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Walking into work after a few days off is always exciting here at Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres, there’s bound to be something new on the shelves and I usually can’t wait to seek them out! I didn’t have to look far today, with a whole new wall of e-stim devices to have a look at, I went right over to start investigating everything electro play just happens to be one of my favourite activities so seeing all new dildos, probes and plugs I was super impressed there was also an e-stim paddle, nipple clamps, restraints, Kegel balls and even a masturbator so there really is something for everyone here.

What really caught my eye was the Halo, the Halo is an electro-sex clitoral probe, the sadist in me delighted at the thought of using this on a partner and the masochist part of me was super intrigued as to how this would feel on myself.

​First, Let Me Explain What E-stim Is!

Well, erotic electrostimulation or e-stim is a form of stimulation using electric shocks and pulses on different parts of the body including nipples, genitals and internally, vaginally or anally. Like many sex toys and devices used in the kink community, electro stimulation stems from medical practices dating back to the 1800’s and even further back to the 1700’s for entertainment purposes. Electro devices have been advertised as cures for impotence, devices for passive exercising and even hair growth. Medically e-stim devices are still used today such as using them as strengthening and training tools for athletes and as part of physiotherapy as a repair tool for injured muscles. Of course devices like violet wands and tens units were appropriated by the kink community for our own sadomasochist fantasies and from that, items like the ElectraStim Halo were born.

ElectraStim Halo Head Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: ElectraStim Halo

About Halo, The ElectraStim Clitoral Probe

Halo, the ElectraStim clitoral probe is made of marine grade aluminium and acrylic with is bonded with aircraft strength adhesive, it is a high quality smooth polished metal finish with 2 insulating finger grip rings made of body safe and phthalate free materials.

The shape is designed to make sure you can get both pin point stimulation from the tip of the tapered probe to evenly applied stimulation from its flatter cylindrical shape, the dimensions of the Halo are 4cm (1.6″) in diameter, 3.5cm (1.3″) in length making it a great size for both pin point and wide coverage use and a comfortable weight at 1.15kgs. You can use the Halo on its own by connecting the ElectraStim Electro stimulator (sold separately) or alongside another e-stim sex toy by connecting it to the ElectraStim Duo Stimulator (sold separately), the Duo Simulator allowing you to power 2 e-stim devices simultaneously such as the ElectraClamps or a dildo or probe from the ElectraStim range, for simultaneous internal and external stimulation.

ElectraStim Halo With Red And Black Wires
Buy Now | ElectraStim Sex Toy Store

ElectraStim is a range of electro stimulation products from Cyrex, Cyrex was founded in 2001 their founder having a background in neuromuscular stimulation meaning they know their stuff! In 2014 they won the award for Best Specialist Products Distributor at the ETO Show awards and continue to strive for an industry best standard including attention to detail in the safety aspect of their products especially.

Who Should Be Using E-stim Products?

Anyone interested in opening themselves up to a unique erotic experience that can enhance your sex life and solo play like nothing else.

You Should Not Be Using E-stim Products If…

  • You are pregnant.
  • You are menstruating (internal electrodes only).
  • You have epilepsy.
  • You have any sort of heart condition.
  • You are in ill health.
  • You are suffering from any sort of penile or vaginal disorder.

If you would like to find out more information, read our complete guide to electro-stimulation play and safety. I literally cannot wait to buy my own Halo and with a 12-month warranty you’ve got nothing to lose so why not try something new, you may be ~shocked~ by how much you love it.

Author: Erin is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave







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