Being Bound and Dominated By My Wife!

Some men love being dominated by a woman and this one loves the feeling of submission it gives him.  Recounting his true tale of a man in chastity and tips and tricks of how to wear these devices for extended periods of time.  Slowing down or stopping his masturbation has increased the desire he feels for his HotWife and allowed him to experience a cuckolds lifestyle.

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2 Replies to “Being Bound and Dominated By My Wife!”

  1. The past 16 years my Wife has been so demanding that I always wear a stainless steel chastity device that I wish I never gave the plastic one before we got married.
    It all started when I could not get hard for her because I had masturbated. Now it seems that my penis will never be free again without her supervision.
    Its my fault for accepting it in the first place, because I’ve always known since high school that I was small in the penis department.
    I have to wonder: Are more women demanding their males wear a chastity device?
    Will one day it be the norm for every husband to be wearing one?

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