World’s #1 Best Selling Lelo Gigi 2

As a sales consultant at Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres, testing sex toys becomes an unmissable fun task to do. Today, I laid my eyes on the really cute Lelo Gigi 2. After researching information on the Lelo website, I found out that they’re mentioning Gigi 2 as the “world’s #1 best selling G-spot vibrator”! This information definitely aroused my interest in this toy even more, after all, Lelo is known to be one of our best top selling brands for its quality and design, so if they say so, it might be probably true. The Lelo Gigi 2 comes in a nice white box, with its white charger, a black satin pouch, a little Lelo moisturizer and the user manual. The toys information is written in a dark pink colour with an image of the toy on the front of the box. Also, there is a logo “best seller” that immediately convinced me to try this cute toy.

When I opened the pinky box (toy available in turquoise blue, deep rose, cool grey), I easily fell in love with the Gigi 2. The design is not basic. Well, the white plastic handle is typically identical to some of the other lelo toys (Ina 2, Iris…) but the pink insertable part has a really interesting curve. The motor of the Lelo Gigi 2 is 10 cm long, measured along the outer curve, and 2 to 2.5 cm in diameter. It has kind of a flat head and a curved side at the same time. A silver ring marks the separation between the motor and the interface.

Gigi 2 is very light and elegant. I was afraid to dislike this toy because of its small size but it’s definitely one of the best looking toys I’ve tried so far. The silicone is as soft as promised. Real pleasure is felt just by touching it with my fingers.

Lelo Gigi 2 in Pink Photo
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The Lelo Gigi 2 offers 8 vibration intensities to go through just by using the up and down buttons and increase or decrease with +/- controls of the interface. The vibrations can be intense but Gigi 2 stays really quiet! One of most quiet I’ve tried!

  • Continuous vibration
  • Slow pulses
  • Repeated pulses of average speed
  • Rapid Pulses
  • Very fast pulses
  • Pulsations of increasing intensity
  • Pulsations of slow intensity
  • Random vibrations

I find these vibration modes really good and different from each other, while some toys offer a dozen vibrations but are actually similar from each other. Moreover, it’s way easier to remember the rank of your favourite mode from 8 than a dozen! These 8 vibrations modes are more than enough. Even though the Gigi 2 is advertised to be a G-spot vibrator, I can’t help but to think about how much pleasure it can provide for your clitoris. After all, this flat head is more than perfect for this stimulation. It’s the perfect size and shape to use it for this purpose.

Another great feature, Gigi 2 is that it’s fully waterproof if you want to take a bath or play in the shower! Other then that, the care is easy, clean with warm water and mild soap or a toy cleaner.

LELO offer a year warranty and ten years guarantee (the warranty registration card included in the box has to be used on their website).

In other words, Gigi is a small but efficient sex toy to use when aiming to reach the G-spot and for clitoral stimulation. It has been listed as one of the sixteen most popular vibrators by the magazine Marie Claire and I understand why now! I don’t get wrong things to report, except for the charger plug that doesn’t entirely fit in the DC socket which is weird but still charge perfectly.

Author: Aissata is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave







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