Gaining Pleasure From Pain!

Torment and pain is normally such a negative ordeal, to the point that we never consider that it may provide certain types of people with benefits that are positive. The online market has made modern shopping bliss. Some items which were hard to come by are now a click away and in fact, you get deliveries to your house. One of the categories that this online phenomenon has greatly influenced is the sex toy domain and BDSM equipment like Discipline Devices. Getting items such as sex discipline devices and toys was a herculean task but today, you do not even need to leave your bedroom. There are many questions however that are asked about pleasure derived from these devices and it is critical to explore the issue at length.

Background of Pleasurable Pain:

If you are a regular internet user, you must have come across the erotic practice of bondage and discipline, dominance and submission (BDSM). This is a term that dates way back to the 1960s but the practice has been in existence for ages. However, these distinctions and definitions are not important because clearly, these practices have gained ground in modern society. The simple fact is that this popularity proves that participants have to be enjoying themselves to indulge voluntarily regularly in the practice.


Painful Pleasure

Can Pain be Pleasurable?

With this hindsight on sexual masochism, the next question is of course why a masochist would enjoy pain inflicted using discipline devices and toys. In simple terms, you experience sexual arousal and excitement from the pain, humiliation and suffering which can be physical or psychological. To understand if a masochist enjoys pain, you need to appreciate what pain really is. The International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) defines pain as:

“An unpleasant emotional and sensory feeling but clearly, this is not what you get from discipline devices. This is because along with this essence of negativity, there is a positive sensation which is fulfilling.”

Sex, and pain all animate the body to produce chemicals and hormones in the human body. The body will naturally create, endorphins that are discharged in excruciating encounters are frequently seen as pleasurable. Pain can likewise invigorate the serotonin and melatonin creation in the cerebrum, which changes anything that may originally be painful into a joyful pleasure. The arrival of epinephrine and norepinephrine can likewise bring about a pleasurable ‘surge’. The bodies natural reaction to create chemicals in your body which turn a painful experience into something which is thoroughly pleasurable can be seen as mind boggling and baffling. A similar situation to this type of experience can be seen when athletes reach there limit but proceed to enjoy breaking this limit, for runners, this is known as the runner’s high which can lead to feelings that are similar to orgasming.

Why Love Pain:

Why do masochists insist on the so called negative emotional and sensory feelings? Consider these factors on which BDSM is grounded; Therapeutic release; after using devices such leather paddles, nipple clamps, urethra probes and bondage kits, the feeling afterwards is therapeutic. In drama, this is called catharsis which is a release of pent up negative emotions. Better outlook to life; with emotional release that comes after a painful erotic experience, you will get a rejuvenation of sorts and it is easier to have a renewed outlook to life. In essence, you make better decisions after a BDSM experience.


One of the downsides of ordinary sex is of course lack of control. In most cases, the other partner will decide how much fun you can have. With BDSM, you are in control as there are no inhibitions. If you want to be dominated through bondage or whipping, there are no qualms in your partner and you can even choose the discipline devices to be used. This translates to a more fulfilling sexual encounter.

Now that you have a background on how pain can be sexually pleasurable, you need to have an insight on the devices and techniques to be used. The most common are bondage restraint kits to put you or your partner in place. The toys which inflict pain range from whips, gags, extreme spread tools, nipple clips, dildos, penis plugs among many others. Online shopping has made it easier to shop and compare these discipline devices. However, remember your safety is paramount and try out the tools after understanding exactly how they work.





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