LELO Loki, Bruno & Hugo – The Unholy Trinity!

What a delight to be able to review three new sex toys from Lelo. It’s been a while but the pioneer of luxury pleasure products shows us it has been worth the wait with the release of the Lelo Loki, Lelo Bruno and Lelo Hugo worldwide.

Throughout the years, individuals have turned out to be more accepting to things previously seen as out of the norm in the bedroom.  Sex is being talked about like never before.

In any case, for reasons unknown, there’s still this out-dated conviction that a man who wants to try out prostate play is either a “pervert” or ‘gay’.  Be that as it may, the sex toy manufacturer Lelo has once again come to the party. With some unbelievable best prostate massagers that are designed for men but can also be used by women.

Why is Anal Play So Enjoyable? 

It’s totally typical that you will achieve greater enjoyment with anal sex.

Do you want to know why?

This is because only a couple inches up your back entry, there’s a radiant little organ called the Prostate.  When stimulated you can accomplish an unimaginable prostate climax.  And also can achieve great male health benefits with prostate milking. For a few individuals, it can take numerous weeks, months or even years to master the craft of prostate orgasm.

But in any case, having the prostate stimulated amid sex or masturbation is simply the best thing ever. It will in any case lead to more solid erections and all the more intense climaxes.

Ultimately achieving anal orgasm

Will accommodate feelings similar to conquering Mt Everest, except without the hardships. So because of that, I am so eager to acquaint you with three new items from the sex toy leaders Lelo. Intended to make your prostate climax even more achievable.

We should welcome to the world Loki, Bruno and Hugo.

lelo loki and other sex toys


The Lelo BILLY luxury prostate massager has been out for a long time. It is the original prostate sex toy released by this innovative adult product manufacturer.  Little, yet superbly framed shape with profound rumbly vibrations was an impeccable prologue to prostate play.

Today, we meet Billy’s greater, more grounded and even sexier Loki.

LOKI highlights a bigger, thicker shaft with an affirmed tip, intended to lean gently against the prostate. A vibrating motor is situated at the extreme top, guaranteeing every one of those vibrations are transmitted to your prostate pleasure spots.

  • There are 6 unique vibration modes with ample amounts of speed variations.
  • Vibrations are profound, deep, rumbly and powerful.
  • Flared base has been updated for extra solace and security.
  • LOKI is 100% waterproof (ideal for shower time or shower fun).
  • USB rechargeable.
  • Ideal for solo play additionally amusing to use amid sex/foreplay.

Lelo has mentioned the release of the Loki for quite some time now

So to finally see it in person is a joy and I was SO eager to discover that LELO were at last making MORE toys for men.

LOKI is, in a word, excellent.

Whilst alluding to him as BILLY’s huge sibling, LOKI offers a great deal more in the same way as MONA. It has the same thick, bended shaft that has demonstrated so well-known with the women.  Adds an agreeable flared base to guarantee a protected and pleasurable experience.  Vibrations are solid, rumbly and concentrated right where they should be.

It doubtlessly feels like a commendable substitution and upgrade from the old BILLY.

Lelo Bruno

BRUNO arrives to make your prostate climax dream a reality. Try not to give the littler size a chance to put you off.  BRUNO packs a punch. Including double vibrating motors for both inner and outside prostate incitement. You have the elements for eruptive anal orgasms.

BRUNO highlights a comparable molded shaft to LOKI but now has an extra engine situated in a perineal arm. Not just does this empower the prostate all things considered. It likewise goes about as a grapple to hold the massager set up.  Bent in all the right places. Permitting you to appreciate most extreme hands free incitement, by essentially sitting and shaking on the base.

So BRUNO is marginally smaller in stature than LOKI

There is no denying that this thing is capable. When you turn it on, it jumps straight into it’s most elevated setting and it’s sufficient to take your breath away.

Like the LOKI, it’s ergonomically composed and has bends and swerves in all the right places, guaranteeing most extreme solace.  Silicone utilized on the greater part of LELO sex toys is a portion of the most pleasant I’ve ever felt.

BRUNO is no special case. He’s firm yet satiny and has a size that would speak to anybody, of just about an ordeal level.

  • BRUNO is about force, modernity and straightforwardness.
  • It’s 100% waterproof too.
  • Additionally USB rechargeable for your benefit.
  • BRUNO has 6 diverse joy settings, enough to make your next solo or couples session a genuine treat.
Lelo loki and Bruno Massager
Sex Toy: Lelo Bruno

Lelo Hugo

The Lelo HUGO highlights the majority of the same elements as Lelo BRUNO yet with one distinction.

HUGO is remote controlled.

So if you are hoping to take your partner play to another level, HUGO is the toy for you. Highlighting LELO’s protected “SenseMotion” innovation. When matched with the HUGO, the remote controls the power of vibrations by essentially moving the remote.

For instance, on setting 1, essentially hold the remote level and afterward turn it 90 degrees. This will expand the vibrations from most reduced to most astounding. Laying it level decreases the force once more. On the other hand, in the event that you switch it into SenseMode 2. Essentially shaking the remote now controls the velocity.

Obviously, HUGO can be controlled without the remote on the off chance that you so wish.

lelo loki

I was extremely intrigued to perceive how this “SenseMotion” functioned

And I need to say, I am awed with how well it functions.  Manual says it works up to a separation of 12 meters. And I am as of now envisioning different diverse situations on how we can utilize this. I’m envisioning restrictions and blindfolds.

It’s truly intense, and looks stunningly excellent. I am so exceptionally amped up for every one of the three of these new male delight items. LELO are increasing current standards in the matter of luxury anal toys.

LOKI, BRUNO and HUGO appear to be commendable additions

To their always developing line up of items. Pay special mind to reviews on ALL THREE of these items throughout the following 2 weeks.  I am so energized and can’t hold up to put these little delights through their paces.

Like BRUNO, HUGO are 100% waterproof and USB rechargeable. It has the same, flawlessly bended frame and covered in delightfully smooth silicone.

It’s strong, looks and feels stunning – it truly satisfies the name of ‘Luxury’.

Lelo Loki 2

Anal Mischief With Loki Wave By Lelo

Loki is a mischievous Norse God and it is only fitting that Lelo name this incredible sex toy that you can get up to a lot of mischief with.

Loki Wave is a prostate massager that waves created by sex toy manufacturing company LELO.  Lelo Loki Wave moves in a come hither me motion.  Which creates a finger like waving motion which gently massages the prostate. This is new technology for Lelo creating an even better pleasurable experience for men all around the world.

We live in a world where people often forfeit ones health for pleasure and vice versa. An example would be, if you want get a bottle of Coke instead of water, it tastes good but it’s not healthy…..that kind of thing.

 In rare instances ultimate health and intense pleasure CAN in fact come together

And combine, even when they come together through seemingly unlikely ways.

In this case, the rare instance would be prostate stimulation through prostate massage.  Which, while being the reason for mind-blowing experiences, is also part of maintaining a man’s peak sexual health.

Thankfully the “good guys” over at Lelo have been pretty busy as they popped out a couple of amazing massagers.  All which can bring a man closer to understanding his own body and create extraordinary orgasms.

Prostate Orgasm and the Stigma

Its quite sad that there are so many men that are not open to having these amazing experiences.

Maybe it’s the the whole “I’m not putting anything up my butt” or the typical ‘hetero’ comment “Hey! I’m not gay mate”……. But to those men “brave” enough to get past that will find yourself a having one of the best experiences of your sexual life.  

After doing tons of research (some for personal reasons) on what vibrator should one buy to obtain this mystical male orgasm.  Well there are plenty of amazing choices.  But the one I found to have the most positive results is the LELO Loki Wave and now with its newer iteration, the ‘wave’.

Lelo LOKI Wave Review

Taking the same sex toy technology from the already famous LELO Ina Wave, the new Lelo Loki Wave can not only vibrate on the p-spot. But perform the amazing “come hither” motion and massage the p-spot which honestly sounds incredible.

Unlike the original Loki, Lelo integrated another vibrator.

So now you have one in the anal plug and in the perineum massager. Meaning it gives off more then just a little buzz. Your perineum is a prostate spot between the anus and the testicles, when pressed it massages the prostate externally.

When you use the Lelo Loki Wave you are massaging your prostate both internally and externally.  It is the men’s version of dual masturbation!

Lelo Loki Wave Male Prostate Massager
Lelo Prostate Massager

Because of this extra vibrator

This thing just releases wave after wave of vibrations to the palm of your hand, under the balls.  Deep inside the ass right next to the prostate, all simultaneously….

So yeah, the added vibrator is definitely welcomed.

Just like the rest of Lelo’s products, the LELO Loki Wave comes with a built-in rechargeable  lithium battery. Even though the battery is similar in size, the “come hither” motion uses a bit more power.  So compared to the original Loki it’s easy to notice.

Lelo Loki Wave lasts about 2 hours on a full charge

A little less than some of the other Lelo products but is still more than sufficient.  Just like the original Loki, the wave exterior is encased in a beautiful soft premium grade silicone.  Which not only feels amazing but glides very well with higher quality water-based lubes.

In no relation or coincidence to the name of this products name, this toy is waterproof!

Not water resistant…….waterproof!

Having a bath or shower while doing anal or using anal toys is actually very popular. Hot water relaxes the muscles so why not.

Easy to Clean

Speaking of water, the LELO Loki Wave like most of LELO products are a breeze to clean. Simply wash under warm soapy water and your good to go.

It’s easy enough to just tell you to go buy the Loki wave. But for some it might not be the right toy. Not because it has any faults but because everyone is different.

If you want something smaller and that doesn’t vibrate look into Aneros. But over all I can’t find one bad thing about to the Loki to warrant not buying it.  For the sake of you and your prostate, look into what the best massager is for you.

To top that off, LELO has won awards from EROS, AVN and She. What more could you want?


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