10 Creative Ways To Orgasm Across The Miles

When you think long distance relationship, you rarely connect physical intimacy. The long distance lovers out there certainly are battlers. They put the extra effort in on a daily basis to ensure they spend enough time consciously connecting and the immense trust they put in one another could be enough to drive us mere mortals to the brink of relationship implosion. All that, and none of the good stuff, right?


Well, actually, people who have been in a long distance relationship rarely cite ‘lack of sex’ as a reason for their relationship demise. In fact, many of the successful ones claim their sex life has never been better. But what’s the secret to sexual satisfaction across the miles?


Long distance couples are masters of pleasing their partner. Their daily lives are filled with going the extra mile and thinking outside the box to give their relationship the sense of normalcy that the rest of us take for granted. But it’s because of that mindset that they also make the effort to make sure their sex is also on fire (shout out to all the LDR lovers reading this for some tips on how to do just that).



Sexting is the single most easy thing you can do to get your other half in the mood (and over the edge), and it’s a gentle introduction to exploring the world of long distance sex. Communication when it comes to sex can be a daunting task but when you open up this sexy channel, you’ll never look back! But here’s the creative twist; create personas and text in your persona! Your alter ego, Mandy, may be a naughty minx, whereas Candy is a shy sultress!

Sex Toys


The sex toy market has been kind to LDR couples over the past decade. The wealth of products on the market has only grown in recent years but it’s perhaps the partner-controlled sex toys that have been the biggest game changer. Now, partners can literally control their other half’s orgasm from thousands of miles away.

Custom Sex Toys


Now, when we say the sex toy market has advanced, we really mean it! Now you can make replicas of your own genitals! So instead of using any old sex toy, you can get one that looks (and feels) exactly like your partner! Talk about personal!



These days, apps make every aspect of our lives a breeze, and that’s certainly the case for LDR couples too. The number of apps available to spice up long distance sex is plentiful and they take the ‘thinking’ out of it. These smart solutions are creative in the bedroom, so you don’t have to be – our favourites are Pillow, SexDrive and OhMyBod.

Sex Tasks


There’s nothing sexier than knowing your other half is being naughty. Why not take this one step further, and be in control of when, where and how they do it? Setting little sex tasks not only gives you and your partner the thrill but also takes the sexual experimentation factor to the next level. And that’s good for anyone’s sex life!

Skype Sex


Taking the sex talk to the next level, why not try sex via video messaging? Mutual masturbation is great when you can actually see one another! Try talking dirty and showing a little skin or simply both be silent and watch as the other undresses. Why not give a lap dance across the miles whilst your partner resists touching himself?!



When you’re creative enough, ANY game can be turned sexual! Certain letters in Scrabble may have a dirty meaning (and a dirty task associated with them). The winner of your favourite game could have the power to choose which item of clothes the loser removes – or where they touch themselves. The possibilities are endless and the only rule is that you make up your own!

Write Erotica


It’s not always going to be easy to connect and come together (pun intended) when you want to get frisky, so why not write a little erotic for your partner to enjoy when they’re doing it solo? Whether it’s a sexy story about the two of you, your personal fantasy or something completely made up, you’ll get a kick out of knowing your words are getting your partner off, whilst your partner, well, gets off!

Sex bucket list


It’s not all about actually doing it. The anticipation of doing the deed can be as sexy as the deed itself. Long distance couples are constantly on the countdown to when they’ll be together again, so a great way to heighten the excitement is to create a sexual bucket list. Discuss what you’ll do to each other, where, when, how…and what with! Then when you actually do get together physically, you can check off your list!



Watching porn is usually considered more of a solo thing, but getting comfortable with watching it with your other half can be a liberating (and extremely pleasurable) experience. Try putting the same porn on at the same time. You can even text or call too to keep one another updated on progress (or spur each other on!).

Love with someone far away


Whatever you do to keep your long distance sex life spicy, there’s only one thing you need to remember: be creative and don’t be shy! Being open to trying new things is something you both need to commit to. There’s nothing worse than plucking up the courage to reveal your fantasy or share an idea, only to be met with judgement, or worse, disgust, from your other half. So, go forth, long distance lovers – copulate like your lives depend on it!

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