Nude Taking For The Self Conscious

Not always being able to love your body is a hard thing to go through, sometimes seeing photos and having to take a minute to think “is that really what I look like?” before being sad for however long it lasts, not understanding how people look at you and think you’re not hideous. It can really take a toll on your mental health, your self worth, even your social life if it’s really consuming.

Taking nudes and feeling sexy with this kind of mindset can be a really tiring and depressing experience, if the attempts don’t work the way you want it can throw you into an even deeper pit… This is where I’m coming into help, running an OnlyFans has actually helped me to see how sexy and desired my body is, even when I think it’s undeserving of such attention (and I’m quite good at hiding my flaws now, or embracing them, depends on the day!).


Know Your Angles

What works for my body won’t work for yours, the same way what works for most insta models won’t work for me. You need to know what flatters your shape, whether that’s squatting down and taking photos of your butt to bring out those curves, or contorting in a way only you can to have that waist absolutely snatched.

My angle is anything whether I’m twisting and turning to show a more defined waist and butt, but some days even that doesn’t work and I need to go back to the drawing bored.


Don’t be afraid of your flaws

I remember thinking I needed to have every roll, stretch mark and wrinkle covered when I was younger… WRONG. Your flaws make you sexy, they make you YOU. Believe it or not people really do love all those kinds of “imperfections” it’s such a natural thing to happen to the body and no one is as out of love with them as you are. Chances are whoever is looking won’t even notice, and if they do they will love them.


But if you are, hide them!

You don’t need to be in love with those things to still take good nudes. Personally I still have days where I hate my stomach (almost everyday, but I’m working on it lol), but that’s nothing a strategically placed hand/blanket/scarf/ribbon/rope can’t fix.

Draping over your body between your hips and ribs will cover any roundness, rolls, or (in my case) flab that you don’t want seen while still showing a gorgeous silhouette of your figure, rotating your hips jus slightly while standing will create amazing lines through your posing, uncomfortable with your stomach? Take photos from behind, no one needs to know!

Whatever works for you and makes YOU feel best, because while you might be taking these photos for other people it is about how you feel about them first and foremost, you need to feel sexy for that to come through in the shot.


If all else fails, dim the lights.

I recently bought strip LEDs and let me tell you, nothing hides flaws better than red lighting on a low setting, you can’t see a single issue, these are a god send.

I usually flip between all the colours just to keep it fresh, but if you find a colour that works for you stick to it, no one’s gonna care that your nudes are all blue/green/red, they’re just going to be excited that you’re nakey on their screens.


Get some new outfits and accessories

Buy some new lingerie, get some new toys.

I recently bought the Honey Bunny set from the Play by Fantasy Lingerie line (which comes complete with bunny ears, a tail, cuffs, and a collar with a bowtie, which is ADORABLE), this added to red lights is a stunning combination, swap out the collar that came with the outfit for a Scandal Collar with Leash or The Scandal Wide Tip Crop and you have a range of fun things you can do.

Whatever makes you feel sexy, pull out all the stops, you don’t even have to show full nudity for the pictures to be stunning.


Don’t be too hard on yourself

I know I can be the toughest critic for my own photos and in the moment will beat myself to a pulp with criticism, but try to avoid it. Try a few different poses, don’t check the photos in between, just go as many as you can, be positive, feel sexy. If you check them after and don’t like them, do not dwell on it, do not delete them. Give it 5 or 10 minutes, try again, take some more.

If you don’t like them still leave them for a while, sometimes it takes calming down and being out of the moment to really appreciate what you’ve taken, I know if I leave them for an hour and come back I can usually find a few that I like. Probably because the expectation of looking like a bloody model is gone, so I can see myself through regular eyes and actually take in me for me.


End on a high note

As long as you have one photo you’re really happy with, you’ve succeeded, sometimes I stop a shoot when I’ve only got one good photo, but it’s strategic.

I know that if I keep going and none of the other photos turn out well I’ll end up finding a reason to hate that one too, making all that work go to waste, sometimes you decide to quit while you’re ahead and that’s completely fine! If you know you’re having a day where you can’t handle too many bad photos, stop the second you find a good one, however, if you really like that photo and think you can snap a couple more similar and be happy with them keep going.


Learning to love your body for all of it’s features is a hard journey, it can be draining, tiring, and down right heart breaking some days, but we can get there in the end… Even if it’s just 5 out of 7 days (or 3 out of 300 photos) it’s better than 0 and it gets easier over time. Remember that you are a magnificent creation to be loved and adored, by others, but most importantly by yourself.


Now get out there and take some nakey photos.

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  1. as a man I don,t consider what a woman looks like, more important is that she is soft and warm. All women are pretty even those who think they are not it,s just that some are prettier than others.

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