Bend It In To Shape To Hit That Spot Every Time!

I am tremendously thankful to have been gifted a Mysteryvibe Crescendo to test. I orgasmed. It was soft, clean, rhythmic and long. It reverberated throughout my body in steady waves. The vibrator played along with the pulses of my body. The orgasm finished and I felt the good type of numb. You know the feeling after you’ve just had wild sex for a very long time because all you wanted was release. All your body parts are weak especially your legs and arms. You don’t feel like you can stand but you give it a whirl anyway. You lay back down in complete satisfaction. You want to orgasm again but your clitoris feels completely numb. This was how I felt after I used the Mysteryvibe Crescendo in all of its glory. So I thought to myself how on earth did a vibrator do that to me? Let me tell you how.

The Mysteryvibe Crescendo is a one of a kind sex toy which has 6 powerful motors layered one on top of the other and 16 power levels. On low levels, it is incredibly quiet it but if you place it on a setting where all 4 to 6 vibrators are working fast and powerfully together it can get quite loud. It comes with 8 preset patterns installed which are an incredible delight to play around with. You can install additional preset vibration patterns through the free Mysteryvibe application which is compatible with apple and android products.  The buttons are easy to operate, on one side there are two buttons – / + to operate the power levels and on the other side there are two buttons < / > to move through the vibration patterns. To turn the vibrator on hold any button for 2 seconds. The vibrator buttons light up for around 2 seconds. To turn the vibrator off hold the ‘<‘ or ‘>’ for 2 seconds.

I tested the Crescendo on the first couple of installed settings on the lowest level attempting a clitoral orgasm. They make you feel as if someone is gently arousing you in a very sexually frustrating type of way. The vibrations in the tip sometimes feels like circular motions or the rhythmic up and down of a tongue which is thoroughly enjoyable. As you heighten the level, the other motors happily decide to invest themselves in the vibrations which are an eye opening experience. You never quite know which motor is going to turn itself on. The vibrations are perfectly layered. You feel the pinpoint vibrations in the tip, another vibration sends itself down just above the tip and another couple layer themselves as they send themselves down the whole arm. No matter the speed you choose on the first couple of settings, you will always feel sexually frustrated as they pause, stop and waver, they never give you a steady build up but leaving you wanting more. I find that continuous and unstoppable stimulation is the key to build a great orgasm.


Mysteryvibe Crescendo Sex Toy Photo
Sex Toy: Mysteryvibe Crescendo – Review


Your imagination is the key to how you wish to stimulate your erogenous zones as the Mysteryvibe Crescendo can be bent between each motor to form a multitude of different shapes. You can create classic g-spot vibrator shapes or you can become really inventive by specifying angles and curves. For women, this means in a session you can do at the very least 8 different types of stimulation techniques including clitoral. It’s so multi-functional it can even be formed to stimulate a man’s testicles and shaft whilst he is masturbating. You don’t have to turn off the vibrator to change the form, you simply just move it to the shape you desire which will take a couple of seconds. Some of the examples that I seem to be returning to each and every time I use it include:

  • A straight vibrator which is wonderful when the silicone pleasurably pulls and pushes against your walls.
  • A gentle curve which is useful for when you are getting used of the sex toy or if you are a beginner.
  • A strong, come hither curve matched with your hand motion can reproduce the same effects as a Lelo Wave.
  • A stronger g-spot curve with a handle for slow to incredibly quick and lifelike finger banging.
  • A half circle curve for G-Spot stimulation which is almost the same shape as a Chrome Crescent Double Ended Dildo.
  • An almost full circle curve for G-Spot stimulation and clitoris hugging stimulation like a We-Vibe.
  • An S shape curve for comfortable g-spot stimulation and clitoral stimulation.

I did all 8 different stimulation techniques in a session so you can probably see why my body needed some time to re-cooperate but even that was enjoyable because I was completely and utterly relieved. A good session like that leaves you wanting more which it did. I was able to change the vibrator to what I desired at the time and when that is paired with the amount of effort you choose to place into the experience, you are able to build the orgasm that you need. This is the very first sex toy I have ever tried that made me feel like I’ve just had sex and I absolutely love it.

The Crescendo’s outer material is made up of seamless, soft, 100% body safe silicone. There are no holes in the silicone which make it 100% waterproof so it can be used in the shower and bath. It is easy to clean under warm soapy water. It uses a wireless charging platform that connects to a USB friendly power adapter or a device like a computer. Place the vibrator on top of the platform to recharge. When the battery is fully charged, it will automatically cut off the charge so it’s always protected from overcharging. It can be charged for 1 hour which will give you 1 hour of continuous use on full intensity. It comes with a 1 year warranty.

The Mysteryvibe Application

Finding the application in the android or apple marketplace is easy, just type in “Mysteryvibe” and click search. The application will only appear if your mobile is compatible. Once the application is installed and opened, it will instruct you how to effortlessly use the application. It will ask if you own a Crescendo and to turn it on. It will tell you to turn on your mobile’s Bluetooth and location to pair the devices together. Once connected the syncing process will begin and it will download all your current patterns to the application.

The application gives you two options “Playlist” and “Vibe Store”. Playlist allows you to reorder where the vibration patterns are stored on your vibrator. Vibe Store allows you to add or remove preset pattern on your vibrator. There are 5 vibrations that you can not remove from your Crescendo and there are 14 other patterns you can install, that is a total of 19 patterns to choose from. You can have a total of 12 vibration patterns on your Crescendo at the one time. The application is so much fun to use. As you scheme through each preset pattern it plays a visual diagram of how the motors work together and pair it with the layered sound to give you a feeling of what the pattern will be like. The vibrator will vibrate alongside the mobile, so you are able to feel and see what happens. Mysteryvibe will be updating their application in May, so you will be able to create your own vibes and live to control them too!



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  1. Another crowdsourced piece of rubbish. No wonder these companies will not finance the development of their own toys.

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