Do You Want to Know How to Orgasm Asleep?

It is a well-known occurrence that men are able orgasm asleep especially when they are experiencing puberty.  This is made obvious as they may wake up after they have ejaculated which is known as having a wet dream.

But are you aware that women can also have sex dreams that end in an orgasm to? Only difference is that women don’t have any physical evidence that the experience had happened.

Experiencing an Orgasm Asleep is Nothing New

In 1986, the Journal of Sex Research did a small study on women who were in college. They found that 37% of the women had experienced an orgasm in their dreams.

When you are sleeping an orgasm happens during rapid eye movement (REM).

REM sleep allows your brain to react in the same way as if you were awake. Only difference is that your body is paralysed and you may experience a dream.

Your brain is connected to the nerves in your body which can make the dream feel incredibly real.  This is enhanced by increased blood flow that is sent to different areas of your body including your genitals.

  • When it comes to men, the extra blood flow is the reason why they wake up with morning wood and have erections throughout the night.
  • Women wake up in the morning, the clitoris can become bigger, extra sensitive and aroused.
orgasms asleep
two women kissing

Tips for How to Experience an Orgasm Asleep 

If you combine the intensity of having a sex dream with the extra sensitivity of the genitals, you may be able to achieve an orgasm that feels incredibly intense.

So, if you have never experienced an orgasm when you sleep there are certain things you can try.

Fantasise before you sleep

Think yourself to sleep with a sexual fantasy. You will need to do this every night and eventually you may find yourself dreaming about the fantasy. Since you are in control of the fantasy before you fall asleep, you may be able to naturally control your dream. If this is not the case, you can train yourself to take control of your dream.

Find the dream

You will need to be able find a dream that works for you.  Make a dream diary that outlines the type of dreams you experience and how they have physically affected you. After some time, you may be able to notice a dreaming pattern that affects you the most.

Understand the difference between reality and a dream

If you are aware of the type of sex dream you experience, the more likely you will be able to pick up that you are in a dream.

Dreams are often very different from reality. You will be able to find things that stand out that. For example, maybe you are wearing clothes that you don’t actually own. Maybe there are new people you are interacting with that you don’t actually know in real life.

Once you are aware that you are in a dream, you will be able to change your dream and interact with it. This is known as lucid dreaming.

Change Your Sleep Position

Sleep on the front of your body in full contact of your bed. Since your genitals will be extra sensitive when you are asleep, the movement of your body will more likely be stimulated through the direct contact.

Movement of your body when you are breathing can also stimulate your nipples.

Above all else, what does a sex dream feel like?

You find yourself entrapped daydreaming about sex that you will fall asleep to your thoughts. During the sex dream, your need to be relieved from your sexual frustrations can feel extremely intense.

You can feel your body naturally reacting to the dream with warmth and sensitivity. As the dream keeps on going, the pleasurable experience intensifies.

Until you build up your orgasm and climax.

If you orgasm is strong, you will most likely wake up from the dream. You may find yourself breathing heavily, overheated, confused. Sometimes your clothes may be twisted together near your genitals.

From here you can decide whether you would like to continue masturbating to finish off your orgasm. You can also relax to catch your breath or begin fantasizing again to attempt another orgasm in your sleep.

Some people find it easier to orgasm in their dreams then in real life

Madeleine Castellanos author of “Wanting to Want: What Kills Your Sex Life” said.

 “I’ve had women in my practice who were not able to have orgasms with a partner or with masturbation but have had them in their sleep.

Think about it, when you have a sex dream, the brain is creating an environment to get to the full level of arousal, and you don’t have to be anxious or distracted. It’s all based on eroticism.

So sometimes it might be easier to reach orgasm in your dream than in real life. It’s like a gift from your brain.”

hot girls all in a line
temperature play

Have You Tried Temperature Play Yet?

I took out a sex toy today that I haven’t had a chance to examine yet. It is a butt plug from Svakom called “Primo”. I was really impressed by the way Svakom Primo looked.

There is a picture of it on the packaging but it really doesn’t do it justice. I keep finding myself glancing over at it whilst it recharges.

Have liked all the Svakom adult lifestyle products I have come across so far. I am not alone with this opinion. As so far they have won multiple awards including the German IF Design Award, Reddot Award and the Golden Pin Design Award.

Svakom Primo is no ordinary plug

It warms up and is remotely controlled. Only heated butt plug I have come across. I haven’t had a problem with a cold bum myself. But I know that a lot of people like temperature play.

People who like temperature play or wax play often choose materials that adapt to temperatures like steel or glass.

Svakom market the Primo as a unisex sex toy which can be used internally or externally for vaginal play. It also looks like a butt plug because the base is flared making it safe for anal play.

Safety First With Anal Sex Play 

It can’t be emphasised enough how important it is to always use sex toys in butt play that are designed for that purpose.  Anal sex toys must either have a cord or flange to make sure nothing gets sucked up there. And to ensure you can always retrieve it if it does.

Svakom Primo comes in a nice sturdy expensive looking black box. It looks like a jewellery box. This box would be perfect for long-term storage of the sex toy. There is a sleeve around the box that has a picture of the product but as I said, this picture really doesn’t do it justice.

Neither does the website in my opinion.

Inside the Box

Primo is mounted alongside the remote control on a foam board. In the compartment underneath you get a storage bag, charger cord, warranty card, instruction manual and a spare remote battery.

Svakom Primo Banner Image
Sex Toy: Svakom Primo


  • It has remote control are made of phthalate free body safe silicone, which is also environmentally friendly.
  • Silicone is powdery and smooth. It is right up there with all the other luxury brands.
  • A fairly slender plug measuring 26 x 120mm.
  • Softly rounded and slightly larger at the top end.
  • Comes in a colour choice of burgundy or black.
  • On the base of the sex toy, there is a rose gold metallic disc with the Svakom logo on.
  • Lettering lights up when the sex toy is charging and looks really expensive. It was actually this light up feature that I couldn’t stop staring at. Made me want to review it.
  • It is charged using a USB cord.
  • You get an hours play on maximum for only 2 hours charging.

Svakom Primo is firm and inflexible.

Its remote operates separately from the sex toy and is wireless.  Seemed to function fairly successfully in the limited tests I was able to perform. This sex toy can be operated by itself using a single button on the flared base.

  • Press the button for 2 seconds for on and off.
  • Single click the button two, to switch through the 5 different modes.
  • Double click the button to switch through the 5 intensities.  I haven’t come across a sex toy that uses double clicking before. Must admit I was sceptical, but it is a genius idea.
  • It provides so many options with just a single button. There are 25 options to be precise.
  • Only thing you can’t do is operate the heating function.

For that, you will need the remote.

I am not keen on this function, as the remote is very small and easy to lose. But that is why you get the drawstring bag.  Remote takes a normal polymer lithium flat round battery.  Svakom include a spare in the box as well.

There are 3 buttons on the remote.

  • One button is for the constant heating.
  • There is an on and off button which when single clicked, scrolls through the modes.
  • Also a +/- button to change the intensity.

Remote is a great convenience for the user. But the remote doesn’t show what the sex toy is doing though. No one wants to be rummaging about their back passage double clicking and hoping for the best.

It is not so great for couple’s play, unfortunately.

As the controller has no idea whether their partner has a whimpering kitten up the bum or a 40 degree hot rocket. This is a mistake lots of sex toy companies make when they design remotes.

savkom sex toys review
Sex Toy Review: Svakom Emma Heating Magic Wand

Can be used externally on the clitoris and the slightly bulbed end will be great for prostate or g-spot stimulation if used internally.  Vibrations are fairly powerful and perfectly acceptable for the price of the sex toy.

While Svakom Primo doesn’t blow my mind

With its rumbly deep frequency vibrations, the range is very impressive and I really liked the lower settings.  There is a buzzy element which increases as the intensity increases. But it isn’t numbing in the way some sex toys can be.

It feels more rumbly on the sides of the sex toy than at the tip, which suits internal use.

Heating element is exactly as the sex toy promises.

One click of the button and in a couple of minutes it reaches a very pleasant, warm and toasty 38 degrees Celsius. Some heating sex toys take an annoying amount of time to heat up and require a bit of forward planning.

It is great that this one doesn’t. Plug is 100% waterproof which is interesting even though there is a pinpoint charging hole and it is a heating sex toy.

Svakom promises you can even take it into the pool with you.

Waterproof functionality is a great feature for any sex toy as it means you can wash it thoroughly with soap and water.  This can be a particular comfort to some when it comes to anal play.


Company must be confident with these claims as they offer a year warranty and a further 10 year quality guarantee. If you register the sex toy online using the warranty card included in the box, Svakom will give you the cost back in the first year.  50% of the cost back for the next 10 years if anything goes wrong.

A good entry sex toy in all senses of the word.

This is one of the best plugs I think we have for someone purchasing their first one.  Look and size are elegant and unintimidating.

10 Replies to “Do You Want to Know How to Orgasm Asleep?”

  1. I can vouch that these are a real phenomenon. They can occur spontaneously during periods of deep sleep, often during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, which is when most dreaming occurs. Sleep orgasms can happen to people of any gender and typically involve genital arousal and climax without conscious stimulation. While the exact cause isn’t fully understood, it’s believed to be related to increased blood flow to the genitals during REM sleep and may occur due to sexual dreams or subconscious stimulation.

  2. Waking from a slumber to the blissful aftermath of an orgasm is a surreal experience. It’s like being gently pulled from the depths of a dream-filled abyss into a world tingling with euphoria. In those fleeting moments between sleep and wakefulness, my body pulses with pleasure, a wave of warmth washing over me. It’s a delicious secret shared only with the darkness of night, leaving me awash in sensations that linger long after I open my eyes. With each sleepy sigh, I’m reminded of the power of my own desires, even in the quietest corners of my subconscious.

  3. Having never experienced it myself, I used to dismiss the idea of orgasms while asleep as pure myth. How could one climax without conscious stimulation? Yet, after researching and speaking with experts, I’ve come to understand that nocturnal orgasms are indeed a real phenomenon, albeit one I have yet to encounter personally.

  4. Achieving an orgasm while asleep can be elusive but possible with self-exploration and relaxation techniques. Prioritize quality sleep by creating a calming environment and maintaining a consistent sleep schedule. Engage in regular exercise to reduce stress and promote better sleep quality. Experiment with solo exploration before bedtime to enhance arousal and increase the likelihood of experiencing nocturnal orgasms. Incorporate relaxation techniques such as deep breathing or meditation to ease into sleep and enhance sensitivity. Embrace sexual fantasies or erotic thoughts before sleep to stimulate arousal and increase the likelihood of experiencing orgasms during sleep.

  5. I stumbled upon this article, I couldn’t help but feel compelled to share my own experience. Reading about the science behind orgasms during sleep made me realize how lucky I am to have experienced this phenomenon firsthand.

    For me, waking up to the waves of pleasure coursing through my body is nothing short of magical. It’s like being gifted a moment of pure bliss in the midst of the night, a sweet surprise that leaves me feeling utterly content and fulfilled.

    Knowing that my body is capable of experiencing such intense pleasure even when my mind is at rest fills me with a sense of awe and gratitude. It’s a reminder of the beauty and complexity of human sexuality, and I feel fortunate to have been blessed with this unique aspect of my sexual experience.

    While I understand that not everyone may have had the opportunity to experience orgasms during sleep, I hope that sharing my story can offer a glimpse into the joy and wonder that it brings. It’s truly a gift to be cherished and celebrated.

  6. As a man who has experienced orgasms while asleep and waking up in the midst of it, I can tell you it’s a surreal and intense sensation. It’s like being caught between two worlds—the dream realm and reality—where pleasure washes over you in waves, blending the line between fantasy and actuality.

    At first, there’s a disorienting moment of confusion as consciousness slowly seeps in, mingling with the remnants of the dream that triggered the orgasm. It’s as if your body is reacting instinctively to stimuli while your mind is still submerged in the subconscious world of dreams.

    The physical sensations are undeniable—waves of pleasure pulsating through your body, intensifying with each passing moment. There’s a sense of euphoria and release that sweeps over you, accompanied by a profound sense of relaxation and contentment.

    Waking up in the midst of an orgasm can be both exhilarating and perplexing. You’re left grappling with the remnants of the dream that spurred the climax while trying to reconcile the reality of waking life. It’s a fleeting moment of bliss that fades all too quickly, leaving you wondering if it was real or just a figment of your imagination.

    Overall, experiencing an orgasm while asleep and waking up during it is a unique and unforgettable sensation—one that blurs the boundaries between dream and reality, leaving you with a lingering sense of pleasure and wonder.

  7. As a woman who has experienced waking up in the middle of the night from sleep masturbating, it’s certainly an unexpected and sometimes perplexing occurrence. At first, there’s a sense of disorientation as I transition from the depths of sleep to a state of awareness, only to find myself engaged in a deeply intimate act.

    One possible reason for this is the connection between sleep and sexual arousal. During certain stages of sleep, such as REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, the brain is highly active and can lead to increased blood flow to the genitals, resulting in spontaneous arousal and even orgasm.

    Stress and tension accumulated throughout the day can manifest in subconscious ways during sleep, leading to physical release through masturbation as a form of stress relief. Hormonal fluctuations, particularly in women, can also play a role in spontaneous arousal during sleep.

    Some experts I have spoken to suggest that sleep masturbation can be a normal and healthy part of one’s sexual expression, serving as a natural way for the body to release sexual tension and maintain sexual health.

  8. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has shared their experiences of orgasms during sleep. Reading through your comments has been incredibly reassuring and eye-opening for me.

    For the longest time, I thought I was alone in experiencing orgasms while asleep, and I even worried that it might be a problem. However, hearing from others who have gone through similar experiences has brought me a tremendous sense of relief and validation.

    It’s comforting to know that this phenomenon is more common than I thought and that it’s considered a natural and normal part of human sexuality. Your openness and honesty have helped me let go of any lingering doubts or concerns I had about my own experiences.

    So, thank you for sharing your stories and helping me feel less alone. It’s truly empowering to be part of a community where we can openly discuss topics like this without judgment or shame. Let’s continue to support and uplift each other in our journeys towards understanding and embracing our sexuality.

  9. I had wet dreams as a teenager. A wet dream, also known as nocturnal emission, is a spontaneous orgasm during sleep that typically occurs during adolescence or early adulthood, though it can happen at any age. It is more common in males, but can also occur in females. Wet dreams are a natural physiological response and are not inherently tied to specific experiences or fantasies.

    The experience of a wet dream can vary from person to person. Some may remember having vivid sexual dreams leading up to the orgasm, while others may not recall any dreams at all. The physical sensation during a wet dream is similar to that of a regular orgasm, but since it happens during sleep, the individual may not be fully aware of it until waking up.

  10. Not sure what all the fuss is about. What difference does it make if you orgasm whilst you sleep – would prefer to do it waking but most men cannot even get me there!!

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