My Favorite Sex Toy Is Lelo Isla!

We all have favorites, a favorite ice cream, book, place to visit and a favorite child (just kidding).  My favorite color is black. It’s my go-to.  It’s classic, sleek, simple and makes me feel sexy. There is a reason that a little black dress is a staple in nearly every woman’s closet. I can slip on a little black dress, some heels, do the cat eye liner and feel like I can take on the world or at least seduce the sexy couple a few tables over.  It’s only natural that, I have a favourite sex toy. My absolute favourite is my go-to Lelo Isla vibrator in black. It’s sleek and makes me feel sexy whenever I use it.

My Favorite Sex Toy Is Isla

The Lelo Isla has its own place directly next to my side of the bed. Not in a drawer, not hidden away but right next to where my iPhone sleeps for the night. I never want it out of reach. I am not concerned about my boys or visitors seeing this vibrator sitting out in the open because it doesn’t resemble a cock. It is

“contoured to the female form”

but my 8 & 13 year olds don’t even notice the weird shaped, arty looking thing next to my bed when I forget to put it in my drawer. It is very cool looking but doesn’t draw attention to itself, unlike a very nice stainless steel sparkly butt plug that went missing. As an aside, stainless steel butt plugs with pretty crystals at the end apparently look like plunder-able treasure to seven year old wannabe pirates.

You’ll be the one going on a treasure hunt, and doing some explaining to neighbors,  if little people find one of those drying in your bathroom and lift it so they and their buddies can bury it in the backyard. Sadly, we know this from experience. Though we are fairly progressive parents and like to have open lines of communication with our kids, it would be a slightly uncomfortable conversation explaining that these are mom’s personal belongings if they found my gigantic black cock vibrator.  It’s huge.  It looks like nothing but a disembodied penis.  The boys wouldn’t be fooled.  This isn’t a problem with the Isla. It looks as elegant and classy as is possible for a sex toy.

G Spot Vibrator
Photo: Lelo Isla


Noise and Vibration: The Isla, like most if not all Lelo sex toys have “whisper quiet vibrations”.  This means I can sneak upstairs while a movie is on and take care of myself in two minutes without everybody knowing what I am up to. There are 6 different vibration levels.  There is a range from a low to a strong pulse, random, and then an all-out heavy vibration. I should experiment more often with the different settings but my favorite is the steady & faithful heavy vibration. It works.  It works great.  I’ve owned a lot of vibrators and, all other features aside, this is absolutely the best one for the main thing you want your vibrator to do.  No question about it, it brings the orgasms.

“It is surprisingly relative quiet which is a fabulous feature.  I know the Hitachi Magic Wand is often considered the standard in vibrators but that thing sounds like a leaf blower in comparison to the Lelo Isla.”

In or Out:

I am a clit focused masturbator.  I have used other style vibratos such as bullets, wands & fingers but when I want to get myself off, I am less about the insertion and more about playing with my clit. The Lelo Isla is shaped for insertion and I have occasionally slipped it inside of me.  It’s smooth and slide in easily, especially with some properly placed Sliquid.  Though it feels pretty good, I still prefer using it externally. The straight thrusting in and out motion did not rub me the right way; perhaps my anatomy isn’t complimentary to the gentle curve of the Isla. However, when Fox took over, slide it into me and then lifted it so it pressed against my G-Spot, I enjoyed the sensation more.  That said, I primarily use it directly on and around my clit.


Ergonomically, the Isla has a looped handle at its base.  This makes me feel like a cowgirl, it makes me want to fire bullets from the tip, swing it around my finger, and put in a hip holster.  Actually, I think Fox has done this once or twice after using it on me. The exterior is a silky smooth, body safe silicone that is waterproof leaving the options of water play open. For example, I enjoy quickies in the shower to just release tension or give myself an attitude adjustment. Since I’m standing up, slipping a hand to down to accelerate the situation can sometimes be uncomfortable or tiring.  This bad boy can do the trick with ease.

“Guilty as charged.  The Isla is shaped a bit like a gun.  If all guns are, to one degree or another, phallic symbols, it is interesting to have a phallic symbol that is gun-like.  I think it is much more sci-fi than old west, but that’s just me.”


It has a rechargeable battery which, I think should be standard with all sex toys. The Isla holds up to a 4 hour charge so you could take this with you on a short vacation without worrying about another charger to keep track of. In short, you simply can not go wrong with the Lelo Isla.

“Also, it can take a beating.  For whatever reason, whenever Bella gets done using it she more or less chucks it across the room.  I’m not talking a cool, Jay-Z dropping the mic and walking off stage situation here, she flings it.  It’s bounced off just about every piece of furniture in our bedroom.  It takes a licking and keeps on ticking.  So to speak.”

One of my goals in 2014 is to relax and try venture away from clit focused masturbation but for now, I probably use this daily. It is always exactly right, always exactly what I need.  At around $240 it isn’t cheap but it is worth every single cent.  Every woman should own the Isla, it’s the little black dress of Lelo sex toys.


About the author: Review by BellaPecosa with quoted comments by Mr. Fox.




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