These Smart Beads Will Send You Luna!

Lelo has a new smart bead called the Luna that is a Kegel exerciser that takes the cake. Uniquely this product features SenseTouch which is trademarked technology in sex toys that is innovative as it tracks your usage and then works out what is perfect for you. Kegel exercising is very important especially after child-birth as it stops leakage, strengthens your pelvic floor and walls that in turn allows you to experience stronger orgasms. All that from a sex toy that you are going to enjoy. Who could ask for more from a sex toy health product?

Although the main function of kegel exercisers is to strengthen your internal muscles this little sucker can also be used as a normal vibrating egg that you can use on many intimate parts of your body. Imagine the joyful sensations placing it on the clitoris, or nipples or on your lover’s testicles. The material makes it safe for both internal and external usage. Rather than just using it for kegel exercising you can use it as a bullet for clitoral stimulation or play with it on your erogenous zones. You can definitely sexually experiment the with Lelo Smart Luna Beads kegel sex toy.

The Lelo Smart Luna is made from mostly body safe silicone although it has a ABS plastic ring where it opens to allow for insertion of batteries. The silicone is very firm allowing you to really squeeze down with your pelvic muscles and is very easy to wipe clean after use.  The shape of the Lelo Luna Beads is designed for your kegel muscles to flow with the shape of the sex toy. Recommended is an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner as that way you can ensure that your toy will always remain hygienic and ready to use.

Kegel Exercising
Sex Toy: Lelo Smart Luna Beads


There is a handy loop on the kegel sex toy that allows you to insert it fully should you wish to use it during the day but also allow easy removal by placing your finger in the loop and drawing it out. As the silicone is smooth it will allow you to simply focus on squeezing your muscles and strengthening them. When the vibrator is on this will occur automatically. It is recommended that first time users do not go out with the exerciser inserted but to use it at home until you get used to it. It is always advisable to use a high quality lubricant when using it.

The Luna Smart Bead is oval in shape but has a bulge in the middle. It is shaped ergonomically to fit snuggly in the vagina making it comfortable for long term use even for those starting out. The bulge at the bottom stops the sex toys from ‘falling out’ of the vagina when using it out. It is a comfortable length and size that makes it suitable for all.

The Vibrating Smart Bead takes on AAA battery but unlike most Lelo sex toys it is not rechargeable. To insert or replace just twist off the cap. Regular battery life differs but is around to 8 hours mark.

There is a circular button on one side of the boy that turns it on and off. SmartSense should do the rest and will adjust the vibrations and modes to suit you best. There are five scales and they are Beginner, Amateur, Intermediate, Advanced and Master (which should probably be called Mistress don’t you think?). The first time you turn the Kegel Exerciser it will default to Intermediate and thereafter let SmartSense take control. You insert it in a similar style that you would a tampon.

The first time you use the sex toy it will buzz three times and then go through a full routine or exercise which takes approximately 5 minutes. How your body handles this first session will determine where you begin your next. The more you use the exerciser the stronger your pelvic muscles become and you will see better results sexually for you and your lover. The vibration routines are there so you can do different workouts throughout the day.  So using Lelo Smart Luna Beads for performing kegel exercisers is going to give you positive sexual results and enhance your sexual lifestyle for long term change.


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