Bondage Spreader Bars

BDSM Spreader Bars

Bondage Spreader Bars is a type of restraint and bondage device. Hells Couture has a wide selection of steal, leather spreader bars to choose from. Bondage Spreader Bars are useful in terms of physical restraining, as well as the positioning of the body. Bondage Spreader Bars work well when a subject is standing up, so that they can’t necessarily close their legs, or bring their arms closer together, it works well in comparison to simple handcuffs as they incorporate a different kind of mentality about them. Most Bondage Spreader Bars allow the person to get complete freedom at any time. Bondage Spreader Bars allow people to create the scene of surrendering and escaping. So they can rest assured that the amount of pleasure they experience is because they love the ultimate pleasure of bondage bars. During the sexual experience, they can construct or plan various methods to escape the scene. BDSM users can get a lot of pleasure from constructing sexual scenes, which alone can cause people to be sexually satisfied.

When using a Bondage Spreader Bars, your arms or legs are forcibly separated, not only will they tire easily if you put too much strain on them and repeatedly fight against the restraints, but also you are in the knowledge that you are standing/sitting/ or in a position of vulnerability whereby you are mentally and physically exposed. Bondage Spreader Bars allow people to remain in a completely controlled submissive position, they are in a position of complete surrender to the sexual experience. It controls how they move their body and how much they can control their own body during sexual intercourse. If you have a lover who love’s being used and like’s you to have full access to their body then Bondage Spreader Bars are a safe and comfortable alternative to Shibari rope and other bondage devices.

BDSM Spreader Bars
Sex Toy: Talea Spreader Bar Bolster

Bondage Spreader Bars can also be used to force the wearer into particular position and to sustain that position for several hours. An example of this would be a neoprene ankle spreader bar, with two wrist restraints in the middle of the bar, this forces the subject to stand whilst being bent over allowing their playmate access to all their body parts for whatever purpose they deem necessary. Since they can help the user maintain a certain position, they are useful if your lover has a disability. Safety is paramount at all times, and you will need to keep spare locking keys within easy reach at all times. Keep in mind that not all spreaders come with locks, and you may need to purchase locks, and additional cuffs separately.

With Bondage Spreader Ankle Restraints, this allows your play mate access to your individual legs, crotch area and everything in between. It is a perfect accessory for sado-masochists who enjoy pain as the physical separation of the legs allows their playmate to repeatedly strike a specific leg, or part of the leg in whatever terms they deem fit. It also allows unhindered access to the genitals and crotch area and can be useful when used in conjunction with a strong vibrator such as a hitachi or body wand, which can then be strapped to the thighs, turned on, leaving the one tied up helpless against the overpowering vibrations.

There are several different types of Bondage Spreader Bars. You can purchase them with different materials, textures and lengths depending on your personal preferences. Some spreader bars will consist of a solid steel design, and can’t be altered in any particular way. Other spreader bars will be designed so that they can be adjusted with either the replacement of the cuffs attached, or that it’s length can be adjusted. These are generally the most versatile spreader bars as they can be attached to either ankles, or wrists, with some having the ability to be double cuffed so that they can have both ankles and wrists attached the same bar. These are particularly useful for doggy style bars, which force the wearer into a particular pose with which you can do with what you will. Other spreader bars can be used in conjunction with shibari and suspension, though you will need to ensure even weight distribution so that there are no accidents when it comes to suspension.



Review: NS Novelties Fusion Dong Range

Fusion Pleasure Dongs Charm Image

The NS Novelties Fusion Dong Range has caught my eye so many times since we started stocking them in store! The NS Novelties Fusion Dong Range Fusion  are designed to deliver a firm shaft for easy penetration, yet supply enough flexibility to glide against all of your hot spots. Made from TPE, it is compatible with all of your favourite lubricants. The super strong suction cup base will adhere to any non-textured flat surface for hands free fun.

The NS Novelties Fusion Dong Range absolutely slay in terms of aesthetic prowess! They are a TPE jelly dong but they are so sleek and glossy that they could easily be mistaken for glass. There are three (correct me if wrong) shapes to choose from in the range but one this thing they do have in common is there suction cup base which is super strong and will stick on any surface. The base also makes these unrealistic dildos perfect for pegging! One issue I do have is you really do get what you pay for with cheaper sex toys at the base where the suction cup and the toy meet I did notice it was a bit roughly joined so if you are a bit pedantic like myself you will find the extra TPE flaps extremely annoying.  These dongs are flexible enough to bend and please all erogenous zones but firm enough for an easy insertion.

Fusion Pleasure Dongs Charm Image
Sex Toy: NS Novelties Fusion Pleasure Dongs Charm


  • Fusion Pleasure Dongs Charm: First up is the charm the most realistic shaped of all the semi realistics! its body is bent in such a curvaceous way that the A G and P spot will be stimulated! The head is extremely prominent with help from its thin tapered neck which widens out as it get to the base for that fuller than full feeling many people delight in. I would definitely say that as far as experience goes Charm I would recommend this one to be for intermediates as it does have a bit of length and girth.
  • Fusion Pleasure Dongs Dream: The Fusion Dream has quite a bit of length and its  extremely textured! The first half of it looks like the ebb and flow of waves traveling down to its extremely girthy base. Although the tip and wave area is quite thin it does not sag or droop down when held horizontally the TPE keeps it sturdy with good flex. I find Dream quite eye catching in store as it is a very unusual shape to see a dong.
  • Fusion Pleasure Dongs Glamour:The glamour is the smallest of the three and could easily accommodate any beginner to pegging. its shape is nice and fluid with a large rounded tip which slims down towards the base finally to a small bump before going really thing and then hitting the base. Glamour is certainly my favorite of the three and its shape is reminiscent of the Aneros Perideise but larger and may be able to stimulate in many of the same ways.

NS Novelties Fusion Dong Range describe their whole entire range of sex toys as sexy, powerful and exciting. NS Novelties combines the highest grade materials with state of the art innovation that adheres to all American and European manufacturing guidelines. All NS Novelties products are made with body-safe silicone, hand-blown Borosilicate glass (TPE and TPR), free of Phthalates, additives and fillers.  NS Novelties offers packaging that is second to none. Designed to enhance each individual sex toy as well as promoting a visually striking display when combined as a line. Their varied selection offers products in a multitude of categories. There is quite literally something for everyone. Desire. Excitement. Fulfillment. Brought to you by NS Novelties.

NS Novelties product’s always offer good quality product’s throughout there sex toys. So rest assured when you pick up one of their products because you know you’ll be adding something that is long lasting to your sex toy collection. I love seeing the NS Novelties when I visit Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre as they make me want to buy a whole collection of their product’s as they are all designed to match each other. Happy sex toy dildo and dong shopping.



13 Tips For Better Sex

We all want to have better sex so why not follow 13 easy steps to improve your love life.


Couple Kissing Each Other
Photo: 13 Tips For Better Sex – Couple Sex
  1. Avoid straying your thoughts while having sex: This involves having the right attitude about better sex. To fully experience the pleasure of sex, you have to free yourself of negative feelings such as self-consciousness, guilt, bad judgment, and other hang-ups. That also means you must avoid worrying about your unfinished work in the office or the things you’re going to do the next day while making love with your partner. Just savor the moment and enjoy each other.
  2. Relax and don’t pressure yourself: Mind-blowing sex shouldn’t be forced. You have to allow it to happen. In many instances, reaching orgasm triggers anxiety especially to women who pressure themselves into performing well during sex. That’s why many women subconsciously conceal their sexual problem by faking an orgasm. That’s simply not the essence of sex. It’s advised that you relax and enjoy the intimate moments you have with your partner.
  3. Be healthy and stay fit: You’re probably aware that people who get a lot of better sex are happier people. This, in fact, is supported by several studies. To be able to have more sex, you need more energy. Enough sleep, plenty of rest, adequate exercise, and balanced diet can increase your sexual stamina. These good factors induce better blood circulation to the sex organs, which is very crucial to arousal and orgasm.
  4. Relieve yourself from stress: Find ways to reduce stress to raise the chances of arousal. Why not go on a date with your partner at least once a week? Or you can make your sex life more exciting and steamy by taking a shower together or spending an intimate night by the beach.
  5. Accept and love your body: Do you hate yourself for being flat chested or overweight? Just because you don’t have an ideal cup size, it doesn’t mean you can’t have great sex. Your negative feelings toward your body can only ruin your sensuality. What matters is how good your body feels when you’re having sex with your partner. Learn to love your body and all its curves. Perhaps, you’re not aware that your big curves look sexy to your spouse.
  6. Don’t be afraid to explore and experiment: Sharing passion with your partner shouldn’t be too serious. Think of sex as a fun activity – you are free to be creative and to try things differently. For example, you can talk with your partner about your fantasies and find out how you can turn them into reality. Also, discover what turns you on in bed.
  7. Communicate: Finally, getting xsales better sex also needs good communication between partners. Don’t be afraid to speak up to your partner regarding your sexual relationship. This will lead to an understanding of each other’s sexual needs, thus leading to a greater sexual life.
  8. Stop Trying so Hard: Too many people feel that couples sex is much like what they will see in pornographic movies. The truth is, trying this hard during sex will lead to disappointment and more often than not, some pain and discomfort. The experience will certainly not be as enjoyable as it appears on the television.
  9. Incorporate Outside Items: There is certainly nothing wrong with incorporating sexual aid devices or toys in your routine with your partner. Perhaps the female in the relationship has a hard time achieving orgasm with straight intercourse. The solution can be to stimulate the clitoris with a vibrator while having sex. The combination of sensations is likely to produce much more sensation and result in climax. This suddenly makes a sex life more enjoyable to all parties involved.
  10. Discuss with your partner about your sexual relationship: How would your partner know if you’re no longer pleased whenever you make love? Being open to each other can do wonders in your sex life. With good communication, there’s less chance of spending nights in the bedroom with your backs turned to one another. You’ll feel more at ease with each other again and share the passion that you once had. And once the passion has revived, let your partner know how much you appreciate your night together. You can write him a note saying that last night was the best on your first honeymoon. Soon, you’ll realize how better sex life is if you maintain and open and constant communication with your partner.
  11. Enhance your libido by changing your diet: Certain food options can turn your sex life from good to better, as they trigger your desire and passion in the bedroom. How about sipping warm coffee mixed with a bit of chocolate and cinnamon before you head to the bedroom? This can get you in the mood.
  12. Get some warm-up: Aside from aphrodisiacs, there are other ways you can do to set some erotic mood. One great idea is to enjoy a bubble bath with your partner. Or you can spend a romantic dinner with red wine in the bedroom. It’s easy to achieve better sex life if you spend more intimate times with your partner before you have sex.
  13. Try something new: Variety makes a person look forward to something new. Have fun trying various positions with your partner. The pleasure that variety in better sex position brings can indeed make you look forward to something new every time you make love. Trying out a new sex position or style ensures that you won’t get bored with your sexual life.



Review: Je Joue G-Kii Vibrator

Je Joue G-Kii Image

I’m finding all of the award-winning Je Joue’s products to be very interesting. The more I look at the Je Joue Sex Toys, the more I feel this way. Rechargeable, sexy, sleek and all with a fantastic design. I want every one of them. Today, I thought I would do a sex toy review on the Je Joue G-Kii Vibrator. The Je Joue G-Kii Vibrator is curved and elegant appearance is simple and eye catching and makes me want to get to know it more intimately.

The Je Joue G-Kii Vibrator comes in three deep, sophisticated colours that I adore including an inky black which I love to use to match my favourite little black dress. There is a beautiful dark fuschia which is like a pink colour that is all grown up and wearing sexy lingerie and finally a gorgeous dusky deepest purple which is probably my favourite, but it is honestly so hard to choose between the colours I love them all. Je Joue G-Kii Vibrator as the name suggests, is a G-spot vibrator. It feels nice and firm which is ideal for your G-Spot. But it also has the wonderful addition of being adjustable to create a personalised shape to fit your body. I think this is a fantastic feature in a vibrator, and to see it in such an elegant, high end range as Je Joue G-Kii Vibrator just makes my day.


Je Joue G-Spot Vibrator
Sex Toy: Je Joue Kii Vibrator


And how it works? At the central pivot is a button which, when held in, allows you to manually bend the silky shaft to your perfect shape. It’s possible to bend the shaft from a gentle curve to a definite and pronounced ‘C’ shape to suit your own personal and unique form. When you have adjusted it to your desired curve, release the button and it will stay in shape until you wish to change it. To try a different position just repeat the process until you find the ultimate shape especially for you. When I say it curves, it almost curves on top of itself which is really exciting to experiment with.

Now, because it can curl so well it has the added benefit of allowing you to achieve both g-spot and clitoral stimulation simultaneously. By inserting the smaller, rounded tip for that magical g-spot loving, while allowing the widest end to curve up and tickle your vulva and clitoris externally, you can have the best of both worlds. And we all deserve to be spoiled that way, right?  I also love that it has 5 speeds and 7 vibration patterns. Having the Je Joue G-Kii Vibrator with a lot of variety gets me every time as when you masturbate it is good to have a high range of levels to have a controlled orgasm. You can find your favourite mode and stick to it faithfully, or you can mix it up and play the field. Either way you will find yourself very satisfied. It’s also very powerful, having not one but two motors – one in the rounded tip for intense G-spot play and one in the middle of the shaft where the toy narrows so the vibrations radiate out pleasurably to the clitoral stimulator.

But it doesn’t stop there because the Je Joue G-Kii Vibrator also doubles as an anal toy! Because of its curved and adjustable shape and smooth exterior, it will be great fun for anal play regardless of your gender. The curved angle is particularly fantastic for prostate massage or as it is otherwise referred to as P-Spot Stimulation, but it can also be used for A spot stimulation, while the wider end adds to the experience by giving you external stimulation on your sensitive perineum. It really has something for everyone, and being waterproof with magnetic charging points (rather than having a socket or any other open points) it is really easy to keep the whole toy clean and hygienic with an antibacterial toy cleaner or antibacterial soap and warm water.

Now this toy is also waterproof and made from high quality, medical-grade silicone, so it is body safe and hypo-allergenic and you can play with it safely wet or dry. And don’t forget a good, water based personal lubricant for maximum pleasure. Enjoy.


About the author:  Emily is a consultant at the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Review: NU Sensuelle Point Vs We-Vibe Tango

NU Sensuelle Point Sex Toy Photo

In the vibrator market you have almost countless bullets to choose from, anything from simple pocket bullets to even bullets controlled by remotes and applications on your mobile phone. The question many people ask themselves when they are looking for a bullet is if they should indulge in amazing power or settle for something that a little less powerful but has more reliability and practicality. If you haven’t caught on yet, today I will be putting two of our most popular bullets side by side and give you the needed information on which bullet is best for you. The two bullets that are in the spotlight today is the ‘We-Vibe Tango’ and the ‘NU Sensuelle Point Bullet’

Round 1: Size, Shape and Looks

Whoever said size doesn’t matter obviously wasn’t talking about bullets; the whole advantage of a bullet is to be a compact, small and discreet version of a large vibrator, so smaller the better I say. Now the sensuelle is relatively small but the tango is smaller and is much easier to just chuck into a purse or even a wallet, something you can’t do with the sensuelle .A very important reason why the tango’s size is extremely important is the fact that it is small enough to fit in as a replacement bullet for so many sex toys like cock rings, but plugs, jelly vibrators etc., A good example would be Tantus products who provide a simple bullet to slip into their toys for vibration sensations but unfortunately it’s not that strong or waterproof, so instead you could use the tango as a replacement upgrade bullet, something you can’t do with the sensuelle point due to its larger size.

In terms of the looks of both of them I must say they both look gorgeous, they both are sexy and sleek have very nice tapered curved tips that are very important in giving direct point stimulation. The tango has two sides to the tip, one is a curved point and the other side is a flat surface. The flat surface provides a completely different sensation, gives the option of more of blunt vibration then a sharp point. The sensuelle point does comes in a massive range of colours that all look amazing especially the new tiffany blue colour while the tango only comes in blue, pink or silver.

Even though the sensuelle looks amazing in all the range of colours the practicality of the tango’s size as well as its flat sided tip gives the tango a win this round.

Round 2: Material

Material is very important especially when it comes to little thing shaking around down on your sensitive areas. The last thing you want is to put a foreign material in contact with your body that could possible cause inflammation or a bad reaction of some kind, so thank goodness both these bullets are 100% body safe. The tango is made up of a BPA free ABS thermoplastic that works really well with really any water-based lubricant but of course the better the lube the better experience. The sensuelle point isn’t technically a silicone toy but its just double silicone coated to give it a sensual, silky finish that feels amazing yet still keeping its rigidity. Both are amazing but I must say the silicone coating feels amazing and I could rub it between my fingers for hours, so the sensuelle point steals the win in this round.

We Vibe Bullet
Sex Toy: We Vibe Tango

Round 3: Vibrations

These two bullets are 1st class in this field, they are both intensely strong.  The tango’s vibration is very nice and is a deep rumble in comparison to the sensuelle which is more of a fine vibration; however the sensuelle is clearly more powerful than the tango. It’s crazy how much power is behind the sensuelle, Due to its larger size the sensuelle can fit a bigger motor in it to make it stronger. Speaking of motors, on both toys they are placed at the tip of the toy for maximum power output and to of course make it easier to hold and not make our hands numb……… A funny thing I noticed was that if you turn them both on and lay them on the table, the tango will rotate and even roll away and sensuelle will actually just spin round in circles, I’m not sure if that’s relevant at all but it gave me laugh. Don’t get me wrong, the tango’s vibrations and power is amazing but when looking for the bullet that has the ‘most’ power I would have to say that the sensuelle is the winner.

Round 4: Functions and Features

When it comes to features and functions, both these bullets is pack filled with them. The sensuelle boasts a whopping 20 different functions including 3 different speeds. They are both rechargeable which is fantastic and means no need to replace batteries constantly, the sensuelle sits in a charging stand while the tango has a magnetic charger.. The sensuelle does claim to be ‘shower proof’ but the tango is completely 100% waterproof and can be used for all your water based activities. The tango does have 8 vibrations modes that provide some powerful patterns. The sensuelle is quiet but nothing in comparison to the really quiet tango.  They both have one button control which is very convenient and makes them super easy to control. Yes the sensuelle has 20 functions but being super quiet and scooberproof give the tango the win in this round.

Round 5: Warranty and Quality

The last thing you want is a bullet to kick the bucket on you just before the fireworks, so it’s important to make a purchase knowing that what you buying is of high quality. The tango comes with a complete 1 year warranty for manufacture defects or a malfunction (not wear and tear) which is a huge peace of mind, unfortunately the sensuelle bullets do not come with the same warranty with them, which could be a problem if 7 months in your bullet dies and you have to buy a brand new one.

Now this is going by research I have made online and from customers in general. The Tango’s tend to have common issues with their magnetic charging but it usually happens within the first year of the sex toys life, that is of course if it does happen at all, other than that the tangos are extremely durable. The sensuelle points on the other hand have claims that they drop dead without warning or the charger will just stop working but just like the tango’s charging issue this problem is very rare but it does happen. It seems that both are great quality and are built well but they both have about the same amount of risk of their respective issue happening but it is very rare and shouldn’t put you off buying either of them, but the tango’s 1 year warranty is very appealing when making the purchase.

It’s a tough one and if the sensuelle had the warranty it would be a tie but the tango takes the win in this round.


  • Tango – 3 points
  • Sensuelle point – 2 points

Overall, out of five rounds the We-Vibe Tango just manages to take the crown as the superior bullet (on average) but if you don’t care about the lack of warranty and want a bullet that is far more powerful than the rest and has a fantastically soft and silky silicone coating then look into the Nu Sensuelle Point. Both are amazing choices and be sure to test both before buying to get a better understanding.

About the Author: Jade is a consultant at the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres



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