuffs
  • 1 * Handcuffs
  • 1 * Blindfold mask
  • 1 * Whip
  • 1 * G-string

The Red Leopard, the Purple Passion and Black Kink Aphrodisia Mistress Bondage Kit includes:

  • 1 * Feather Tickler
  • 1 * Ball Gag
  • 1 * Blindfold Mask
  • 1 * Whip
  • 1 * Collar with Leash
  • 1 * Handcuffs
BDSM Bondage Kit
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The Black Aphrodisia Mistress Bondage Kit includes:

  • 1 * Handcuffs have a sturdy velcro closure and totally adjustable.
  • 1 * Mask
  • 1 * Collar which are soft and comfortable.
  • 1 * Feather Tickler for teasing.
  • 1 * Mini Flogger for more serious action.
  • 1 * Breathable ball gag is made from odorless plastic.

They all come in a cardboard gift box that is fun and kinky to look at. That’s one of the reasons I love it. It is a really clever way to introduce what a lot of people would consider serious kink but in a completely non intimidating way. When someone picks it up, they may be a little bit embarrassed. The box allows them to quickly pick it up without going through the hassle of what’s inside it. They can quickly grasp what is inside it by looking at the packaging and make a quick decision whether this is what they want. It take’s away the decision of having to look through a multitude of intimidating bondage equipment that can be baffling to people. They also have the ability to open up the packaging without ruining it. So people can have a look at what’s inside if they would really like to.

Put it this way, If you called up your partner and said

“Hey, I bought a leather whip and a ball Gag for you tonight…brace yourself! Oh and don’t worry. I have the cuffs for your hands and feet, so you’re not going anywhere. “

Well they might run a mile. Give them this little gift with its cutesy cartoon pin up character, it’s graphic are very much like the 60s show ‘Bewitched’. It’s a different story all together. Better still, dress up in the funky jungle g-string included and take a look at the contents together.

The cuffs have a sturdy Velcro closure and are totally adjustable. The mask and collar are soft and comfortable. The whip is mini and is more for teasing than serious flogging. The breathable ball gag is made from odorless plastic. The only thing I am not as keen on is the G-string. the material is a bit stiff for comfort, and the string is just a strip of really basic elastic. Everything inside the Aphrodisia Mistress Bondage Kit is what someone would need to get into the world of bondage. I love the fact it contains a ball gag as that is a more serious type of BDSM item that people would be intimidated to buy if it weren’t in a package. These Bondage Kits are a great introduction to BDSM. When you consider purchasing similar quality cuffs and a whip alone would set you back the price of the entire kit, you really do get bang for your buck.

 Author:  Emily is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres



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