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Last night I found a note on my bedside lamp. The note was written in an ancient Malay Language that I could not comprehend. The only thing that I was able to pick out from the note was my name at the address bar.  Ever the curious boy, I had walked to the library and gotten the old Malay dictionary to try and translate it. Unfortunately nothing on the book could help me translate the note. I spent half the day on the internet scanning it for language translator software and apps to decipher and trying to figure a way to translate the note but my efforts came to naught.

As I was perusing through the note, one of my friends, Alex, came looking for me.

“Perhaps you try Professor Ling. She is the local expert on ancient languages,” he suggested.

I had not even noticed that he was standing behind me for more than 5 minutes.

“How long have you been standing there mate?” I asked.

“More than 5. You seems so engrossed in whatever that you were doing that I could not disturb you,” he answered, “what’s that anyway?”

I did not know what to tell Alex. I mean the guy has been a good friend to me since the day I reported to college. As fate would have it, he was the first guy I knew in the school. I had been posted to the 4D wing dorm rooms at the Singapore Campus but had no idea where they were. Fortunately, Alexis had an older sibling in the campus and had been coming to visit before he was admitted there.

“Hi? My name is Shane. Would you mind to point me to the 4D dorms?”

I remember him smiling and saying, “follow me son.”

I had seethed with anger at his patronizing attitude not knowing that he was funny like that. He liked toying with people.

Presently, I asked him where I could find Professor Ling.

“You know, she is the head of the linguistics department. I’ll take you there if you tell me where you found that note and why you are so keen to know what it means,” he told me.

I could not help but wince. I had my very strong suspicions that the note was from Raya. Ever since I saw the note, something in my tummy moved. And every time I held the note near my tummy, it turned bright red.  It had now been more than a month since my meeting with the Raya and my life had changed, thus far, for the better.  How do you tell your best friend that for the last few weeks you have been finding it easy to study or in fact not study at all and blitz my exams courtesy of demon sex? How do you tell your friend that you ended your virginity with the mistress of all ghosts in the Cloud Forest?

“I’ll tell you when I am ready Alexis, ok? Please don’t ask anything more. Be a good friend now and show me where to find the good old professor. Will you now?”

Alex looked convinced that I was losing it. He nevertheless nodding his head in disagreement shepherded me towards the linguistics department in his characteristic patronizing manner.

I could not help but wonder why Raya would send me such a cryptic note. I mean, I had felt real love for her and would have easily thought that she could have been the one that I spend the rest of life with.  Little did I expect that she would spend the rest of her life within me. The sex was surreal as I suppose it had to be and she had felt so real, up until the moment the slimy substance slid down to my throat, I was having fun. To find that the algebra that used to give me nightmares was a walk in the park after the experience was nice, but I was getting apprehensive about what all this was about and now thinking about it what my life would now be. What did I get mixed up in? This half-human stuff was giving me goose bumps. And to think that I could not confide in anyone about the experience…arghh.

I followed Alex dazed with all that was happening in my life. In the recent past, I was just an average student going about his business and dreaming about having sex with beautiful Jane. Now I was carrying something in my stomach that made an ancient cryptic note make my stomach turn red every time I held it there.

“Come in Alex. Can’t you be a well behaved son like your friend? I do not know what to do with him.” I heard a voice from a distance.

“Hey…hey! Snap out of wherever you are!” Alex said.

I had not realized we had entered Professor Ling’s office. I was so engrossed in my predicament and it was only then that it dawned on me that Alex was Professor Ling’s child.  That explained his fascination in the note I was holding and his brilliance at language studies.

“Sorry Professor Ling. My name is Shane and I am a friend of Alex. He told me you could help with translating an old note that I found in my room yesterday.” I said.

“Sit down Shane. I know who you are. Alex talks about you all the time. I am sure he did not remember to tell you that I am his mother. Bad boy this one. Bad boy,” she said warmly.

I could see that she doted on Alexis. Who would not? The guy is adorable. The way she looked at him told it all. Alexis was the apple of his mothers eye. He was a straight A student and had an easy going aura about him. For a moment I uncomfortably sat there as mother-son exchanged pleasantries. Alexis kissed his mother’s cheek and the mother slapped him on his butt jokingly.

“Let us see the note. I don’t have all day boys,” Professor Ling commanded as if indicating time for jokes was over.

I handed her the note. The moment she looked at it, her face changed from warmth to scowl to mirth and finally to pity. She looked at me and I could see some form of sadness come to her eyes. It was like she was sympathizing with me. Her motherly sense had kicked in.

“What did you do Shane? Oh boy. This is gonna be a hard one for you. Alex, did not I tell you not to go having fun with girls you do not know and if you do make sure that you wear protection? Your friend here is in trouble, serious trouble and surprisingly, only he can help himself get out of it.”

Now I was getting anxious and scared. “What does the note say Professor?” I asked momentarily.

Seeing my apprehension, Professor Ling said this is a very old Malay dialect that is only used by the grand Mufti from the Islamic religion and his chosen few.  There are perhaps 300 people in the world that can decipher this 100% correctly but I have enough knowledge to give you a rough translation.  Here is how I translate it”.


Raya Cloud Forest Goddess
Anime: Dragon Golden Women


Dear Shane My Love,

If you are reading this note my love, it is because I have gone on to a good place within you. I am sorry to have transferred this burden to you, but there is a good reason that I chose you. First of all, my name is Raya, the daughter of Hantu Raya, I was the gatekeeper of the Cloud Forest. I know you did not know this, but the Cloud Forest is not what everybody thinks it is.  A long time ago, there was a war between the gods. One side was fighting to keep the people on planet earth while the other was intent on recreating a new being to inhabit the earth as they were unsatisfied with our creations. After centuries of war, the gods decided to give men a test. A test of goodness. A test to see whether they were good enough to be the inheritors of the earthly kingdom or inherently bad and if so be destroyed like the despicable creatures some of the gods believe man was.

They thus mad a new creation being half god from the heavens earth and half demon from hell.  This being was called Hantu Raya, and it was its task to marry a human wife and together they were to bear a human man child who would hold the balance of power over human salvation and mercy or misery and destruction. The power was passed from both the gods of light and gods of darkness to Hantu Raya.  Hantu Raya got married to a human wife, they tried many years and yet the wife could not conceive a son. She gave birth to many daughters – my younger sisters – who to this day roam the Cloud Forest. Seeing that Hantu Raya was unable to bring forth a son, the gods of darkness got furious and plotted to kill Hantu Raya and replace him with a being possessed of only dark forces that could influence the sex of a child at conception. Fortunately, the gods of light got to know about the demon gods plan and warned Hantu Rays. They helped him transfer the spirit of mercy and salvation to his most beautiful daughter. That daughter happened to be me – Raya.

They made me promise to protect that spirit of salvation with my life. I have carried that spirit within me for aeons.  This burden was mine and only mine to carry unless I happened upon a kind-hearted, preordained male human virgin who had to be pure of spirit. This is where you come Shane.

It is not by chance that you were born and reared in Singapore. You are a direct descendant of the Buddha even though you do not know it and due to his good virtues, he was chosen back in the 5th century by my father to be the father of the heir of the Spirit of Salvation and Mercy for humanity. That is why from when you were a little boy, you were taken to mosques, temples and churches to acquaint yourself with all of humanities’ religions. You were also admitted to this university for a reason. That is to get you near cloud forest in order that I could meet you and release me and have you with your inner goodness finally decide the fate of humanity.

The couple that brought you to the leaning tree was my sister and a demigod that enchanted you making you follow them to the Cloud Forest so that I could meet you.  The dark gods had come to know that I possessed the spirit of Salvation and Mercy and had hatched a plan to kill me. I therefore had to come up with a plan to meet you and leave you the Spirit before they killed me. The only way to do this was to lure you to the god’s shed (that’s the place we made love), have sex with you and transfer the spirit through my loins and mouth. Thus every time I kissed you, a small bit of the spirit came to you. At orgasm, I transferred every bit of the spirit to you. Unfortunately, I lost the shield that protected me from death and my body dissipated in the wind. So if you are reading this note, I am probably dead my spirit having passed on to where the gods live, and if I am not, I am in hiding and cannot come to find you. This note has come to you from one of my sisters and it is now up to you which fate is in store for humanity.  Do you choose the light or dark?

I am sorry to leave you with this burden without choice but I had no choice at all as if I should have been killed the dark gods would have had their way.  This note and the spirit within will guide you going forward. Every time you need help, go to the leaning tree. Any one of my sisters will be waiting for you. My sisters may come to you in times of danger and they will possess an exact copy of this note.  Do not trust anyone or anything else that does not possess this letter.

One more thing please. I know you now have powers as the guiding spirit is within you BUT if you abuse this power you may as well go to the dark-side.  Now that you are aware you should refrain from using the influence over people, especially now that women find you so desirable, they will want to take you to bed and if I hazard a guess I am sure you have already bedded many.  You must refrain, if you feel the need to release yourself erotically go to the tree – one, any or all of my sisters will be there to accommodate your most primal of desires.

Again, I am sorry for everything. Hopefully, you will succeed in your preordained duty and save humanity. If you succeed I will meet you again my love. Your duty is onerous. Make me proud Shane!  Make the Buddha proud, make humanity proud.

Finally, there is a reason Alex is your best friend.  He will be your trusted companion in everything you do. He was preordained to protect the Spirit of Salvation and Mercy. He is the only human you can fully trust.

Your love,


By the time Professor Ling was through with the note, she was crying. I guess she had never expected that her son would be involved in anything like this. Alex looked disturbed. He looked at me in disbelieve. It was as if he couldn’t believe that I had kept such a secret from him.

“I am sorry man. I did not know how to tell you this.” This was all I could manage. “Let me show you something,” I offered as a way of consoling him. I took off my shirt and held the note against my stomach. The stomach and the note started to go red.  “I am not sure why it does it but I believe somehow it is a Raya wrote, that the note will guide us and this part of that”.  Finally the truth sunk. Our fate was intertwined. And there was no escaping it. The people in this room were going to help me to either realize and achieve my destiny or we would all perish. As for Raya, I still loved her, but for now, I was angry for Alex and I being put in such a situation.

Nobody would have guessed the task I now had ahead of me would be this difficult. The girls suddenly started taking keen interest. From just a couple of days I was the invisible man. Women were now throwing themselves at me but every time I remembered the note, but it was not easy. Classwork became more interesting. I could not believe it when the exam results came out and I was not only the best student in the University but also the best in the Country. I had taken a special interest in computers and computing. I was impressing even the professors with my new found knowledge.

Another thing that has lately changed is my diet. I loved eating beef burgers and meat in general. Now every time I eat meet, I vomit. I have discovered a new love for vegetables and fruits. The other day Alex poked fun at me.

“You might as well become a rabbit mate. You are eating too much vegetables.” he said.

“Remember that your life and that of your descendants depends on my well-being,” I joked back.


Raya Cloud Forest Goddess
Anime: Dragon Golden Women


Every time I go to the Cloud Forest Alex has been going with me. He has taken his task as my protector seriously and I have even taken up a class in the linguistics depart with Professor Ling to understand more of the ancient Malay Language. I suspect my dad knows the transformation has taken place. Last Saturday he came to visit me and as we parted.

He told me, “Take heart. You are special…have always been.”

I remembered how my dad used to take time and read me all kind of religious books. How he even took me to Angkor Wat for a religious pilgrimage. Suddenly a lot of things my dad used to do with me have started making sense. I remembered one time in junior high school when I went with Megan, my study mate, to my room at home. My dad was so furious. He even went ahead to tell me that I should never come with her to my home again. I did not understand why my dad with be so furious with something so unimportant. So he was preserving my virginity so that I could receive the Spirit of Salvation and Mercy? Now it was all starting to make sense. Another time I went with my classmates in high school and came home so high from alcohol and pot smoking. Again my dad went ballistic at me. He could not understand why after taking me to all those religious functions and holy places I could not just become priestly.

My dreams during the night has started becoming weird. I find myself in a place that I am sure I had never been but one that feels so real. Last night I was dreaming holding a magic sword that kept the dark gods from invading the cloud forest. I could swear it was not a dream. I woke up drenched with sweat and could not go back to sleep. The sights in the dream were so disturbing. Now as I sit in my dorm room, I feel so alive. I have been forced to wear denim shirts because every time a woman comes onto me, my tummy start glowing red. I do not want people to think that I am weird – but I am now very different. Only Alex and his mom know my secret. And I intend to keep it that way.

The Cloud Forest has sort of become my shrine. I find peace there. One of Raya’s sisters are always there when I get there and sometimes there is more than one.  They are all beautiful creatures and offer themselves to me in the shrine each and every time but my experience with Raya has disturbed me a bit.  I know I will not be able to resist too much longer.  Their beauty and almost palatable erotic desire pull me and as the not says I am to do with them as I please.  But not just yet!!!

I still have not yet figured out how I am going to save the humanity. The only message I have given them is to tell Raya how much I loved her and how much I wish she was there with me to face what is bound to come.

Yesterday Alex was with me at the forest. Always the tease, he had started flirting with one of Raya’s sisters and they seemed to hit it off. She had asked me if I wished her to satisfy my friend. On our way back to campus, I reminded him that they were not completely human.

“Even better. I am tired of the emotional human girls. Besides, I get the bragging rights too. You are not the only to screw a half-human. I will sleep with her before the end of the week,” he had responded with or without your help.

“Suit yourself mate. But remember what happened to me the last time I slept with a half-human,” I had retorted. That seemed to put him off a bit but knowing Alex, he was definitely going to ask me to tell one of them to sleep with him.

As we walked towards the computer class, I had a premonition that something big was going to happen. I can’t quite place it, but I am sure it is going to be big. I sit on my desk and boot the computer. The normal boot process is that I put in the password and the desktop appears. Instead of the desktop appearing, a screen saver of a woman the splitting image of Raya appeared.  I clicked on the computers mouse thinking it would go away but it remained.  What strange message was this?  What did it mean?  And as suddenly as it appeared the screen goes blank.

I sit there, lost in my world. How does she expect me to save humanity?  I smile as I realized that my mate, my best friend, is going to be with me on this journey.

“Hi Alex? I got a strange message man. It was just a screenshot of Raya.  I don’t know what it means.”

He smiled and said, “I told you man, lets go down to the tree and get freaky.  We do not know what lies ahead but I do know in my heart that we need to power up and those descendants of Hantu Raya hold the key.”

I said as I smiled thinking of what was shortly to come, “I think your right.  Let us both go to the Cloud Forest finish what I have started.”




Personality Types in Relationships

Personality types

Many times we talk about the illumination of the mind through writing or art or even music but often do not have regard that illumination of the mind can be because of someone else and because of our relationship with something else. We often do not examine how specific relationships can illuminate the mind, whether that be through our relationship with someone else such as a partner, family, sibling, teacher or even whether that relationship be through the self through various forms of belief. There a multitude of differing ways that the mind can be illuminated through relationships. There are many different Personality Types in Relationships.

Personal Relationships
Relationships are formed from a very young age. Research at the University of California shows that key personality traits are fully developed by the age of seven. Though the exact age is often contested by varying researchers, and ranges from the age of 2 to 7. Personality plays a key part in our relationships with other people, and it comes down to whether we have a dominant, or passive personality which determines our interactions with others and can play a big part in how we learn, and ultimately how we illuminate our minds. Indeed, the development of social and personalities within children are heavily influenced through the interaction of social relationships, biological maturation, and the way that the child views and is represented within the social world and idea of self. When it comes to the development of the child, and their personalities there are several schools of philosophy and social sciences that recurring within academic circles.

The first relies heavily on the often criticised Piaget Theory of cognitive development. Piaget notes that there are four critical stages within the development of a child which distinctly mark differing points in how they think, learn and react. Freudian theory relates to the sexual development of a child, a libido. The libidinal energy fuels the aspects of the ID, the ego and ultimately the super ego. It is an often hotly debated topic as Freudian theory is often thought to have very little to no basis, though many theorists after Freud have based their own research on it. The three components of the personality, according to Freud, are balanced delicately, with each feeding into the other and the development of which relates to our relationships, interactions and surroundings. Erickson is a theorist that has expanded upon the Freudian concept by suggesting that an individuals social relationships would ultimately impact the development of their personality. All of these theorists form the foundations of where we develop our personalities as human individuals. Our personality, ultimately affects the various relationships that we have, how we approach them, and how our minds react to these relationships and are ultimately illuminated.

Traits of Personalities
There has been recent debate as to the difference between types of personalities, and traits of personalities. The debate around this centres on the idea that there is no particular ‘type’ of personality and instead, that there are various traits within personalities. In the words of Tori Amos:

‘Some of the most beautiful people in the world are the ones that you can’t put into boxes’

Psychologists have largely given up in trying to repeatedly put people into various boxes as there are many variables. There are generally considered to be five personality traits – though the specifics of the ‘big five’ are hotly contested. Despite the contention the majority of studies refer to the big five as being extroversion, agreeableness, openness, conscientiousness and neuroticism. These five personality traits greatly affect ones personality and thus affect their ability to navigate through various relationships which in turn will help in illuminating the mind.

  1. Openness: Sometimes thought to be categorised as intellect, openness refers to ones ability to process things, their interactions with art, relationships, curiosity, creativity and a willingness to either try and/or explore new things. Openness in people are more likely to see a person in tune with their feelings, and develop an ability to demonstrate, articulate and have the capacity to share their feelings. Openness doesn’t necessarily need to be in tune with creativity – they can be completely in tune with their curiosity.
  2. Conscientiousness: This relates to the ability of self, and the moderation of behaviour for achievement against obstacles or outside expectations. It relates to being dutiful, self-discipline and is directly responsible for how we regulate and/or control our impulsiveness. Higher scores on the conscientious table will preference individuals that prefer strategic planning over spontaneity.
  3. Extroversion: Extroversion refers to the creation of energy through external means. It’s primarily concerned with an engagement of the world . Extroverts enjoy the interaction with people, generally have an abundance of energy and are also considered to be, for the most part, enthusiastic, action orientated people. They are talkative and assertive in comparison to other personality traits, and introverts.
    Introverts are not depressed, or shy – they simply need less engagement of their social world and are far more independent. Introverts require less external stimulation and like their alone time. This two traits are quite important when it comes to dealing with relationships.
  4. Agreeableness: Agreeableness reflects the concern for social harmony. It is about socially getting along with others, and as a result of being in tune with their social aspects are generally helpful, generous, trusting, considerate, and kind. Agreeable people not only have positive view on human nature, but they’re more willing to sacrifice, or compromise their interests for others.
    On the flip side – there are disagreeable people and these people place their own self-interests above others. Disagreeable people tend to be suspicious, unfriendly, and for the most part uncooperative.
  5. Neuroticism: Neuroticism is sometimes referred to as emotional instability, or in some cold cases, emotional stability. Eysenck’s in 1967 put forth his theory of personalities where he stated that there is a direct link between a low tolerance for stress and stimuli and neuroticism. People who scored highly in this personality trait were often vulnerable to stress and emotionally reactive and as such often fuel threatened and frustration at seemingly normal situations. Neuroticism, changes the response towards both positive and negative life experiences.  Again, with the flip side people that have low scores in neuroticism are less affected by upsetting events, and are far less emotionally reactive. These kinds of people tend to be calm, free from negative thoughts and emotionally stable.


Briggs Myers personality types
Graph: Briggs Myers Personality Types


These five personality traits are often categorized into the 16 personality types of the Myer Briggs Personality Types. From there they are often categorized into two main groups – introverts and extroverts. These types of personalities can drastically affect your relationships, interaction with your relationships, and ultimately how you learn and illuminate your mind with these relationships. People develop particularly personality traits – these traits lean towards a particular personality type. However, it’s difficult to label people within one personality type, and will rather exhibit traits from various personality types instead. Despite this ability to having elements of various personality types through personality traits, these traits and qualities will generally lean towards one type more strongly than any others. It’s not a stretch to see how your personality will ultimately impact upon your relationships. Research suggests that there is a discrepancy between the two phrases ‘like minds’ and ‘opposites attract’. Truth is that they are both partially true.

Current research has demonstrated that people are often attracted to other people that are different from their own ways of thinking. This challenges our own ways of thinking and makes the relationship seemingly more exciting. They are drawn to ‘opposites’ because the ‘opposites’ can exhibit qualities that the other is lacking, meaning that there can often be a far more balanced array of traits between the couple as opposed to a single personality type. Indeed it is said that couples that have opposite personalities are more inclined to be well rounded as a result of their relationship. It’s actually a delicate balance between the idea that opposites attract, and that we are usually more attracted to people that have a similar perspective, and viewpoint in life. It doesn’t matter where you fit in on the relationship type or traits at the end of the day – relationships are difficult and they take a lot of work, commitment and dedication. However, i don’t believe, necessarily, in the idea of compatible personalities – what i believe is the idea that we can successfully manage our respective personalities within a relationship. If this can be achieved, through the understanding of your own personality, and our partners then we may be far more likely to have a healthier, happier relationship.

It is understandable the things we learn in relationships – we develop new tastes, we develop new interests and we develop new ways of seeing the world. Love transcends our comprehension and illuminates our minds in ways we can’t necessarily articulate. The learning that we gain from relationships is astounding. It’s a personal growth of sorts, it instill a sense of growth in our minds, and gives our minds the ability to see things in a different light. Whether this light be through our letting our walls down, or a clash of personalities that results in a positive or negative outcome, or simply by being in the presence of someone that does things differently to yourself, it is very easy to see how relationships change us. Not only that, but they mould us, they start a chain of events that lead to our maturation, our progression of mind and development, most of the time our minds are illuminated with our partner, however there are times when that illumination causes a disconnection between the minds, and the relationship will either be an immense struggle, or it will collapse in its entirety.

There are things that we can also learn from failure as well and there are many things to learn from the faltering of a relationship as well. Here’s a few things that will illuminate your mind in the event of failure

  1. We all need me time. Me time is an essential aspect of growth – it’s a part of our lives where we are able to contemplate life, direction, our own growth. Love and relationships do not mean that every second of time should be spent with your partner – it’s unreasonable and humans need a break from each other. There’s that saying where it states that you need to love yourself – the only way you’ll get that is if you get your own time.
  2. You complete yourself. You are a whole person. You are not a half, a quarter, a reflection of something or someone else, you are complete and in your own entirety. Someone, a relationship, a partner, someone who helps expand your thinking is not a completion of you, but merely an extension.
  3. You can only change yourself. Granted – relationships change people. But don’t spend so much time trying to mould someone into your ideal shape. Personalities, and the mind, do not work like that. We need to change by ourselves, and remember when we said that relationships change people and make people grow? Well, sometimes it’s not always a positive result.
  4. Honeymoons never last. That feeling that you got when you first started your relationship – isn’t going to last. That interest you currently have in changing everything about yourself, them and everything in between isn’t going to last. You need to prepare for that.
  5. It’s ultimately clear that relationships change people. It’s clear that personal relationships change people. They change how we think, react, and respond with the world – and for as long as relationships exist – whether that be on a romantic or friendly level – then we will continue to learn through peer based and communal learning.


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Ultra Singapore 2016

Ultra Festival Singapore

Living as an expat in the wonderful city of Singapore can be quite a delight in the truest sense. You’re basically a wanderer or a nomad, breaching political barriers and borders as you look for a place to live in beside your own motherland; yes, I am in my fatherland. Being far away from home can be a bit daunting, to say the least, but the experience here is unfathomable. The work, the culture, the entire setting in the heart of the eastern world, Singapore has never ever failed to impress and send me babbling with alienated words and picking up on cheap street language to describe how truly at home I feel right here.

The place is exceptionally great for people like me who love to experience the nuances of life. I’ve been here for 5 years now and the place has given me great opportunities and warm and wonderful people to interact with. I even love the nightlife here as it truly expands and glows in the dark. As a lot of Singapore is still into the traditional Chinese customs and culture, the ways of the world is constantly putting it through amazing changes and Singapore has now embraced globalization completely. It amazing to watch it grow and be part of the upbeat of the world.

As for me, I am weird guy living in a completely sane city. When words fail me I stick to hooting, and that my friend, can get you in trouble in Singapore. While the rules of domesticated life, something I will never know, hover over you like a chandelier, you know you have entered Singapore. Girls are hard to find, as they seem to turn the other way around when they know you’re an expat and you live on pretty much an unstable salary schedule. While Americans roll either way, when in Singapore, you need to abide by the culture brewing hot but untouchable girls, unless you’re in the fantastic phase of spotting and attending a bash or an event. Here, girls leave their rule books at home and guys, well they act just like guys!

Once such event that changed my life in two ways as it graced to show its beautiful face on my way to a quick project meeting in the summer of 2016 with a Singaporean businessman who, by the looks of it looked old and young at the same time… perhaps it was just the lighting. On my way there, I hailed a cab and drove through this picture-perfect, magnanimous structures of the Marina Bay Sands. Almost instantly, my smartphone buzzed and I checked to find a message from by bud Colin, who sent me a poster of the greatest party ever all painted in the colors of the rainbow. My jaws dropped and my eyes popped at the crime scene. I would reckon the cab driver too jumped off his seat at my stark and unruly hyperventilation. I was staring down in complete and utter distrust and typed back,

“No way…”.

Quickly a response entered, “Get ready, you’re in for a treat!”.

I clicked on the media file once again and there it was, looking at me, the poster inviting me to the biggest party ever! Ultra and Ultra Worldwide had brought the party to the shores of Singapore with their project called Road to Ultra 2015. Yes! Yes! Yes! I shouted as I made a fist and jabbed it in a victorious, maybe also graceful gesture. The cab driver looked at me with disgust and he was quite exasperated. Probably he had wife issues and disliked the sight of happiness, joy, and the likes, or perhaps, he was just too miserable in his life. But not me. Not right now. Today I am jumping with joy, my rave days are back again. This will be the closest I’ll be to the shores of Miami beach.

When I reached Mr. Siong he was as sore to my eye as a platypus to a tiger who was too afraid to go into the water. I bet he would feel the enthusiasm reeking from my skin as he was giving it his all to try and repress the beam of light shining through me. After great difficulty and tries, he hung up his shoes and let me have my moment of glory as he wrapped up his assignment quickly and he even spoke quicker than anticipated. I shook his hand and bowed as I made my way to the end of the room. Just as I went to show myself out of the room.

I turned back and said, “I hope you can make it to the Ultra Singapore 2016. It’s going to be a blast.”

When there was nothing but a blank stare back, I quickened my pace and I headed out.I pressed 2 on my keypad and there was Colin on the ot

her side of the phone network connecting us.

“Two tickets!” I said as I caught up with my breath.

“Oh hoi! My boy’s got a date.” Colin was relieved, he really believed that I would enter my grave without a spontaneous erotic romp.

“Not a date, Colin. I meant two tickets for the two of us.” I clarified.

“Awww. I thought you’d never ask! Bye!” and there he slammed his clichéd line.

Ultra Singapore 2016 was taking place on September 10 and 11, just a day after my birthday and was 8 months away from the time I heard from Colin on the confirmation of the tickets. It was a great event that was coming across the sea and onto the lands where the lion spits water. Being it was created originally as an all-American event, it was a sense of belonging for me and I had to attend. It was like a tickle-in-the-back-of-my-throat experience that overwhelmed me. Like always, Colin had my back and he managed the tickets for us both. The date was now marked on my calendar and the craze was from another world altogether.

Ultra Singapore 2016 is an electronic dance music (EDM) festival that was conceived on American soil but now wanted to travel the world. Yes, I know the resemblance is uncanny. While the American festival is an expansive 3-day extravagance, the Singapore debut was just a one-night-only affair. But, now with the entire entourage coming in to greet us, we were in for a 2-day blast. With the EDM party on and my party cap ready, I kept striking off days on my calendar. More than my birthday, I was looking toward the crazy time I was expected to have at the craziest party on the surface of the planet. Trust me, Singapore is going to explode in the waves of the music!

The Ultra Singapore 2016 organizers must have thought, where can we have the biggest rave party of all time and looked at Singapore’s map. They looked at the Ultra Park at Bayfront Avenue and childishly looked at each other, smirking till their jaw hurt. These were the thoughts squirming in my head through these days that passed by, and soon, it was my birthday! The wait from 12 am on the 9th till 12 am on the 10th was the longest day of my life. Yes, I was thrilled at turning 29, but urgh! it was the Ultra Singapore 2016 the next day and I was going for it!


Singapore Rave
Poster: Singapore Music Festival


The time I had arrived, I was on the premise of the Ultra Park, Bayfront Avenue and the crowd here was berserk; plus, there were the hottest girls on the planet, lovely Singaporean girls with no escort or arm candy. A deep gutted feeling that this could be the day when I finally set out for a one-night stand or anything better on a spontaneous basis in Singapore took me by surprise. Colin sure wasn’t in the mood to place bets on my chances of getting laid as he was all over the place once we entered and was making sure he knew every nook and corner of the place as he knew, like our previous outing, we wouldn’t really know how to get back out after a drunken and other substances rampage.

Holding my ticket in my hand I proceed to where the crowds, by the multitude, were heading. I checked in and the band on my hand was now proof that this was going to be some night. With three outdoor staging areas: the Ultra Main Stage, the Live Stage, and the Resistance Stage, there was going to be a pulsating vibe throughout the music festival. I was expecting to be drenched in music by 40 artists including Afrojack, Alesso, deamau5, Axwell ^ Ingrosso, and many newbies on the scene too. With such a bang start at the Road to Ultra Singapore 2015, with an attendance of 11,000 party-goers, I was already impatient as I entered the Ultra Main Stage area and was impatient to book myself for the next full blown event. The energy in the area was sky high and if I could stack 6-footers in a vertical line for every piece of the adrenaline rush I was experiencing, I would surely reach the moon and set foot on it.

The crowd there was amazingly wild for a city like Singapore. Though the nightlife here is quite a kick for an all-party-no-sleep American, with Ultra Singapore 2016, the bar was raised to exceptional heights. Colin was beside me all the while as we made our way to the center of the area. We held in our hands a glow stick each to attract the ladybugs our way and bang the living lights out of it when the music was cranked up. I’ve partied with Colin before and he’s quite the party-popper, not pooper. He strategically places himself and moves within the crowds to get the optimum level of sound intensity and also backstage action as he possibly can. The light dimmed as the crowds gathered. I could see a sea of people ahead of me and behind me, Singaporeans and folks from other nations as well; I know this because it was pretty evident and also because some of them were literally carrying their country’s flag. The sight was truly mesmerizing and I was enthralled!

The Blackout

At an EDM festival is you are looking out for the next best thing after the music, you surely be looking for the lights! The lights grab the show and serve as a great support to the heavy music thrust upon us. Ultra Singapore 2016 was one hell of a light show. The pumping music took up as deadmau5 took to the stage. The crowds of over 20,000 people were stomping and jumping to the intoxicating music and Colin and I were two among them. The feeling was crazy; with the music, I could lose my mind. The lineup then geared for DJ Snake and he spun the wheel to a crazy start while ushering in Afrojack and later Alesso. The later artists were equally formidable and tuned out our sense to the highest level possible. The feeling was that of trance setting up on us. As the beat kicked off, Colin insisted that we check out the other two stages as well.

The Live Stage was equally exuberant and filled with magnanimous crowds just like that Main Stage and while we landed up there, we were hit, like a meteorite would, by the brilliant music by Slumberjack. The sheer brilliance in the music even aroused me erotically and my feelings of the initial getting laid bit revisited me. Music, beer, and lights—the combination was deadlier than I thought. Music so refined and palatable was unheard of and frankly, unseen by me before. At that moment, I thanked God for the friend I had in Colin. “Brad! Over here!” Colin has to be followed around, otherwise, he and you both would be lost in the crowds. There would be glasses exchanged and drinks doubled, but the feeling would be completely out of this world. As I followed him, I realized he led me now to the Resistance Stage. Damn! He was smart and he knew his way around. Whatever happened during the time we got lost! Back to the scene, we were now listening to Zig Zghs belt out a big one. My feet didn’t give way yet and this was just day 1. I couldn’t explain at the time of how awesome the light headiness felt.

Day 1 ended on a very high note and I was home only at 7.30 am. When it was the perfect time, I slept like a baby. Mental note: I got high and I got low but I didn’t get laid.


Ultra Singapore Deadmau
Photo: Ultra Singapore 2016 Deadmau


The Blackout Part 2

I woke up with the ring at the door.

“Wake up mate!” There was Colin as fresh as a baby’s butt.

With no visible signs of bruised and skinned knees or even heavy, red eyes. I woke up and headed straight for the kitchen. I poured myself a bowl of cereal and munched away. As I headed toward the closet to dress up for day two, I packed my bag with two bottles of water, loads of small toffees, some change, some packs of condoms (in case I get lucky), and a change of clothes (again, in case I get lucky) and a couple of other treats I cannot really talk about especially in Singapore. After all, it was day 2 of the biggest party on the face of the earth and I was going to go a big fat CRAZY. I was blown by the fact that Donald Trump wouldn’t be there; just thinking it would have been one hell of a treat.

We arrived at the venue all excited just like the day before and we knew nothing more than the fact that we needed to party like no one has ever partied before. The night was ours and ours alone—this seemed to be our anthem, played on loop in our heads. We again proceeded to the Main Stage area and the siren sounded, the countdown took place, and the place vibrated with bursts of energy and enthusiastic ravers bringing the house down. Day 2 kick-started with Axwell ^ Ingrosso rubbing it on and pumping the crowd favorites like Can’t Hold Us Down and This Time. The crowd pumped wildly still and the roar on the second day overcame the energy grinding from day 1.

The stage was soon handed over to Above & Beyond and to tell you the truth, I couldn’t make out in the crowd the whereabouts of Colin, but as I searched for his familiar face, my hand accidentally brushed against the softest touch I’ve ever felt. By the looks of it, she looked Singaporean, but she was exceptionally beautiful. Touching her lips in tune with the music, I couldn’t help but stop jumping and later, gulping. She looked at me and smiled as I advanced toward her. Her straight and light hair was more than I could take. There was already an ambiance  around me because of the sweeties I had taken and it was ready for me to be sexually aroused to the highest level and Ultra Singapore 2016 was right here with me. I took the chance and threw a smile in her direction in return and WOW! She returned my smile with an even larger one. I was floored and I couldn’t take it anymore. I pushed myself closer to her till and started to dance with her our bodies rubbing against each other.  I was so hard down there and to even breath without continuously touching her seemed almost impossible. Lost in the music we were both frolicking together among-st the crowds of people. There was yet no conversation between us nor any weird hand signs that I normally resort to while I try to get dirty and get down our bodies moved in unison to the music and with each other.  We seemed to become a shared organism.

This was something different and yet so special. I never thought that Ultra Singapore could actually make this happen in the best way possible. As the lights start pumping violently, I spot Colin at a far-end indulging in some good sort himself. He was clearly all over this American girl who was also dancing like there was no tomorrow. The both of them hit it off and were almost looking like a Patrick Swayze and well, Baby. The beat heated up with action from Marshmello and Justin Oh.

Me and the girl in my arms were into each other the whole night through.

“Do you have a place to go to?” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

“No place right now. We could crash at your place and call it a night,” she replied.

I was in the 9th heaven if there was any. I checked my watch to find we were dead beat in the wee hours of morning—3.30 am. We took off as I bade farewell to Colin and his lovely lady, as I took my lovely lady back to my bachelor pad.

Yes, that night I got laid with one of the most beautiful girls I had ever met.  I got laid at the Ultra Singapore 2016 and it was amazing. As soon as we got back to my apartment there were no words just an understanding as she slipped out of her silky skin tight dress.  I got out of my clothes and we both climbed into my bed naked as the days we were born.  She had shaved and there was no pubic hair and I could see her sweet slit.  I went down on her and drank her most intimate juices as if they were the nectar’s of the gods.  Not to be outdone she also took me in her mouth and swallowed me.

Throughout the early morning hours until daylight, we laid together having sex not once but many times until the exhaustion took a toll and we stopped. We sat within each other and spoke of everything under the sun and the moon feeling the most comfortable I had ever been with a woman. Still wrapped in our linen sheets, we watched each other’s Ultra bands tightly stuck to our wrist and smiled. It was a defining moment for me because it was the night of my life and the time I got laid in a very erotic and spontaneous manner. The music, beer, lights, sweeties and the girl—the combination was now lethal and I stood true to the American promise Colin and took her one more time intimately but with a hunger I had never felt before.  We fit, it was right and we both exploded and in my heads the lights were brighter and more tantalizing that at the Ultra Festival itself..

I really hope all this wasn’t a dream because such energizing music can only be spread into my heart through an Ultra Music Festival at a scale as large as this. If you want to know how to party and how to get to the lovely girls, you too can surely rely on an the Ultra Music Festival like the one at Singapore. What a time in my life to be at the first ever South-east Asian Ultra party and get laid till I was gasping for breath. My mind wandered each moment from the time she got up from bed and made her way to the bathroom with a sheet around her, looking magnificent and sensual. Quite naturally, if you ever get to know me, you will know that I I could not help but follow her  and had here again in the bathroom, it was paradise once again.

Ultra Singapore 2016 was the best event that I have ever been to in my life. The two days along with the big shows featured and the 3 stages that packed audiences to the brim were mind-blowing. It filled my senses and it made me crave for more. The thumping beats and the great, big Singapore experience was like no other.

Plus, what can I say about Jia. Yes, I do have her name now and her phone number and I might soon get lucky again soon – but only with her again. She is exceptional and a wonderful human being as well. We hit it off quickly and I owe this one to Ultra Singapore 2016. Music—Beer—Lights!


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