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Claiming warranty is not always the most fun thing to do

and it usually means something has happened unexpectedly to your product you payed good money for, thanks to a lot of good sex toy manufactures out there, the majority of high quality products you buy usually come with warranty but it’s always important to find out before you actually buy it. It is also benefits you in the long run to ask a few questions just in case something were to happen to the sex toy you purchased. Not only is it a peace of mind, it also makes a sex toy look and sound amazing because the product is that good, it needs warranty. If you say a certain product has one whole year of warranty and with some companies that period might even extend to 15yrs.

Today, I’ll be going over 2 popular manufacturers that have quite interesting warranties and how you as a customer can claim the warranty if the “unthinkable” ever happens to your precious toy. First out of the two is the much beloved and one of my personal favourite companies…….”LELO”. With LELO to activate your warranty simply go to the log-in section of their website and register as a user and then register your product. For proof and evidence that the purchase date falls within the warranty period just hang onto the original receipt. All of LELO’s luxury sex toy range come with a complete 1 year worldwide warranty. After the 1 year warranty is expired, the warranty turns into a 50% off your next Lelo purchase if your sex toy ever breaks.

When you are claiming Lelo warranty it is very simple.

After registering, just confirm the type of warranty claim you are making, and then click on the ‘claim icon’ next to your listed product. Add your delivery address and reason for claim, and then simply click on ‘Claim your warranty’. Claiming a LELO product requires your proof of purchase receipt and should be included when returning the product, if it is discovered faulty, and once the fault is confirmed, LELO will replace your sex toy.

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Something I love about LELO is their 10 year guarantee which is open to everyone who has purchased a LELO personal sex toy, so if you find your product is faulty outside the warranty period, or you have lost your proof of purchase, you can claim on this warranty which will then entitle you to 50% off your next LELO purchase……which is awesome. Claiming the 10 year guarantee is the same process as the one year but you do not need to have proof of purchase or receipt, all you need is to have your product registered.

The next company has a crazy long warranty period and I was definitely curious to look more into it. OVO sex toys ……loved by many and hated by some, but it’s hard to argue with its warranty though. OVO boasts a whopping 15 year warranty on their toys which is great but it depends on what it covers though. Now after research the warranty with OVO does have a few limitations to what it actually covers, which is the material and processing defects. So if your toy just suddenly exploded, don’t worry your covered under being a processing defect. The warranty however does not include general wear and tear,  accidental damage and it does not cover the battery itself for items with rechargeable batteries.

Claiming the warranty is pretty straight forward, all you need to do is email OVO for an initial assessment and instructions and if the item is required to be sent back to OVO, you have to ‘fork out’ the postage and to top it off, if the problem isn’t covered by the warranty they will still fix the item but they will charge you for it. For the most part I’m impressed with OVO’s warranty but there a few little things in the fine print a customer should know before buying.

If the customer is well informed then in most cases claiming warranty is a simple and stress-less scenario, and just because a company might brand itself saying it has very extensive and amazing warranty, it doesn’t hurt to check the facts and see what your sex toy does and does not cover.

Author:  Bronson is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave




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