Pure Luzury With Lelo Gigi 2!

The Gigi 2 a personal massager by sex toy manufacturer LELO is apparently one of Lelo’s best selling sex toys. It is not the product of theirs I usually go to when I am recommending their brand and I am not sure why. I think I am always seduced by the come hither motion of the Lelo Mona Wave or the powerful vibrations of the Lelo Ina 2. I thought I would take a closer look at the Lelo Gigi 2 by reviewing the product at an Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre so I can find more about it to get to know it better. I normally find after I have reviewed a sex toy there are usually features and benefits that I can tell the customer.

The Lelo Gigi 2 comes packaged as all Lelo products do, with an unmistakable air of luxury. Lelo is synonymous with luxury and elegance. They are often the benchmark I use to compare all higher-end sex toys to find out the quality differences. The sturdy black Lelo gift box is actually perfect for long-term storage so that other products to not scratch against it or you can use the black satin pouch. When you open up the Lelo Gigi 2 box, the sex toy is displayed on a foam board tray. Under the foam, board tray is an antibacterial sampler, a satin storage pouch, personal lubricant sampler, a charger, a LELO authenticity card and a 1 year Lelo warranty card. Once the 1 year Lelo warranty expires and your sex toy breaks according to the terms and conditions, you can get a 50% off your next Lelo product purchase.

The Lelo Gigi 2 is rechargeable by USB, that is better for the environment than batteries It is a direct plug-in socket, not a magnet. The Lelo Gigi 2 has a play time of 2 hours and comes with some charge already in the box which makes it much easier for demonstrations. It also has a 90 day standby time so the toy holds its charge for that long when not in use.  It is waterproof up to a meter, this seems impossible with there being a hole for the charging port, but the port is completely sealed internally. This means you can play in the bath not just the shower and not only that. it means you can be really thorough when cleaning it.

Lelo Gigi 2 Personal Massager
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Lelo Gigi 2 comes in a range of gorgeous sophisticated colours including turquoise, pink, grey and rose. These colours are illustrated in the image. Lelo Gigi 2 is of course 100% body safe, the handle is ABS plastic and the insertable shaft is made of the beautifully smooth and silken silicone that is a feature of all of their products. it is the smallest and most discreet of the Lelo insertable massagers, being 4 inches insertable with a flattened inch wide tip, the shaft is less than an inch in diameter. It is a dual purpose massager. Its head is perfectly flattened for clitoral stimulation and a perfect shape for g spot. It is quite short though so for some g spot fans it might not be their favourite sex toy. The shape isn’t unique, Picobong and Ovo have similar shaped sex toys. The reason it has copycats is that it is a good idea, further proved by the fact this is the second time Lelo has released the toy and haven’t changed the shape, they have only increased the power.

Lelo Gigi 2 has more power than the original Lelo Gigi but is still very quiet. The Lelo Gigi 2 has 8 modes of vibration and each mode is adjustable so there are endless possibilities. There is a push button wheel well placed on the handle that has a travel lock and is easy to use. The travel lock features means you can take it on your personal adventures locally or on an overseas flight without having to worry about it accidentally turning on. The vibrations are rumbly. They would ordinarily be described as powerful if sampled in isolation, however, other Lelo sex toys are stronger. The Lelo Mona 2 is much stronger if it is intensity you seek.

Lelo Gigi 2 is a very appealing all round good sex toy and won’t disappoint. I can see why lot’s of people would love it. It is stylish and sleek and the thing about it is, and its main selling point is that you couldn’t really “not” like it.

Author: Emily is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentreSave





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