When One Is Just Not Enough!

Ménage à trois, Two is always better than one, Teamwork makes the dream work, Orgy… Threesomes and how to get your partner to agree and how to have one without adding that additional one!
Go into most male banter sessions either at the pub, the gym, or a sporting field and you’ll find that the majority of them have spoken about having a threesome or have fantasized about it. To most males, having a threesome is the sexual equivalent of winning a grand final or championship. The day after when you tell your friends (Don’t be that guy) they will crown you ‘King’ or ask for proof as it is not a common act. So how do you make it common? There are multiple different ways that people tend to find their way into a threesome…
  • A couple is open having one so they invite a friend (Male or Female) to join in!
  • Drunk at a pub, one thing leads to another and you leave with two guys or two girls!
  • You search up your local escorts on the internet and they offer to see if you’d like them to bring a friend for an additional cost (Not speaking from experience!!!!)
  • You’ve spoken with your partner or your single and have always wanted to try it so you download the Feeld app which is designed to link like-minded people (Couples and singles) who are open to the experience!
  • Search online for your local swingers party
So how do you add that extra person one just isn’t enough?
Adding an extra person in some cases can be extremely easy as simply just getting your partner (Who is keen on the idea of threesome) to invite one of their friends into the bedroom. If you have a friend who is open to it, then stop reading this post right now and go do it! If your partner is hesitant in inviting someone else to join you in the bedroom… Reassurance is KEY. You need to remind them that it isn’t an emotional connection, however, it is more the psychical side and adding some extra herbs and spices to your sex life. Remind them of how much you love them and how much they stimulate your mind, body, and soul. Note: This must come from your heart, don’t bullshit your way through or you will feel guilty. Go to dinner and drinks with the person and if the three of you have chemistry, take the next step!
If you are single you have 3 simple options:
  1. Go to a nightclub, pub or a public place and try to connect with like-minded people
  2. Search online for escorts who offer the service
  3. Use the Feeld app or find your local swingers party!
What happens if my partner isn’t interested in adding an extra person but I am? 


For male partners who aren’t keen on introducing another male into the bedroom, your best option is to introduce internal toys and dongs into your toy box. Adultsmart.com.au will be able to provide you with a vast selection of realistic and non-realistic dongs and vibrators.
For Females who DON’T want to add another female into the bedroom (His my man and my man only bitch!)… don’t let him miss out! The best way to keep him happy without introducing another individual into the bedroom is to bring home a Fleshlight Ice. This toy is your best friend in keeping your man satisfied and happy as it allows him to experience the threesome without having one. The Fleshlight Ice is a clear masturbator which will allow you both to witness all the action, providing him not only with extra stimulation but visual stimulation also.

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