Let Me Tell You How I Get My Pretty Love!

Pretty Love, the high-end brand from Baile is inspired by fashion and aesthetics aimed at the modern user with high quality and attractively designed products. Baile has been bringing us creative and fun designs since 1993 with their professional team of sex toy and adult product designers having designed and produced over 3,000 products that are sold worldwide including to us here at Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres and on our online store Adultsmart.

When I First Saw The Pretty Love Bunny

The Pretty Love Bunny lives up to Bailes design concept by being modern and stylish yet very cute, this clitoral and insertable vibe is a lovely bright purple with a sleek silver metallic band and it is shaped as its name would suggest, like a bunny complete with ears for added varied clitoral stimulation.

After I was given the Pretty Love Bunny to review I went home and hastily opened the box, first off I was happy to find a nice little black drawstring mesh style bag to store my Bunny in but the cardboard box the toy comes in is definitely sturdy enough to serve as additional storage for you to keep your Pretty Love Bunny in if you desire. Secondly, I was in love with the shade of purple the Bunny comes in although I may be biased as purple is my favourite colour, apart from green, I also loved how unexpectedly cute I found the Bunny and instantly liked this toy on looks alone but looks alone doth not a good sex toy make, so keep reading to see what I thought about Pretty Loves rechargeable Bunny vibe.

Pretty Love Bunny Measurements Photo
Sex Toy: Pretty Love Bunny Measurements

Pretty Love Bunny Features

The Bunny is light weight yet it is heavy enough at 47grams to sit nicely in your hand and at 12.5cm by 3.2cm ears included it is a perfect size and its shape is equally well designed. The body safe, soft silky touch silicone the Bunny is made out of is very nice and smooth and paired well with my water based lube and was easily cleaned after use with hot water, toy cleaner and then more water to rinse leaving it good as new.

This almost seamless design includes some very gentle and subtle ridging underneath the ‘head’ of the Bunny intended to increase pleasure for if you use the Bunny internally but also for when using this toy on a clitoris, the design of this toy is really fun with not only the body of the toy giving off vibrations but the ears of the Bunny give off a different and very pin pointed vibration which can be intense (in a good way!) for clitoral stimulation for women. With 12 vibration functions to cycle through, including a variation in the intensity of vibrations and patterns, I’m sure you will land on one or a combination of that is perfect for you!

Pretty Love Bunny Labels Photo
Sex Toy: Pretty Love Bunny Labels

Now a downfall to this product for me was the controls and the vibration style, I found these buttons really hard to press and impossible to find and control during my use of this toy, this may not be an issue for everyone but for me, it was definitely a struggle along with the relatively mild vibrations that are fairly buzzy which if you or your partner have a sensitive clitoris or don’t need very deep vibrations this is perfect for you, the ears are especially great for when you’re already close to climax (but not necessarily to get you there) as they are a very pin pointed vibration and the best use of this toy for someone like me. Unfortunately, these two things and took away from the Bunny as being a high-end item in my opinion although still a good product.

Pretty Love Bunny Rechargeable Photo
Buy Now | Baile Sex Toy Range

Some of the other quality features that the Pretty Love Bunny does have include, the Bunny being waterproof and rechargeable. Recharging your Bunny is as easy as opening the plastic cap at the base of the toy and plugging in the universal USB style charger which then plugs into any USB compatible device or wall adapter and socket to charge, being a USB rechargeable toy, with its handy little draw string carry bag and small size means you can discreetly take your Bunny with you anywhere you go around the world using any (USB) wall socket or computer/laptop to recharge it.

My Final Thoughts

All in all Pretty Loves rechargeable Bunny vibe is the perfect starter toy if you’ve never bought a sex toy before and you aren’t sure on what your clitoris likes id start off with the Bunny, it’s mild yet has some oomph when using the ears of the toy. Or a cute little addition to your night stand if you already know you are a fan of the less intense vibrations it has to offer.

Author: Erin is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave





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