On Your Back!

When I was younger, I used to live by a saying, ‘Never pay for water or sex, because both are freely available on tap’. Needless to say, I ended up paying for water. Bottled water is just super convenient and always tastes better than what comes out of the tap. Especially in the remote Western Australian mining town of Newman.

Which also happens to be where I met Jacinta. As a lifelong Blues supporter in the State of Origin rugby game, those three games a year were my highlight. And as a mining town, Newman was full of us engineers and workers from all over the country, most of whom are FIFO workers, Fly In, Fly Out. So there was a great crowd supporting both sides at the local watering hole. But because miners are typically all cashed up men, so they’re not the only FIFO workers in these towns.

Jacinta was one such worker. She travelled through remote mining towns, typically as topless or lingerie waitress, picking up extra cash with private shows and very occasionally, overnight stays. She was a dream to behold. The kind of figure you only don’t even see in porn. Her features were perfect. Her oval face seemed lost with her huge blue eyes, sat beneath surf-bleached blond hair. A smile to die for and teeth worthy of a toothpaste commercial.  She reminded me of some of the Russian escorts that I had been told about by some of my co-workers Singapore stories.

As she strutted around the open air pub, delivering drinks to patrons and receiving ridiculously large tips, I somehow found myself watching her more than the game. When she returned with my own drink order, I decided to just throw my whole old saying out the window and asked about the kind of services she offered outside of this establishment. She told me about her hourly stripper rate and what that entailed, but I asked about more than that.

‘You can’t afford more than that,’ Jacinta said.

‘Try me.’ And with her response to that, I had her booked in until eight the next morning, from the moment the game ended and she clocked off. Which was perfect. While those Maroon supporters drowned their sorrows after their loss, Jacinta was perched on a stool next to me sipping a cold beer (bonus points!), now dressed in a short dress that was so tight I figured it must have been painted on. She was very touchy feely, as per our financial arrangement, where I’d paid extra for the GFE and PSE, the girlfriend experience and pornstar experience for those of you that are unfamiliar with the terms as I hadn’t been not so long before.

All eyes were on us. Not just because of her beauty, but drowning me with envy. My own gaze never left her. Bewildered. Never before in my life had I even spoken to someone as dazzling as Jacinta, nor would I again. Except under circumstances such as these. This is why we men spend such vast sums of money in strip joints. It’s less about the dance, but the chance to stand around having drinks while gorgeous women come up and talk to you. It’s these women with a gift of the gab, like some perfectly trained geisha, that lead more men into the backroom. We’re suckers for someone who can feign interest in us.

As we knocked back a few more beers, her hand would brush my bare arm, or rest briefly on my thigh. Her infectious laugh would buckle her forward until her head fell on my lap. I know I’m not that funny, but she was a damn good actress. Occasionally she would lean forward and nibble my ear, eventually asking when I was going to take her home.

My shitty house seemed even shittier when Jacinta walked in, but there’s not much to keep a place clean in a town like this. Besides, I knew just how much dirtier it was about to get. As per requirements, I jumped in the shower before she briefly inspected me and remarked on my size. Like I said, she was a good actress.

She pushed me onto my bed, naked and still mostly wet. Her phone started blaring some Top 40 shit when she returned in front of me, wriggling her hips roughly in sync with the beat. Next she peeled off that little black dress, revealing the body of a goddess. The red lacy set now on display was definitely a step up from what she was wearing while serving drinks. Sure, her breasts were now covered, barely, but the tease was all the better for it.

Jacinta did well to keep eye contact as she continued to sway her body, her hands running along those impossible curves. At least she spun around, her rump so close to my face, watching each cheek take turns to rise and fall, the red thing swallowed whole within. I hadn’t even noticed she’d unclipped her bra until she turned around, holding onto the cups before slowly letting it fall to the floor. Sure I’d seen them earlier when she would do the topless ten minutes, but like this, in front of only me, her breasts were even better. Fake, sure, but it was a good job, and those big perky mother fuckers sat there firm, staring me in the eye.

She took hold of my head and sank my face into her cleavage. Heaven. I would have been happy to die right there in that moment, my ears muffled by her golden skin. When her pressure released from my head, I decided to start taking advantage of my money, finally tasting her flesh, rolling my tongue around the under curve of her tits. Jacinta moaned as I licked and lapped her up, and sucked on her erect nipples.

Her arms wrapped around my head, holding me close as I suckled like a piglet. She tasted like coconut, apt given the size of her tits. Her arms fell away from my head and moved to my shoulders, pushing me back onto the bed. She slipped her thong off and bending at the hips, leaned forward and took a gentle hold of what felt the hardest boner I’d ever had in my life.

The soft skin of her hand wrapped around my cock sent a shiver up my body. A welcome contrast to the usual battered and worn old hand that touches my cock. She licked up along the side of my shaft, no doubt feeling the pulsations shuddering along. When she took the head into her mouth, I was thankful to pay the extra for the blowjob to be condom-free. She was indeed a master of her art and while I have no idea exactly what she was doing, it had me reeling and forced my eyes shut as I fell into the sensations.

There really is no way to describe a great blowjob that can do it justice. It was like my entire being was being sucked from my body, causing my arms and legs to shift uncontrollably, like a turtle on their back. All centred to that one area we men focus so much of our thoughts upon. I learned long ago that I couldn’t return for round two, and subconsciously taught myself to not cum during oral sex. Otherwise this show would’ve been over long ago. Instead she held me right there, on edge, so close I was almost ready to pull out to save for the main event.

I didn’t have to wait long. Deciding I was good and ready, Jacinta rolled a condom down my shaft and climbed onto the bed, her knees pressing into the mattress on each side of my hip. With one hand, she guided me as she lowered herself down. Even through the latex sheath, I felt her damp tightness. Like a good actress, she remarked on how much I filled her, before she began rocking against me, grinding on my pelvic bone.

Looking up at this Aphrodite felt surreal, this golden beauty riding on my cock, tossing her blond hair about, moaning like I was actually pleasing her, her tits bouncing as much as the silicone would allow. This view was almost enough to get me there, because the position wasn’t my preference. She must have read my mind. Her hands fell upon my chest and she leaned in and kissed me. Then she moved forward, letting my erection thwack against my belly, and she continued to crawl forward, her shaved pussy nearly brushing right across my nose.

I spun around onto my knees, turning to face her. Jacinta was at the top end of the bed, her arms up against the wall, her round ass protruding towards me. She looked over her shoulder and gave me a smile that could launch a thousand ships. I grabbed her by the hips and eased myself into her pussy.

‘Oh fuck yeah,’ she groaned. I hammered away at her until her tits were also pressed up against the wall. This was our second of many more positions, the Pornstar Experience price tag being well and truly used up. Our crowning position had Jacinta on her back, her knees nearly straddling her ears and me using her hips to gyrate as deep as I could. I was on my knees, parted to each side of her, and I could feel my balls bouncing off her perineum.

Looking down, here was this goddess, breasts squeezed together, gazing back at me, my cock driving into her shaved pussy. It was an exquisite moment, that ended abruptly as I came like a hurricane, thighs quivering, my cock pulsating as it spewed forth the contents of my sack, surge after surge, draining me completely dry.

I spooned her to sleep that night, inhaling the scent of her hair, her neck. She gently stroked the arm I had wrapped around as I fell into a post coital coma. I awoke in the morning as she kissed me goodbye on my forehead.

‘See you in two months.’ And with that, she was gone.

This was a girl that I think I could fall in love with!!!

The night had chewed up two weeks wages, but worth every second. Obviously, since I’d gone ahead and booked her for her next three visits.

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