Change The World With Kindness!

Survival of the fittest the old Darwinism principal – may the strongest survive.  But are we still roaming on the plains for our survival?  No, our battles range from the boardroom to the dance floor.  Caught up in wanting others to see how successful we are, how beautiful our bodies, how we have this label or that driving in our top of the line car.

But is all this self-interest, competing, self-adoration healthy for a person mentally and when will enough be enough.  The trouble with wanting material things is that you always want more and the appreciation/satisfaction time diminishes every time.  One will never be completely satisfied wanting and striving for more.

The man who works and strives to make it to the top of his chosen career – finally climbs that final set and asks himself and where to now.   Many ‘successful’ people turn to alcohol and drugs to create an artificial high as life provides no satisfaction anymore.  Things are just things and what does it all mean anyway?

It is now thought, and science backs this up, that devoting time, resources or good-will to others brings about lasting well-being and satisfaction.  A bit of kindness goes a long way.  In fact many corporate employers who were in the past only performance driven and focused on those traits in groom potential employee’s have had an entire mind-set change.  Now questions relating community work, kindness and empath are prevalent as those people tend to be more loyal to their employers creating a sense of community and good values to the workplace.

There are many types of kindness the first and most apparent is active.  This type of kindness means a helping hand towards people in need.  Awakening the senses and becoming aware of other peoples needs.  It could be as small a deal as saying hello to someone who is lonely, or opening a door for someone carrying bags, even just saying to someone that you really appreciate them.

Then there is truthful kindness.  When from a loving place you help someone who is going to make a mistake.  It can be as simple as seeing your child going to school with two different coloured socks and letting them know before they get embarrassed by someone not so understanding.  Or letting that lady know that she has the back of her dress tucked in her underpants.

Silent kindness is done by people that want to do good for others without others knowing.  They want to make the lives of other people better and that in itself is enough for them.  Many people who have made it to the ‘top of their game’ realise that it never fulfilled them and end up becoming philanthropists trying to ‘pay back’ for their past deeds and outlook on life.

How about those people that choose to do ‘random acts of kindness’ for others.  It can be as simple as paying for the coffee of the person behind you in a drive through, or buying a homeless person a pair of shoes.  Going out deliberately to offer kindness to a person you have never met before.

Of course the most important kindness one can give is to oneself.  How can you love or give to another if you are not kind to yourself? Forgive yourself for your shortcomings and embrace your strengths.  Both you and the world will feel a better place.  Why not change the world with your acts of kindness?


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