Monogomy Works For Me!

Why monogamy works for me

An age old question is why are so many of us monogamous?, well to be honest I firmly believe it is not for everyone. So why does it work for me?
As a young man “playing the field” was just a natural thing to do, yes I had numerous girlfriends where the relationship might last longer than a few days (sometimes a few months actually), the need to meet or be with someone ells just overpowered the desire to be faithful to my current (at the time) partner.
As I grew a bit older I got involved in playing some music and that scene opened up a completely new scope of girls to me, these girls were for the most part also not looking for a “long term thing” but rather just to have some fun. I believed for a while that this was exactly what I was after and sure I explored that option for a while (and had fun all the same).
It wasn’t til a year or so (after the band broke up) that I met my current wife. I have to say, I was rather young when I met her, but I was exposed to the “single life” from a rather young age.
Mrs Me (we will call her) and I met at a work function and to be completely honest I was immediately drawn to her vibrant personality. After our first meet, we kept in touch via e-mail and a few phone calls for a few weeks, but I soon realised that every passing day I was “needing” to see her again, you see at that time we were working for the same company but in 2 different cities and never got to see each other.
Even though I would meet some girls while out and about I just could not shake this feeling of seeing Mrs Me again, and soon at that. I eventually decided to make arrangements for us to meet, I called her up and we decided on a pub, to my surprise we were actually living in the same city and she was commuting to another city for work, so thankfully seeing her was going to be easy. As you can imagine we hit it off in a big way.
Every passing day my feelings for her just grew and I had no control over this. We were both young and sex was a HUGE part of our relationship, and the use of “sex toys” were limited to Private play, it wasn’t til after we actually got married that we started introducing some of these toys into the bedroom together, and let me tell you did it change the way we looked at sex.
Fast forward a few years and we have now been together (including married) for 19 years and have 3 beautiful children, and both of us have met a great number of people that both of us have found interesting or attractive. I have actually sat back and thought honestly about the idea, if I have ever met someone that I found so interesting that I would actually pursue a relationship outside of my marriage, and let me be completely honest here, the answer is a resounding NO, I had to actually think about why this is, and I think it is rather simple actually, everything I could ever want or need I have in my wife. We are still just as spontaneous as we were so many years ago, we are still just as attracted to each other as we were back then. Yes I believe the attraction might have actually evolved a bit from merely being a physical one, but more of an emotional and mental attraction, although she still gives me the “butterflies” in my stomach from a physical stand point
I cant think that I am in any way the exception to the rule here and have met many people who feel the exact same way about there partners. So what is the secret here? Trust, spontaneity, respect and freedom to have some fun on your own (be it with your own friends for a night at the pub or for her a girls weekend away) these are very important factors. Equally important is the sexual relationship with your partner, over these years one could become a bit complacent and even selfish in a way, DON’T, keep it fresh, don’t be scared or shy about introducing some toys, there are a great plethora of couples toys or toys for private play on the market, in fact doing some research together on the ranges available is a bit of a turn-on in itself.
Keep things light and fun as much as you need to be serious and work on your relationship, a good balance between these and you should also find monogamy is great.
Mr Me

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