Lelo Mona Wave – Goodbye To Sexual Disappointment

I have to admit that I am a huge fan of LELO sex toys and product but one of my least favorites was the Lelo Mona.  Newsflash!!! – a new version of the Lelo Mona is called the Lelo Mona Wave.

Lelo Mona Wave uses their new Wave Motion Technology which made news headlines all over the world.  It was a one of a kind as it was daring, new and inventive.

No one had ever done this before.

Lelo Mona Wave developed a cult following amongst sex toy enthusiasts

And of course anybody looking to spice up their sex life.  So my friends at Adultsmart sent me one for testing.  Curiosity got the better part of me and I could not wait to try it.

Lelo Mona Wave – I’m Smitten

Let’s face facts, I am smitten.  I cannot recommend highly recommend the Lelo Mona Wave enough.  Lelo’s blurb goes something along the lines of

“The orgasm to end all orgasms.”

“World’s first g-spot massager that rises and plunges within like the natural caress of a lover’s fingers”

“Come hither with the motion of a lover’s finger.” 

Lelo Mona “come hither me motion” means when someones move their hand in the motion that they would like you to come over.

Not too sure where they got the fingering bit though as it doesn’t necessarily feel like I’m being fingered.  Well not that I am the greatest fan of fingering anyway.

But this pleasure device feels absolutely fantastic inside. 

It is a Mona but the shaft moves in a waving motion inside you.

Pardon the pun but it makes you swell up inside until the huge wave comes through your ‘blow hole’.  Thought you would enjoy the analogy to sea and waves there.

The motion is intended to stroke the G-Spot in just the right way.  Body safe silicone material is even softer then I would imagine to allow the movement inside the vibrator.   Material feels very expensive.

Lelo Mona Wave
Sex Toy: Lelo Mona Wave

Design of the Lelo Mona Wave

Its design is exactly the same as the Mona but it is so much more powerful and enjoyable as a Lelo sex toy.

Lelo quality is unquestionable.  This is not exception right from the beautiful gift box through to the product itself.  Lelo is one of the only manufacturers that offers a year’s guarantee and will deliver on that promise.

So you can always rest easy with these fantastic devices. By now you probably have realized that I really, really like this toy and it is a G-Spot super star.

Might be Better for An Experienced User

It is probably a vibrator for women that have had a sex toy before.  As the newbies out there would probably want something a bit more straightforward.  Mona Wave has a myriad of modes and vibration strengths.

Boredom will never become a problem and each time can be different from the last time.

Depending on how you choose to move the sex toy will change the amounts of pleasure you receive from the Lelo Mona Wave.  Lelo Mona Wave can be used as aninner and outer sex toy.

For example, you can hold the tip as if it were a bullet to help build a clitoral orgasm.

A woman can also fully insert the Mona Wave

Their lover can perform oral sex which can be a one of a kind experience that is like living in a sex fantasy.  I personally adore using them independently from anyone else.

The Lelo Mona Wave will be a permanent resident in my bedside sex toy box.  Readily available for those nights when it is difficult to get to sleep or those occasions that I just want to relieve myself from a stressful day.

Have a bit of erotic stimulation to take the blues away.

I am surprised as I thought the movement and the shape of the sex toy might not be able to work with a woman’s body efficiently. But Lelo Mona Wave really did work with my body rather than against it.

They also come with a warranty.

lelo mona wave
Lelo Ida Review

What A Way To Spend A Weekend – Lelo Ida Review!

Well what a way to spend a weekend in!  Doing a couples sex toy review on the Lelo Ida a  sex toy that is designed to be used with your lover.  The first thing is how does it stay in place during couples play?

Part of it is worn on the inside of the vagina whilst the other half with is ultra-flexible from the base of the device.

Once inside it fits snugly but firmly unlike the we-vibe that tends to move a bit.

I found it more comfortable to wear

It did not pinch, move about or have any gaps that caused me discomfort and funny noises. Self-adjusting and the inserted arm has a curve that goes upwards and presses against the G-Spot.

It vibrates both on the G-Spot and on the base so your clit as well as your G-Spot get a work out.

As the base is of a reasonable size it is also very comfortable.  The rumbling vibrator does its trick it takes almost no time at all to achieve an orgasm. Literally I came before my boyfriend had even thought about entering me.

lelo mona wave
Taiwan Woman in Bra

A Couples Sex Toy

Certainly having warmed up we had sex with the Ida in and it was certainly more than a satisfactory appearance.

As the Ida has SenseMotion as our bedroom antics gains momentum.  So did the vibration waves from the Ida Sex Toy ending in a climactic experience for my lover and I.

It was a two thumbs up experience

After the first try I am seriously considering packing my we-vibe away for the Ida as its replacement. My concerns from the outset were that it would not remain in place during sex.

But it did.

That it was too large to accommodate both my beau and I.

But it was not

In saying that it certainly did fill me up

Any larger and I don’t think I would have liked it.  I loved that it self-adjusted.  Speaking with my boyfriend he said that it certainly made me feel tighter and you have to love that.

He said that he had to use extra lubrication initially.  But once he got going it was very comfortable and the vibrations on the arm added to his intercourse experience.

As he thrust inside me I also noted that the amount of vibration on my G-Spot intensified so it was a win win for us.

It’s definitely going to feel tighter, and we know that guys always love that.

My boyfriend’s reaction was very positive once we got past the initial: “Oh no, what if it doesn’t fit!”stage and readjusted.

We did use lube to start (water-based because it’s a silicone toy).  But I am also the type to be naturally well lubricated once things get going.

He did not experience any of the discomfort he had with the We-Vibe.

This is partly because of the intelligent design of Ida and also the ultra-smooth silicone it’s made of.  Its rotating arm shape ensures that it’s not going to batter his penis or compete with it during thrusting.

It works with you, rather than impeding things.

He really enjoyed it

Once we both got used to it, sex was great, during position changes, and different thrusting tempos and intensities.   The toy did its thing and he loved the additional stimulation as well as seeing my reactions.

It’s definitely something he said he wants to try again.  Next time, in the shower, since Ida is waterproof.

Can Also Be Used Solo

As the toy has a wireless remote it can be used as a solo toy that can be controlled by either you or your lover.  It is a couples sex toy that I would rate a 9 out of 10.

This is my Lelo Ida test and review.  Next I will let you know all the different sexual positions that you can use it with.

Lelo being an innovative sex toy company that it is has created a visual instruction guide as to all the different positions that you can use the Lelo Ida in. These instructions also come in a booklet that comes with the Ida should you purchase it.

Never be worried about thinking of positions when they are mapped out for you in this easy to use and read guide.

lelo mona wave

LELO Ida lover’s guide

More sex toy companies should think outside the box and supply resource material such as these to guide lovers to having better couple sex.  So this is the LELO Ida lover’s guide!


Tease and explore before nestling Ida™ in place, as the man slides in beneath to share the vibrations and rotations within.

Doggy Style

Ida™ rotates against the underside of his penis while massaging her G-spot, bringing new sensations that lead you both to the most intense climax imaginable.


With her in the driver’s seat, Ida™ lets you both build a rhythm that matches the rotations; a perfect position for sharing simultaneous orgasms.

On the Dance Floor

Take your sensual secret out on the town and switch between the modes of Ida™, as you both dance to a whole new rhythm of pleasure.

Tease Him

Add a touch of water-based lubricant and wrap Ida™ around the base of his penis to let him share the rotations and vibrations, as you tease him to the point of climax.

Legs Over Shoulders

Allowing him to control the pace and tempo, each thrust intensifies the vibrations on the clitoris.  While enabling more intense rotations right to the G-Spot.

Her on Top

With Ida™ nestled inside, this position allows her to control the rhythm.  Watch as he melts into ecstasy, overcome by sensations he has never experienced before.

Tease Her

He turns Ida™ on and runs teasing circles around her clitoris to simulate oral pleasure before applying intense vibrations to lead her to the point of climax.

Date Night

Head out together for a romantic night and surrender the wireless remote to him.  So he can surprise you with an instant burst of pleasure at any time.

Limitless Possibilities

Sharing the pleasures of the Ida™ couples’ massager promises an exciting new journey to explore together. Be bold, experiment and let your imaginations run away with you.

So here is hoping that the Lelo Ida review has helped you learn more about Lelo Pleasure Products and couples sex toys.

I hope it helps to make your love life more fulfilling and enjoyable.





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