Love & Sun Moon Lake

The Thao are an aboriginal tribe located in the region of Nantou County, Tapei.  Jael was of this tribe and marriage outside was frowned upon. Mi lived on the other side of Sun Moon Lake from another village and the first time he laid eyes on her was infatuated by her perfect skin, shiny silken hair – to him the epitome of a ‘perfect’ woman.

He wanted her and she wanted him, but she was already promised in marriage to an elder of her village.  Secretly they organized to meet and found a place where no-one would know or think to look for them. In their cave they discovered each others bodies and explored their sexuality.

A confrontation between Thao and the village elder ensued and Thao murdered him to be with his beloved.  He then disguised the murder and made it look like a fishing accident. They were betrothed – an no-one ever knew the evil that lay behind the love at Sun Moon Lake…..

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