Living with coVid in new south wales

The Australian government authorities in September shifted their focus to Living with coVid in New South Wales with drives for vaccinating people against the COVID-19 virus instead of trying to suppress COVID-19 cases and reduce them to zero. They also extended the Melbourne COVID-19 lock down by three weeks. Daniel Andrews, the Victorian premier indicated that the stringent restrictions imposed would be gradually eased, after 70% of the adult residents of the state have received at least one vaccination dose. Based on the rate at which the population is being vaccinated, the premier hoped that the state would reach this milestone by September 23, 2021

In Melbourne the capital of Victoria state, a lock down of nearly a month was imposed in August, yet it was not successful in ending the Covid-19 outbreak. Andrews claimed that despite the best efforts of the government in imposing restrictions, they were not able to reduce the number of cases, they only increased. He claimed that the lock down extension was required so that people could be vaccinated, and also reduce the spread of infections till the vaccination goals were met. The number of new cases in Victoria of local residents increased to 120 a day from 76 the previous day. 100 of these newly infections had spent time in the community.

In the neighboring state of New South Wales(NSW) with capital Sydney, the vaccination rate has increased after a rise in the number of COVID-19 cases. The state preponed its target of fully vaccinating 70% of the population aged 16 and above from end October to middle October. The NSW premier Berejiklian while speaking to reporters that after the vaccinate percentage reached 70% life would be far better and people would have more freedom. At present 37% of the NSW population is fully vaccinated, and 67% have received at least one vaccine dose, which is slightly better than the national rates, but lower than other comparable countries. There has been a slight decrease in daily cases.  However, NSW reported four new deaths, increasing the death toll for the latest outbreak to 100.

On September 1, Scott Morrison, the Australian Prime Minister informed parliament in Canberra that Australians should adjust to living with covid, and the lock downs should be ended after some time. Australia which has a population of 25 million, is trying to control the third COVID-19 wave by locking down over half of its population. People residing in the national capital Canberra and its largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne have been forced to stay at home due to the lock down for several weeks. Despite the recent spike in cases, the total coronavirus cases in Australia are comparatively low with 1012 deaths and slightly more than 55000 cases.

Among the twenty largest economies in the world. Australia recorded the milestone 1000 COVID-19 deaths in August, far later than other countries. Several economies in the Asia-Pacific have fewer deaths compared to Australia, and New Zealand has recorded only 26 deaths. While lock downs were effective in ending the Covid-19 outbreaks earlier, the delta variant of the virus is very infectious. So the number of cases are increasing despite the lock down, so the largest states are using other methods for virus infection control and planning to reopen soon.

Chris Moy, the vice president of the Australian Medical Association informed Reuters that the earlier methods were not effective against the Delta virus variant since it was highly infectious, had a short incubation time and spread through asymptomatic people. Moy claimed that the time available for eliminating the delta variant was much smaller once infections started, and after the delta variant started spreading it was difficult to control the spread of virus infections.

The federal government wishes to ensure that the different territories and states in Australia adhere to the reopening plan nationally after vaccination rates for the population reach 70-80% . However, some states which are virus free claim that they will delay reopening, since the number of cases in Sydney are increasing rapidly. Josh Frydenberg, the Australian Federal treasurer has urged the Australian states to reopen according to the national plan. He said that the plan would allow businesses to reopen , plan and control their future. He said that the the national plan aims to help the Australian economy flourish while living with covid.

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