Why Do Escorts Who Change Locations Make More Money

Have you ever wondered why escorts in Melbourne who change locations make more money than other escorts who stay in one place? The answer is pretty simple, basically, clients love to experience a variety of different escorts, especially in capital cities such as Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

You Need to Change Locations to Make Consistent Money

So, if it’s the answer is that simple, then why does it seem that in most of the Sydney Escorts listed on this website seem to stay in one place and don’t change their location at all for long periods of time. Well, for several reasons, however, if you want to work as a professional escort and make lots of money on a regular and consistent basis, then you need to change your location and tour as many capital cities within Australia.

When You Are New to The Escort Industry

When you are new to the escort industry, it would be wise to spend your initial few months at least either in the same location or in surrounding areas until you find your groove. The first few months as an escort in a big and bustling city such as Sydney could be quite daunting, especially if you don’t have any existing friends who already work as an escort, that could potentially give you helpful and useful tips.

There Are Many Skills Escorts Need to Learn Before Touring

There are many skills that escorts in Melbourne need to learn before they start changing locations, especially if you decide to tour by yourself in fast-paced cities such as Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. First and foremost, new escorts to the sex industry need to learn how to stay safe, avoid burnout and stay healthy.

Learn Skills as An Escort First

Setting boundaries with clients, learning how to advertise properly and working out your target market are also other skills that new escorts in Melbourne will need to learn before they change locations and tour within Australia. Once you have mastered some of these skillsets, along with other important facets of the escort industry, then you will most probably be ready to dip your toe in the water and look at changing locations that are either nearby or at least within the same city.

Time to Change Location

Once you have mastered the art of becoming a professional escort, it will be time to move on to a new location. After 1-3 months in the same location, most escorts start to notice that they aren’t making as much money as they were when they first arrived at their current location. For some escorts, they can’t understand why they are currently not making as much money as they were when they first started in their existing location.

Clients Get Tired of Seeing the Same Escorts

As previously mentioned, the reason is very simple! Clients get tired of seeing the same escorts in their local area and are looking to see new escorts who are working in their local area. Many clients can’t be bothered travelling to the other side of the city just to see a different escort, this could be due to lack of transport, short on time after being at work all day, or in general, they are too lazy to travel to other areas.

Make Money Quickly by Changing Locations

All of these reasons and more are why your income may be dwindling in your current work location. So, the quickest and easiest way to make more money is to change your current location to another area within the city your live in or locate directly in the city Centre for a month or so before you move on again.

Start with Changing Locations Within a 20 min Travel Time

For those escorts who have permanent commitments in the city live in and don’t wish to leave that particular city or work too far away from where they live, you could try and change your work location within a 20-minute travel time.

Most Clients Live in The Suburbs

Many clients work within the city, however, they live in the suburbs and don’t feel like finding a car park to come and see you when they finish work. Other clients catch public transport and may not be able to reach you by foot quick enough, so they will quite often look for escorts who work in their local area, or are very close by.

New Clients Will Try Your Escort Services

You may be very surprised how changing your location within a 20- minute distance from where you were working previously, will help you to make more money. New clients that were unable to reach you previously are now able to try out your escort services. Quite often there can be too much competition in the city Centre of where you live, cities around Australia such as Sydney and Melbourne have hundreds of escorts working on any given day, therefore re-locating to built-up suburbs in your city may very well be the answer to creating more income.

Clients Will Come Back to See You Again in the Future

Once new clients have met you and you have formed a rapport with them, they will most probably come and see you quite a few times during the next month until they too will eventually look for new escorts to see.

Existing Clients May Travel to See You

The good news is that existing clients may even travel to see you at your new location if it’s not too far away and there is parking available that is either free or inexpensive.

Many escorts put their heart and soul into building up regular clients that will use their sex services regularly, those particular clients are never lost as they are usually more than happy to visit you at your new location, especially when it’s within a 30- minute travel distance.

Even Loyal Clients Will Try New Escorts

Even the most loyal clients will try a new escort from time to time, however, if you are extremely professional, look after your health and provide them with an excellent ongoing escort service, they will come back and see you again.

Changing Locations often Means New Clients

If you think about it logically, the more you move around, the higher the potential will be that you will get to book new clients. So, if you stay in one location for around one month or so, you will get to see as many new clients as possible in that local area. Built-up areas that have shopping Centres, restaurants and public transport are usually the better areas to select as they have a larger population, thus resulting in plenty of new clients.

Look for Quality Hotels

Try and look for local areas that have qualities hotels or motels that you can stay in, locations that are highly visible and easy to access. Many boutique style hotels have security panels that need to be accessed to enter the building, this will help you to stay safe and monitor which clients you wish to enter the building and access your room. Search for small hotels that offer security features such as cameras, keypads and quality accommodation. Once clients know that there are security cameras and keypads on-site, they will be less likely to try anything that may put you in harms way.

Accumulate New Clients by Moving Location Often

Accumulating new clients by moving locations often is the easiest way to add new clients to your regular client list. Changing new locations often means that collectively you will see new clients that love your escort services, therefore each and every time you move location you will accumulate many more clients as opposed to staying in one place and stagnating.

Stay in Different Locations Every Month

If you stay in a different location every month, you would have covered 12 locations in one single year. That means you would have an abundance of new clients who have tried your escorts services, or who have at least enquired for the next time you are in their local area. Remember, even your most faithful and regular clients will seek to find new escorts, so before they start looking for new escorts, it’s best to move on.

By the time you swing back around to their local area, they will be ready and waiting to use your escort services again, so it’s important to mix things up and keep things fresh and interesting by simply changing your location.

Try Locating to Your Local City Centre

Many escorts in Australia prefer to work in capital cities such as Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Escorts who prefer to work in city Centres quite often like to position themselves in busy areas that are located near well-known hotels and tourist attractions.

City Centres Are Bustling with Potential Clients

City Centres are usually always highly populated and bustling with potential clients that are coming and going all the time, thus making city Centre an ideal place to offer your escort services from. There are many 5-star hotels that offer invaluable security measures in city Centres, so when you choose locations to offer your escort services from, make sure they are highly visible, easy to locate and have security measures in place for your safety.

Know Your Type of Customer

In city Centres you will probably see various types of clients, some of these may include some locals, businessmen who work in the city and tourists. You may find that your turnover will be higher in city Centres, however, you may not see as many regular clients as you would in the suburbs of your local city.

Clients in Large Cities Tend to Come and Go

Clients in cities tend to come and go as they quite often move around following their work requirements. Other potential clients are simply on holidays and are only visiting for short periods of time. Any potential local clients who live within the city Centre on a permanent basis may come and see you from time to time, however, they are most likely to see other escorts as well.

Which Locations Work Best for You

After a while you will be able to work out which locations work best for you, so once you have ascertained which areas yield you more money, try and frequent them more often, however you should always be open to trying out new locations that you have never considered before, you may be pleasantly surprised!

Checkout Your Competition

By checking your competition, you will be able to arm yourself with the knowledge that will also help you to make more money. Knowing what other escorts in Melbourne are offering and how much they are charging for their services is extremely important, you don’t want to be in direct completion with many other escorts who are offering the same thing for the less expensive rates.

Offer More – Be Different

If you are looking to increase your earning capacity, then it’s highly advisable to either offer more, be different from the rest, or both! If you are going to invest time and money into being a successful and professional escort, then you may as well give it all that you have!

Offering a little bit more than other escorts who are currently working in the area, will most probably be highly appreciated by clients who will come and visit you for your escort services.

You Don’t Need to Be Cheaper

You don’t necessarily need to be cheaper than the other escorts, however, you could perhaps offer any extra 10 minutes for the same price. Why not include a small service that requires very little effort, e.g. you could include sex costumes, sex toys or even wear stunning lingerie, high heels and sexy stockings as part of your escort services.

Think Outside the Box

There are many ways to increase your income as an escort, moving locations is just one of them. If you feel that you are not receiving enough enquiries and bookings, then you have to think outside the box, it’s that simple!

Clients are only going to come and see you if you give them a reason to, with so much competition out there these days, you have to stand out from the rest, so make sure you do as much homework as possible before you go ahead and invest your time and money into being an escort, if your smart and think outside the box, you could potentially make very good money!

Best of Luck!

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