Bend It To Any Shape You Desire!!

There’s a new sex toy in town and it’s called the Crescendo by Mystery Vibe. The fact it arrives in store in what is simply a plain black luxury box with ‘mystery vibe” in tiny writing is enough to make me utterly intrigued. Now I hadn’t previously heard about Mystery-Vibe Crescendo, but a little research lets me know there has been a buzz around this toy for some time.

The company ‘Mystery Vibe” is British and their aim is to make innovative sex toys that go some way towards moving the industry away from the stigma that still exists today, unfortunately. This can only be a good thing. They have advertised their products in mainstream forums previously unattended by adult industry companies. They choose colours and designs that are minimalist and modern and they try to avoid the clichés of what many still associate with “sex toys” but at the same time create toys that actually do the job. They are not unique in this but they have done a good job. The teal toy I am reviewing ticks those boxes. I am particularly in love with the included black padded satin storage bag that rolls up with a big ribbon.


Mystery-Vibe Crescendo Bendable Vibrator
Sex Toy: Mystery-Vibe Crescendo


Mystery-Vibe Crescendo was successfully crowdfunded and purports to be the most innovative sex toy ever. It makes other claims too, that it will fit absolutely any one’s body. And that it vibrates anyway you want it too. It was only last week that I reviewed the We-Vibe Sync so I am already in love with one sex toy that also has infinite choices in vibrations and can be adjusted to fit. Mystery-Vibe Crescendo does even more.

Firstly, it hasn’t got one motor or two like the Sync. It doesn’t even have 3, like say the G vibe… has an unbelievable 6 motors, yes you read right… 6 motors in one toy! I have never heard of that before.

It uses Bluetooth technology and has an app like the We-vibe that can control the toys motors individually. The app is far more advanced than the We-Vibe. I am not tech savvy, but it seems like you can get it to play to music, just like We-Vibe Sync. Here though, is the thing that is most interesting of all about this sex toy and it is not really advertised on the website. You probably won’t believe it when I tell you. The Mystery-Vibe Crescendo can gauge temperature changes inside you and your body’s contractions.


Mystery-Vibe Crescendo Mobile Application
Sex Toy Application: Mystery-Vibe Crescendo


Mystery-Vibe Crescendo is almost 7 inches long, slightly tapered and just over an inch at its widest end. It has two flexible fins at this end. It is made of TPR silicone. The outer material of Crescendo is 100% premium body-safe certified silicone. As you can imagine, quality and safety are of paramount importance Mystery-Vibe Crescendo as they do not use any porous material. To clean, you can use anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner before and after use or use some warm soapy water.

Fortunately, though the sex toy uses innovative induction charging. You don’t have to plug it in or even line it up with magnets, you simply lay it on the disk-shaped base that comes in the box. This means it is 100% waterproof. The waterproof aspect isn’t only good for hygiene, it obviously means you can use this toy in the bath or spa if you like.

Mystery-Vibe Crescendo is fully bendable, and because it is longer than the Sync It is one of the most truly versatile toys I have come across. You can turn it into a g-vibe, a rabbit, a masturbator, or a prostate massager. It really does hold it’s position and remains relatively hard. I imagined its bend-ability would mean it was a bit squishy, but it isn’t. It retains the rigidity necessary. I should mention the toy can’t be moved sideways. I don’t know how the toy would withstand multiple manipulations and uses over time, but I haven’t been able to find anything online to indicate that it might be an issue. The fins are a great touch and could be used in a multitude of ways for more dispersed vibrations.

Mystery-Vibe Crescendo can be operated by the buttons placed on either edge, one side has an arrow up and down for intensity and the other side the different modes. Mystery-Vibe Crescendo recommends to use the application as an add-on:

“For solo play, we recommend the App as a sofa activity where you add or remove Vibes on Crescendo at your leisure. Then you can leave the phone behind and enjoy Crescendo without any distractions. For partner play, you or your partner can use the app as a remote-control while playing with Crescendo.”

I do love the way the vibrations can literally crescendo or undulate up and down the toy. It is impressively versatile and I want to love it.  It is amazing for pattern lovers. I have to say though, the biggest disappointment for me is the quality of the vibrations, and I don’t think they are strong enough. They are a bit buzzy too. I am slightly worried I am being overly critical. I think the fact it has six motors is preventing me from assessing its overall merits fairly. If I didn’t know about the motors in advance I wonder if I would think the same. I have just compared it to the Sync and also the G-Kii, which is probably the nearest product we have to the Crescendo in store currently. The Crescendo wins hands down over them both when it comes to fitting anyone’s shape but I think its vibrations are the least impressive of the 3.

I like what they are trying to do with the Mystery-Vibe Crescendo. The very fact that I am finding it quite difficult to assess is because there is something very different about it. I would be really interested to hear what others think.


About the Author: Emily is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres



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