Pussy Overlooking Kampong Glam

“The world is a beautiful place, with beautiful people. Walk around it and you’ll clearly see the truth.” This is one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite university professors Don Pope. His lectures are some of the things I miss the most of university life to date. His mode of lecturing was uniquely incredible, approaching each student with the flexibility that is rare among our other professors and lecturers. His sense of humor was one of a kind. But most of all, he natured my writing skills to bring out the best in my ability to write.

There is one other person that I missed every moment for every day we stayed apart since immediately after graduation. This somebody was my Singaporean college lover Lisa Sanders. Lisa and I rarely spent time apart for the little time we were together in college. I met her one night in my friend’s party approximately five months before the end of our college. She was hanging out around her friends, and I had to use every tactic I had to fish her out from the pack. She looked sexy in the red laced dress she wore that night, and her long Asian hair. I knew I had to fuck her that night.

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t manage to get into her pants that night. She even denied me her phone number. The next day, she knocked on my door dressed in a tight short yellow dress, and guess what, she had no panties on. You can tell what transpired that day. We skipped all the classes having sex the whole day. That was the beginning of the best sex life ever. Her pussy was tight and fresh, and she moaned so gently with her sexy voice whenever I rocked her sweet Singaporean pussy. Anyway, after graduation, Lisa moved back to Singapore.

I visited her in Singapore twice before I had to stop after I lost my job and I couldn’t afford the trip for sometimes due to financial reasons. The two occasions that I visited Lisa, she took me around her home city Kampong Glam and I loved everything about it. Being the adventurous woman that she’s always been, I remember her daring me to fuck her in one of the eateries’ rest rooms situated along the Bussorah Street near Sultan Mosque. I loved the idea. So I looked around and when the area was deserted for a minute, I grabbed her into one of the stalls in the gents and locked the door behind us. I pressed her against the wall and gave her a superb quickie that she keeps talking about till today.


Singapore Professional Woman
Photo: Singapore Model


Last summer we had a chance to meet again. I work for a reputable travel magazine in LA now, writing about the world’s most fascinating travel destinations. That way, I travel a lot around the world, but I had never had the chance to go to Singapore since I landed my new job. I finally went there last summer, and I had the greatest time of my life for sure. I was assigned a project to work on by my boss, which required me to stay in Singapore for a whole month. Lisa was more than pleased to host me. She had broken up with her Singaporean boyfriend and she was glad my trip was timely. She always told me how much she missed my big American dick.

She came to pick me up at the Singapore Changi Airport when I landed. She was carrying a placard with my name written in bold on it. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Lisa had become even more beautiful within the two years that we’ve been apart. She was smiling wide and she smelled so fresh with the Arab perfumes that she was fond of. She dressed like a really horny woman waiting to be plowed. Her butt was fuller than I could remember and her tits so firm and erect. I had a problem controlling the hugest boner in my trousers.  After minutes of hugging and kissing, we drove off to Kampong Glam and Malay where she lives with her family. We spent the twenty minutes’ drive with our hands in each other’s pants. She was as wet as fuck. It was too early to meet her family, so we drove to my hotel room as our first stop point. First, we had to quench the two yearlong thirst that we both had for each other before anything else could transpire, and my hotel room was the best place to do it.

I couldn’t help noticing the beauty of this amazing city, though my lust for Lisa’s pussy overshadowed the beautiful scenery of Kampong Glam. I had instructed her to book a hotel room somewhere near Malay Heritage Center, and now I realized she had chosen just the right place. She led me to my room, and when she opened the door and we got it, she locked it and pulled me to her chest. That’s when I realized she was dying to fuck me. I was dying to fuck her too. I could hear the sweet Arab music playing everywhere, and the voice of the early morning birds clouding the air to welcome a new day into this exemplary little city.

Meanwhile, nothing could be compared to the warm tender kissing from Lisa. I kissed her back with the same enthusiasm, and I could feel her heart beating fast as we removed each other’s clothes. I took off her jeans shorts and her red thong made me even hornier. I rubbed her pussy gently while sucking her erect tits. She moaned loudly, with her hands locked on my dick and balls. Before I knew it, she was down on her knees sucking my dick like she had missed it for decades. I could feel the warmness of her mouth on my dick as she licked it, lubricating it with her saliva. I wondered where she learned to suck a dick so well, but I had no time to ask. Probably in America, I thought. I knew it was my turn to taste her pussy juice, so I carried her gently to bed and sucked her delicious wet pussy, licking her clit and pressing my tongue into her Arab pussy until I heard her scream my name. That’s how I knew it was time to fuck her.

I turned her face down so that I could enter her vagina gently from behind. She lifted her ass to receive my dick, I teased her pussy with my dick once or twice before thrusting my dick into her. Her hole was tight and warm, and I loved it. I rocked her pussy in rhythm with the music playing somewhere near Malay Heritage Center. She moaned in pleasure with every thrust and pumping, and I could hear her demanding me to ‘fuck harder’. I changed the gear and rocked her pussy with the speed of an electric train. I grabbed her tits and she turned her head to kiss me as I pleasurably grinded her. Our tongues locked and I knew we were about to cum together. I could feel her pressing her pussy to my dick with each thrust. She was screaming louder and I pumped her even harder. I’m cumming, she screamed. She gave one loud pleasurable groan and I poured one huge load into her. That’s how we began our one month of pure adventure and pleasure together in Kampong Glam.





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