Reasons to Celebrate Masturbation Month

Believe it or not, May is actually celebrated as National Masturbation Month! It’s something that nearly everybody does, but is hardly ever talked about. There are numerous benefits to masturbation, both mental and physical, so it’s something to start celebrating! Below are just a few of the best advantages of self-pleasure.


  1. Improve sexual performance


For both men and women, masturbation can improve sexual function. Feeling your own body helps you learn your likes and dislikes, which can then be communicated to your partner. Masturbation is also its own form of foreplay that could help you to last longer during sex with your partner. For men who struggle with finishing too quickly in the bedroom, there are several techniques that could help with premature ejaculation, such as the “stop-start” or “squeeze” methods during masturbation. While self-love is inherently pleasurable, it also works great as a training ground for the big leagues!


  1. Reduce stress


Whether you’re just reading a book, taking a hike, or indulging in some self-pleasure – taking time away from the outside world to focus on yourself helps to distract you from stressors. Masturbation can specifically help to reduce stress by releasing hormones called oxytocin. During orgasm, oxytocin is released into the body, which in turn lowers levels of cortisol. Since cortisol is a stress hormone, masturbation essentially helps to lower stress levels. Starting with a self-love session in the morning can prepare your mind for the day.


  1. Relieve pain


Since pain is the opposite of pleasure, it only makes sense that masturbation would help reduce pain. However, it’s actually much more scientific than that. Among the chemicals and hormones reduced during masturbation, another is dopamine. Also released during orgasm, dopamine can help relieve chronic pain, which could be why many men and women report headaches being cured by masturbation or sex. Additionally for women, sex therapist Judith Golden told Best Health Magazine that “the strength and intensity of an orgasm can help relieve cramps.” This is helped further by the increased blood flow that occurs during masturbation. It’s not a guarantee that masturbation will fix your pain, but it can certainly help when paired with traditional medicines.


  1. Fall asleep faster


The science is still out on whether masturbation can lead to better overall asleep, but surveys have shown that at the very least, some self-love before bedtime can help you fall asleep faster. Two things that prevent people from falling asleep are an active mind and pain. We’ve already established how masturbation can reduce stress and relieve pain, so it’s only natural that it would help you fall asleep. However, there is another reason to consider. Orgasms cause the release of serotonin and vasopressin, among other chemicals. These chemicals follow melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep cycles. Plenty of people already take melatonin supplements before bed to help them sleep, so perhaps a natural release like masturbation is worth trying.


  1. Improve self-esteem


Pleasure in any way, shape, or form is something to strive for. But when you’re the one giving yourself the pleasure, it can help boost your self-esteem. You can achieve a sense of accomplishment for making yourself feel that way. Furthermore, masturbation can help with your body image. Seeing yourself naked is a huge part of becoming comfortable with your body. Masturbating in front of a mirror can help, especially if you enjoy seeing yourself getting turned on. Overall, masturbation can help you become comfortable with your sexuality and boost your confidence if your sex life is lacking.


While there is a stigma surrounding the discussion of masturbation, there shouldn’t be. Masturbation is healthy, natural, and brings numerous benefits to our well-being. Like any habit, masturbation should be done safely and within reason. Myths that say masturbation causes blindness or balding are just myths, and should not dissuade anyone from pleasuring themselves. Next time you’ve had a long day or just need some alone time, think of all the benefits of some self-love!

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