A Luxury Kegel Egg Named Emma!

Are you tired of mundane sexual arousal? Or would you like to try something new on your partner? Well, have you heard or thought about the coco de Mer Emma?  Coco De Mer is setting the sex toy world ablaze with its Fifty Shades inspired luxury sex toy range.

The truth is that we all love to enjoy the best sexual experience whether at home, outdoors, in the office, or even at the public places. And this is why many of us are always looking for something new and more rewarding. Unfortunately, many of the sex or adult toys in the market require you to be very discrete or confine yourself to a specific location. This means that if you have the urge to arouse yourself then you have to wait until you get home or go find a hidden location. This, however, is not the case with the Coco de Mer Emma Vibrating Egg.

Just as the name states, it comes in an egg shape and this improves entry and exit. It also minimizes pain and also doesn’t require using lots of lube. The handy piece works perfectly for solo performance as well as on your partner. And thanks to its ergonomic design and lightweight, you won’t struggle to hold on to it, even if you decide to use it for a long time. One thing that I like about it is the nice finish which feels quite nice on the hands and also inside the body. This assures you of zero aches or abrasion, which can ruin the entire experience.

Emma Kegel Exercizer
Emma Sex Balls


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This luxury kegel egg is made of high-grade silicone to keep you and/or your partner safe from side effects which may include rashes, inflammation, infection, or reddening among others. And from the manufacturer’s take, it is completely safe for any skin type and also very hygienic. The seamless and smooth design makes cleaning it very easy and it also not affected by lubes. Nevertheless, just like other toys, you should always keep it clean at all times by washing or wiping it as recommended. Also, make sure you use high-quality products that aren’t corrosive or don’t contain strong bleaches.

The remote-controlled unit allows you to use it anywhere and without arousing any suspicion. In fact, according to most consumers, they love it because you can wear it at home, in the home, while traveling, and still control the sensation you get. And since the adult toy and remoter are both small, chances of you getting caught or being discovered are very minimal, unless you get overwhelmed by the pleasure such that you start moaning too loudly. Also, you can use the remote control to tease or excite your partner as you watch him/her enjoying every moment of it. And if this doesn’t turn you on, I wonder what will!

The remote control’s strong frequency allows a user to operate the vibrating egg from as far as 2.5 meters and is also not easily affected by other signals or frequencies. This makes it perfect for most situations and also enhances the discreteness. And to ensure that you don’t disturb the peace around or raise suspicion, the toy is ultra silent and doesn’t produce any humming, buzzing, hissing, whining or any type of sound. The only audible sound may be from you or your partner as you savor the moment.

It features 8 vibration patterns to cater for varied individuals, moods, or preferences and choosing the desired option is easy and all you do is simply making use of the handy remote control. The device works instantaneously and enables you to change the mode during use. You don’t need to remove it so as to choose your selection. You also get 12 speeds to cater for different desires. You will find Plus (+) and Minus (-) buttons for easy speed control. The highest speed provides quick arousing for faster pleasure and comes handy if time isn’t on your side or you want an instant high. The low speeds are more relaxing and offer a longer arousal and gratification.

If you are concerned about using it in a wet environment or it accidentally coming in contact with moisture, water, sweat or other fluids, then you’ll be happy knowing that the vibrating egg is fully waterproof. It won’t lose its functionality, corrode, get stained, rust, or degrade over time. And for the best experience, you are required to apply or dip it into a water-based lubricating oil or gel before insertion. This improves the entry, exit, comfort as well as granting you maximum satisfaction. And courtesy of the nice finish, you don’t need to keep reapplying the lube since it doesn’t become dry too soon.

The Emma Remote Control Vibrating Egg comes with a well-made and practical leather pouch for safe storage and carrying of the toy. The high-quality material not only protects the toy but also endures regular use, frequent carrying, abrasion, and other things. It features a smooth interior for added protection against scratches and also makes certain the toy’s smooth surface stay the same for reliability band longevity. Furthermore, inserting and removing it from the pouch is easy and straightforward due to the easy opening and closing whereas the lightweight and handy design make carrying it convenient. And courtesy of the travel lock function, you don’t need to worry about it accidental opening and embarrassing you.

The included USB charger allows you to charge it from different places without worrying about dead batteries or having to dispose of. It works with different devices included a laptop, power bank, travel charger, external charger, wall charger and much more. The quick charging unit can be used within a short time and also keeps the charge for a long time.

You don’t have to look for a hidden spot or lock yourself in a room or bathroom to enjoy sexual arousal. You also don’t need to feel ashamed of a large, bulky or noisy sex toy that will more-likely alert the people around you of what you are up to. With the Coco de Mer Emma Remote Control Vibrating Egg, you get instant gratification from almost anywhere and will be able to enjoy the pleasure without raising eyebrows. Simply apply a water-based lubrication the smooth-surfaced egg-shaped vibrator, insert it, and then control the speed or pick the desired preference via the handy remote control. Take the pleasure and satisfaction a notch higher with the Coco de Mer Emma vibrating egg.

You can get the Coco De Mer Emma now at adultsmart sex toy shop.

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